LDP – ch 69

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TLDP C069: Visiting Dongning City for the First Time

Since old man Ma was still in the middle of teaching me martial arts, I felt that it was not good and rude to speak too long on the phone, making him waiting. So I hung up and apologized, “I am very sorry Senior Ma, for making you wait for a long time…”

Having practiced with old man Ma past 7 PM, I had completely learned the Sixteen Ways Grappling Style! At the same time, he also taught me a lot of his experience, such as exerting strength skills, and how to dislocate the opponent’s joints and so on. He said, he had taught me everything he had and the mastery depended on my own through comprehensive studying. The so-called practice makes perfect was that the more we were skilled, the greater the might could be displayed.

I once again apologized and thanked old man Ma, and then returned back to the villa. When I found Zhang Zixuan, I then asked, “Big Brother Zhang, when will we go?”

Zhang Zixuan replied, “I intend to arrange the people and materials tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow, we’ll fly directly to the location. This time I am ready to take along several martial arts experts, including Senior Ma. So you can continue learning his martial arts.”

If we’re going there by plane, how long would it take?” Since I was afraid Zhang Zixuan would misunderstand my question, I gave him a simple explanation, “Frankly, my girlfriend is working in the museum, and this time she is also being sent to that small village, so I asked about the details.”

Zhang Zixuan smiled and replied, “I am ready to leave the day after tomorrow morning. Since we’ll take a private jet, it may take four hours to arrive there.”

If so, then I’d arrive the day after tomorrow. But Big Sis Xiaoling would leave 4 days later in the morning. Then, I could go to the train station to pick her up.


Two days later.

Our group consisting of 15 people took a private jet to Dongning City.

The Zhang Family was one of the Eight Prominent Family. Each family had its own influence in every city. Dongning City was also no exception. When the jet had landed at the airport, a luxurious convoy of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other luxury cars came to pick us up.

Amongst these 15 people, 10 people acted as bodyguards, and the other five were myself, Zhang Zixuan, old man Ma, the Bagua Chain Palm’s expert middle-aged man, and the last one that needed some special attention, a young and beautiful woman named Li Xiaomin. This woman was proficient in hidden weapons and assassination with a glamorous and beautiful appearance, keen in vigilance. Moreover, she had a very disgusting hobby, that she would have *** with various kinds of men. And when she was ****** those men, she would cut off those men’s lifeblood.

Zhang Zixuan reminded me yesterday as to warn me to maintain some distance from Li Xiaomin, so as to avoid getting injured by her.

When we were in the plane a moment ago, she cordially called me little brother. But I had always been feeling some coldness in my crotch. Therefore, I had always hurriedly ended the chats and then sat beside Zhang Zixuan. This woman was after all being employed by Zhang Family, and she wouldn’t dare to make a move on Zhang Zixuan. Thus, she didn’t come to harass me, and instead changed her target to Ma Dehua…

This woman was really awesome, she didn’t even let off a 71-years-old gramps…

We didn’t rush to that the small village because there would be too many people there, making all the farmers’ houses fully rented. Therefore, we must transport several compact mobile rooms, and then we can go. Under my request, Zhang Zixuan transported two more mobile rooms, which was my request for Big Sis Xiaoling.

We stayed in a five-star hotel in Dongning City, and I used my own suite here.

After dinner, I was reading the newspaper when suddenly someone knocked at my door. I was scared to even my ass twitched. My heart was throbbing hard, that it shouldn’t be that Li Xiaomin to find me, right? So, with a somewhat weak and scared voice, I asked, “Who is it?”

“Younger Brother Xiaolong, it’s me.” Zhang Zixuan’s voice sounded from outside.

I opened the door and Zhang Zixuan walked inside, “Big Brother Zhang, what happened?”

“Well, I’ll talk to you about the reward.”

I hurriedly spoke, “No, No! Big Brother Zhang, put aside that reward. You’ve helped me treat my hidden injuries, I haven’t had the chance to even thank you enough.”

“That’s a different matter. Younger Brother Xiaolong, you should know that I am not short of money. And when we chatted a few days ago, you said that you use your money for good deeds. And I really admire and respect you. So, I must give you this reward. Regardless whether I will get what I want or not, I will pay you 1 million in remuneration. Younger Brother Xiaolong, what do you think? If you feel that it’s not enough, you can ask more.” Zhang Zixuan said.

“I really don’t need it Big Brother Zhang.”

“Younger Brother Xiaolong, do you think it’s not enough? Then 2 million, if you still feel it’s not sufficient, and then I’ll double it.” Zhang Zixuan words really squandered the money like soil.

If I refused again, I was afraid that he would double it. I thought that he was just come over to have some chat. I never thought that he would be wasting his money to me.

I knew that it was his way to buy people, making me work harder for him. Since he initiatively sent it to my door, then I had no reason not to accept it. Therefore, with a half-hearted expression, I reluctantly accepted and said, “Big Brother Zhang, I must rest earlier. As for the payment, it’s better to wait until the matter ends, and then we can talk about it again.”

“That’s also good. Well, Younger Brother Xiaolong, rest early.”

“Please wait a moment, Big Brother Zhang.” I called out to stop Zhang Zixuan and said, “At 6 AM, I must go to the train station to pick up some people, so I want to borrow two cars, the normal cars if possible.”

Zhang Zixuan nodded, “No problem, how about two BMW 730, is that OK?”

“That’s fine.”

“Well, I’ll prepare it, so there will be someone to contact you later.” Then, Zhang Zi Xuan went out of the room.


The next day, at 5:30 AM, I went to the train station in Dongning City, with two white BMW 730s. But they were waiting outside as I entered the train station. Having waited for more than half an hour, finally until Xu Xiaoling came, so I greeted Xu Xiaoling and Cheng Dong.

Right, this time Cheng Dong had also come. There were four people in their group, Xu Xiaoling, Cheng Dong, Cheng Dong’s girlfriend, and another man.

Cheng Dong’s girlfriend and I had long been acquainted, and Cheng Dong was very surprised to see me, asking, “Big Brother Xiaolong, how are you here?”

“She didn’t tell you?” I pointed at Xu Xiaoling while asking.

Cheng Dong shook his head while I took Xu Xiaoling’s backpack, and then smiled and said, “I came here to handle some things, I didn’t expect that Big Sis Xiaoling was also on this business travel nearby. So I came to pick you up. Let’s go, the cars have been waiting outside.

The other man asked me some hostility, “Who are you?”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you to him.” Cheng Dong said, “Big Brother Xiaolong, he is our colleague and is called Wang Jianhua. Wang Jianhua this is Li Xiaolong, he is… Xu Xiaoling’s younger cousin.”

This person seemed to be Big Sis Xiaoling’s pursuer. But I believed that Big Sis Xiaoling didn’t like him, so I don’t care. So I amiably spoke, “Hello, I’m Li Xiaolong, happened to have the same name with that famous martial arts actor, easy to remember.”

He reluctantly sent his hand to shake with me. Xu Xiaoling seemed to be very satisfied with my friendly actions and chuckled with her lips pursed.

Going out of the train station, before we came to the two BMW cars, the driver hurriedly got off to open the door for me, making Cheng Dong and the others were surprised. I then spoke to Cheng Dong, “Brother Dong, the three of you can sit in the car behind.” Then, Xu Xiaoling and I sat in the car in front. When the car slowly started moving, I then asked Xu Xiaoling, “Big Sis Xiaoling, do you miss me?”

“Why do you ask this question every time we meet?”

“Because I want to hear that you miss me.”

Xu Xiaoling’s mouth slightly curled up, “I think of you sometimes, is that good?”

I made a scissors gesture with my hands and revealing a victory smile as I then spoke in a low tone, “Big Sis Xiaoling, there is one thing you might not know. Right now in that village, bad and good people have mixed in. The archaeological teams, traders, and people from various families. Even all farmers’ houses there have been fully rented by those people.”

“Oh? And then?” Xu Xiaoling seemed to have correctly guessed what I wanted to say.

“Then Zhang Zixuan has arranged some manpower and shipped some mobile rooms yesterday. Since I have my own bed, the two of us can squeeze in there. It should be able to hold the both of us.” I was barely able to hold the urge my laughter.

Xu Xiaoling quickly tried to tickle me while asking at the same time, “Bah, you’re really a small brat actor, recently, you’re getting more and more excessive…”

The one I was most afraid of, was to be tickled, so I quickly surrendered, “Okay, okay, Big Sis Xiaoling, I’ll tell the truth! In fact, I managed to ask Zhang Zixuan for two mobile rooms, since I’m afraid that you’ll have no place to stay, so I specifically asked that room for you.”

Hmm, this is also good.” Xu Xiaoling nodded with satisfaction and then asked in a concerned tone, “How about your injuries? You didn’t have the nosebleed last night?”

“I didn’t. After taking the medicine, I haven’t had the nosebleed again. Zhang Zixuan’s medical ability is really awesome! Oh, there also other things. I recently learned a set of martial arts. It’s very powerful. I will teach you later in my spare time.”

Xu Xiaoling shook her head, “I don’t want to. If I wanted to learn it, I would have done it since childhood. I am not interested in martial arts.”

“Then you must hire me as a bodyguard, a 24-hour personal bodyguard, how about it?”

Xu Xiaoling’s hand to flick on my forehead, “You… How many people from the Zhang Family came here?”

“Excluding me and Zhang Zixuan, there are 10 bodyguards and 3 martial arts experts.” Then, I explained in details, “One of them is the one who teached me the Sixteen Ways Grappling Style, Senior Ma, the Bagua Chain Palms’ expert, Uncle Jiang, as well as a very dangerous woman, Li Xiaomin. You mustn’t come too close to her.”


When we arrived back to the hotel, it was near 7 AM, just about time to have breakfast. As for this five-star hotel, it had various dishes with such distinct tastes, but there were no steamed meat buns, no fragrant garlic cake… but heck, eating was eating though. When Zhang Zixuan and the other also came, Zhang Zixuan froze for a moment after seeing Xu Xiaoling was sitting next to me. He then quickly looked carefully before he asked in an astonished tone, “Xu Ningrou?!”

Xu Xiaoling didn’t want to expose her identity and quickly made a ‘hush’ gesture. Zhang Zixuan’s vision shifted to me, as he then put out his thumb with eyes revealing a sincere admiration.

Having eaten our breakfast, Zhang Zixuan called me to his side and said, “I heard a while ago, there was a youth that caused a big ruckus in the Xu Family’s engagement party, he called himself Li Xiaolong and wounded the Xu Family’s junior. He also safely took Xue Ningrou out of the Xu Family. That fellow, could it be you?”

I nodded with some embarrassment and spoke, “Listening to your description, that fellow seems to be me.”

Zhang Zixuan seemed almost that he would vomit blood, “But… Are you not called Zhang Xiaolong? How would it become Li Xiaolong?”

I explained, “I originally called as Li Xiaolong, but that year the household register had made a mistake, so in order to meet the name on the register, I introduced myself as Zhang Xiaolong. But recently, I have changed my surname on the household’s register… “

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