LDP – Ch 65

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TLDP: C65: Strengthening the Innate Force

I threw this small pill into my mouth and chewed it a few times. It was sweet and also very delicious! After eating it, I waited for three or four minutes. However, there was no reaction. Could it be that it was a fake medicine? Was master fooling me?

While I was puzzled, a warm current rose from my stomach and flowed steadily to my right shoulder!

Just like the True Qi that existed within Dantian, the innate force seemed to dwell in the right shoulder and after its energy was used up, the body would then automatically respond and recover it to the previous condition. It was unlike the True Qi’s characteristic which was able to recover repeatedly after being released.

Taken the analogy is that the innate force’s storage location was just like a container, and if the previous capacity was marked at 1, now its capacity has at least expanded by 3 times! Moreover, the heat current that was steadily flowing into my right shoulder could also be said as the expanding ‘the container’, while at the same purifying my innate force!

This pill really was a good thing! Master has been really good to me. He didn’t want to consume such a precious thing and gave it to me, the apprentice he only met for a few times. I didn’t know how I should thank him. However, his position in my heart already rose to the same standing as my parents!

The warm current lasted for 9 minutes before it gradually stopped. Until the moment it stopped, my innate force had undergone earth-shaking changes!

The ‘container’ had been expanded by about 8 times, and my innate force was refined and purer than before. I could possibly use my innate force with my right hand, and it might also include the left one! Although I had yet to try it, but I was sure that now, I could completely transform my entire arm into a flame with a higher temperature than before…


The next day at noon, just like what the old swindler had said, most of the Yin qi in Qingtian City had been dissipated under the shining sunlight.

The bleeding Big Sister had absorbed Yin qi all night and had recovered, getting back to her original condition. She had basically taken a tour all over Qingtian City and her strength also improved significantly. However, it was certain that she was nowhere near the immeasurable level of Miss Daiyu.

Such level of a ghost like Miss Daiyu was just like the Purple Haired Zombie and was very rare to be seen. Had it not been because of that evil cultivator, I could have never had the opportunity to see such a thing like a Red Haired Zombie in my entire life.

After a day, almost all the Yin qi had dissipated and things had finally been resolved quite satisfactorily.

Feng Nian’s injury was also much better as she decided to go out tomorrow to help Boss Shi choose a tomb location for his parents.

Two days later…

Jiannan, the Big Sister, and I were on the train to go back to Qiling City after Boss Shi chose a new cemetery. Half of the ghosts that had gathered in Qingtian City had also left since the Yin Qi had disappeared. It could be estimated that all of them would leave on their own in a short time.

Boss Shi gave us the payment happily, adding in 250,000 RMB more into my bank account. However, the money acquired this time was quite bad due to cheating, not to mention that I had almost died. Even leaving me hidden injuries.

Feng Nian also drove her car and left today. She said that she must continue traveling, and said that if later she had some free time, she would visit Qiling City to find me.

Except smiling and saying that I would welcome her, what else I could say…

After being boiled for a day and night, we finally arrived at Qiling City’s train station. I saw that Xu Xiaoling was waiting for me at the exit, so I went over and said, “Big Sis Xiaoling, I said that you don’t need to pick me up, it’s too much of a hassle.”

Xu Xiaoling looked at me several times as her tender as a distressed voice sounded, “Looking at your thin and pale appearance, have you been injured? Every time I ask you, you say that there are no problems. However, looking at your face, I know that the case this time must not have been simple.”

Before I even answered, Jiannan at my side interrupted, “Big Sis Xiaoling, I am also thinner and paler than before, right?”

I almost kicked this idiot grandson to death! Bah, you—this idiot—had been eating at Boss Shi’s home happily, sleeping soundly, eating durian crisply, and you even have been bathing pleasurably! It was simply the same as taking a vacation, and you even had the face to put on a play that you were thin and pale? Heaven!

I asked a Jiannan, “Do you want to go home with me to eat?”

“No, Big Brother, I’ll go with my girlfriend.”

“Well, these days we have been busy, so the next two days have a vacation and relax well. I’ll give you a 2,000 Yuan bonus.” I took out a stack of money from my pocket. I count out 20 sheets and gave it to Jiannan.

Jiannan took the money and spoke with a trembling voice, “Big brother, you’re really good to me! If you’re a woman, I would absolutely marry you!”

I covered my forehead and waved my hand, hinting him to quickly disappear before my eyes.

After Jiannan left, Xu Xiaoling covered her mouth and giggled, “Xiao Yang’s ways of speaking is really funny.”

“Really? I thought that each time he opens his mouth he has always been making me half-dead to being mad!”

“Who told you to like being angry”

“I like being angry? You wrongly accused me…” We threw jokes at each other and laughed while we were walking.


The next day, it was Saturday. And early in the morning, Xu Xiaoling had come to my house, and today’s schedule was completely full with our traveling plans.

According to the agreement between me and the bleeding Big Sister, I needed to pay a 3% of the payment to her. So, out of the 250,000, 3% was 7,500, so I had to draft and collect the money and give her 10,000. Having taken the money, she asked for a leave and said that she must leave for a few days, and seemingly wanted to go home to have a look, so I approved her holiday.

I then took out 40,000 for Cheng Dong, and remove 10,000 more after to give it to Mum for supporting our household.

Today we also went to visit Auntie Niu’s home in the countryside.

On the train, I complained to Xu Xiaoling and said, “Big Sis Xiaoling, you see that money hasn’t come too fast. After I get married, buying a house could have been a problem.”

Xu Xiaoling certainly knew that I gave her some hints, but she pretended to not understand and asked, “Hmm, what does that have anything to do with me?

“It does have a big relation. I’m calling you Big Sis, so you have the responsibility to take care of me. Otherwise, you must accompany me to live as a bachelor.” I teased her.

It’s good that you’re only a small brat” Xiao Xiaoling’s eyes turned into crescent-shapes as she was smiling, “Let me help you to take good care of your money and I’ll help you to buy a house.”

“But there is also the matter of marrying a wife,” I warned.

“It’s easy.” Xu Xiaoling said, “Do you know Outer Mongolia?”

“What’s this Outer Mongolia? Can this thing be eaten?” I sprouted the words.

Xu Xiaoling explained, “Outer Mongolia cannot be eaten, it’s a country. Mongolia is divided into Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia. The Inner Mongolia is included in our country’s territory while Outer Mongolia is a ** country, where people are very poor and lack of resources. They don’t even have sufficient clothes to cover their body. They are also homeless and it is said that several pounds of rice can be traded for a wife.”

“You… don’t tell me you want to go to Outer Mongolia to trade one for me, do you?”

“Hmm.” Xu Xiaoling earnestly nodded.

“Hmm? Do you really want me to do that?” I put on the gesture as if I was about to tickle her. She laughed and dodged. I also laughed. However the while I was smiling, my nose started bleeding. In the last few days, I got a nosebleed every day, and the bleeding was quite a lot each time. Xu Xiaoling quickly took a tissue and helped me cleaning it. After wiping for 4 minutes, the bleeding stopped. Fortunately, I had prepared a roll of tissue in the backpack, else it wouldn’t be enough.

Xu Xiaoling’s eyebrows lightly knitted, “What happened?”

I was afraid that she would be worried, so I pretended to be indifferent and said, “It might be because I was holding in too much anger recently”

“Why did you say that?”

I asked with an innocent expression, “Big Sis Xiaoling, what do you want me to say? It’s just only a nosebleed, we don’t need to make a fuss about it.”

Xu Xiaoling’s face turned grim and said, “How normal people could have so many nosebleeds? Besides, you have never had the habit of using toilet paper.”

Good Lord, Xu Xiaoling was really too meticulous, she even could point out this small detail. However, since we were sitting near others, I could only whisper to her, “I’ll tell you about it later.”

Having ridden on the train for 3 hours, we continued taking a bus to Aunt Niu’s village. It was already past 3:00 PM when we get there.

Fortunately, the government had long issued a new policy that every household in the countryside must install a home phone. I had already contacted Aunt Niu, and she had been standing and waiting for us in the village. Seeing us get off from the bus, Aunt Niu warmly welcomed us. But when she saw that we carried a large package gift, she snapped, “Hey you two babies, you’re always welcome here, but what is this, buying such many things?”

Xu Xiaoling gently smiled, “Auntie, don’t rebuke at us and quickly take us home, we are dead tired sitting on the bus all the way here.”

This was Xu Xiaoling’s side that I like. She didn’t act like an arrogant young lady and could be so close with an ordinary aunt from the countryside.

Aunt Niu warmly took us to a small yard as she sighed and said, “Every family in the village has built a large brick house, but my house is still an adobe house. Oh, since Da Niu’s father died early, I had brought up Da Niu with great difficulties and was thinking that after making money for several years, he would build a large brick house and then tell Da Niu to take a wife, unfortunately…”

I comforted her and said, “Auntie, if you do not mind, you can regard me as your adopted son.”

Aunt Niu quickly replied, “It’s alright, quickly enter the house. Auntie will cook a countryside young chicken stew for you.”

Around 5 PM after having dinner, Xu Xiaoling and I helped Aunt Niu wash the dishes, making her so moved and cry. Xu Xiaoling quickly comforted her, leaving me alone to wash the dishes. But she still directed me to the side, putting on a helpless look and made Aunt Niu laugh.

Since it was too late tonight, there were no taxis in the evening, so we could only spend the night here. There were only 2 bedrooms in Aunt Niu house, and the other room’s bed was quite small. So while I was washing the dishes, I spoke to her beside me, “Big Sis Xiaoling, I’m very thin, so I will only need a small place. The two of us squeezing in there is good enough.”

“Who do you want to squeeze with, huh?” Xu Xiaoling glared at me and said, “I will sleep together with Aunt Niu.”

Well, my long awaited dream… just failed…

At night, Xu Xiaoling slept with Aunt Niu in her bedroom while I rested in another room. Even though I had tried to pitifully beg, “Big Sis Xiaoling, I am afraid of the dark.” But she only gave me a supercilious look and there was no follow-up. Damn, it’s not right… didn’t the book say that girls were full of sympathy? How can my pitiful look not even trigger any reaction from her?

Having laid down for a while, my cell phone suddenly rang. It was a call from the Qiling city’s police that was on the case of finding the running corpse from the morgue. They said the running corpse unexpectedly was the gangster boss’s hired thug. The police hoped that I would immediately rush there, but I said no since I was not in the Qiling City right now and would only be able to go back tomorrow. However, I told them not to act rashly and wait for me.

After hanging up the phone, I wondered for a while. Really, the age has changed. Even a ghost in the present age was so avant-garde, wasn’t it? It even possessed the corpse of the gangster boss’ thug.

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