LDP – Ch 63

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TLDP C063. The God-like Old Swindler

He knew the old swindler? While I was pondering, Miss Daiyu then spoke, “This person’s name is Zhou Chengwu and is an evil cultivator. In the year 2000, in order to cultivate the Drought Demon, he used secret laws to make many provinces struck with drought. Your master’s group and I went all the way to track down and found the ghosts he was fostering! But after the fights, we actually found that he was very powerful, and your master was not his opponent. That little devil and the Illusion Demon around him were enough to give us some headaches, but fortunately, there was another expert’s help, so your master able to pierce and make his right eye blind and eventually made him flee. When you mentioned about the Illusion Demon, I guessed correctly that it could possibly him.”

“Illusion Demon? It’s not really that powerful. Haven’t I successfully escaped from the illusion space this afternoon?”

The one-eyed old quickly spoke coldly, “Humph, Had I not make an emergency to recall the Illusion Demon this afternoon, you could have already died in the illusion space. I let you live a few hours more, how should you thank me? He then stared at me and sizing me up and down, “Your body seems to be quite good, after you die, I’ll turn you into a zombie.”

Today, it seemed that I couldn’t escape, so I pushed Jiannan while I barely propped up my body to stand straight and said, “Your target is me. Can you let them off?”

“Everyone is going to die, you have no qualification to bargain with me.”

I quietly activated the Shadowbane Sword, while simultaneously directing my True Qi into the lungs to prepare the Thumb Sword Qi! I didn’t know whether this move could hit the Red Haired Zombie or not. After all, its speed was too fast.

It seemed that today bad luck had come…

I spoke some nonsense to him for tens of seconds as to delay the time. After suppressing my True Qi to the limit, splitting pain came from my lungs as a lot of blood flowed from my nose, I secretly stretched my thumb out and aimed at the Red Haired Zombie. Then, a strand of flame flashed through as the Thumb Sword Qi shot out from the tip of my thumb!

Jiannan shouted in alarm loudly, “Quickly look! Big Brother has shot!”

Meanwhile, I saw the Red Haired Zombie’s shadow blurred. It was unexpectedly able to dodge the attack! My Sword Qi hit the courtyard’s wall as dust chaotically flew upwards for a moment!

What the hell! He could even escape my Sword Qi! One must know that the Thumb Sword Qi’s speed was comparable to bullets after being shot! But I didn’t even think about it and took the advantages of the dusty courtyard to stride forward and carried along the Shadowbane Sword and ran! Since the Red Haired Zombie was untouchable, I would cut those several ghosts first!

But as I had just flushed a few steps and yet to take on those ghosts, the Red Haired Zombie quickly greeted me. This damned thing’s speed was unfathomably quick and I could care less about hiding my secret ability anymore as I swapped the Shadowbane Sword to my left hand and made my right hand set ablaze to quickly grab the Red Haired Zombie’s head!

Unfortunately, I really underestimated the Red Haired Zombie and was kicked in the stomach. Once again, I was flown upside and down backward! The severe pain in my stomach even made my vision blacked out intermittently as the Shadowbane Sword flew off my hand…

Losing its Yang energy supply, the Shadowbane Sword instantly turned into ordinary sword hilt…

Then… the sword hilt caught by a hand that emerged out of thin air! A deep and powerful voice then transmitted, “It’s not the correct way to use the Shadowbane Sword…”



Murong Daiyu and I shouted loudly. Even under the support of Jiannan’s arm, I was barely able to stand up, and the pain in my stomach made my eyebrows wrinkled tightly. Feng Nian also came to my side and asked me whether I was alright.

I was quite absent-minded and only replied a few words to her since my eyes were all locked to the old swindler. He unexpectedly came here very fast! It seemed that he was quite well known in the Netherworld! But… could the old swindler able to deal with the opposite party?

The one-eyed old man stared fiercely at the old swindler and spoke icily, “Niu Jintao, kneel to me right now and knock your head three times, and tell me the person’s name who helped you that year. Then, I’ll consider to let your disciple off.”

“Hahaha.” The old swindler chuckled and seeming didn’t care even a bit and spoke to me, “Xiaolong, take a look at how to use this Shadowbane Sword!”

Having said that, the flame sword blade extended out from the hilt, but the blade was very short and looked like a dagger. Its shape was quite different with sword shape I usually condensed.

The old swindler walked slowly toward the Red Haired Zombie and spoke while walking, “The Shadowbane Sword hilt has a total of 62 energy channels, you can combine several hundreds of sword blades to flexibly use it in order to display its biggest might!”

Having spoken up to there, the old swindler had already arrived in front of the Red Haired Zombie as he waved ‘the dagger’ and stabbed at the Red Haired Zombie’s eyes! The Red Haired Zombie’s reaction was very fast as its head moved to the side to dodge the attack. The old swindler’s strike only pierced an empty place. However, the next scene greatly surprised me, even make my jaw fell off!

I could only see that the flame blade suddenly became distorted! Flame spikes then shot from the side as it directly piercing into the Red Haired Zombie’s head! However, the Red Haired Zombie also reacted quickly as it flashed and dodge to the side.

The old swindler then took back the flame sword blade and held the hilt with both hands before speaking, “The Shadowbane Sword’s ability to damage the zombies is certainly limited to a certain extent since it’s mainly used to deal with spiritual bodies. In order to deal with zombies, aside from the Taoist charms you also must have fast agility and skill to be good.”

The one-eyed old man frowned, “Impossible! You are only a spiritual body, how can you have Yang energy to activate the Shadowbane Sword’s form?!”

“Who told you that I’m only a spiritual body?” The old swindler asked back with the manner that didn’t even place the opposite party in his eyes

“Humph, Niu Jintao, I could care less whether you are a ghost or not. In short, you will never be able to escape today.”

The old swindler was really wretched. He actually scratched his ass. And that… instantly destroyed his mighty expert image! He lightly sighed and said, “Oh, but I’d actually want to stay here and teach my disciple several moves. But unfortunately the time is really urgent, so I could only have ten minutes here before I go. So I really have to solve you quickly. I also thought that I should stay longer to talk with my apprentice.”

Jiannan rolled up his sleeves and looked at his ‘Rolex’ watch and spoke to the old swindler, “Brother, you have come for a minute 38 seconds. I’ll help you to count the time!”

This idiot called Niu Jintao as his brother? The old swindler’s age was enough to be your grandfather, damn this idiot really shameless…

The old swindler glanced at Jiannan with some appreciation flashed in his eyes, making Jiannan uncomfortable, as if he felt that he had worms in his body, distorting and twisting his ass.

Then, the one-eyed old man waved, “Move! Kill him!”

The Red Haired Zombie’s figure disappeared. And in the next second, it appeared at the old swindler’s side, but the old swindler was even faster than him as his hand seized the Red Haired Zombie’s neck lifted it to the air. He pinched the Red Haired Zombie’s neck as the “crack” sounds sounded due to some bones breaking sounds. Then the old swindler flung the Red Haired Zombie to the ground as flame rapidly condensed in his hands as he threw it on the Red Haired Zombie’s body. The Red Haired Zombie’s body instantly burnt up! Even if I was ten meters away from the Red Haired Zombie, but I still can feel the bursts of the blowing heat. It could be seen that the flame’s temperature was extremely high and was simply reached terrible degree!

Red Haired Zombie hadn’t crawled again as the bursts of roasted meat smell scattered by the wind…

It took only one strike to solve the Red Haired Zombie? I was simply couldn’t see how it happened. The Red Haired Zombie did get exterminated! This Daoist senior really didn’t conceal anything! Now I knew that originally, not only Hu Jintao was powerful, but the surnamed Niu Jintao was much more powerful! [1] That was the Red Haired Zombie you know! That thing was NOT a cabbage! It even could dodge the Thumb Sword Qi’s speed which was equal the bullets. But it had been actually struck by the old swindler and KO-ed!

The old swindler picked up some Sun Charms from the ground as his body flashed and pasted a Sun Charm on the female ghost which was besieging Miss Daiyu and then used his flaming right palm to beat up the Sun Charm as a loud BOOM’ sounded and that ghost instantly terminated!

My eyes were almost popping out! Heavens! Was it really caused by the Sun Charm?

That’s right! I can affirm that it was the Sun Charm I had been painted! How would it be so powerful in the old swindler’s hands? Wasn’t this the same like using a computer? , ** [2] lame hacker can use it to hack through basic protections like seeing the teacher’s life recent situation and such. But in the hands of top hackers, it could even be used to steal international intelligence.

Today, I learned something great. You know that the old swindler accepted me as an apprentice and he left me hanging, while I had to slowly figure out the Taoist Charms and the Shadowbane Sword on my own. But today I found the true use of these things, and it was really amazing!

The one-eyed old man was also frightened as his left eye was like a frightened child while his face was full of disbelieving expression, saying, “Impossible! You’re… impossible how can you be this powerful!”

“Nothing is impossible, Zhou Chengwu, you’ve done all kinds of evil things and harmed countless of people. Today is the time that you must pay it with your life.”

The one-eyed old man then stepped backward and ordered, “Illusion Demon, confuse him!” He then rushed toward the old swindler! Since I was worried that the old swindler would be trapped in the Illusion Demon move, I ran to his side while clutching my stomach and shouted, “Master! Be careful!”

But then, the surrounding scene around me changed into a vast expanse of prairie. It was needless to say that I was trapped within the Illusion Demon technique! This Illusion Demon was extremely annoying. Making people were virtually impossible to guard against. I was wondering, how could there be such kind of existence in this world?

But less than a minute, the scenery changed back as the old swindler was standing in front of me and the one-eyed old man had already died nearby. Lying down on the ground with the nape of his neck’s wound unceasingly bleeding. The Illusion Demon had disappeared, and it seemed to have been exterminated by the old swindler. But the old swindler let off that sluggish face female ghost as it stood motionless over there. Then, I asked, “Master, have the problems been solved?”

“Hmmm, your master really has the skill, right?” The old swindler showed a smelly and crooked expression as he asked back.

I held the old swindler’s thigh and said, “Master! I just find out today that you are actually so powerful! No, you must teach me several moves, otherwise, I will never let you go! Recently, I almost have always been played to death by the ghosts!”

“Brat, who told you to not work hard?”

“It’s your fault Master. Others have masters to teach them, but I can only depend on myself to find out about everything slowly! Certainly, to have this level of strength today is thanks to Miss who also contributed in teaching me, or else I could have long been dead, wrecked by the ghosts.”

The old swindler propped me up and said, “Brat, get up, I’m in a hurry, so I’ll tell you something serious.”

I quickly stood up and saw that a book emerged out of thin air from the old swindler’s hand. He handed it to me and said, “Xiaolong, this is the secret studies I have recently recorded. You take it and study it well. But I must tell you that your master isn’t just only a spiritual body but I still have the entity characteristic. However, the Netherworld’s customs are very strict, and the Netherworld forbids its inhabitant to go out. Your master has paid a great price to be able to come out here and I must go back in time. In addition, I have a medicine concocted from special medicinal herbs here. After eating it, your Innate Fire Force would be greatly improved. Your master obtained it through trading and I don’t want to use it as to keep it for you. Who could have thought that you have such bad aptitude? But I have called you as my disciple, right?” Then, a small porcelain vase suddenly emerged from his hand.

I took the vase and felt moved and touched. The old swindler was really good to me…

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 63~~~~~~~~~~

[1] The author compares Hu Jintao with Niu Jintao… man… the author is really a troll, hahaha

[2] It was censored by the author… kinda d**khead or smthing…

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