LDP – Ch 79

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TLDP C079: Fighting

Big uncle was a shrewd businessman and now he was pretending to reprimand my older female cousin a few times. He then shook hands with Uncle Zhao and said, “Big Brother, thank you for picking us up. This package is our specialty product and nobody sells it here. Come and taste it.”

The words from Big Uncle for the simple Uncle Zhao was truly toxic as it touched his splinters. I secretly cursed this old fox’s slippery mouth. He looked very warm but have I ever seen him call my family even once to say hello? In my opinion, the sharp mouth my older female cousin had, was even much better than his. But I really had to say that my older female cousin who used to be fat, really had became attractive. But compared to Big Sis Xiaoling, she was of course still worlds apart!

While I looked at her, she was also looking at me, as she then curled up her lips and spoke, “Hey, your clothes really have a classy taste.”

In fact, I didn’t have a dressing up taste, but it was Big Sis Xiaoling who had it since she dressed me up from foot to head which made me very different than I was before. So I smiled and replied, “It’s not bad, but I could only catch up to only one tenth of yours.” I flattered her casually.

But this ‘astute’ older female cousin quickly became aware and then snorted, “Glib.”

I reluctantly replied, “Hey, I am not a glib, but only afraid that you will beat me just like when we were a child. So I had to say a few nice words to coax you up!”

Everyone in the car was laughing.

Due to my request, the van headed to the mall and then I got off to buy 10 packs of Lux cigarettes and 4 bottles of Wuliangye rice wine, some young deer’s antlers, bear galls, and sea cucumbers for a total of 8000 yuan.

When I carried these things to the car, my older female cousin brazenly flipped over these things and since she had been eating such these good things over the years, she of course knew the value of the things I had bought. She sized me up several times before speaking, “Hey cousin, you’re really generous. You recently have become rich huh?”

“Hahaha, cousin, don’t make fun of me. I only opened a photocopying shop in Qiling City and only earned a little money. Definitely couldn’t be compared to your family’s jade carving business though.”

When Dad heard that I mentioned about the jade carving, he took out the Dragon Phoenix jade pendant on his chest and then asked to big uncle, “Brother-in-law, since you’re a jade expert, take a look at my jade, what kind of jade is this?”

It was too late to stop dad. Previously I had told him and Mom that these two jades were very good thing and must always be carried by them and never to be exposed to others, otherwise, it would make them become obsessed over it.

I didn’t tell Dad and Mom the truth, thus they didn’t know that these jades were of the Song Dynasty antiques.

Upon seeing the jade, although big uncle’s face didn’t change, but a trace of surprise was flashed in his eyes as he took the jade, examining it and then gave it back to Dad. He then spoke in casual tone, “It’s a pretty good jade, and could be worth 5 or 6 thousands yuan.”

Holy crap! Miss Daiyu helped Xiaohui to pick 3 treasures and she sold them for nearly 20 million sky high price, much less the treasures that I got, right? According to my estimation, although this jade artifact was not complete, but it was well preserved antique from the Song Dynasty, and at least was valued around 1 million yuan. Big uncle had been in the jade business for a few decades, so he certainly recognized that the jade was extraordinary, but he was pretending that this jade was worthless. He could have been thinking that he would wait for several days and then propose to buy this jade pendant, and then sell it for sky high price.

He must think so!

Damn it! Big uncle would keep thinking of this jade artifact from now on…


When we arrived at the ancestral house, we found that the previous adobe house had disappeared and had turned into a 2 storey small building.

The room was full of people, and then they began to recognize each relatives, as Dad referred to them one by one, this was called… that was called… thus I also greeted them one by one.

Grandma was very old. She was over 80 years old and looked ancient.

As for grandpa, he had died many years ago, while father also only mentioned him a little. Even if I asked about him, he quickly shifted the subject, making me suspect something. However, after a long time I no longer asked anymore.

Then, I gave a gift to all my relatives, and grandma reprimanded my spending once in awhile randomly while also boasting that I had grown up.

My second cousin was still very warm to me as he pulled me to his house and had a drink. We cleared the liquor all the way past 8PM. He was quite a drinker and still in fine condition while I was already blurred after drinking 7 bottles of beer. I hurriedly stopped drinking with him and then slipped back quickly to the ancestor home. I must remind Dad to not sell the jade pendant to big uncle.

The lights in my ancestral house were still on, while a group of people and Dad amongst them sat on 2 tables, playing mahjong. Since it was inconvenient to talk with him, therefore, I looked for a room and flung myself to the bed and intended to have a sleep for a short while and then told him after I had awakened…

But due to having drunk too much beer, I overslept and it was already past 1PM when I woke because I wanted to pee. I rubbed my head and then went to the toilet.

After having peed and felt eased, I suddenly heard that the glass was smashed! While at the same time a woman was screaming upstairs!

I hurriedly put on my pants and rushed upstairs. The screams were coming out from my Aunt and my older female cousin’s room. I quickly knocked on the door and shouted, “Auntie, its Xiaolong, what happened?”

The door quickly opened, and my older female cousin then stood in her pajamas and spoke, “The glass, the glass window was smashed.”

The glass window smashed? I looked at the room and saw a red brick on the floor. Some people intentionally smashed the glass window! I ran downstairs and opened the exit door to search out, but I didn’t find anyone. They obviously had left.

Who did this? It was very difficult for me to even fathom the reasons.

I went back to the house and found Grandma, Mom and Dad, Big Uncle and everyone had already awakened. I then stood in the doorway and spoke, “I didn’t see anyone, and it seems that after smashing the glass window, they ran. Grandma, which people that had been offended by our family?”

“Oh, ask your aunt!” Grandma sighed and returned to her room.

My aunt didn’t speak, and entered to another room with Big Uncle.

Dad also came downstairs and sat on the sofa, he then lit up a cigarette and slowly spoke, “When the house was being built, the construction teams had crushed several farmers’ farmland and those villagers wanted some compensation. But your aunt didn’t want to give it, thus gave birth to this resentment. Those villagers were the one that made troubles when the house was still being built, so I think that this time, that it’s also those people. Sigh… really… even though it was happened over the years, they don’t even stop. Xiaolong, I’ll give this problem for you to handle. As long as they don’t ask an excessive request, even though we should lose the money, then pay it as we should. And kid, I know that you have a lot of money, don’t tell me and put on an act that you’re poor before me.”

I flipped my eyes and replied, “Dad, later don’t throw such a broken problem like this to me again, would you? But anyways, since you’ve spoken, what can I say? Okay then, I’ll go to second cousin tomorrow, he should have known about those villagers whom their farmlands were crushed, and then I’ll to talk about compensation with them to settle this.”

Dad teased me and laughed, and then we all went back to sleep, but nobody was in the room where the glass window had been smashed…

Due to drinking too much liquor, I was still in stupor until 5AM in the bed in the next day, and was abruptly awakened by burst of voices and noises from the door. I squinted and knitted my brows, putting on my clothes and then went out as I saw Dad was downstairs turning on the lights and then stood in front of the door and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me Zhao Erhu! Quickly open the door! Otherwise, I will smash the glass!”

Auntie and everyone were also coming out and stood on the second floor’s fence and looked downstairs.

When Dad heard that people were about to hit the glass, he hurriedly opened the door as a dozen big men rushed over into the house and lead by a guy which called Zhao Erhu. He then roared, “Shit!!! You all have come from you great city huh? Today, if you don’t put out 100,000 yuan to me, you bastard don’t think about this year will be a good one!”

Dad’s anger also sparked and he immediately flared up, “Zhao Erhu, how much of a land you have that was broken, but you want 100,000 yuan? Fuck it, you bastard really shameless!”

Zhao Erhu eyes stared as he waved the mop pole and hit Dad’s head! I hurriedly shouted, “Dad, dodge quickly!”

But Dad didn’t think he would really mean to hit him, as his head then was hit by the mop pole, whereas the pole then broke after!!!

My older female cousin screamed.

I was extremely furious seeing Dad was beaten and quickly grabbed the stair’s handrail and directly jumped from the second floor down!!!

I slightly bent my knees when I fell to the floor to divert the gravity and momentum, and then rushed over to Zhao Erhu and the others! But Zhao Erhu swept his broken mop pole to my head!

I squatted my body, shifted over to the room pillar and then swept over it in one move as I directly shot at Zhou Erhu and fiercely kicked his stomach! I hit his stomach repeatedly and made him howling in pain! Those dozen men who were coming along with him were stunned seeing me moving this agile!

And then Zhao Erhu wailed in sorrowful wailing, “Motherf****r, he attacked me!”

Including Zhao Erhu, there a total of 13 men and they were holding a pole, shovel, hoe, hammers, and other weapons. Some of them were rushing over at me, while I quickly shouted, “Old Man, go upstairs! Let me handle this here!”

I dodged the shovel that was slamming my head and then grappled into his arms, used the Sixteen Way Grappling hand and dislocated his joint in one move!

The other one swept his hoe at me so I hurriedly stepped back while also secretly cursed, why the hell would these chaps be this extreme? How the fuck did these bastards have so much hatred?

The moment those people realized that I was quite adept in martial arts, the other 11 men flushed over me!

Because the room was too small to dodge, I was caught in the collar by one of them and unable to dodge from the other guy’s hammer. The hammer hit my shoulder while the other guys were closing up as their fists were pounding just like raindrops bombardment on my body and face.

A double fist was proved too difficult to fight four hands, and this room was too small for me to fully display my strength to begin with; otherwise I could have wrapped them slowly in this dogfight.

Grandma extremely anxious voice sounded above, “Stop the fight! Stop the fight! We will pay, but don’t fight!

By now, anger had completely filled my mind as I suddenly threw an uppercut to a man’s chin in front of me and severely hit him forward as I rushed out and broke the encirclement. I ran around them and repeatedly used the Sixteen Ways Grappling Hand and dislocated their arm joints one by one. Each one of those chaps in front had basically had their arms dislocated. After having moved for 2 minutes, only 3 men were left uninjured, while the rest unable to use their arms. As for the one that I had hit with my hook punch, was already stunned and knocked down to the floor!

I spat a mouthful of saliva with some blood in it and asked, “Do you want to fight?”

The 3 men in front were trembling slightly, and didn’t say anything whether they wanted to fight or not, while also not daring to come forward…

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