LDP – Ch 64

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TLDP: C064. Nosebleed

“Master, thank you,” I was moved and spoke.

The old swindler whispered in my ear and said, “It’s all right. Xiaolong, if not very critical later, don’t contact me again. The Netherworld prohibits any news to be leaked. If it was to be found by someone or my return to this world is leaked out, there will be big trouble, not only would I die, even you would have to die!”

I nodded seriously, “I know, Master.”

“Alright, then I will take Murong and leave.”

“Master, haven’t you said that you have a total of ten minutes? Stay a while more would you? Moreover, the Yin qi in this Qingtian City has not disappeared yet, don’t be so rushed to go.”

“Don’t worry, the formation layout made by Zhou Chengwu is a Yin Gathering Array. As long as the creator of this Yin Gathering Array is dead, this array would automatically be lifted. And now since I’ve killed Zhou Chengwu and his soul has been scattered, the Yin qi would be dispersed in several days naturally. As for the ten minutes… it took three minutes on the road to come here and calculating the time I have, it’s only three minutes left, just enough to quickly go back. Well, as for your younger apprentice brother, remember to receive this ‘Yang Body’ as your younger apprentice brother…”

Miss Daiyu looked at me and spoke in a soft voice, “Xiaolong, take care. Later, pay attention to your own safety.”

“Ah, Miss, I will definitely remember your teachings, have a safe trip.”

With that said, the old swindler and Miss Daiyu disappeared, that sluggish face ghost also disappeared. I didn’t know why the old swindler did not kill it, but that was unimportant. The more important thing was that Miss Daiyu had gone, and later I’ll never see her… She scared me at the beginning, taught me many truths and knowledge, and gave me a lot of help. And she really left now, leaving some empty space in my heart…

Looking at the messy courtyard, the walls were blown and there was a big hole in it as the charred Red Haired Zombie was lying on the ground. There was also the bleeding Zhou Chengwu’s corpse in the pool of blood. This was the murder case as well as the destruction of Boss Shi’s house. This way, he might ask for compensation later. I put the note and small porcelain vase into the black backpack, and then asked Jiannan, “Jiannan, where’s Boss Shi?”

“He’s fainted and is lying down in the room.”

I looked at the Big Sister and asked, “Big Sister, how are you now?”

“It’s alright; I will be recover in a few days.” Sister said.

I took off the jade pendant and gave it back to Feng Nian, “Miss Feng, I have to say many thanks to you, you’re still injured, please have a rest quickly.”

“Well, if you’ve finished everything, come to my room. I have something to talk to you.”

“Okay,” I complied.

Feng Nian returned back to the villa as I spoke with Jiannan, “Jiannan, go and wake Boss Shi up while I’ll call the Taoist Association people and let them deal with this matter. Besides they have a relationship with the Government.”


Half an hour later, the police isolated this place as several old goods from the Taoist Association also rushed over here. This time Lao Song was asking me about the current situation and since I couldn’t expose the Netherworld’s information, I could only give him ambiguous answer, “I don’t know, when we were besieged by those bad people, an old man descended from the sky and quickly solved the Red Haired Zombie and a few other powerful ghosts. He didn’t say a word and left quickly.

“He didn’t leave any words? I must hear the details of the situation! What that old man looks like?” Lao Song stared at me and asked.

“Senior, I really didn’t see him because I have been injured, besides that old man was too fast. But I can say what he looks like. He’s almost the same with you, an elderly.” I replied vaguely.

Lao Song, this hot-tempered old man was originally felt irritated. Hearing this kid of a reply from me, he almost jumped in anger. But looking at the way I was covering my stomach, he held back his surging mood and spoke, “Well, give these things to us to deal with. Young man, when you have free time later, go the capital and give me a call. I will take you around our Taoist Association headquarters in the capital.”

“Alright, will do.”

Lao Song sighed and said, “Although the mastermind has died but we don’t know how to disperse this enveloping Yin qi.”

“Senior, you don’t need to worry, the mysterious old man said before leaving that, since the creator of this Yin Gathering Array has died, the array would naturally be expired. It would only take a few days for the Yin qi to be dissipated.” Since I think that he was still worried about this matter I repeated the old swindler’s sentence and told him.

“Really? It this is true, then it’s great…”

Having been busy for more than an hour, the police carried the bodies away as the people from Taoist Association had also left. I then came to Boss Shi and spoke, “I am really sorry boss, your house has been destroyed like this, but fortunately the mastermind has died. He was that one-eyed old man. You can calculate how much it needs to repair the wall and I will compensate you according to the normal price.”

Boss Shi shook his head and said, “No, Xiaolong, you just said that a mysterious powerful old man suddenly came. But, I don’t believe you. How can it someone that powerful? It’s obvious that you must be afraid that something annoying and troublesome if you say so. In fact, I know about that one-eyed old man. He was the Feng Shui master 5 years ago. It turned out that he was the one who ordered those ghosts. And you have killed him now so I cannot thank you enough. As for the compensation for the wall, forget it, since it wouldn’t take much money to repair it.”

“Then, I’m really sorry and thank you.”

It’s alright, since the problem has been solved, then there would be none in Qingtian City that will suddenly die, right? You are Qingtian City’s great hero. How would I dare to ask compensation from you? Moreover, I’ll also trouble you to find an auspicious location for my Shi family’s cemetery.” Boss Shi said.

I smiled, “No problem, but searching for a proper location for the cemetery is not my forte. Miss Feng Nian is the one who would do best for the job. Boss Shi, please rest early. If you have any more to say, we can speak again tomorrow…”

After that, I went to Feng Nian’s room, knocked the door twice and asked, “Miss Feng, are you sleeping?”

“Come in, the door isn’t locked.” Feng Nian replied.

I opened the door and walked inside. Feng Nian was lying down on the bed as she pointed at the chair beside it and spoke, “Sit.”

“No, what’s the matter? Tell me.”

Feng Nian thought for a while and asked, “Was that mysterious supreme expert your master? As far as I know, the Netherworld is a very mysterious existence, if some people knew that you had some relationship with the Netherworld’s ghosts, I am afraid you will attract great troubles. It would even more troublesome than hundreds of time than the situation we had just encountered!”

My eyebrows twitched and frowned, “What does Miss Feng mean?”

Feng Nian weakly spoke, “Such a person like Zhou Chengwu, there are quite a lot of people like him in this world and even much worse and powerful than him. What I want to say is that you have to manage the bleeding ghost and Yang Jiannan, so that they won’t reveal the secrets. And of course, I will also help you to keep this secret. Otherwise, these powerhouses sooner or later will find you.”

My eyebrows wrinkled deeper. Feng Nian was neither relative nor a kin to me so why would she be willing to keep secrets for me? Could it be… I hurriedly replied, “Miss Feng, for last night helping you suck out the poison, it’s an emergency situation, if it was rude for you, please forgive me.”

“Pest, you’re still think about it? Well, I must rest it, and help me lock the door when you go out.”

I went out of the room and told the bleeding sister to watch over Feng Nian’s room as to inform me immediately if she had a situation.

I went back to my room and saw that Jiannan was already under the blanket. I was just about to speak when I felt that there was something flowing out of my nose. I rubbed my nose and found that it was blood and it was a lot! Hearing my footsteps, Jiannan turned around and saw so much blood and quickly spoke, “Good Lord! Big Brother, what kind of forbidden things did you see in Miss Feng Nian’s room? Your nosebleed is unceasingly flowing!”

“Shut up! Give me a towel quickly!” I pinched my nose and half-ran to the bathroom. I quickly opened the sink’s faucet, but the nosebleed didn’t cease. Having = washed for 5 minutes, the nosebleed then stopped! Miss Daiyu was right, my Thumb Sword Qi was really a double-edged sword and could damage the enemy and myself. Recently, I often used this technique leading to the outbreak of the side effect ahead of time. What to do…

But Jiannan was still nagging and said from my side, “Big Brother, haven’t I told you many times, that as a man, even with the slightest temptation how could you have such nosebleed? You really have a weak premature burst! I want to introduce you to my cousin Chen Nuo! His nickname is the ‘Young Prince of Porns’ and he claims that he had read most of the world’s best pieces, be sure to let him give you a good lesson later… “

Master wanted me to receive this best quality stupid-idiotic-goods as my younger apprentice brother. I said I’ll think about it and forget it. This stupid bastard had always been this annoying, and listening to his blabbering nonsense was quite worse than listening to news broadcasts.

I was now thinking about this nosebleed problem. So how would I have the time to respond to him? I took the towel from his hand and wiped the water on my face as I spoke in my heart that it was definitely my Thumb Sword Qi which caused some failures in my body function. This illness was certainly unable to be handled in the hospital. In order to treat this, it seemed that I could only seek some help from the legendary doctor family, the Zhang Family.

After all, Zhang Zixuan had always wanted to invite me to be a guest for his Zhang Family. I knew that he was trying to recruit me, so I did not go before, but due to the present situation, I couldn’t think any other means which meant that I must go to the Zhang Family in the near future. I think that I’ll call Zhang Zixuan tomorrow.

Zhang Zixuan said, if I visited him, he was willing to send me some martial arts rare manuals. If I can cure this illness and also get a rare martial arts manual, being recruited by him was alright. But if he wanted to interfere with my freedom it wouldn’t be good. At most I could only promise that I’ll help him out for some matters. Moreover, if I had a good relationship with Zhang Zixuan, I wouldn’t be afraid of any sickness later.

I returned back to the room and laid on the bed, I finally felt relaxed since everything was finally over. I had never thought that it would end like this, and that the old swindler went into action and easily solved the Red Haired Zombie. I also obtained his notes about innate force. The flame temperature released by him was unfathomably high! It could even burn the Red Haired Zombie!

I know that the Yin qi inside the zombie’s body was very strong. And under normal circumstances, it simply couldn’t be burned by flame. Thus, it can be seen that the innate force was also very powerful thing!

The old swindler gave me a note and medicine. He said that after eating it, it would make my innate force greatly improve. Could I achieve the kind of strength the old swindler had? I climbed up and pulled out the small porcelain vase from the black backpack. Seeing it under the moonlight, I opened the vase cap and poured a small pill from inside. This small thing, could it really make my innate force improve greatly?

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 64~~~~~~~~~

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