LDP – Ch 82

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TLDP C082: Bewitching Art

This security guard was about the same age as me. After having walked me to the hospital gate, he thought for a second and spoke, “That woman is in the inpatient department on the 3rd floor, but I forgot which ward, you can look it for yourself.”

“Mmm, all right, thank you brother, when I come back I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“No problem, then, I’ll go first.”

“Well, slow ride and be safe.” Finished with the small talk, I then walked into the inpatient department with Big Sister.

Although it was a country hospital, the scale nevertheless was still very big and there were many wards on the 3rd floor. But as I recalled, I didn’t remember that woman’s face, so I headed to the nurse on-duty and observation room to ask about it and quickly asked for that woman’s ward.

The woman’s name was He Xue, 25 years old.

I opened the door into her ward.

Because it was still the Chinese New Year’s holiday, there were only a few patients in the hospital. So although there were 4 beds in this ward, only one bed was occupied by a woman. Thus, it was needless to say that she was precisely He Xue.

I stood at the door and asked politely, “Hello, are you He Xue?”

“I don’t seem to know you.” She replied with a slightly cold tone.

“We have crossed with each other before. I just entered the hotel when you fainted yesterday.”

“Really? Do you have something you want from me?” I didn’t know why but she was very alert.

Previously I wanted to say something nice, however, seeing she was this desolate, I went straight to the point, “The reason I come here is to ask you a few questions, after which I’ll leave.” I didn’t wait for her consent and began to ask, “First question, did you have epilepsy before?”

She looked at me with an indifferent expression for a few seconds but didn’t answer.

I continued to ask, “The second question, did you have breakfast at the hotel?”

She still didn’t answer and just read the book in her hands, completely ignoring me.

I smiled, “Miss He, if you don’t have epilepsy and had eaten breakfast at the hotel, then you should be careful.” Then, I turned around to leave!

But she stopped me by calling and asked in a cold tone, “What does that mean?”

“I suspect that you have been hit by deadly poison which could kill you. Although my words might be ominous to you, but the fact is there. Whether you believe me or not, it’s your choice.”

“What do you know?”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you.” Then, I walked out of the ward.

While standing in the inpatient department’s entrance, I took a deep breath and then grabbed my cell phone to call Zhang Zixuan. I then told him the matter during these 2 days to Zhang Zixuan. He then asked me about my symptom and then asserted, “You’ve been hit by witchcraft, to be precise with a witchcraft branch that is some kind of art to drive others to insanity. However, it’s not a problem, because it’s not a high-level witchcraft. I’ll give a prescription, record it, and then eat the medicine to be good.”

I quickly took out a book from the black backpack, and wrote the prescription being told by Zhang Zixuan. Having written it, Zhang Zixuan spoke, “Younger Brother Xiaolong, I suggest that you immediately leave the hotel and stick to your own business. If you offend the person who uses this witchcraft technique, you will be in great trouble.”

“Alright, thanks for Big Brother Zhang’s reminder.”

I hung up the phone and called a taxi, heading straight to a Chinese medicine hospital. I didn’t even doubt this prescription’s authenticity since Zhang Zixuan was a godly doctor, so my prescription would absolutely have no problems.

After having bought the traditional Chinese medicine, boiling this medicine became the problem, where should I boil this medicine? Upon seeing my worries, Big Sister spoke in her eerie voice, “Go to my parents’ house and boil it there.”

Then, I could only boil it at Big Sister’s parents’ place.

When I had arrived at the big sister’s parents home, it already 9 PM. And after having boiled the medicine for an hour, I divided it into two parts. One of which I directly drank, while I put the other one into a insulated thermo cup for He Xue. Even though her manner was quite cold, I couldn’t let her die. Saving others’ lives was much more meritorious than building a seven storey pagoda, while it’s also a good deed that I must do!

I looked at the time, it was already 10:40 PM. I thanked Big Sister’s parents and left while also carrying the insulated cup, calling a taxi and went straight to the hospital.

Besides, after having swallowed the medicine, my body felt warm. And that powerless and diluteness feeling had disappeared by a lot.

It was past 11 PM when I arrived at the hospital, as I easily had arrived at the inpatient department on 3rd floor. I knocked the ward’s door only to find out that there was no sound inside.

Did she die already?

I frowned and twisted open the door’s handled and walked inside. After having pressed the switch near the door, I found that the lamp had gone broke and the two switches for the two lamps were out of order! Something was not right! A few hours before, the lights were still fine and lit up. With some suspicion I slowly walked inside.

There seemed to be someone on the bed with the head covered with a blanket. I walked toward the bedside and tried to push her, but suddenly something surprising happened!

I don’t know who or what which grabbed my feet and pulled me down to the floor!

There was someone under the bed!

When my mind was wandering a bit, I already had fallen to the floor while a shadow before my eyes was getting closer, fast! I used my arm to block it as reflex, as a kick then hit my arm and an arm also knocked against my eyes. My eyes instantly blanched and couldn’t see anything! I couldn’t think much and backhandedly caught that foot and then forcefully pulled that person out under the bed.

I made another move to firmly grab the person and press the person under me! Since my eyes were still unable to see clearly, I couldn’t see anything and didn’t know who I pressed under, but I could smell a faint shampoo scent from that person.

But that person suddenly looked up and used their head to hit my nose, after which pained me a lot. I quickly let loose that person’s hand, covered my nose and yelled, “Big Sister, help!”

A chilling Yin qi fluttered to my side, but then, I could only hear big sister’s groan!

What happened?

My sight had recovered a bit, and through the light that penetrated from the corridor, I found that the one who was attacking me He Xue! She—at this time relentlessly and fiercely tried to kick my balls! This greatly frightened me, so I rushed back and grabbed her ankle and shouted, “You crazy bitch, what do you wanna do?”

She didn’t reply and sent her other foot to kick my face from the side as an answer!

Her movements were very sharp as well as very swift and powerful! I raised my arm and made her kick hit the lead bar on my arm. She wailed out a painful shout, and by taking advantage of when she was in pain, I quickly propped up from the floor and moved to a safer distance from her.

Big Sister seemed to be injured, and upon seeing my eyes looking at her, she grimly spoke, “She has a protective amulet~~”

I looked again at He Xue, and now with a gun in her hand as she pointed its pitch-dark muzzle at my head.

I frowned and asked, “What the hell are you?”

“Humph, don’t play dumb and bullshit me, spit out where Ma Xiujun is? Otherwise, I will kill you here and now!”

“Who the hell is this Ma person? You’re mistaking me for someone else!”

A chilling coldness flashed in He Xue’s as she then spoke in a cold tone, “You don’t know? This is so late in the night, why the hell did you sneakily enter my room? I thought you were Ma Xiujun. I never thought that it’s actually you! So you must be his partner! If you dare saying you don’t know again, I will shoot you! You should know my true identity, I won’t have any problem even if I kill you!”

How the fuck I know who you are huh?

But, I didn’t dare talk it now. If I said that ‘I don’t know’ this crazy bitch may really shoot me! I thought for a second and then spoke, “Okay, I’ll take you!”

This was only an expedient measure, and was but needed to hold her down first.

But she then replied, “No! You call him now and make him come! Tell him that He Xue is gone!”

I quickly thought a moment, said, “No can do, we usually only use SMS to contact with each other, doing that will arouse his suspicion.”

He Xue took the gun down as she came over and ordered me, “Take you cell phone out. I must see the message you sent to him. If you dare to play any tricks, you’ll be shot dead immediately!”

What should I do?

What should I do?

Damn… I was very anxious and restless. I don’t from where and what background this woman was from! But if I didn’t comply, my poor little life could be gone! Even if I was powerful enough, I couldn’t stop a bullet’s might! Much less she had a protective amulet, making Big Sister completely unable to help! Man… this time I was just like an ant thrown into a hot pot, anxious and restless, with cold sweat drenching me wet.

While I was still thinking, I took out the cell phone, created a new SMS and added the recipient “Spirit” (Ling).

The message content was this, “Boss Pei, He Xue has gone, I’m now waiting for you at the hospital, and you come here and take a look.”

He Xue then asked, “What’s the meaning with this Boss Pei?”

“It’s just an alias. We use fake ID. Just like the fake name Pei Linglong in his ID.” I calmly replied.

I just sent that piece of information to Big Sis Xiaoling, and now I could only pray that Big Sis Xiaoling could figure out the secret code in the message since the beginning for each sentence was Pei, He and me.

It was to coordinate with me.

I could only think about this method in this short time window and I hoped that Big Sis Xiaoling could decipher my secret message since the message was quite inexplicable, so Big Sis Xiaoling certainly would carefully read it. I really wished that she could cooperate with me, so I could make He Xue calm down first.

After about two minutes, Xu Xiaoling’s message came, “Oh? She’s gone? Good, you wait in the hospital, I’ll immediately rush over.”

Seeing this SMS, I finally was relieved, Big Sis Xiaoling was absolutely great! She could decipher my secret message in the SMS! Since He Xue also looked at it and made sure that there was no problem, she took my cell phone and took out a handcuff from under the pillow, threw it at me and spoke, “Put this handcuff on by yourself, quick!”

I could only temporarily compromise because of her gun. I put one handcuff’s side on my own hand and locked the other one up. I handcuffed myself very tight under her threat.

The room was still pitch black. By borrowing the light from the door, I saw her rubbing her foot that was used to kick the lead bar on my arms. Well, if it didn’t hurt, it would be strange though.

Since I was handcuffed, she also eased a bit and put down her vigilance and focused her attention on her feet. I took the opportunity and winked at Big Sister, to hint her as to press the bell’s pager on bedside!

The pager on the bedside suddenly rang, causing He Xue to be shocked! She hurriedly grabbed her gun! But at this time, a nurse’s voice that transmitted through the bedside’s speaker, “Hello, what do you need?”

When her words had just over, a harsh and loud interference sound suddenly transmitted, it was needless to say that this was certainly Big Sister’s work!

The nurse must come over immediately!

He Xue, was of course also realized about this and then spoke to me with an icy and cold expression, “Fuck it, you dare to play some trick, I’ll make your head explode!!!”

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