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TLDP C081: Black Insects

Although the Big Sister was very grateful, but she still spoke in her spooky voice, “Thanks ~~”

“It’s all right. Big Sis, I think I have said to you that if you have any difficulties you could tell me directly. Besides, my money must be used for good deeds anyways. However, you should tell me beforehand, since regardless of how short on money you are, you can neither use it for yourself nor cheat me. Since we also had to work hard and rushed to struggle to earn that money with our abilities.”


Yesterday, Xu Xiaoling had returned back to the Qiling City, so I just went home and put away my stuff, and then rushed over to her apartment. I had long been accustomed to be together with her everyday, and suddenly having to be apart for 10 days, it caused me to be unable to adapt.

When Xu Xiaoling opened the door, I hugged her directly and rubbed her face as I leaned my head near her ears and whispered, “Big Sis Xiaoling, I miss you.”

“Humph, a few days ago when you called, you said you were not angry and said that you have been with another girl at your grandparents’ home!” Xu Xiaoling pretended to be angry.

I release Xu Xiaoling from my embrace and took out my phone, showing her my older female cousin and spoke, “Big Sis Xiaoling, you see this. This girl is the one who was at my grandparents’ house.”

Xu Xiaoling gently grabbed my ears, “You’re real damn good, and you really dare to coax a little girl.”

I let out an “ouch” voice a few times, and then spoke whilst grinning, “That is my older female cousin, my aunt’s daughter. My Big Sis Xiaoling is an otherworldly belle, why should I want to chase that little girl? Ah right, Big Sis Xiaoling, those relatives of mine really praised your outstanding beauty when I shown them your photo, and said that you are my girlfriend.”

“Smelly guy, who is your girlfriend?” Xu Xiaoling walked to the side and helped me hang up my clothes while speaking those words.

“Of course it’s you, even your Dad has agreed.”

“Oh right, I wanted ask you, what’s the story with this ring?” Xu Xiaoling took a red thread from her neck and held the silver ring.

“I love you, so I gave the best to you.” It’s true, even if I knew that this was an interspatial ring, I would never hesitate to give it to her!

Xu Xiaoling put the ring on my hand, “The amulet I can accept, but this ring is way too precious. I can’t accept it. Besides, if I lost or broke it, what should I do? You take it back and take good care of it.”

“But Big Sis Xiaoling…”

Before I had yet to finish my words; Xu Xiaoling used her fingers to touch my lips.

I indeed wanted to study this interspatial ring. Besides, at this time I was also facing the pressure from the Xu Family. If I could find some treasures in the ring’s space. I could ease the pressure. Not to mention that I also had given my words that I would send a better gift to the Xu Family compared to this interspatial ring as a dowry, or else I could be f**ked up later!

But why didn’t I give him this ring directly and marry Big Sis Xiaoling directly? Because the closer I was with him, the faster I could be exposed; and when that time came, not only would I be in danger, everything would also be useless. Including this ring. This was why I also promised him that I would present a more expensive dowry and took the ring back.

Then, I asked Xu Xiaoling whether she wanted to go with me to see the bleeding Big Sister’s home. Xu Xiaoling then replied, “Xiaolong, I only have 2 days left on my holiday so I don’t have enough time. You go by yourself, OK?”

I was somewhat disappointed and then said, “We have just met and have to get separated again? Then, let me accompany you in these 2 days, and wait until you go back to work, then I’ll take my leave.”

“No.” Xu Xiaoling refused, “Big Sister has been a lot of help to us, and now she needs help, how could we delay it?”

Speaking with logic was one of Xu Xiaoling’s characteristics that made me like her. So I then nodded and replied, “All right, I’ll accompany you today, and then go tomorrow, Okay?”


The next day at 2 PM, I had arrived at the bleeding Big Sister’s parents’ home.

The Big Sister’s parents’ family also lived in Qiling City, albeit they were not living in the urban district but in the country. The house had a small courtyard with a deteriorated house which seems to be on the verge of collapsing.

Although Big Sister’s magical abilities were quite powerful now and she also able to make herself visible to humans, she hadn’t shown herself before her parents until now.

The old couple was really leaving a destitute life and could only consume one kind of vegetable dish and were barely able to afford their food and clothing.

When I walked into the yard, the old couple was in the middle of cleaning up the briquettes in the yard. They looked at me with a strange expression and spoke, “Is there something you need?”

I laughed cordially, “Uncle and Aunt how are you? Have you received a support relief a few months ago in an amount of more than 10,000 yuan in the bankbook? This is what I want to speak to you about.”

“I don’t know about it!” The grandpa abruptly spoke in fear, and was seemingly afraid that I would steal the money.

I was somewhat dumbfounded and said, “Uncle, don’t be too agitated. I know about your daughter. I owe a favor to Sister Sun, so I have come here and want to repay this debt of gratitude. This time, there are two things, first, your house to be rebuilt, second, to solve Xiao Miao’s school issue.”

“Is it true that my girl had once given you a favor?”

“In short, I owe her. If the two of you don’t believe me, you may ask a lawyer or a police to be a witness. I just come to repay my gratitude and will never harm you. And you won’t have to take out even a dime to repair the house.”

Upon listening to what I said, the Aunty hastily greeted, “Young man, please quickly come!” As she listened to me speak, she hastily greeted, “This young man, quickly come into the house! This world really still has good people…”

After entering the house, I saw Big Sister’s six-year-old daughter. The child was very thin as if she had long contracted malnutrition, while also wearing clothes full of stitches. She was holding a worn-broken doll and was sitting and playing with it. She was as if afraid of strangers and secretly glanced at me from time to time.

I smiled at her and took a pack of candy from the backpack that I had prepared beforehand and spoke, “Xiao Miao, uncle is your mother’s good friend, today I especially come here to see you and to give this package of candy to you. Tomorrow, Uncle will give you some new clothes.”

Unfortunately, this little girl was very shy as she lowered her head and held her cloth doll, not daring to look at me. I walked over to her side and put down the candy and then chatted with Big Sister’s parents.

After having some chats, the Auntie cried and then spoke while sobbing and choking, “Y, Y, Your uncle, your uncle…”

I quickly wiped my cold sweat and said, “Auntie, don’t cry, please do tell me slowly.”

Good Lord… this Red Arrow mark of mine was truly heaven defying, even though I wanted to do good deeds, I could even got scolded by others and called “uncle”…

The Auntie wiped her tears, “Your uncle’s diabetes is very serious, and we have to buy insulin every month, or his legs will be rotten. But our family’s income can only bring us 280 yuan per month, and nearly all is usually spent on medicine. Our body is also very weak and are only able to plant vegetables that are barely enough to even feed ourselves. Shumei died young, while this child’s father simply abandoned her. So even though she is at the age to enter school, we can’t even afford to pay her school tuition…”

Having talked for more than an hour, I decided to leave tomorrow to find a construction team to come here…

Although this was also Qiling City, but it took more than 3 hours to take the bus from here to my house. And it was too inconvenient to shuttle back and forth, so I tried to find a lodging place in the vicinity.

But after the Chinese New Year’s big celebration, most small hotels were basically closed, but fortunately there was a three-star hotel that was still opened. And although the daily room rate was more than 200 yuan, I really had no choice and could only lodge in here.

But never did I expect that after I stayed here, this Red Arrow mark of mine then displayed its formidable negative effect to the fullest since I always faced strange events one after another, as if it was following me on my heels…

When I entered the hotel, I took a double bed room, with a rate of 260 yuan per night, causing my heart to bleed so badly! But after knowing that the room rate also included breakfast, only then did my heart ease up.

For building and repairing the house, I should at least have to stay here for a half month. And with this hotel’s room rate, it would cost me a total of 4,000 yuan, and that’s too damn expensive!

My room was on the 5th floor, room #507; I just simply picked it up. I looked at the time and it was already past 6 PM, therefore, I prepared to go downstairs to get some food.

Having eaten a bowl of noodles in the cafeteria in the vicinity, I went back to the hotel in low spirits.

When I just entered the hotel’s entrance, I saw a woman stride fast from the opposite direction, but her steps seemed to be affected by something as her eyes suddenly flipped over and collapsed to the floor. Her body was convulsing unceasingly and also vomiting something out that looked like instant noodles continuously…

I also had just come back after eating noodles outside, and upon seeing this scene, I almost vomited everything inside me…

But I suppressed my nausea and quickly went upstairs.

The hotel’s attendants and securities rushed over, touching and pinching that woman’s philtrum point, “Miss, Miss… wake up!”

I stood by and spoke, “Is this like a convulsion? Put a card in her mouth to prevent her from biting her tongue, and then quickly take her to the hospital, otherwise, she could be in danger.”

In fact, I didn’t know about it, but I had heard of this symptom before.

The security guard and the attendant lifted the woman’s feet and hands and carried her out. Since there were many people, I didn’t mix in and instead took the elevator to go back upstairs, while also feeling glad secretly.

If you asked me why I felt this glad, it was because I was one with the Red Arrow mark! If that woman came to me and vomited, then I would hit the jackpot!

But even so, I still felt that something was strange with my stomach … …

The room had a computer, so I could access the Internet. I turned on the computer, and browsed for some info about a construction team and called them. One after another, they gave ridiculous prices! When I asked the fourth construction team, they said that it depended on how much I wanted to repair the house and the amount of money that I had. 20,000 yuan could cover the cost but they couldn’t guarantee the quality.

I thought that this person was not bad, so I would go with him to see Big Sister’s house tomorrow, to estimate how much money he would need to rebuild it.

The next morning, after having my morning practice, I went to the dining hall to have breakfast since the room rate included breakfast, I couldn’t miss it.

Breakfast was self-serve, and there were a variety of dishes had already been prepared in the dining hall, while it was also free to take and eat anything. I took a glass of milk, some cakes, and then slowly ate them.

But while I was eating it, I found a small black insect inside the cakes! So I quickly spat out all the things in my mouth and that attracted everyone’s eyes.

If there were insects in this breakfast it seemed these dishes hadn’t passed the quality control! Then, why did they dare to charge more than 200 yuan?!! I wrinkled my eyebrows and yelled, “Waiters! How could there be insects inside the cakes? Your food hygiene is really bad!”

A waiter hurriedly came over, nodded in apology and said, “I’m very sorry sir, could you calm down? We didn’t bake these cakes here, but ordered it from a catering place outside. We will immediately investigate and compensate you. I would like to ask, which room are you booked in?”

“507.” I didn’t have the appetite to eat again and answered in a cold tone, as I then carried my black backpack and left.

While secretly cursing at my own bad luck and headed out. I carried my backpack and walked toward Big Sister’s house. I had bought some new clothes for Xiao Miao and some supplements for Big Sister’s parents.

When I had just bought something, the person from the engineering team called me and asked for a meeting place and then we headed straight to Big Sister’s house.

The man was more than 30-year-old with an outgoing personality and looked relatively simple and honest. He kept telling about amusing and interesting things that he had encountered while building houses.

When we came to Big Sister’s house, I told him that I wanted the building’s specifications. The man thought for a short while and answered, “If we fully use high quality materials, it would cost about 150,000, medium quality materials around 120,000, while using the worst materials would cost 80,000. What type does brother want?”

150,000 yuan was still within my capabilities. Besides, Big Sister have been helping me a lot, so I replied to him, “Of course I want the best quality! Big Brother, I thought that you’re also an honest person, so I won’t bargain with you, otherwise, I’d want a discount. I will give you 150,000, but you must guarantee that the materials are of the best quality!”

“Haha, Brother really is straightforward! Since you’re this straightforward, I certainly won’t cheat you. Please be relieved that I will definitely use the best materials for you!

Having discussed with this guy for awhile, we finally made the final decision and will sign the contract tomorrow. I gave him 80,000 as down payment and would pay the full sum after the project finished.

I gave Big Sister’s parents 5,000 yuan and then returned to the hotel early. At the front desk, I asked about the breakfast issue and they said that it was still under investigation ,and said that they would give a satisfying answer.

I was aware that it was only just polite excuses and probably was just like a service in a restaurant when you asked to hurry the dishes’ order, while the waiter would definitely tell you, “The dishes have been prepared on the pot, and will be immediately served!”, but in fact, you would still have to wait for half an hour before the dishes were served.

When I got back to my room, I laid down on my bed and looked at the interspatial ring while Big Sister was standing in the corner and happily bleeding. Although she was very grateful, her attitude was still the same as usual and she didn’t talk much, while I was also quite glad for this quietness.

I had been examining this interspatial ring for two days, but couldn’t find anything. In my opinion, this was only an ordinary ring. Could it really be an interspatial ring?

The Xu Family’s head didn’t really explain t it when he called during the Chinese New Year’s celebration. This ring should be a real interspatial ring, but how do I open this thing?

Was there any treasure in the ring?

Should I ask the Old Swindler? He must be able to answer this question!

But the Old Swindler said that I mustn’t contact him too often, for if we were to be found, we could be finished. I had contacted him too often recently and I shouldn’t contact him for a while.

Well, it’s no problem though, I could slowly study it.

At this time, I suddenly heard a scream from the corridor’s direction!

I hurriedly sat, opened the door, and went out.

It was not because I liked to join in on the fun, but it was because I wanted to be of some help and do some good deeds so the predicament brought by my Red Arrow mark could be lessened, without doing this, I didn’t have any means left.

I opened the door and found that a chambermaid was standing near my room’s door with a horrified expression and gasped. I hurriedly walked toward her and smelled a pungent stench ahead. I pinched my nose and then ask, “What is it?”

The chambermaid was still shaken and replied, “Someone died, someone died! Someone died in that room! Then he quickly took out an intercom and spoke, “Front desk, there’s a corpse in room #519! Please send people immediately!”

Dead person?!

A pungent stench was exuding from the room, and the dead evidently had died for more than a day!

I went back to my room and spoke to Big Sister, “Sister, there’s someone who died in Room #519, you go there and find out whether the ghost of the dead is still there, if so, ask how he died.”

Big Sister compiled in a gloomy voice, and drifted through the wall to the next room.

That room was the scene of the crime, so it was inconvenient for me to enter; otherwise, I could get in trouble should the cops come.

I opened my eyes and came over to that room’s door. And this time, a few people had been standing at room #519’s door. Most of them were the hotel’s staffs while they were also pinching their nose with a reluctant and unwilling expression. Upon seeing me stand and watch from the door, a security guard then spoke to me politely, “Sir, this kind of matter brings bad luck, and the stench is very bad, please go back to your room.”

“It’s all right brother. I just want to see what happened. Have you reported to the police?” I tried to be familiar with him and asked.

“We have reported to the police, and they will come here immediately.”

I replied with sympathetically, “Brother, your security job really is difficult.”

Having heard my words, he looked at me with eyes just like looking at someone who he had long been friends with. We chatted for awhile and then I asked, “Brother, about the dead, it’s a man or woman?”

“Ah, it’s a man. He checked in a few days before the New Year’s and had paid 2,000 yuan deposit in advance. With so many days he had been here, his deposit had long been due, but we cannot casually enter the visitor’s room. Therefore, the chambermaid got here and knocked on the door to see if the visitor was in the room, to urge him to pay for the room. But after knocking for quite a while, with no response, the chambermaid opened the door and found a corpse inside!” The security guard explained in a whisper.

At this time, Big Sister also floated out and spoke in her gloomy voice, “There is no ghost ~ ~ the dead is a 40-year-old middle-aged man. There is no wound on his body, but there’s a pool of vomit on the bed.”

Although Big Sister was speaking to me, I didn’t look at her and still talked with the security guard for a awhile as I then waved my hand on my nose and said, “Brother, this stench is too smelly, so I’ll go back to my room and take 2 towels and give one to you.”

Big Sister floated back to the room with me. I closed the door and asked her, “There’s no scar on the body and he has vomited? Could it be food poisoning?”

“I don’t know ~ ~ I’m not a doctor ~ ~” Big Sister replied.


You are not a doctor and I was not a policeman. Since the soul of the dead had gone, what else could I do?

But still, I was very curious. So I wetted 2 towels, went out and handed one to the security guard. He took the towel and said thanks.

After having waited for more than 10 minutes, 3 cops arrived. Their brows were wrinkled as they smelled the bad stench, and it was very obvious that they also didn’t want to come in. But since they were cops, even if they didn’t want to, they still had to come in. My eyes turned over at them and then handed the towel to the last cop, “Mr. Policeman, here’s a towel, you can use it to cover your nose and not smell that bad stench.”

As a result, I also went in.

After entering the room, I saw a man’s corpse lying on the bed with a pool of dried vomit on the bed. And having looked at the vomit, my complexion greatly changed! His face was completely a frightened expression!

There were more than a dozen black insects crawling in that vomit!

A black insect was also near the corpse’s mouth.

Wasn’t there also this kind of black insect in the cake that I ate? But the insect I happened to eat was very small, while these insects already grew up. With only this fact, it wasn’t enough to make me frightened. The fact that made me really panicked was, I recognized this kind of insect!

It’s a Corpse Insect!

According to the security guard’s description, this man checked in a few days before the New Year’s. Even if he just checked in and died the same day, if I calculated everything, it was just about 10 days. But his body has not even rotten. So how could it have a Corpse Insect?

I quietly left the room, frowning.

The police busily called the forensic team while also ordering the hotel’s staff to check the monitoring video recording to see what time the dead returned to the room.

Shortly after, the corpse had been taken away by the police.

I went back to my room and was still deeply pondering about that question.

Had the dead eaten that Corpse Insect before his death?

But it couldn’t be. The gastric acid would kill the bacteria that entered the stomach, while Corpse Insects were also unable to live in the human body. However, the dead’s time of death was about 10 days ago, so why would it have Corpse Insects? Moreover, was a Corpse Insect able to multiply? How could it be that it had such a coincidence with the Corpse Insect that I found when I ate this morning?

I went online to find out related information about dead body’ examinations and could only find a bit of information about it on the net. So I decided to call Zhang Zixuan since he seemed to have more knowledge about Corpse Insects.

But when I just picked up my cell phone, I felt that my head was going to burst and felt dizzy, my body quickly collapsed and fell to the floor, as my body twitched uncontrollably while my consciousness was getting more and more fuzzy!

This is……

What’s happening……


I didn’t know for how long, but I was awakened by a burst of Yin qi. I opened my eyes and felt cold all over my body.

It turned out that Big Sister woke me up by injecting Yin qi into my body. I laid prone on the floor and there was a pool of vomit next to me. My body felt very weak. What the hell had happened before? Did I get epileptic? But I didn’t have this kind of sickness, but how would my body convulse suddenly?

I shook my head and went to the bathroom. While washing my face with cold water, 4 series of events instantly interweaved in my mind.

Last night’s inexplicable convulsions, the fainted woman… Corpse Insect in breakfast… Corpse Insects around a pool of vomit and on the dead man… my sudden outburst of epilepsy. There must be some certain connection between all of these!

I reorganized my mind, put on my clothes and spoke, “Big Sister, let’s go.”

I felt my body was very weak. When I came to the hotel’s front desk, I politely spoke, “Hello, please send someone to clean up room #507. By the way, do you know what happened to the fainted woman last night?”

“I’m sorry, sir, last night I was not on duty, so I do not know.”

When I frowned, the security guard I was acquainted with came over and warmly greeted, “Hey Brother, What is it?”

I repeated the words with him again as he then replied ambiguously, “Brother, you couldn’t have had a crush on that woman right? So to say, the woman’s looks is very attractive though. What I know is that she has been hospitalized. If you want to go, I can take you on with my bike and escort you there, but you have to wait until I got off from work.”

I smiled, and replied in a somewhat weak voice, “Brother, I really thank you for it.”

While walking outside along with him, I secretly thought, in case that this matter is just like what I had guessed, I fear that the woman would die, including me. This must not be accidental, but someone or some people intentionally did this!

But who could have done this?



This chapter IS @#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#(*&@#^*&@#^$*i&u#… Man, so daaaaaaaaaamn long. 6K words… It took me 4 HOURS straight and I had to TLC-ing it myself… I rarely TLC-ing my TLDP translation… but for this one, guess what… it took me an hour and half to TLC this chapter, since I know that I surely have missed some lines because this is the longest chapter I’ve ever translated… the author really f***ed me up… sobs… sobs… sobs…

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