LDP – Ch 73

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TLDP C073 The 71st Ranked Supernatural Creature

Big Sis Xiaoling and I had been walking for more than two hours before we finally found the creek. There were also fishes in this creek, so the water should be alright to drink. I drank the water first and after 10 minutes, feeling no discomfort, I let Xu Xiaoling drink it.

This mountain’s small stream’s water slowly flowed as fishes swam from time to time. But these things were really slippery and very difficult to catch. It took an hour for me to only catch 5 small palm-sized fish.

I then grilled the fish with my fire innate force. Because I had no experience from the first try, the roasted fish became charcoal, but the second attempt was a lot better.

After roasting it, Xu Xiaoling carefully picked out the fishbone and fed me. Most of the fish’s meat had entered my stomach, and I clearly knew that it was her way of showing her love for me, so I did not say anything.

After roasting 5 fishes, I had almost exhausted my innate force, and I knew that being able to continuously make my palm burning for more than 30 minutes meant that it was already very powerful.

As to how to recover this innate force, well, it didn’t need to be managed, since it would slowly recover.

Having finished eating and drinking, I squatted near the creek to wash my face. But after washing for a short while, I suddenly felt a Yin qi was closing up! I knew that some ghosts had come!

I looked around with a highly vigilant mood, but couldn’t find any changes. Just when I was about to turn around to Xu Xiaoling’s side, I suddenly felt that something was grabbing my feet. I quickly lowered my head to look, but there was nothing there. It was needless to say that it was the ghost who did that!

This ghost wanted to drag me into the creek!

The soil alongside the creek was very slippery, making me fall down and also rub the wounds on my back, transmitting pains and made me groaned.

“Xiaolong, what happened to you?” Upon seeing me fell down, Xu Xiaoling wanted to help me, but I hurriedly shouted to stop her, “Don’t come!”

I struggled desperately, and after exerting more strength, I broke the ghost’s entanglement and quickly ran back to Xu Xiaoling’s side.

When I was going out to seek Xu Xiaoling yesterday, I didn’t bring my black backpack, neither did I bring the Shadowbane Sword. What I took was only a few charms, and these also had been dyed with sweat and blood and could no longer be used. So I couldn’t execute the Opening Eyes technique and was unable to see this ghost.

Seeing mud cover my body, Xu Xiaoling quickly asked me, “What’s really going on?”

“Quickly leave.” I grabbed Xu Xiaoling’s slender waist while explaining to her, “There are Water Demons there.”

“Xiaolong, are you not a very powerful Taoist priest? How come you are this afraid? I’ve seen a Water Demon in the movie, but it wasn’t as powerful as the Big Sister.”

“It’s different. This one is a very powerful water demon. In ‘Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation’, this evil spirit is listed on the 100 ranking list of the most difficult evil spirits to subdue. This Water Demon is ranked 71st on the list. And the bleeding Big Sister is not even qualified to be put into this list. The evil spirits that could enter the list are only the most powerful ones!”

Xu Xiaoling quickly asked, “It’s ranked 71st? There should be a powerful existence amongst Water Demons.”

I patiently explained, “This question is very simple to answer, you can take the analogy of a person’s height. An adult men’s height is around 160cm to 185cm, while men with a height of more than 185cm are less than 1%. It’s also the same with Water Demons, due to certain restrictions, their magical ability is almost similar, and the existence that’s beyond the limit is very few.”

While I was answering, I also quickly recalled the records from “Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation”, Water Demons were unusually deceptive, once it targeted a person, it would pester this person until he died. On the other hand, the conditions to become a Water Demon were very difficult, it was not a given that the person who drowned would turn into a Water Demon since it needed several other factors to cause it. For example, Qin Mingjia who was thrown into the river and drowned, but she did not become a Water Demon.

A questionable point then rose, how would there be a Water Demon in this wilderness? Could this Water Demon have relations to these antiques?

But the thing I was more worried was how to resolve this Water Demon.

The thing was, I didn’t have any props and equipments right now, and meanwhile, I also must guard against the attack from the psychopath village’s chief attack. I thought that the matter in this place could have been dealt easily. But I never thought that this much trouble popped up, even this annoying Water Demon also came out. It looked like that I must go back to the village this time and call Jiannan. Regardless how annoying and idiotic he could be, he had e inborn ‘Deva Eyes’ which enabled him to see any ghosts. So having him around could help a lot.

The most important question now was how to get rid of this Water Demon since we were in the light while it was in the dark.

“Xialong, what are you thinking?”

“Thinking how to deal with the Water Demon, but Big Sis Xiaoling you do not need to be afraid, since you put the talisman on, the water demon won’t be able to hurt you.”


I was carrying a hunting rifle while walked along with Xu Xiaoling in the woods, as I tried the best I could to avoid water. But I could clearly feel that there was always a mass of Yin qi following me. It was needless to say that it was definitely the Water Demon! It can use its full might in the water, and its strength would have reduced, if it were on the ground. My Red Arrow fate mark was really damn strong. I got injured like this, and now bumped into this Water Demon. This was simply sending me to hell and killing me!

At the moment, I even felt that the Yin qi was being bombarded at me, but because I was very close to Xu Xiaoling, the Yin qi was reflected because of the talisman, rendering the Yin qi to be unable to hit at us.

Having walked for about 2 hours, the sky had been completely lit up. It was about 7 AM, and we had to go back to the hole’s location, so I could confirm the way back to the village.

But when we came near the hole, I faintly saw a man sitting on the hole’s edge. He also noted that Xu Xiaoling and I were nearing as he aimed his hunting rifle. But, since the distance was more than 100 meters, his homemade hunting rifle couldn’t hit this far. Even if the stone bullets could hit my current position, I also didn’t know where it would disperse.

But for safety reasons, I let Xu Xiaoling hide behind the tree while I pointed my hunting rifle at him. He yelled loudly, “Son of a bitch! What did you do to my big brother?”

His big brother? He spoke about the man from a while ago, right? So, he was also one of the 3 people from last night.

Just when I was about to answer, suddenly I sensed Yin qi touched my body as it float toward that guy!

Crap! That Water Demon wanted to posses him! But now I still had to take care of myself, where would I have the time to care about him? But if the Water Demon possessed his body, my situation could turn even worse! So I hurriedly shouted, “Be careful!”

He thought I would open fire, and quickly pointed his gun! I secretly cursed my god damn wrong words as I quickly hid behind the tree while secretly muttered that this could be troublesome, since the Water Demon was unable to approach us because it was afraid of our talisman. But had it possessed that man’s body, it can use physical attacks, rendering the protective talisman useless, since it couldn’t protect us from physical attacks!

This homemade hunting rifle could only shoot once, since this guy had no bullets in his gun, I quickly stuck out my head to watch and see that he had lowered his head down, and was motionless.

Shoot! The Water Demon had already possessed him!

If there was only me here, I could have already run away! But Xu Xiaoling’s body was very weak, even if we ran, we would certainly be caught up. And instead of wasting any physical strength, it would be better to stay and fight back. Since the bodyguards in searching for us were near, they could also hear the gunshot, and then could catch up to us.

I quickly spoke to Xu Xiaoling, “Big Sis Xiaoling, wait for me here.”

“Xiaolong, you are injured, don’t fight, let’s run!” Xu Xiaoling was afraid that I would suffer as she didn’t want me to fight with them.

I also wanted to run, but it would be very difficult to outrun the Water Demon. Just when I wanted to say a few words to comfort Xu Xiaoling, I abruptly hold back the words, because bloody scenes happened before my eyes! The man possessed by the Water Demon looked up and revealed a strange smile, threw his gun as his right hand grabbed his left hand and forcefully tore it out!

Along with the crazily spurting blood, his left arm was being pulled off!

But the spurting blood didn’t fall to the ground, and instead just like a fantasy movie, was floating in the air!

This should be caused by that Water Demon’s Yin qi!

This damned Water Demon, since it couldn’t find water; it used the blood of the living to replace water!

The moment that possessed man’s hand waved, three drops of blood beads flashed toward my side at an extreme speed! I hurriedly hid again behind the tree!

Puff! Puff! Puff! Those blood beads hit the trunk and emitted out muffled sounds 3 times. By logic, those blood beads flew so far of a distance and it should have been dispersed or evaporated after being heated by the air. It seemed that the Water Demons had some ability to make the water bullets to be unable to evaporate. The trunk hit by the blood beads had shallow holes, although the piercing force was not too strong, but if it were to hit the body, it was absolutely be quite painful!

I put on a strong and calm expression before I spoke to Xu Xiaoling, “Big Sis Xiaoling, take this rifle and wait here for me. If there is any danger, then shoot.” Then, I moved sideways and ran. Moving quickly behind the big trees to hide my body, I gradually approached the Water Demon! That Water Demon from time to time launched a few drops of blood beads, but all of it hit the tree trunks, the blood in that man’s body was after all limited. Even if it pumped out all the blood in that man’s body, how many blood beads could it launch after all?

But I must say that this man really deserved it. He has harmed so many women, and now he was being possessed by the Water Demon and lost his arm. This could be said as retribution.

But this patriarch had always been doing good deeds and was surely different from these abnormal village’s chief and sons. But how could it be that unlucky things still always haunted me? What a damn Red Arrow mark fate…

After seeing me always hide behind the tree, the Water Demon unexpectedly took the initiative to approach and clash on the same spot with me!

Fortunately, it didn’t know martial arts. Although it had powerful physical strength, I was able to dislocate his right arm’s joint! I really admitted that in close combat, this Sixteen Ways Grappling Hand, was really amazing and easy to use!

Since his right arm’s joints were dislocated, the whole arm was hanging down and was unable to move. My mouth’s corner slightly curled up. But, just when I was secretly felt proud and satisfied, I saw this man’s mouth moved and was seemingly chewing something.

“Puff !!” He spat a lot of blood drops and shot them to my face!

He unexpectedly even bit his own tongue!

I had no time to think and instinctively dodged to the side to escape that group of blood drops, but even so, a few bloodstains struck deep into my face!

Damn it!

I rushed forward for two steps and mustering all of my strength, kicked his body from the side. The kick made him stagger for a few steps to the side! I then shouted, “Water Demon! Get out of his body quickly! Otherwise, this patriarch won’t be this lenient again!”

“Hahaha…” burst of strange laughter emitted out from his throat, and then his lips moved a few times before he spat out half of the tongue. In a glance, I could see that he would use the blood beads to spurt it out at me!

After this short fight, I found that each time he used the blood beads to attack me, there was always a time when he paused to prepare it, about a second or so.

I didn’t wait for him to spray those bloods again as my foot swept his face! Quickly, my foot ruthlessly kicked his face, causing his mouth to open and throw out all the bloods in it!

Just when I wanted to pursue him and send out kicks, that man’s body suddenly crooked, and collapsed to the ground, while I felt a chilling wind blow over to my head…

This Water Demon wanted to possess my body!!!

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