LDP – Ch 66

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TLDP C066: Mission from the Police

Just when I hung up the phone, Xu Xiaoling pushed the door open, came in and asked, “Did Auntie call?”

“It’s not Mom, it’s the Qiling City’s police, they’re encountering some troubles and want me to deal with it.” I let out a crooked small laugh and said, “Big Sis Xiaoling, haven’t you slept? Could it be that you know that I am afraid of the dark, so you specially came here to accompany me? You’re really good to me!”

“Loquacious.” Xu Xiaoling sat on the bedside and said, “You haven’t told me why did you have nosebleeds during the day?”

“Lie down here and I’ll tell you.”

“What do I have to lie down? I’m serious, tell me quickly.”

Originally, I wanted to scare her away. But now, since she seems to have figured out something and was so concerned about me, it made me feel a sweetness in my heart, so I sorted out my mind and said, “It’s actually very simple, I happened to research a unique technique and its might is perhaps comparable to a rocket. The last time in your home, I also used that technique, exploded your home’s rockery. But that technique leaves sequelae and hidden injuries. And a couple days ago in the Qingtian City, I used it too often, so that after-effect completely broke out.”

Xu Xiaoling asked with concern expression, “Have you gone to the hospital to check it?”

“No, I’m afraid that the hospital can’t cure it.”

“Then go to the Zhang Family, I can help you to contact them.”

I smiled and said, “It’s alright, I have contacted them, I know Zhang Zixuan.

“How do you know Zhang Zixuan? Are you really someone from the Phantasm Rain Pavilion?” Xu Xiaoling curiously asked.

I sat up, and spoke near Xu Xiaoling’s ear, “Well, it’s late, go back to sleep.” Then, while conveniently leaning forward, I kissed her face. Xu Xiaoling pounded my chest lightly, and then ran, leaving me giggling on the bed for a long while.

Xu Xiaoling thought that I was someone from the Phantasm Rain Pavilion and I didn’t tell her the truth. It’s not that I didn’t believe her. But I was afraid that there was a monitoring device on her. It could be on her mobile phone or watch, so I had to be careful. But one day I’d tell her the truth…

The next morning, we left after telling Aunt Niu that if she had some matters, that she could call me.

Why did I care so much about Aunt Niu? First, because that year when I dealt with Da Niu case, I failed. Second was because Aunt Niu lived alone and had a difficult life. Besides, my money originally was supposed to be used to do good deeds, and helping her was certainly for good.

When we arrived at Qiling City’s train station it was already past 2 PM, so I directly took Xu Xiaoling home.

She has long been accustomed to my family and Mom was very warm to her, doting on Xu Xiaoling as if she was her daughter. So I threw a joke at her, “Big Sis Xiaoling, do you remember the first time when you came here? Mom was so passionately welcoming you, you were even blushing back then, haha… “

When they were chatting in the living room, I slipped away to my room and called the old detective, Lao Chen, “Uncle Chen, I’m back, when are you ready to act? I’ll go with you.”

“No action,” Lao Chen said.

“No action, what about that man’s corpse?”

Lao Chen explained, “The police won’t act, but you have to act because that organized crime syndicate recently has a large number of drugs being traded. Since we don’t want to alert them, the police force cannot be deployed at the moment. But you can take care of that living corpse quietly.”

My phone almost fell from my hand, so I alone had to face the entire gang? To think that I had to come out supporting these bunch of idiot grandsons! Heavens! That was the road of no return! Who wanted to cross that road huh? That was crime syndicate! They had guns! Your buddy was but only a Daoist priest, not The Iron Man!

Having not heard my voice, Lao Chen quickly said, “This mission is not as complex as you think, we will dispatch several people disguised as civilians to protect your safety.”

“It’s pretty much the same,” I thought, “There’s one more condition, I want a bulletproof vest, is that OK?”

Lao Chen replied awkwardly, “This is probably not good. The bullet-proof vest could be recognized by them.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve long been wearing a loose and big gym suit. I can wear the vest on my body behind it.” I strongly requested for a bulletproof vest in advance, if they didn’t give it, then I refused to go!

Upon hearing my firm tone, Lao Chen could only compromise, “Well, we’ll move tonight, where are you now? I’ll pick you up.”

I didn’t answer him, but asked in reply, “What time in the night you’ll move?”

“9 sharp, but we must assemble at Grand Hotel Huamei.”

“Got it! I’ll be there at the Grand Hotel at 8 sharp, and then I’ll call you.” I must have dinner first at home and also send Xu Xiaoling home before I went to meet them.

After hanging up the phone, I called Jiannan, and he said that he and his girlfriend were going to the sea and would come back tomorrow morning. This… really made me speechless ah…

Having had a dinner, I escorted Xu Xiaoling home, and then took a taxi to the Grand Hotel Huamei and arrived at 7:55.

I called Lao Chen and told him that I was at the entrance.

Lao Chen soon came out from inside. He wore a suit, but it was too loose, making him looked strange. I greeted him, “Uncle Chen.”

“Haha, Xiaolong, quickly go inside, we’ve been waiting for you!”

Lao Chen took me to a private room. There were three young people, two men and a woman in casual police attire.

Lao Chen introduced us as he took out a bulletproof vest from a bag, saying, “This is for you, quickly put it on. In fact, there should be no danger tonight since we will not have a direct conflict with the syndicate.”

“But didn’t you say last night that running corpse has hired himself to the gangster’s boss?”

Lao Chen smiled, “Xiaolong, you also know that he’s a living corpse. He had died for a long time and livor mortis has sprouted on his face, so he usually stays in the nightclub and rarely goes out. So long as we enter the nightclub, find his location, then you can take him on directly.”

Although what he said was sounded simple, however, when we went into action it definitely would not be this simple.

Besides Lao Chen, the other three young people were said to be on the SWAT team’s special force. They had very powerful skills and were amongst the best in Qiling City. As for why Lao Chen was here. It’s very simple because he was the one that had relations with me.

9 sharp in the evening.

We came to the targeted night club. Noisy sounds were passing through the entrance while stripper girls wearing only a few thin clothes were dancing on stage. We looked for a seat to sit down and ordered some drinks. Lao Chen then gave a signal as some of us then dispersed. There were only two SWAT members, a man and woman that were still here pretending to be a lover. I went to the restroom while Lao Chen was still in that chaotic disco hall, looking for the target. Another young SWAT member then went to the entrance and acted as lookout.

After entering the restroom, I closed the door and pulled out a Moon Charm from my pocket. After extinguishing my shoulders’ Yang fires, I then went out.

We were equipped with a hidden radio as I pretended to look at my watch and whispered, “Uncle Chen, did you find anything?”

“There’s nothing right now. I think that living corpse should be on the third floor. However, that floor is a private area, and nobody is allowed to enter. Those gang members often have some illegal activities on the third floor.” Lao Chen’s voice transmitted via the hidden earphones.

“Then I’ll go and see.”

Lao Chen hastily stopped me, “No, there are 2 guards on the staircase to the second floor and they will forbid any stranger to enter. You will only alert those people.”

My eyes shifted and said, “It’s alright, I have a way to mix in.”

“No, that’s too dangerous!”

“It’s OK! There will be no danger, wait here. If I encounter any emergency, I will call you up for help.”

The young female SWAT spoke to me, “You’re not going anywhere! You really don’t have any sense of emergency! This is a secret operation and we cannot arouse his suspicions! You are just a brat, what good way could you even have? If you act arbitrarily like this again, I will directly send you home!”

It seemed that they didn’t believe me, although this patriarch was still young, but I was not dumb and idiot. My method would have no problems, so I completely ignored them and walked to the second floor. Recently, I had many things at hand, so I didn’t want to waste too much time here.

The stage performance on the first floor could also be enjoyed from the night club’s second floor. And there was an empty space between these two floors.

The stairs leading to the third floor were being guarded by two bodyguards. And as I turned around, I found a lot of people on the second floor, and there was no even empty spot, which was very convenient for me. Because the more people there was, the more chaos I could create.

That’s right! I was planning to incite some confusion, and then taking advantage of the chaos, enter the third floor!

I passed through a curtain and quickly used my innate fire force to ignite a flame on my finger, burning the curtain in a split second!

Of course, since it was just lit up, the fire’s intensity was not too fierce, so I left it for about 7 or 8 seconds and then the fire completely set the curtain ablaze. The crowd suddenly turned chaotic, some people even took beers to pour onto the fire while some others were running downstairs.

Upon seeing the fire, the two bodyguards quickly ran and picked up the fire extinguishers and spurted the foam crazily! I quickly took advantage of this opening and slipped smoothly onto the third floor.

There was a lot of room on the third floor, and soon I found a room’ door with a faint rancid smell. I used my right hand’s fingers to clip out a Moon Charm and then knocked on the door, a hoarse voice then asked from the inside, “Who is it?”

I made my voice rougher and replied, “Big Brother sends me to find you.”

Shortly after, the door was opened, a man with greenish black spots on his complexion stood in the doorway.When he saw me, he seemed to be stunned for a moment. Yes! It was him! That was the corpse that ran away from the forensic center! I instantly ignited the Moon Charm on my right hand as my palm suddenly slapped powerfully on Yu Cheng’s chest! That ghost then directly forced out from the corpse!

The Moon Charm can be used to force out the ghost from the body, I found this method out from my own research.

That ghost threw a ball of Yin qi at me! And shot straight at the remaining Yang fire on top of my head! But I had experienced many small and big fights, I could even kill Purple Haired Zombies now. So how would this ghost’s move even touch me? According to my estimation, the bleeding Big Sister’s magical ability was perhaps equal to this ghost’s. But unfortunately, Big Sister was not here, else I would have let her deal with this ghost, as to practice her new acquired skills.

I leaned to the side to escape the attack as I removed the Shadowbane Sword from my waist. The instant I gently flicked the hilt, the flame blade appeared! And sweeping at the ghost’s body fiercely.

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