LDP – Ch 72

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TLDP C072 – Running For Life

As we ran, Xu Xiaoling told me about the incident in the afternoon and said that it was very lucky that I came in time, because that animal village chief was about to defile her. I was so furious, that I even wanted to go back and kill that son of a bitch!

Uncle Jiang originally wanted to rescue Xu Xiaoling.However, even though he was very powerful, he was never able to withstand the hunting rifles’ might. And In addition to the village chief, there were still two other villagers that were involved in those women disappearances. Under 3 hunting rifles, Uncle Jiang was killed directly.

Although they were using homemade hunting rifles and rock bullets, its power was quite powerful, even at this time, I could feel a severe pain in my back. Moreover, I had strenuous activities for almost 7 or 8 hours, causing me to be unable to run any longer. On the other hand, Xu Xiaoling also had a feeble body and had long been out of breath.

My hand touched my back and it was quite sticky while my gym suit was also already stained with blood all over. It seemed like I had excessive bleeding, giving me a very cold sensation.

This place was too far away from the village, even a phone signal was unable to reach this place. My condition right now rendered me unable to run. And those three bastards would certainly chase us down to kill us for fear that we would spread the news. We were truly in a very dangerous situation this time! On the other hand, they had long range weapons. And if we were to be hit by those hunting rifles, even though we wouldn’t die, we could also be blinded by it!

Xu Xiaoling touched the blood that was flowing on my back as she anxiously weeped, “How you could bleed so much? It’s my fault, it’s my fault, it’s my fault… Xiaolong, how do you feel?”

I wiped her tears and said, “Don’t cry Big Sis Xiaoling. First, we have to find a place to hide since I have been injured while your body is also too weak. If we run again, sooner or later our pursuers would catch up.”

“But, where should we hide?” Xu Xiaoling shook my hand and asked.

Although Xu Xiaoling was usually very smart, she was only a girl. Having gone through these things, it made her greatly frightened and not know what to do, and had to rely on me as her pillar. Although I was younger, but I had always been doing almost everything by myself. In addition, dealing with a number of dangerous occurrences alone enabled me to face situations without being confused, so I calmly spoke to her, “They will chase us toward the village’s direction, so we’ll run toward the mountains.”

Although I have my Thumb Sword Qi, I could only use it once, not to mention that if it hit a human body, it would pierce through it directly. However, there were 3 people there, while my Thumb Sword Qi could only kill one, the other 2 could have the opportunity to shoot me with their hunting rifles. So no matter what, the odds were too small and I didn’t want to put my life at stake, what I wanted was only to protect myself and Big Sis Xiaoling.

Xu Xiaoling was the only daughter the Xu Family’s head had. Should she have an accident here, I was certain that Zhang Zixuan wouldn’t risk to ask for anything, as I believed that he would send someone to rescue us!

So Xu Xiaoling and I changed the directions and moved toward the mountains, opposite from the village.

Having walked for nearly an hour, we then stopped while I leaned on a tree and panted.

Xu Xiaoling quickly took off my clothes to help me treat my wounds. I threw a joke at her in a weak voice, “Ah, In such hurry to take off my clothes? Big Sis Xiaoling, you’re just like a perverted woman.”

“Even when we’re in this situation, you’re still cracking jokes. Let me see your wounds… slowly, is it very painful?”

“It’s not bad.” Suddenly, a burst of sleepiness caught me. I hadn’t had a good night sleep since 2 days ago and my body was in a very weak condition right now. However, even though I felt sleepy, I couldn’t sleep. If I were to sleep in these wild hills and plains, if by chance Big Sis Xiaoling encountered something dangerous, what’s to be done?

I took off my gym suit and vest as Xu Xiaoling gently stroked my back with deep concerns, saying that there were many stone bullets pierced in my back. It was very fortunate that those homemade hunting rifles had a limited power, and the gym suit was also quite thick. So the stone bullets were unable to pierce too deep. But even so, my entire back was covered with blood due to excessive bleeding.

Using the moon, Xu Xiaoling gently pulled out the stone bullet with her nails while I endured the pains and sweated profusely, making my sleepiness vanished.

It was already the next day past 3 AM when Xu Xiaoling have helped me treat my wounds. Faint white lights revealed from the horizon while thirst and hunger started to bug me. Just when I was about to find some water, I heard footsteps approaching!

My vigilance instantly rose to the peak as I quickly pulled Xu Xiaoling to hide behind the tree, and then quietly sneaked my head to look at the footsteps’ sounds’ direction. Shortly after, I saw one man with his homemade hunting rifle come over.

This man must be one of those three people from last night! He had yet to find us this time as I secretly directed my True Qi into my lungs, preparing my Thumb Sword Qi.! I didn’t have the luxury to care about anything anymore since trying to find Xu Xiaoling, leaving me no time to take my medicine. And now since the enemy had a gun, even though I knew that my Thumb Sword Qi would also cause damage to me, I was forced to do so! I only had this Thumb Sword Qi as my long range attack.

He hadn’t moved straight toward the tree where we were hiding. However, he was approaching from our rear side, while he also looked around to the right and left, so he hadn’t found us. However, this guy sure was not stupid, as they split their team in order to chase us down.

Having suppressed for 40 seconds, a nosebleed bursted out, as Xu Xiaoling was wiping it with a distressed expression. I took her hand as to send a ‘hush’ gesture, and then aimed my right hand’s thumb toward that man. The distance from my position was about 30 meters, so I focused my eyes to accurately lock onto his position as a flame shot flashed from my hands, the Thumb Sword Qi had been shot out!

Unfortunately, there were too many big trees here, and my Thumb Sword Qi didn’t hit the target, but hit a tree beside him and made it exploded. Powerful explosive force made him turned upside down as the hunting rifle on his hands also thrown out!

I quickly rushed forward while he was quite in a stunned state, and quickly used my grappling hand to break his arms’ joints.

To tell the truth, I really wanted to kill him! Big Sis Xiaoling had almost got defiled last night by these animals. However, there was also law set by the government. Even though if I could kill him, as Zhang Zixuan would help me to settle the aftermath. However, I didn’t want to develop a killing habit, much less Big Sis Xiaoling was also here…

His arms had been dislocated by me as he howled miserable screams. Because the big tree was exploded just now, his face was covered by dust. I quickly grabbed his neck, pinching it, and shouted, “Shut up! Otherwise I’ll break your neck!”

Upon seeing my successful action, Xu Xiaoling also came out as I then spoke to her, “Big Sis Xiaoling, pick that rifle up.”

Because of my threat, this man didn’t dare let out loud voices and could only groan in low voices. I spoke to him in an icy tone, “Now, you obediently answer my questions. Otherwise, I will torture you severely. You want to taste all of your joints being dislocated? An adult’s body has a total of 204 bones, if you don’t want me to break your joints, you can only obey my words.” Obviously, I only scared him since I only knew how to dislocate arm joints. As for the other parts, I didn’t even know about it.

“Please, please let me go, I’ll never dare to do it again later.”

I stood up and said, “As long as you’re obedient, I will not kill you. I’m still young and don’t want to be a murderer. But you also know that my girlfriend was almost murdered last night and I am very furious right now. If you don’t follow my orders, maybe I will go to the extreme.”

Under my multiple threats, this man confessed the truth. Those three people yesterday were actually the village’s chief and his two sons, and this man was the eldest son! The whole family were psychopaths that had necrophilia. They also had done this before, although it was only once. However, since a lot of outsiders came to the village in these past few months, it gradually aroused these father and sons’ appetites.

Covered with his father’s position as the village’s chief, they often pretended and told people that they were out to find the missing people. But it was intended specifically to avoid the place where they hid the corpses. And when Xu Xiaoling had just arrived at the village, she immediately attracted their attention, while the other one who attracted their attention was Li Xiaomin in our team.

I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t lay their hands on Li Xiaomin first? It was said that the woman was very dangerous, and if they acted first on her, I could guess that these father and sons could have already died.

What this man said should be true.

I palm-knifed his neck and made him faint. If there was a rescue team, maybe they would find this place. The wounds on my back were quite severe, and must quickly be treated, and this time we also had a gun, so we could find out about it slowly. As for this man, I let him sleep here for a while, because there was no beast in this mountain so when he was awake, he could go back by himself.

I wiped my nosebleed, and then took the homemade rifle from Xu Xiaoling’s hand.

I had excessive bleeding from last night, and a lot of blood flow from my nose just now, making me feel very thirsty and tired. Besides, calculating from our speed, I thought that in these 24 hours, we couldn’t go back yet. Having been thinking for awhile, I then decided to find some water to drink first.

When Uncle Jiang and I were scouting aimlessly in the mountains, we found a stream that should not be too far from here. There were also some small fishes in the creek, so I told the idea to Xu Xiaoling. We then walked toward the creek’s direction while Xu Xiaoling was tightly attached to me along the way and whispered, “Xiaolong, having you by my side is really wonderful.”

“I also think so, having you by my side makes me very happy, I hope you will always be forever with me.”

Xu Xiaoling looked at me gently and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, but it’s OK. I mean there are fishes in that creek.”

“But we cannot eat raw fish.”

I smiled as I stretched out my left hand and said, “Do you forget my ability?” Then, my left hand suddenly ablaze as my whole palm was burning up. But due to my weak condition, I could only show it for seconds, and took back my fire innate force.

Xu Xiaoling touched my hand and said, “Good magic, how you do that? Can I learn it?”

“This, I do really want to teach you, but I think you cannot learn it.” I felt awkward when giving this answer. But according to the old swindler notes, 95% of intelligent creatures indeed had innate force. But if one were to awaken their innate force, their innate energy must be activated first by the ‘Innate Force Test Device’. Without being activated by this device, ones’ innate force couldn’t be awakened. I was really lucky that last time, the old swindler had stolen this device to awaken my innate force.

However, since the issues about the Netherworld couldn’t be leaked out, therefore I said, “Big Sis Xiaoling, it’s not because I’m so stingy that I don’t want to teach you. However, there are some reasons as to why you really cannot learn it.”

“Seeing you look awkward and troubled, then, I won’t learn it.” Xu Xiaoling replied with a smile.

We talked and laughed along the way to the creek, but I didn’t know whether there would be more dangerous things waiting for us or not ahead.

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