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TLDP C071. Necrophilia

Although Uncle Jiang and I were both martial artists and could traverse through the mountains just like walking on flat ground. However, the mountain’s pathways were too rough, could we even walk faster with our two legs?

So we went down the mountain with nothing to be found, except for a dead tired feeling that was enough to choke me out. Besides, I was still carrying along 140 pounds of lead bars on my body with my black backpack on my back. Uncle Jiang at first laughed at me, as to why my physical strength was so bad even though I was young. But, when I revealed the lead bars to him, his eyeballs almost popping out.

When we had returned to the mobile room, it was already past 6 PM. In fact, we didn’t go out too far this day, so there was nothing to be found.

At night, I was still sitting at Xu Xiaoling’s door. However, I didn’t sit for long because Xu Xiaoling wanted to go to my room to find me, only to find me sitting in front of her door after she opened it. She was so distressed and showed her unbearable concern for me and urged to go back to sleep, so I quickly spoke, “Big Sis Xiaoling, there are many women missing in this place, I must protect your safety! “

Xu Xiaoling was so touched before she replied, “It’s alright Xiaolong, there are bodyguards here on night watch duty. You’ve been so tired during the day; you must rest well at night.”

“It’s alright, I still can rest here.” I said casually.

“Weren’t you sitting here overnight yesterday? If I didn’t find it today, you might perhaps won’t tell me, right?” Xu Xiaoling took my arm, walked into my room and said, “Xiaolong, if you do this I will be very angry, there are a lot of bodyguards on patrol. I will not leave the room at night, so I will have no danger. You care about my safety, but I am also concerned about your health. Do you understand?”

“Oh, I know, then you take the Shadowbane Sword to make me feel relieved.” I replied to her and pull out the Shadowbane Sword.

“OK, I’ll take it. You sleep well, you are not allowed to go and sit in front of my room’s door again, okay?” Xu Xiaoling spoke as if she was coaxing a child.

“Kiss me, and then I’ll go to sleep.”

Xu Xiaoling kissed my face, but I whispered, “It’s not there…”

“Don’t be ridiculous, obediently sleep.” Then, Xu Xiaoling went out while I watched her returned back to her room.

I touched the spot on my face that had been kissed with sweetness filling my heart. Mom often told me the one who can marry Xu Xiaoling would have his good fortune multiplied by 10 times. Although our relationship’s progress was a bit slow, I knew that she must be mine.

Since she was my future wife, it’s even more imperative that I must protect her well! So I sat at the window, watching every movement outside…


The next day.

Just like yesterday, Uncle Jiang and I continued to scout the mountains, looking for the tomb.

Since walking on foot was too slow, Zhang Zixuan sent two basket 1258′ bicycles for Uncle Jiang and I to ride. Having used this thing to traverse on the ravine, really sped up our pace a lot.

The mountain passage was rugged, and the bicycles being ridden by Uncle Jiang and I were truly wonderful, allowing us to chat aimlessly. Suddenly, Uncle Jiang who rode in front hit the brakes, abruptly stopping, making me almost run on him, so I hurriedly stopped my bicycle.

Uncle Jiang put down the bicycle on the ground and went to a nearby tree. He then carefully looked up and spoke, “It seems like bloodstains, and only a few days old.”

“It could be there were some beasts preying down.”

“No, it’s not right!” Uncle Jiang solemnly spoke, “We’ve been scouting here for a long time, we haven’t encountered any beasts. Moreover, only this place has bloodstains. If predatory animals caused this, it should leave a pool of blood.”

” Uncle Jiang’s meaning is?”

“Something surely is not right!”

I looked at the phone, and it was around 2 PM, what strangeness could it be? This made me want to hurriedly go back to accompany Big Sis Xiaoling the little sister, so I said, “Uncle, have you analyzed it thoroughly? I could have been caused by someone who had an accident and has been injured on the mountains.”

Uncle Jiang shook his head, “My intuition told me, something is really wrong, let’s look for any clues nearby.”

I reluctantly got off and looked for clues together with him

Shortly after, we found some clues. There were a few shallow footprints. It couldn’t have been found had we not carefully observed, since the footprints were intermittent and unclear. More than an hour later, we found a hole covered with branches!

Was it the tomb?

Uncle Jiang was truly excited and said that he could finally experience raiding a tomb. He said that he had read “Ghost Blows Out the Light” part three, and now he was reading the fourth one which was about raiding the tomb. His excitement almost made him unable to remember his own last name.

We talked for awhile and then I decided to go down to see while Uncle Jiang stayed above to aid me.

The hole was about 4 meters deep, I took off all the lead bars and jumped down, and the surroundings suddenly became very dark, rendering my eyes blind for a moment. After a few seconds of adapting, I looked around, borrowing some luminous light to only find something that scared me and almost made me scream!

There were several women standing or sitting inside the hole with various postures. However, their facial features were stiff, with enlarged eyes, which were evident proof that they all had died already. Although I’ve seen various ghosts and zombies, seeing so many dead bodies like this, it truly scared me and almost make me jumped.

Uncle Jiang asked from above, “Xiaolong, what’s the situation down there?”

“There are women’s corpses here, 13 women’s corpses!”

“Is it like those written in the novels, the never rotten zombies for centuries?”

“No,” I looked at one of the women’s corpses which was wearing Adidas and solemnly spoke, “It’s not the bodies from ancient people, but people from current days. I suspect that they are the missing women from the village!!”

Uncle Jiang also jumped down.

Having looked at those corpses, my eyebrows wrinkled. These women had been killed. And it was absolutely not some traffickers’ doings. There was no Yin qi here, so it should be not caused by evil spirit either. Besides, these women were neatly dressed, and were put in a variety of postures. Was… was this some psychopaths doings?

Uncle Jiang asked, “Have you heard about necrophilia?

Yes. I have heard about it. I never thought we’d bump into one here! I guess the murderer should still be in the vicinity, and since he has necrophilia, they will often come to see these women corpses. Uncle Jiang, should we stay here and wait for the murderer to come here or go back to the village and spread the news out?”

Uncle Jiang thought for a moment and replied, “There is no signal for our phones here. Let us separate., Xiaolong you go back and spread the news, while I’ll be here waiting to see if we can wait for the murderer.”

Then, we executed this!

Uncle Jiang and I climbed back to the ground as I took the lead bars and wrapped it on my belt, and then took my bicycle to ride back quickly…


When I returned to the mobile room, it was already past 8 PM, and having mounted a bicycle for such a long time, I was dead tired. I was just about to rest but heard bad news that Xu Xiaoling was gone!

Recalling the women corpses in the hole, anxiousness and restlessness hit my heart!

Xu Xiaoling disappeared when she went into the toilet. I had no time to ask and it was also too late to accuse anyone, so I took off all the lead bars, kicked the bicycle’s pedals, and fiercely rode it into the mountains!

Nothing must happen to Big Sis Xiaoling!

It was already past 8 PM, and the sky had completely darkened down, as the moonlight was blocked by leaves and it was very dark here. I had fallen several times, but still kicked the pedal bike like crazy! It was too late in the night I was simply unable to see the road, and I could only find the path using my memory.

When I was still riding, suddenly a gunshot shout came from far away! And it seemed to be from the hole’s direction! Could it be…

I couldn’t care less and didn’t dare to think, and instead rode faster to the sound’s location!

Maybe it was because the mountain’s passage was too rugged, but my bicycle’s front wheel fell off! I was thrown upside down before falling and angrily kicked the bicycle. Why the hell was this damned bad luck come at this urgent time? Since the bicycle’s wheel had been broken, I had to run!

It was very fortunate that I usually tempered my body and brought along heavy objects for years. So after taking off the lead bars and doing so much strenuous exercise, I still had strength. There was no phone signal in this damn place, else I would have been able to call Uncle Jiang to ask what happened there. But according to my estimation, it was not far from my location to the hole. So I exerted double the effort, and ran again to arrive there in several minutes!

I ran without stopping and heard a sound coming ahead so I rushed forward faster! When I arrived at the vicinity, I found a flashlight on the ground in front of me and could see Big Sis Xiaoling tied with a rope and laid on the ground with a face full of tears. Her mouth was stuffed with a towel, while a middle-aged man with his naked upper arms was looking at me. I had seen this man once. He was the village’s chief!

Upon seeing me appear suddenly, he yelled in a deep shout, “Who the fuck are you?” And then took a hunting rifle from his side!

My eyes had turned bloodshot, how could I give him the opportunity? I strode for a few steps and quickly grabbed his arm by using the Sixteen Ways Grappling Hands! Since I was very furious, I directly broke off his arms’ joint! And then elbowing him furiously in the head, striking him directly and made him faint!

I ran up to Xu Xiaoling’s side and tightly hugged her in my arms. In these hours, I was so restless I was about to cry, but fortunately, she was alright. But it was also very lucky, that the damned abnormal and should-be-dead village’s chief was here. Otherwise, I could have been running around in vain. Had I been running aimlessly, I could have wasted a lot of time, and I couldn’t imagine what would have happened.

But… where’ was Uncle Jiang? The gunfire a moment ago, could it be…

While I was thinking about this, I heard Xu Xiaoling’s anxious ‘huuumm’ voices. Her mouth was stuffed and was unable to let out any sounds, but she seemed to be implying something. So I quickly took the towel from her mouth, as she anxiously shouted, “Behind you!”

The split second after, I heard a light sound as I subconsciously pushed Xu Xiaoling to the ground whilst at the same time a gunshot sounded behind me! I could only feel that something cold pierced my back… I didn’t have time to care about it as I quickly turned around and saw a man pointing his hunting rifle at me!

I grabbed the fainted village’s chief and threw him into the hole and hit that guy and made him fell!

Having done these actions, a piercing pain was transmitted from my back, but this situation was very dangerous since the others had guns and I didn’t know how many people were here.So we must quickly leave this place! I ran up to Xu Xiaoling’s side and untied the rope while asking, “Big Sis Xiaoling, have you seen Uncle Jiang?”

Xu Xiaoling sobbed and said, “He’s dead, he has died. Shot killed by the hunting rifle. Xiaolong, are you alright? Let me see your wound.”

“I’m all right, let’s leave quickly!” I hurriedly pulled Xu Xiaoling, and ran away.


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