LDP – Ch 83

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TLDP C083: He Xue

I didn’t answer her and instead looked at her quietly.

The nurse had come in a flash, and she, as if she didn’t want the nurse to find her gun, quickly put the gun under the pillow.

The nurse stood near the door and pressed the light switch a few times only to find that the all the lamps were broken. She looked at inside the room and asked to He Xue, “Is there anything you need?”

“Oh, I just want to tell you that all the lamps are broken.”

The nurse replied, “This, it could only be repaired tomorrow.”

“Hmmm, well, I know.” He Xue said politely.

Nurses turned around and whispered while walking, “It’s really strange, three neon tubes all broken, while the bedside’s pager and alarm are also broken…”

When the nurse had just left, I immediately stretched out my left palm and sprayed out a flame from my hand! It was just like a flamethrower! And shot straight at He Xue! At the same time, I also shouted in a low voice, “Big Sis, take the gun!”

People had an inborn fear toward flames, and He Xue subconsciously tried to block them with her arms, while Big Sister swiftly took the gun under the pillow and drifted over to me!

I retracted back my Innate Force and took the gun given by Big Sister as I pointed the muzzle at He Xue.

It took only 3 seconds for all of this, as I successfully got the gun! And this was thanks to my Innate Force and Big Sister. At many times, having a ghost at the side really made it easier to do a lot of things!

But it’s certainly also because I had been torturing myself in practicing my Innate Force, so I could learn the ‘Flame Spray’ technique.

With a gun in my hand, I coldly asked, “What the hell are you?”

He Xue also replied in a cold voice, “You really don’t know?”

“Hey I’m the one who supposed to use this cold tone! If I knew about it, I will not ask you! And explain to me, why do you have a gun?”

“I’m a police officer.”

“A cop? Take your ID and let me look. I’m not a villain, and if you’re really a policeman I’ll give you your gun back!”

“I don’t have it.”

No documents? I frowned and spoke, “Give me the handcuff’s key!”

She had no choice but to throw the key over as Big Sister then helped me open the handcuffs, I didn’t need to take care of this handcuffs. After having the handcuffs released, I took the gun’s cartridge clip and put it into my pocket and then threw the gun on the bed. I took out the insulated cup from my backpack and said, “This cup is filled with traditional Chinese medicine, if you really have no epilepsy record, drink this medicine, otherwise, you will die.” With that said, I took my backpack and walked away.

But when I just stepped out of the door, I heard He Xue’s voice from behind, “Stop!”

I turned around and saw that she had pointed her gun at me and said, “The gun is already loaded, even if you already took out the cartridge clip, but there’s still one bullet in the gun from before!”

I frowned and suddenly remembered the scene in the movie. It’s true, that if a gun had already been loaded with a bullet round, it should have entered the gun’s bore. My eyebrows wrinkled and said, “If I really were a bad guy, your head could have exploded already.”

She thought for a second and then put down her gun before replying, “Your cell phone.”

Ah right. I almost forgot that my cell phone was still in her hands. I went over to get back the phone and hurriedly called Xu Xiaoling since she must be very worried and surely hadn’t slept. The phone was picked up, so I let a small laugh and spoke, “Big Sis Xiaoling, you’re really smart. You were actually able to decipher my secret code, was my joke fun enough?”

“You’re lying. It must be not a joke, what happened? Xiaolong, are you wounded?” Xu Xiaoling asked in an very anxious voice.

Warmness filled my heart before I replied, “I’m fine, please relax. Big Sis Xiaoling, you go to sleep now, after 2 days I will go back and keep you company.”

“Hmmm… are you really OK?”

I laugh a bit and said, “It’s nothing really. Get to sleep and be well.”

Having hung up the phone, He Xue asked, “You really don’t know about Ma Xiujun?”

“Yes, never heard of him.”

“Then, how can you have that strange ability? And also have that good of a martial arts? And you also have a ghost’s servant?”

I knew that she spoke about my Innate Force, but the ghost servant… I explained to her, “There are a lot of people with unique abilities. And the one at my side is not a ghost servant but is my good friend. I’m a Daoist Priest. Having such unique and strange abilities is very normal.”

“A Daoist priest?”

Since she wanted to talk, I sat on another bed and said, “Yes, I am a Daoist Priest, who just checked in the hotel yesterday afternoon, and found something in the cakes while having breakfast this morning…” I told her the matter that had been occurred today in details, including the corpse insect in the breakfast, the finding of the dead in the afternoon, as well as my body convulsion at night.

She picked up the insulated cup, opened the cover and smelled it, and then asked, “Is this medicine?”

“My friend is a highly-skilled doctor; it’s the prescription he gave me. I have drunk it and especially came here to give you some. I didn’t expect that I could be attacked by you when I came.” I spoke to her with a slight bit of sarcasm and satire.

“How would I know that this is not a poison?”

I shook my head and said, “You don’t have to believe it. In short, I’ll leave the medicine here. Whether you will drink it or not, it’s up to you. I’ll leave now. Goodbye.”

After having said that, I got up and pulled out the cartridge-clip, threw it on the bed, and then headed out of the ward.

Regarding her identity, I didn’t even believe her words even a bit. She’s a cop? How the hell can an ordinary cop have such a good martial skills or have that protective amulet or know about ghost’s servants? How the hell could an ordinary police officer be able to keep calm after seeing my Innate Force ability? But I was too lazy to inquire anything about what she really was doing since my purpose was only to give her this medicine.

However, it was also a policeman that would carry handcuffs…

But heck, she had almost kicked my lifeblood balls. Man… had it been hit, I could have lost my ability to have kids! My Red Arrow fate mark was truly wonderful, and even almost fucked up my happy days!

When I got back to the hotel, the kind of feeble and weakened sensation in body had completely vanished. I was really relieved and secretly praised Zhang Zixuan’s godly ability! However, who the hell had casted this kind of ‘witchcraft’? What was their purpose? Could it be there were people who could have this kind of witchcraft in the hotel?

Damn, this could be a big matter! Maybe because I only did a few good deeds recently, my Red Arrow fate mark was raging and had a sudden outbreak. I must really hurry to do some good deeds it seemed!

The next morning I came to the Dining Hall and took each and every kind of dish, checking it up one by one. But I didn’t find any insects. Even so, I didn’t eat breakfast and instead headed straight to the front desk and asked, “Your latest breakfast’s catering, where did you buy it?”

The attendant seemed to know me and replied in a polite manner, “You are… oh a gentleman that ate the insects yesterday. Sir, we have changed our catering company today because of your experience yesterday. We really apologize. The manager has said, that to express our apology, we would offer you a free 3 days room rate. Would this satisfy you?”

“I want to ask, where you bought those dishes?”

“I am really sorry, Sir. I really don’t know about that. Please ask our Manager. He will arrive half an hour later.”

Then, I simply sat on the sofa in the hotel’s lobby. I picked a magazine and read it. After half an hour, I saw a middle-aged man with a suit come in, greeted by the attendant who spoke some words to him and pointed to my direction. The middle-aged manager then walked to me and spoke, “Mr. Li Xiaolong?”

“Yes, are you the hotel manager?” We shook hands.

He sat down and ordered the waiter to serve two cups of tea, and then said, “About yesterday’s breakfast issue, I’m deeply sorry, because the hotel’s chef was coming home to celebrate Chinese New Year’s, therefore, we bought the dishes from outside. But we didn’t expect that there were some problems with its hygiene. However, yesterday we had called an alternative temporary chef and the breakfast service will be made by us. Certainly, we will compensate you for the losses. So we decided to give free room rate for 3 days.”

“I just want to know where the catering yesterday’s breakfast was bought.”

“I’m sorry, we cannot tell you this; because if the issues were exposed, our hotel’s reputation would be affected.”

When I knitted my brows, He Xue came in from outside; and went straight toward my direction when she saw me and asked in her ice-cold tone, “What are you doing here?”

I ignored her ice-cold expression, since it seemed that it was probably her nature. I pointed at the middle-aged manager and spoke, “This is the hotel’s manager. I was asking him where the hotel had bought yesterday’s breakfast. But he refused to say it, since this issue will affect the hotel’s reputation.”

He Xue took out her police ID and spoke, “I am a detective, please cooperate, and tell me where the hotel had bought the food for breakfast.”

I really didn’t expect that He Xue was really a cop, moreover, she was a special detective. Upon seeing her police ID card, the hotel’s manager immediately faded and truthfully confessed the breakfast’s origin.”

It turned out, that it was made in a pastry shop.

But I didn’t have time to track it now since I was about to sign the contract with the engineering team’s boss at 8:00 AM, and now was 7:40AM. I really wanted to go over to Big Sister’s parents’ house quickly because we agreed to sign the contract there.

I spoke to He Xue, “I am sorry, I really have to rush, so I have say goodbye now. I suggest you don’t go investigate it yourself.”

“Where are you going?”

“I believe it’s my private matter, is it not?”

He Xue said, “Although you were kind of helping me last night, but you’re still cannot be ruled out from suspicion. So, I’ll follow you today, and find out myself whether you have no relationship with the case.”

I rubbed my forehead and spoke, “Have it your way.” Then, I stood up and walked outside.

I took a taxi and rushed to Big Sister’s parent’s house. Xiao Miao spoke to me when I had just entered the house, “Uncle, you come!”

This was the first time she greeted me. I smiled and picked her up and said, “Ah, Xiao Miao, wearing this cloth really make you look beautiful. A few days later, Uncle will find you a kindergarten for you to go to school. Does Xiao Miao want to go to school?”

“I want to Uncle and thank you. But uncle, are you really a good friends with Mom? I have never seen my mother.” Xiao Miao asked with her infantile sweet voice.

I replied with a vague answer, “Miao Miao, although you haven’t seen your mother, but your mother really cares a lot about you, and her love to you will never be reduced…”

When I had just spoke up to here, the door was opened and that straightforward man had come holding a bag of documents. The contract seemed to be inside it. So I put down the child and entered the other room with him, and read the proposed contract.

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