LDP – Ch 76

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TLDP C076 Ouba, Just Kill Him

Such a rare and wonderful method like that was of course never stemmed from my brain. But, never did I expect that Jiannan would give such a strong visual impact to people! Even the Water Demon was shocked to see him. This Water Demon possibly had never seen such a shameless person.

I hurriedly took the opportunity when the Water Demon was in a stunned state and quickly stabbed its back with the activated Shadowbane Sword!

But the Water Demon’s reaction was also very fast as it formed a water curtain out of thin air, blocking my path, while the Water Demon quickly retreated to the middle of the stream at the same time.

What a big water curtain… Heavens… this was not a fantasy movie! Was this Water Demon really so powerful? Even Miss Daiyu wouldn’t have used such a big move!

But the Water Demon and Miss Daiyu’s fighting styles were different. She used Yin qi to attack without traces or shadow, and if she wanted to kill me, I could guess that she could completely exterminate my 3 Yang fires, but the Water Demon didn’t have this ability.

But in the water! This Water Demon’s ability was still very scary!

I didn’t want to get into the water, otherwise, there may be terrible consequences. So I didn’t rush through the water curtain, but, the water curtain quickly disperse and turned into small drops of water and rapidly shot to me at extreme speed! My ass was so tight it twitched as I quickly moved backward for a step and threw myself to the ground! Those droplets scratched the tip of my nose as it flew past!

On the other hand, Jiannan was still performing that puzzling swan dance, I snappily cursed at him, “Hey, idiot quickly jump! Jump quickly or you will become a hornet’s nest!”

Jiannan stroking his chest and asked, “How? Ouba ~~~!”

Shit! How I wished to rush and kick this idiot! But now the situation was urgent so I gave up the idea and quickly rolled and ran frantically to the big tree!

Having seen me ran desperately, Jiannan let out annoying silly chuckles. I couldn’t help but curse, “You may laugh now, but a minute later you can’t laugh again.”

Quickly, I successfully hid behind the tree!

Jiannan then became the Water Demon’s target as those water droplets flew toward him! Jiannan then shouted, “Holy shit!” And then he desperately ran even more awkwardly compared to when I did that. He ran towards the woods, but since he wasn’t agile enough, it seemed that a few water droplets bursted and pierced his ass, as he wailed with a pained expression, “Oh, oh, oh … … Ouba, Big Brother, save me!”

I didn’t save Jiannan because it wasn’t life-threatening to him, and this idiot was just too shameless and I must give him a little punishment! When Jiannan was running to the tree, his ass was hit, creating several holes as blood flowed from it. Tears were flowing from his eyes at this time, saying that it was his first time losing it in an unexpected spot…

I didn’t pay attention to him, but racked my brains as how to deal with the Water Demon.

Its water droplets attack was really powerful, but why didn’t he condense the water into the shape of arrows? It’s very simple, because shaping it into arrows would need a lot of water, this way, the water would become very heavy and the rate of fire would be reduced. Moreover, the water droplets also wouldn’t evaporate, it’s truly magical…

Suddenly, I thought of a good way! Since the water droplets wouldn’t evaporate by the air, I actually had a way to make it evaporated! Didn’t I have my fire Innate Force? With my flaming hands, those water droplets would definitely evaporate when it hit my hands!

However, the Water Demon should be dragged to the land for this to work, because there were too much water in the creek, else I could never execute this idea!

I whispered to the Jiannan, “Jiannan, countermeasure #3!

Countermeasures #3: Pretend to show weakness and lose! Pretending to get beaten by the Water Demon and desperately escaped. If the Water Demon chased us down, it would fall into our trap!

Using the cover these big trees provided, Jiannan and I ran to a distance without using our bicycles. After we ran for a few hundred meters and found that the Water Demon didn’t pursue us, I leaned on the tree and spoke, “Crap! Countermeasure #3 is useless.”

Jiannan solemnly spoke, “Big Brother, it’s really not good, let’s just use the beauty trap! You strip naked yourself, and attract it.”

“Fuck you!!” I snappily cursed at him.

At this moment, I suddenly heard a voice came from our rear, so I quickly raised my head to look over and found that the Water Demon was holding a mass of water lump and floating over!

“What a big lump!” Jiannan sighed.

“Jiannan, surround it!”

Jiannan and I formed a small encirclement, although there were only the two of us, we still managed to break through the Water Demon’s rear position!

I quickly took off my gym suit and inserted my Shadowbane Sword to my waist, stimulating my innate force and made my hands instantly burn!

Upon seeing my burning flame hands, the Water Demon also froze for a moment, but its attack speed was very fast and instantly formed a water whip. As whipped it over to me! It seemed that it had 3 kinds of attacks water droplets, water whip, and water burst (making corpse explode). I quickly bent over slightly and dodged the water whip.

Jiannan and I circled around it and as it attacked me. Jiannan took the opportunity to strike it from behind and was about to give it a blow with charm! However, the Water Demon suddenly turned around and whipped toward its back! I hurriedly shouted, “Be careful!”

Never did I have expected that Jiannan’s reaction would be quite fast. He quickly rolled on the spot and escaped the water whip, and then his right hand unceasingly ignited the charms and threw it toward the Water Demon and pressed it further!

Just when I thought he would succeed, a water curtain quickly rose in front of the Water Demon, instantly extinguishing all the charms that touched the water curtain!

All of the Jiannan’s charms got wet even though it was pasted on the Water Demon; he was then sent flying after being kicked directly by the Water Demon.

But I also took advantage of this opportunity to strike behind the Water Demon. The moment it kicked Jiannan, my Shadowbane Sword quickly stabbed into its body!

At the same time, I quickly the changed the flame blade’s shape as a lot of flame spikes emerged on the flame blade!

Since the old swindler taught me that the flame blade can change forms, I often practice it and now I was more skilled at it.

The flame blade from the Shadowbane Sword was made by Yang energy transformation, so it wouldn’t be extinguished by water. Even though the Water Demon was protected by the water curtain, it didn’t affect the flame blade in the slightest.

With only this strike, the Water Demon quickly wilted! The water around it then fell to the ground, it could be seen that it received severe injuries, and could no longer manipulate the water.

But at this moment, it wanted to escape back to the creek!

How could I let it escape again? I slashed my Shadowbane Sword again and cut its body!

This time, its body really withered and the soul quickly became transparent, and I could see that if I strike at it again, it would be exterminated at once!

It exposed a pleading expression and spoke a lot of Japanese of which I didn’t understand. Then, I removed the wooden make-up case with Yin qi from my black backpack, opened it with my fingers, and then pointed to the make-up case, hinting it to enter the case. Although it wasn’t willing, but due to the Shadowbane Sword’s might, it could only obediently enter the make-up case.

After waiting for it to enter the make-up case, I put 3 Sun Charms on top of the case’s lid to prevent it from running away.

Therefore, as a Daoist priest, not only should one have sophisticated magical arts, but also a smart mind to find the weak points of the Water Demon, seizing its weakness and attacking it. Even though this Water Demon was ranked 71st at the list, wasn’t it easily subdued by Jiannan and I?


I didn’t suffer any injuries, but Jiannan was quite miserable because his ass was pierced.

We rode the ‘Basket 1258′ bicycle and returned back to the village with a joyful feeling, making this Big Brother tears fall down. But in fact, this time, we still paid a painful price though, because Jiannan had sacrificed his ass… But… this idiot really deserved it! Who told him not to run after I told him so, did he think that I was joking? And heck, bursting ass was a well deserved punishment though, so I wouldn’t pay a mind to settle my grudge with him afterwards…

After returning to the village, Jiannan’s consciousness was already blurred. And upon seeing us come back, Zhang Zixuan quickly greeted out and asked, “Did you get the Water Demon?”

Jiannan spoke in mumbling and vague tone, “Ouba just killed it… Oh, no, it’s being sealed up.”

A bodyguard in his side then whispered, “Now is just like in 2011, the ‘Jiangnan [Gangnam] style’ seems to be released next year…”

“What did you say?” Jiannan asked the bodyguard.

“Oh, nothing, I am a bit of a half-player, so I can predict the story in advance.”

“What?” Jiannan still didn’t understand and asked again.

“Alright, I mean, your face doesn’t seem good,” said the bodyguard.

Paying no attention to Jiannan and the bodyguard’s dialog, I spoke to Zhang Zixuan, “Big Brother Zhang, we’ve found something. This Water Demon is actually a Japanese ghost! I had made it seriously injured and sealed him up. I suspect that it should have a relationship with those antiques. Please find a Japanese translator and interrogate this Water Demon. Maybe we can get some information.”

“Japanese translator?” Zhang Zixuan smiled and said, “You don’t need to find anyone, isn’t your girlfriend a Japanese expert?”

“Big Sis Xiaoling?” I asked in surprise.

Zhang Zixuan was puzzled and asked, “Xu Ningrou is very proficient in Japanese and English, you don’t know about it?”

I really didn’t know that Xu Xiaoling would have these skills.

We chatted for a while as Zhang Zixuan left with a Jiannan to treat his ass, while I found Xu Xiaoling and then asked, “Big Sis Xiaolings, listening to Zhang Zixuan’s words, you are proficient in Japanese and English? I really don’t know it before.

“Your English is not good, so how would I talk to you with it? Showing off in front of you? Let me see, where you have been hurt.” Xu Xiaoling carefully scrutinizing me.

“Big Sis Xiaoling, then you also know Japanese?”

“Hmm, when I was bored, I learned Japanese and English, but I have never been to Japan though. As for Japanese, I have no problem communicating with the Japanese.”

I know that Xu Xiaoling was only modest. By her character, if she wanted to learn anything, she certainly would learn it.

These prominent families’ juniors were really worthily able. They had accepted a different level of education from their childhood compared to me… I sighed a lot in my heart, and then said, “Big Sis Xiaoling, don’t look at me anymore, I have no injuries. We have successfully subdued the Water Demon, and it’s being sealed in the make-up case. But the things we feel strange is that the ghost turned out to be a Japanese ghost. And I think it seems it has relationships with those antiques, so I want your help to interrogate it.”

“Secretly interrogate it? It’s not good…”

I smiled and said, “Big Sis Xiaoling, it’s a ghost, not a human. He’s not protected by the law. If I should say again, do you remember about the Japanese invasion to China? This ghost is not a good docile bird. He’s the one who killed that village’s chief second son a few days ago.”

Xu Xiaoling thought for a second before she finally nodded and said, “Well, okay.”

I smiled and kissed her face, and then walked to Zhang Zixuan’s mobile room, planning to see Jiannan’s injury. However, when I just stepped at the door, I heard Jiannan’s voice passed from inside, “Don’t… Don’t be so hard! Be gentle on that spot…”

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