LDP – Ch 74

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TLDP C074 Body Condition Gradually Deteriorated

Absolutely, I must never let myself be possessed by it! Otherwise, Big Sis Xiaoling and I will be finished!

But I didn’t have any props nor were there any Heart Mind Purifying Charm or the Shadowbane Sword. If I let this Water Demon possess me, it meant that the one who would suffer was me!

On the other hand, that man was laying down on the ground motionless and not even breathing. It was very obvious that he had died!

Although my Yang fire was strong, but it couldn’t withstand the more powerful Water Demon! A chilling icy Yin qi bursted into my body, making me gradually lose consciousness and blurring my vision. I looked at Xu Xiaoling from a distance with her restless eyes. I shook my head, severely biting my tongue, and let the pain sober me up by forcing out the Yin qi from my body. I quickly aimed at the Yin qi direction and sprayed out the blood from my mouth!

I could only hear a faint and vague wailing from the ghost as the chilling Yin qi then rushed over that man’s corpse again!

That man’s body quickly stood up, as his jaw had already been broken by me and have also dislocated right arm. I was just standing and wanted to see what that Water Demon would do, but the next scene made me completely frightened!

I saw that man’s body was bubbling up just like a balloon that was rapidly being inflated! He then rushed over me! As my foot quickly kicked his stomach…


That man’s body exploded! I covered my head with my arm as flesh and blood hit my body and caused me some pain. This Water Demon was really hateful! After the explosion, bones fell down on the ground in front of me, drowned in a pool of blood as blood splashed all over my body!

But where did the Water Demon go? Xu Xiaoling had the protective talisman and it wouldn’t dare to approach her. Could it be… to the hole!

It’s damn bad, there were more than a dozen corpses there! If it were to explode them one by one, it would absolutely kill me!

Just when I wanted to shout at Xu Xiaoling to run, from the other side I saw several people run over. It was the Zhang Family’s bodyguard! A large group of young villagers were following him along with many outsiders that were joining in on the fun. Zhang Zixuan, Ma Dehua, and Li Xiaomin also came. But the one who took the lead was that damn village’s chief! When he saw my body was covered with blood, he was stunned for a moment, and then pointed at me and shouted, “Yes, it’s him! He’s the murderer! Yesterday, I and my two sons were in the search for missing women nearby and found him in the middle of desecrating those women corpses nearby this hole. After he injured me, he ran away! So I let my son to stay here to guard, and then I went back to call everyone to come here… Huh? My son? Did you kill my son?! I will kill you!!” After shouting, he then quickly reached out to his hunting rifle!

Zhang Zixuan quickly made a signal as a bodyguard pointed his gun to the village’s chief and ordered, “Put down your gun!”

Seeing the village’s chief was pointed by the gun, the villagers raised the shovels and other farm tools in their hands and surrounded Zhang Zixuan and the others. The village’s chief put on a just expression on his face and said, “Everyone, hold on, don’t act rashly! This is my family’s matter, I can’t let all of you to commit crimes together!”

With such a just action and expression, all the villagers absolutely supported him, but the time was too urgent, so I could only spoke in a brief sentence, “Big Brother Zhang, the real murderers are the village’s chief and his two sons, I have no time to explain more because there is a powerful ghost entangling me right now, quickly give my black backpack!”

I wasn’t wrong, Zhang Zixuan did bring my black backpack as he picked off the backpack, he said, “I see that you always bring this backpack every day and I knew that there may be valuable things in it. So I helped you bring it along with me this time.” Then, Zhang Zixuan handed the black backpack to the bodyguard and sent it to me.

At the other side of the hole, a man’s corpse covered with blood stood up! Although his body and face were covered by blood, judging from his clothes, it was no doubt that it was Uncle Jiang! I then looked at toward villagers and shouted, “I am only arrived to your place 3 days ago, and I simply never heard of this place before. Therefore, I don’t have any relationship with the missing women occurrences! I know, you certainly don’t believe my words. But now there is a troublesome ghost. Please wait for me to deal with this evil spirit first, and then I’ll explain to all of you!”

But this ‘Uncle Jiang’ used the old same trick again and ripped off his own arm!

The blood crazily spurted as it then floated in the air. Upon seeing this frightening scene, the previously unbelieving villagers backed off several steps as the one who was the most frightened amongst them was the village’s chief. He after all, has killed a lot of people. And seeing such a strange and frightening scene, it would be very strange if he wasn’t afraid!

The Water Demon waved Uncle Jiang’s hand as it shoot a drop of blood at me!

I retracted back to the side and hid behind a tree.

Bang” sounds sounded from the bodyguard’s direction as he aimed his gun at ‘Uncle Jiang’ and fired several shots to his eyes, making a few bullets pierce into the head. But it was as if those were nothing for this ‘Uncle Jiang’ as he still control the blood drops to attack me! I shouted toward the villagers, “Everybody withdraw! Guns won’t work to him!”

I took cattle tears from my backpack and wiped some of it on my eyes. I quickly pulled out the Shadowbane Sword and a stack of charms and then dashed forward toward the Water Demon’s direction! If I was too passive and was unable to destroy this Water Demon, it could perhaps posses others unceasingly!

Although I tried to avoid those blood beads, but still a dozen drops of blood beads hit my body, making me secretly clenched my teeth to endure the pain. When I rushed to his front in about 5 meters, he suddenly transformed the floating blood into a whip and threw it over at my throat! I bent my waist backward and used my palm to turn it over and dodged the blood whip,. Then dashed forward again toward ‘Uncle Jiang’s’ body, while running and holding the Shadowbane Sword. I clipped out a Moon Charm and ignited it.

I forcefully patted the burning Moon Charm on Uncle Jiang’s chest! The Water Demon was forced out!

Because I had just opened my spiritual eyes with the cattle tears, I could see the Water Demon’s true face! Its appearance was like a sharp-eyed monkey-like man. And at this time, it also froze for a moment, unable to understand as to why it was hit and was forced out. He was just about to fly back to the corpse, but was quickly stopped by my Shadowbane Sword!

The flaming Shadowbane Sword exuded a strong and intense Yang energy, rendering the Water Demon unable to move it as I then hit him for the first time without him being able to even resist!

The Water Demon, must have or be in the water to be powerful! For example, when he possessed that man a moment ago, he was able to manipulate blood, but if he wasn’t possessing a human or a corpse, it was unable to control and manipulate others’ blood out of thin air. Otherwise, he could have directly controlled my blood and ruptured my veins, right? But, if he could do that, it would be much more troublesome.

Now, since I had my equipment, plus it was on land, I wasn’t afraid of it anymore!

With the Shadowbane Sword brandished, I changed the flame blade’s shape and quickly injured it!

Seeing that I could hit and also make it injured, it quickly drifted over and escaped toward the creek’s direction!

I really wanted to chase it down, but it was a certain that I couldn’t overtake him. He was only a spirit body and could fly, while I had to run on the rugged mountain passage, so how could I chase him? Moreover, my condition was simply very bad. Thus, I could only let it escape. However, since I had him injured, in a short period of time, it was impossible for him to look for me.

I finally relaxed and could only feel that I was truly exhausted physically and mentally this time. And since at this time I was still in the Opening Eye state, I could see Uncle Jiang’s ghost that was floating near a tree behind me. He was a new ghost, so he still feared the sunlight. Then, I walked toward him and spoke with apologies, “Uncle Jiang, thank you for taking the initiative to save my girlfriend. I’m really sorry that you’ve been killed because of it. I really don’t know how to compensate you.”

“Hey, Xiaolong, you really can see me? Hahaha… When you told me a few days ago that you are a Taoist priest, I didn’t believe you. But I believe you now, and believe that there are ghosts in this world.” Uncle Jiang’s expression was very casual, and still liked cracking jokes.

“Uncle Jiang…”

“Hey, let it be. I did want to save that Xu girl yesterday, but unfortunately I had yet saved her but was killed by a hunting rifle. To think that I had been practicing martial arts the entire of my life, but was killed under some farmers’ hunting rifles, it’s truly ironic.” Uncle Jiang shook his head and replied.

“Uncle Jiang, I’m really sorry, do you have any wish? I assure you that I’d do my best to accomplish It.”

“My truest wish is to raid the tomb, but heck… I’m dead now, so I don’t have that much obsession anymore. But, I want to know other things. Can I also be reincarnated later?”

I nodded and said, “Since you don’t have any grievances, three days after your death, your soul will be automatically pulled into the Netherworld, to enter your reincarnation cycle.”

Having chatted with Uncle Jiang for a while, he said that he wanted me to grant his last wish, which was to let everyone know who the real murderers were.

To complete his wish was very simple, as long as I used the timid village’s chief eldest son. Thus, I led the villagers to the place where I had made the eldest son fainted. He was still fainted, as I quietly wiped some cattle tears on his eyes, so he would be able to see Uncle Jiang’s ghost.

Afterward, everything was easily solved. The village’s chief’s eldest son confessed everything and was scared out of his wits and wet his pants. After the villagers knew the truth, they almost cut the village’s chief and his eldest son at the scene!

We then returned while I also had nosebleeds. The Thumb Sword Qi’s side effect had become more serious and had not turned better in the slightest. I had used this move this morning, and got 2 consecutive nosebleeds in these 10 hours. Zhang Zixuan solemnly said, “Younger Brother Xiaolong, you mustn’t use this technique again later. The more you use it, the more damage it would cause to your internal organs. Even I wouldn’t be able to treat you anymore. Your condition is really worsening. You must take my medicine for a full month for your injuries to be healed.”

Xu Xiaoling’s facial was so distressed, but since she was standing next to Zhang Zixuan, she was too embarrassed to say any lovey dovey words. Which would give reason to Zhang Zixuan throw jokes at her. Upon seeing her lovable distressed expression, I was just smiling and said nothing.

We I got back to the mobile room, I wanted to take a bath, but since there were too many wounds on my body, I couldn’t do it. Zhang Zixuan had treated some of the wounds with his secret medicine and said wait for its efficacy to spread out, on the premise that my wounds should not be exposed to water. So I could only use a wet towel to wipe the blood on my lower body.

Having wiped all bloods on my body repeatedly for two hours, I then took out my phone and called Jiannan. Jiannan then asked, “Big Brother, do you have any instructions?”

“I want you… I want you to go to Dongning City.”

Jiannan was really an annoying idiot as he replied with trembling voice, “B-B-Big Brother, I have a girlfriend, I can never be with you.”

I was truly silenced on the spot. Originally, I used a quite polite sentence to express it. Never did I expect that Jiannan’s thoughts could be this crooked, so I snapped and cursed, “Why don’t you f**k with you brother-in-law! I want you to come to help, understand? Come here and help me!”

Jiannan took a long deep breath and replied, “Ah, hahaha, I rubbed it wrongly, Big Brother, why didn’t you say it earlier… you made me panic…”

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