LDP – Ch 7

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TLDP: Ch7. Unexpected Accident

We just arrived at Xiaohui house downstairs when that resentful ghost baby came out and floated through the door. Its body was covered with blood, it was naked and looked very disgusting. The baby ghost tightly stared at Murong Daiyu as if it felt a huge threat from her.

I gave a wink to the female ghost, indicating that this was exactly the little imp that almost tossed me half dead yesterday.

The female ghost didn’t hesitate and quickly rushed and grabbed that baby ghost. She caught the baby ghost with her hands and quickly disappeared. The female ghost said that resentful baby ghost was the weakest existence among ghosts. Miss Daiyu herself could be ranked in the top 20 of most powerful ghosts. Even if she was injured she could handle the baby ghost easily. Therefore later, Xiaohui should be fine.

After XIaohui waving her hands and said farewell, I returned back to my house.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, Miss Daiyu came again and said that everything had been solved completely. Originally that resentful baby ghost was Xiaohui’s younger twin sister. But she died several days after she was born because of illness. Normally, the baby should be unable to become a resentful baby ghost in this case. However the little devil was attached and liked to play with Xiaohui since they were twin sisters.

Miss Daiyu said that she has arranged for that resentful baby ghost in a secret place. So that the baby ghost can’t go back to look for Xiaohui easily…

For the next two months my special training began!

Every early morning I would go out and get some morning exercises done, and then sandbags were gradually replaced by lead bars inserted in a vest

I visited a Manufacturing Department in my Dad’s factory to smelt 10 lead ingots. Each one was 5 kg in weight and cost me 2000 RMB in total. The money of course come out of my inheritance from the old swindler.

I could say that I made progress these days. I can now carry two bars of lead on each foot, a bar on each hand and never put take it off in my daily life. Only during sleeping time did I remove these lead bars. Because of it, I seemed to wear thicker clothes, however no one could figure out that I had been carrying these leads on my body. Miss Daiyu had started to teach me how to fight a month ago. However she didn’t teach me any martial arts since she didn’t master any martial arts style. But according to her, as long as my reflexes and reaction was fast enough, I could dodge and avoid any attack that came at me. She was testing me and attacking me every day from any possible angle, anytime and anywhere I practice, it was to the point where I got beaten up and even made my unstable chin fall off again.

Moreover, there was one thing worth noting that although, Miss Daiyu almost put me in miserable state every day. But her training gave many benefits to me. If a normal person exercised like me and did the same things I did in these 2 months, their health would have deteriorated and their body would have been broken already. I must say that Miss Daiyu was really far-sighted, she provided me with a lot of ginsengs of which I had no knowledge where she acquired from. And it seemed that the ginsengs were of the best quality. Its efficacy was so potent that even my nose bled after I ate one of those ginsengs.

There was one time when I just arrived at school, and all eyes which always swept at me, ”the ugly one”, blood suddenly sprayed out from my nose. Because of this my great reputation in campus got boosted once again.

But I must say that after being tempered by Miss Daiyu for a month, my reflexes and instincts had improved a lot. I was able to dodge and even resist Miss Daiyu’s attack, although I still got beaten in the end. It seemed like if I wanted to be able to fight back, I must practice for several more months.

Miss Daiyu was still mysteriously appeared and disappeared like a shadow. Usually after morning training finished, she just disappeared and sometimes came looking for me in the evening to teach other Daoist aspects. Apart from that she never appeared before me.

‘Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation’ had been translated by more than 60 pages. This was about 10% of the whole book. The chronicle was simply marvelous, and the writing could be said as wonderful as if it was more vivid than experiencing it myself. The grave robbing story was so cool…. I even wanted to publish these chronicles as a ghost story, to make money to pay all debts left by the old swindler. But I gave up those thoughts since now I was this generation’s patriarch, although I was still green but this great me was also a leader! These chronicles were the work left by my previous seniors with their painstaking efforts. I absolutely could not take it away and sell it for a trivial amount of money!

But I couldn’t help but wondering why the old swindler ended up with a huge debt. It wasn’t until I found it on the paper bills, that the old swindler funded three poor schools, seven university students, and 12 children with leukemia that I understood. He supported all of them by himself and borrowed the money for these people. At that instant, the old swindler’s status in my eyes soared to the highest peak. I may perhaps have known him for only a short time, but knowing his past conducts like this made me really admire him. Though of course it was also because of his “Golden Lotus” collection.

As for Xiaohui…her relationship with Xia Chaoran seemed to have developed further, the two often discussed some academic issues. It made me angry but I could only stare at them helplessly. Nevertheless, this great me was the Niu School’s patriarch now, my status couldn’t be that inferior right? Therefore I ignored all of his threats and still escorting Xiaohui home and slowly built my relationship with her.

This evening, as always, I and Xiaohui walked out of school together. It was already mid-November and starting from 4 pm the sky darkened as if evening had come. Today soft snowflakes were raining down from the sky. I pushed my beloved “basket 1258” bicycle slowly and walked with Xiaohui, we chatted along the way, the atmosphere was very romantic.

But when we arrived at a remote place, I suddenly heard the sound of high-speeding car behind me. I instantly turned my head in reflex and saw two car lights moving fast toward my position. The road was very wide so I was sure that the car was targeting me and Xiaohui! I threw my bicycle and although I knew that it was not easy to avoid the collision, I could only push Xiaohui to the sidewalk with all my strength. In the next second I felt an enormous force hit my body and saw my “basket 1258” bicycle get thrown out into the air. It felt like as if time had slowed down and everything was moving in slow motion. I could see Xiaohui on the sidewalk staring blankly at my position, and saw that my bicycle was broken with its two tires thrown out and rolling in the air.

“Could this be… Xia Chaoran’s revenge?”

Before my eyes everything started to blacken… and I lost consciousness.

I felt hazy… as I heard some voices….

“Doctor! You must save my son! This is a small respect!”[1] The sound seems to be my father’s voice.

“The patient’s family members please feel relieved. Healing the wounded and rescue the dying is our duty…”


“The ribs pierced both sides of the lungs, massive haemorrhage in the stomach, comminuted fracture in the thigh bone, and serious cerebral concussion… it’s really strange, how could this child still be alive? His vitality is very strong!”

“Save your breath Xiao Liu, we have received 5000 RMB in red packets, we must do everything possible. If we can revive this boy, we will be famous in the medical circles!” The sound came from the doctor who had received the red packet.[2]


“Relax, you have the Red Arrow Fate, your vitality is very tenacious, will not die easily.” The sound seemed to have come from Miss Daiyu, that ancient female ghost…


I didn’t know how long I was out, but I finally regained my consciousness gradually, and when I was about to open my eyes I heard the dialogue between two people. So I closed my eyes and listened to their dialogue.

“Lao Li, your son really has great luck, he unexpectedly survived after being inflicted by such severe wounds!” It was my Dad’s boss, the factory owner. I called him uncle Zhao, he has been looking after our family for many years.

“Zhao brother, I have been busy taking care of this kid for almost two weeks, and haven’t gone back to work for many days. I’m really sorry, since Xiaolong has been through his critical period, I will go back to work tomorrow.”

“You don’t need to go back.” Uncle Zhao sighed. “Brother, to tell you the truth, your son has messed with people that should not be messed with. This time he’s still lucky to still alive, and it’s really a miracle. Yesterday’s accident was not a natural traffic accident, but it was forged by others. Yesterday, a gang had come to the factory and threatened me to displace you, otherwise they will close down the factory. Brother, it is not that I’m afraid of getting into trouble, but behind that gang there are untouchable people that we cannot stir up. If we don’t do anything they said they will make things happen to Xiaolong and nobody will even care about investigating. Please believe me! Just take it as accidental traffic accident, and after, Xiaolong can leave the hospital, you and your family must go far away and do not come back. Here is a 500,000 RMB check. Brother, you have given me a lot of wealth these years, just consider this as you final bonus. You are a smart person; you know what you should do. If you want to save your family and live well, you must be calm and should not be hotheaded.” Then, uncle Zhao opened the door, as father just stood motionless, he didn’t even see him off.

Dad had just lost his job…

By hearing those words, I was absolutely sure that this was definitely the work of Xia Chaoran!
It was really so bitterly fearful, a high student was just that cruel and evil. Disregarding human life as if it was nothing. He’s not just almost killed me, if I didn’t push Xiaohui away that time, she would have been overthrown by that car like me.

At that moment, I opened my eyes and looked at the stunned and paralyzed old man who stood in this room, his hair had already turned white, the black circles around his eyes showed his lack of sleep. I was so sad that I almost choked and whispered, “Dad, I’m really sorry.”

His body trembled slightly, and walked quickly to my side, showing a light smile and said: “Son, how do you feel?”

“Please rest assured Dad, I will not die, I’m really sorry for making you so worried, Ah, yes, where is Mom?

“Your mother hasn’t had sleep for the past 2 days so I let her go back earlier to have some rest, she just left about 2 hours ago.”

“How long have I been in a coma?”

“16 days, when you were hit by that car that night, your Mom and I received a phone call. So we immediately rushed to the scene. You almost had no breath at that time, blood flowed down your mouth, and your nose was full of blood. Your Mom quickly fainted seeing you like that. Fortunately your big Daddy didn’t panic and calmly took you and your Mom to the hospital.” Dad let out a forced smile and patted his chest. However, I knew that he was covering his true feelings right now.

After a short while, there was knocking sound from outside, and Dad immediately replied: “Enter”

Two people came into the room, it was Xiaohui and …Xia Chaoran.

“Xiaolong! You have woken up!”, Xiaohui let out a small scream and quickly walked to the bedside and softly said: “Xiaolong thank you for rescuing me that night, if you didn’t push me to the sidewalk, my life would be in danger too”. Xiaohui turned over to my father and said: “Uncle, we went to the police bureau a short while ago and asked about the investigation progress. The case is in the middle of an investigation, it is estimated that the hit-and-run car driver will soon be found.”

Xia Chaoran at her side also shouted and added: “That’s right! The police will not let that murderer run away! Xiaolong, just take a good care of yourself, heal your wounds, and go back to school early.”

I bitterly laughed and said: “No, I don’t have any intention to go back to school; I have poor academic grades. After recuperating the wound, I’m planning to go back to the village to farm, developing agriculture has a bright prospect nowadays.”

“Xiaolong, don’t say these kind of discouraging words.” Xia Chaoran advised and said: “We are still young, going to school is the proper way, if you encounter problems in your study, then we can discuss it with each other.”

HYPOCRITE!!! Putting on a show in front of me and showing off to Xiaohui? Just you wait for me to learn Daoist arts, when that time come,; it would exactly spell out your time of death!!!

Xiaohui also said: “Xiaolong, don’t give up, I will often come to help you work on you schoolwork after school.”

“I have already decided that I should drop out and will handle the leaving procedure in a few days.”

~~~~~~~~~~end of Ch.7~~~~~~~~~~

[1] (T/N: small respect here usually money/other gifts as present/bribe… I know that it perhaps an unwritten custom in China, but somehow it also reminds me of my own country… how ironic)

[2] (T/N: red packet = bribe, literally from the raw: red-paper-packed money)

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