LDP – Ch 67

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TLDP C067: Phantasm Rain Pavilion Foot Treatment Hall

Master had just left for 3 days, but my respect for him had soared to a whole new level! Compared to the previous me, my strength has made great progress, and now I wouldn’t end up being oppressed by others!

That ghost wanted to fly back into the corpse several times. However, he was blocked by my Shadowbane Sword and with the Shadowbane Sword’s deformation feat, it was very hard to guard against. This time that ghost had already been injured and as when he realized that he couldn’t beat me, he prepared to pass through the wall to run away!

But I had long been expected that he would have such a move and quickly removed a Sun Charm from the pocket, as I waved my hand and threw it onto his body!

The Sun Charm hit him, rendering his ability to pass through the wall lost!

With this opportunity, I thrust my Shadowbane Sword into his body, and the ghost let out a shrill scream. when his soul was going to dissipate, I took back my flame sword blade and said, “You did all kinds of evil deeds and harmed innocent humans, and you even unexpectedly went so far as to help evildoers’ scourges. Therefore, you’re doomed to disappear.”

Under his hatred eyes, I lit a Sun Charm and threw it onto his body, directly extinguishing the last wisp of his soul… I really couldn’t figure out why he would become the gangster boss’s henchman. Could it be that the gangster boss was interested in ghosts? However, these matters had no relationship with me; therefore, I didn’t give it careful thought.


With a little trick, I fooled the two bodyguards guarding the stairway and smoothly returned downstairs, and headed straight out of the nightclub.

Lao Chen and some other SWAT team members also came out as Lao Chen then asked, “The fire on that second floor, did you do that?”

“Yep, it was a little chaotic, but I got in to the third floor though.”

Lao Chen praised, “Xiaolong, our police force really need quick and talented people like you! This is a highly confidential case, the higher-ups know about your existence, so long as I give them a small recommendation, you can directly put on a police uniform.”

Become a cop? Forget it! I politely refused, “Thank you for Uncle Chen’s good intention. However, I don’t have that ambition. I prefer to exorcise evil spirits and subdue demons.”

Lao Chen sighed with regret and asked, “That ghost, has it been solved?”

“Hmmm, I have exterminated the ghost, Yu Cheng’s corpse wouldn’t move again later. But you have to find ways to take the body out from the nightclub and give it back to his family… Moreover, I hope the police could send some people to protect my family…”


“Because there are surveillance cameras there. Although I avoided the two bodyguards at the stairway to the third floor, but I think my actions have been recorded by the video camera. I’m afraid that those gangsters would find me and have their revenge toward my family.”

I never thought that you’re actually very meticulous and careful” The young female special force’s tone was slightly taunting me and continued, “However, the police force is but to serve the people, not for your personal service. The higher-ups will never approve of your request.”

Although she had a sharp tongue but what she said was right. Well, forget it then. I will try to find other solution. Therefore, I quickly bid farewell and took a taxi to the photocopy shop. The room was dark, and when I was just entered the shop, I faintly heard voices coming from the second floor, “Husband, it must be Jiannan that came back. You go scare him.”

“Why not you?”

Then, the two ghosts quarreled. I really must say that this ghost couple was really a wonderful piece of art and was so extremely rare because some minor matters could make them quarrel for hours. With some little headache I shouted at them, “Can the two of you not quarrel?”

The voices upstairs were silent for a while, and then the wife ghost spoke, “The boss came, husband let’s run!”

“Stop! Don’t run!” I quickly shouted to stop them. I couldn’t help but think that this must be a mistake. The both of you were ghosts, how could you even have an unreasonable fear of seeing my appearance?

I walked upstairs to the second floor and saw that the husband and wife ghosts were looking at me in horror. I stood on the staircase and asked, “Huh? Why are you afraid of me? Do you think I will eat you?”

The male ghost shuddered and asked, “B-B-Boss, what matters do you want?”

“I do have something to ask you for your help. I had just gotten into a feud with a triad and I’m afraid they will retaliate against my parents, so I would like to ask you to help protect my parents for a few days.” I told them my intention.

“Boss, it’s not that we do not want to help, but our magical ability is too low, we cannot protect others ah.”

“This is easy, after Big Sister is back, I’ll ask her to teach you some techniques.”

Upon hearing my words, the husband and wife ghosts quickly agreed. But still… I really didn’t understand how would be so afraid of me…

The next day; Jiannan was back with his burning scarlet skin face, he spoke so enthusiastically with his spittle flying at me, “Big Brother, we had just seen the sea! There are a lot of fish there. When I was standing on the seashore, I was thinking I should have these wonderful fishes!”

“Why do you want so many fishes?” I asked while reading the newspaper.

“I will sell it to earn money. I was sitting and daydreaming on the sandy beach, if those fishes were mine, I could sell them for a lot of money. Then when I have become rich, I must marry 10 beautiful wives, the Japanese, the French, mmm… South African girl, but also …”

I quickly put down the newspaper due to my astonishment and asked, “What the hell? You don’t even want to miss the South African girl?!”

“Of course, although South African girls have no special charms… but… in short they have a big appetite. Big brother, I sat on the beach for a whole day…”

I quickly interrupted him and asked, “What have you been doing all day there?”

“Ah.” Jiannan nodded earnestly before he sighed, “As a man, I was really too tired…”

Except for helplessly scratching my hair, what else could I do?

The old swindler said that he wanted me to receive Jiannan as my Junior Apprentice Brother. And I considered it done. But this idiot was really too shameless. Should our relationship become too close, I couldn’t even imagine the torture he would give me. But heck, I will teach him a few moves first, and consider it again later.

Hence, I began to teach Jiannan how to draw Taoist Charms and how to use Yang fire to ignite the charms.

But I had to change my opinion early, this usually dumb idiot turned out to have an extremely extraordinary perception in learning Taoist charms! He only tried twice and was able to ignite the charms. And I couldn’t restrain feeling ashamed. I had spent a few hundred times to finally be able to cast this technique…

Having waited for 2 days, the Big Sister came back and I quickly asked the Big Sister to teach that ghost couple some techniques so that they could protect my parents.

These days, Xu Xiaoling often urged me to go to Zhang to seek for his medical help, so I called Zhang Zixuan and he said that he will send a helicopter to pick me up. Thus, it can be seen that he really took me seriously.

I didn’t have the plan to stay in the Zhang Family for a long time. At most, it would up to half a month. Therefore, I arranged some protection for my family and asked the husband and wife ghost to protect my parents and the Big Sister to protect Xu Xiaoling. And as for Jiannan, he had free reigns.

Looking at my phone, there was still 2 hours till the helicopter’s arrival, so I decided to use this time to have a look at the “Phantasm Rain Pavilion”.

When I had just arrived at the “Phantasm Rain Pavilion Foot Treatment Hall”, I was standing in the entrance, and felt a powerful imposing aura! The signboard’s background was the beach with beautiful slender legs, with the written official word “The Phantasm Rain Pavilion Foot Treatment Hall’, these seven words, with such unfathomable kind of sharp feeling! Don’t tell me that this—Phantasm Rain Pavilion—was the one that made the Xu Family’s head dread? For a moment, I gathered my full confidence to step my foot into in this pedicure clinic!

When I came in, I walked to the counter while a beautiful and flirtatious woman sat behind it. Her face was plastered with a thick highland barley powder and wheat flour. I politely asked her, “Big Sister, may I ask, is this the Phantasm Rain Pavilion?”

“Brother, you want some pedicure? We have different prices and services here.” The Big Sister enthusiastically gave some introductions, “There are 288 services, 588 services, and 1088 services, which kind does brother want?”

“That… Big Sister, I didn’t come here for a pedicure.”

“Oh ~ ~” that Big Sister revealed a sudden understanding look and spoke, “Then, 800 for the host girl.”

“No, no, Big Sister, what I mean is, is this place a pedicure clinic only on the surface but is in fact a secret organization?” I tried to describe the appropriate description as close as I could.

This Big Sister’s revealed an impatient look and said, “If it isn’t a prostitution organization? Could it be that this place is a terrorist camp?”

Well … … It seemed this place was really a pedicure clinic. It had no relationship whatsoever with the Phantasm Rain Pavilion, but why was such “a special” pedicure clinic using such a domineering name? It even made this patriarch misunderstand. Heavens… I spoke some apologizing words and then left the ‘Phantasm Rain Pavilion Pedicure Clinic’, and then went to the Zhang Pharmaceutical’s office building, which was one of the famous and prominent pharmaceutical companies in the world. I did not expect that this company was actually one of the Zhang’s industries.

Without idle talks, I boarded the helicopter, and after flying for more than 4 hours, it quickly landed me and I finally arrived at the Zhang Family.

The Zhang Family was similar with the Xu family and had their own private territory. This place was simply a big settlement! There were all kinds of villas, high-rise building with lawns, fountains, and stone carvings here. Giving off a comfortable feeling for anyone living here.

Zhang Zixuan welcomed and shook hands with me and said, “Brother Xiaolong, I can finally meet you here. I’ve already arranged a feast tonight to throw a welcoming dinner for your arrival!”

“Big Brother Zhang is really too courteous, how would your little brother be worthy for it, to even make Big Brother Zhang greet me personally?” I imitated the dialogue in a TV’s soap opera and replied back with the same courtesy gestures.

“Xiaolong, such a saying makes you look like a stranger, so you must be punished by three cups!” Zhang Zixuan let out a loud laughter.

Then he led me to walk around in the neighborhood, and while we were walking, he explained the buildings in the vicinity.

The Zhang’s private territory was very big, and there were hundreds of bodyguards and a lot of people who came here to seek medical treatment. Zhang Zixuan had a big brother, named Zhang Ziyun, and a younger brother and sister, named Zhang Zihan and Zhang Yueqi. His mother had already died while his father was still the Zhang Family’s head for this generation.

Zhang Zixuan already knew about my condition, therefore, after walking around for a while, he took me to his villa and helped me check my pulse. He then asked a number of questions, such as the ‘Thumb Sword Qi’ circulation route, the breathing when the discomfort feeling occurred. The nosebleed, how long each nosebleed flowed and so on. He then concluded, “Young Brother Xiaolong, you don’t need to worry, your predicament can be cured. But now, you better lessen the use of that technique, because it would cause too much damage to your viscera. Tomorrow, I will make some prescriptions, and according to your current condition, in order to eradicate the hidden injuries, you must take the medicine for seven days in a row.”

“Then thank you for all Big Brother Zhang’s trouble. Later if you need your younger brother’s help, although it’s difficult, your younger brother will not decline!”

“You don’t need to be that polite. Ah, right, last time I’ve promised you, that if you come to my house, I will give you a few rare martial arts technique manuals. However yesterday, after considering for a while, even if I give you these rare martial arts technique manuals, I’m afraid it would be difficult for you to completely master it. It wouldn’t be as good as finding someone to teach you martial arts directly. My family has a lot of martial arts expert retainers and three of them have good relationships with me. If I ask them, they will certainly give the best they can to teach you. Amongst these three people, you can choose one as a teacher. Their martial arts are the Chen-style Taijiquan, the Bagua palm-style, and 16 Grapple hand-style. Younger Brother Xiaolong, you choose one…”

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