LDP – Ch 62

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TLDP C062. The Evil Mastermind behind the Scene

It was 11:00 PM sharp. And, in accordance with the procedures, I took the well water and poured it into the bowl as I burned three Moon Charms around the bowl’s edge, then pressed the Summoning Charm at the bowl’s bottom and summoned in a soft voice, “Niu Jintao…”

The ‘video channel’ soon connected and the old swindler appeared on the water surface in the bowl. He then asked, “Xiaolong? What’s the matter this time?”

“Ah Master, I need your help to save lives,” I quickly put on a grievance look, “The entire Qingtian City has been covered with Yin qi and I don’t have any means to disperse it, even Miss can’t solve it. She even asked me to find you and said that you must have the means to solve this problem…”

The old swindler looked curious and asked, “What? What is going on?”

I quickly told him about what happened recently, the old swindler nodded repeatedly. And as I had finished telling, he asked, “Listening to your description that Yang Jiannan seemed to have an inborn talent to see the ghosts. Is he the inborn Yin eyes?”

“No, his eyes are not green, just like normal people.”

“His Yang fires extraordinarily powerful?” The old swindler continued to ask.

I really did not understand, such a big matter happened to Qingtian City and yet he didn’t even ask any of it. But why would he be so interested in Jiannan? Could the old swindler want to take Jiannan as my junior brother? But I replied truthfully, “Yes, his Yang fires are very strong. Although he hasn’t practiced Taoist arts, but ordinary ghosts are simply unable to do anything to him.”

“Great!” The old swindler shouted, “He is without a doubt should have a Yang Body! Xiaolong, I want you to teach him on my behalf so that Yang Jiannan will be your younger brother!”

What? Accepting Jiannan to be my younger apprentice brother? I estimated that it wouldn’t take three months that I would be dead by his scourge!

I quickly replied, “Master hey, I am also only a half-baked disciple, how would I have the ability to teach him on behalf of the teacher? The way I see it, you could just forget it.”

I firmly opposed to making Jiannan be my younger apprentice brother!

But the old swindler was really like the tortoise that ate steel to add weight. To be short, he’s stubborn and had an iron heart. He then spoke in a serious tone, “Xiaolong, a person with a Yang Body is extremely rare, this person has inborn ‘Deva Eyes’ and is a good seedling for cultivation. He will certainly become your greatest helper later. If we missed him it would be a pity.”

I put on a long face and said, “Okay, okay, then I’ll think about it. Master, you haven’t told me as for how to solve this Qingtian City’s problems. These days there have been already more than 700 people dead all of a sudden. And with each passing night, the death toll should increase. Moreover, Miss is here and when you come over please take her away. She has been waiting to enter the reincarnation cycle for too long.”

“I know, for this Qingtian city issues, it can’t be resolved if it were only to depend on you. I’ll look for someone who can open the channel to come there tomorrow morning. Tell me your address. Also, I can take Murong later. This Qingtian City’s problem is easy to conveniently solve.” The old swindler casually replied. Seeing this old good really underestimate the problem and speaking in such casual manner, I couldn’t help but doubt him slightly. Five people from the Taoist Association joined together here, the two of them even died. But the old swindler actually said that this was so easy to solve and he also said in such convenient way…

At this time, my phone suddenly rang. I looked at the phone and it was Jiannan who was calling. And somehow, I had a bad premonition and quickly picked up the phone. And listening to his side, It was very noisy, and Jiannan shouted, “Big brother!, it’s not good! Two powerful ghosts came here and Miss Daiyu won’t be able to hold much longer… Bang!!!” I heard loud disturbances’ sound so I quickly moved my phone away from my ear, but as when I picked it up again, Jiannan had hung up. I hurriedly dialed the number again but the phone seemed to be shut down.

“Xiaolong, what’s up?” The old swindler asked.

“Master, Miss over there had an accident, and that evil cultivator seems to have come and retaliate. I must go back immediately!” After finished speaking, I quickly prepared to leave.

The old swindler then said, “Tell me your address and I’ll look for a channel right away and find you!”

I quickly told my address to the old swindler and then ‘hang up the video’. I then took the Communication Charm and folded it into my trouser pocket, and quickly half-ran out of the park! Nothing must happen to Miss. She had been waiting for a thousand years and now she can immediately enter the reincarnation cycle so there mustn’t be any mistakes happening to her! The old swindler over there had to find someone to open the channel to come here. So when he arrives, it must make sure that everything was alright.

I called a taxi and said to the driver, “Big Brother, go to the XX villa area, and be quick, even if you must break the limit, just do it!”

“It’s not good, young man, speeding is too dangerous, we have to comply with traffic regulation…”

I took out all of my a total of more than 1,000 RMB from my pocket and said, “Drive as fastest as you can, and I’ll give all of this money to you! I need to get there in fifteen minutes! There were only a few vehicles at night, so come on, it’s all yours”.

The driver didn’t make any demur and as his foot stepped on the accelerator, the car then shot forward like an arrow…

Sure enough, the originally half an hour distance took only eight minutes and we came in front of the door to the villa area. We had passed two red lights on the way here, but since the driver had received a huge payment of more than a thousand RMB from me, he broke through the red lights and drove the car quickly to the villa area!

The Yin qi in Boss Shi’s house’s direction was soaring into the sky! I then ran while taking off all the lead bars on my arms, and then took the Shadowbane Sword and a pile of charms from the black backpack. I quickly took out cattle tears and wiped some onto my eyes. When I arrived at the courtyard gate, two ghosts were besieging Miss Daiyu! She was on the verge of being defeated and retreated repeatedly! Big Sister was floating at the entrance and her shadow was extremely fuzzy. It seemed that as if she would soon be dissipated. It was needless to say anything that she must have been wounded and had it not for Miss Daiyu’s presence, she would have been exterminated already.

My eyes turned bloodshot and quickly activated the Shadowbane Sword to rush forward! But as when I just shot forward, I felt that the surrounding’s scenery suddenly changed into a very warm room as Xu Xiaoling was sitting naked on the bed and waved at me… It’s an illusion! It’s the Illusion Demon! That damned Illusion Demon also came! Holy damn shit! What should I do? Not only I can’t give any help now but I also would drag Miss Daiyu down. When I had just entered the courtyard, those two powerful ghosts seemingly wanted to kill me, and she would absolutely act to protect me!

I then sat down motionless and sat in meditation to look for some way to break out from this illusion space.

When I just sat down for a while, I felt that someone’s palm slap me as a pure energy at the same time seeped into my mind. I quickly opened my eyes and found that Feng Nian was standing weakly beside me. The surrounding’s scenery also returned back to its true appearance. The slap was really powerful, I still feel the burning pain on my face. But I couldn’t care less and ignored it as I then brandished the Shadowbane Sword and rushed toward the ghosts that were besieging Miss Daiyu!

The high-leveled ghosts’ fight used Yin qi to cast spells! At this time, the two ghosts were at quite some distance from Miss Daiyu as they used Yin qi to attack each other. Therefore, I wasn’t afraid that Miss Daiyu would accidentally be injured by them. Then, I sneakily detoured and moved behind the two ghosts to sneak and attack one of them!

Unfortunately, I was too excessively naïve. Even when I had yet to rush over behind the two ghosts, one of the ghosts threw over a ball of Yin qi at me and caught me with it instantly! I could only feel chilling coldness invade my body as it made me turn upside down…

Sure enough; I was not even at their ranks…

However, the Thumb Sword Qi seemed only effective on the physical body such as the zombies. But it was quite useless for spiritual bodies. What to do now…

After I fell down on the lawn, I pulled out a stack of Sun Charms and prepared to engage the Sky Flower female ghost. Feng Nian then took off the jade pendant she usually wore and hung it on my neck by herself, saying, “Bring it with you to be safe, go now…”

What was this? Her talisman? But why would she give it to me? What did she want? Numerous thoughts flashed in my mind before it was then filled with Miss Daiyu’s shadow. There must never be something to happen to her. So I carried the Shadowbane Sword and rushed forward! This time I had Feng Nian’s superb talisman and those two ghosts’ Yin qi was unable to harm me. I quickly rushed toward them and due to the talisman’s effect, I successfully approached the two ghosts’ side and swiftly threw Sun Charms while sweeping my Shadowbane Sword at them, making the two ghosts movement and position become chaotic…

Feng Nian was standing at the villa’s entrance with Jiannan and watched the fighting scene. Jiannan had wanted to come and help several times. But I prevented him from doing so. Even if he came, he would absolutely be useless. Since I had Feng Nian’s talisman, these two ghosts couldn’t ignore me and one of them quickly come to fight me, of which, was equally matched with Miss Daiyu.

At this time, the door was opened and then four figures came led by a one-eyed old man. Following behind the old man was a body covered with red hair. There was also a sluggish face female ghost along with a kid ghost… The Red Haired Zombie. The legendary Red Haired Zombie! That female ghost and that kid ghost were also not simple, right? One of which should be the legendary Illusion Demon! This old man should be the evil mastermind, and since his right eye was covered with an eye patch, it was very obvious that one eye was blind.

To capture the thieves, capture the ringleader first! Since I had the talisman, the demoness and the little ghosts wouldn’t dare to come near me, as long as I could avoid the Red Haired Zombie’s attacks and quickly seize the old man, you could threaten him so that other ghosts would stop! Had it turn to worst, I could use my Thumb Sword Qi and kill him! But since my Thumb Sword Qi was my unique and a one time only trump card, it was best not to use it casually.

I rushed behind the old man! With my fastest speed, I simultaneously threw the charms at the Sky Flower female ghost, emptying my left hand to grasp the old man’s neck!

A ridiculing expression flashed over the old man’s face as a red shadow quickly flashed in front of him. I subconsciously wanted to use the Shadowbane Sword to cut him. I had yet to figure out the situation but heavy blows hit my body and made me turn upside down! Severe pain came out from my stomach as if my intestines had been torn into pieces after being kicked!

Behind me were walls, but luckily Jiannan caught me in time, otherwise, my head would have hit the wall! The Red Haired Zombie… this legendary thing… unexpectedly could be tamed by a human. What kind of existence was this one-eyed old man? The two ghosts besieging Miss Daiyu were almost equal in strength to her. And coupled with the Illusion Demon and another unknown ghost, it was impossible to imagine this old man’s identity.

This time, we were really finished, and we simply had no power to resist them. Were we really going to die here? My stomach unceasingly transmitted severe pain every time I was moving, and I simply couldn’t stand up.

At this time, the one-eyed old man’s hand gently waved as the two ghosts besieging Miss Daiyu fell back behind him. Miss Daiyu also returned to my side, but her shadow was also quite dimmed. It was very obvious that she had been injured.

That old man glanced at my Shadowbane Sword in my hand and spoke, “Humph, you’re Niu Jintao’s successor, huh! That year, had it not for an expert helping him, he would have died in my hands. Brat, where is your master?”

I clutched my stomach and sweating profusely before replying in low voice, “Master has passed away a year ago.”

The old man touched his right eye’s eye-patch and muttered, “As expected, he was only a mortal after all and could never resist the passage of time. Since your master has died, I’ll have you to compensate my right eye and receive my revenge. Who told you to bump into me and rush into this Qingtian City… “

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 62~~~~~~~~~~

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