LDP – Ch 61

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TLDP C061. Breaking the Illusion World

Unless I could look into my own memory and look for a breach!

I had never heard of this stuff before, but according to what happened in these hours, I could infer four pieces of information.

First, this Illusion Demon was afraid of Feng Nian’s talisman. Otherwise, it could have taken advantage of when I was sleeping last night to kill her.

Second, the Illusion Demon had no helper and it is the same as ghosts as it only had a spirit body, unlike zombies. Why would I be so sure about this? It’s because Feng Nian’s talisman was only effective on a spirit body. Ghosts and Yin qi were unable to approach her body within a three meters radius. But, as the amulet could not stop physical attacks, the zombie could scratch her back. So, it was obvious that the Illusion Demon was of the kind that has a spirit body.

Third, the Illusion Demon’s ability to confuse people was indeed very powerful, but its real strength was low. Why can I say that? Because my sleeping place was far from Feng Nian’s place last night. If the Illusion Demon had the ability to kill me, then why didn’t it act? From this inference, this Illusion Demon would basically be only a dreg if it had no ability to confuse people.

Fourth, the Illusion Demon was able to use my memory to create some illusions. But at the same time, I can also use this point of view to break through this illusion with my mind.

For example, yesterday. I called the Jiannan and shortly after, Jiannan and other illusions appeared. Their actions and way of speaking were based on my memory, showing the illusion. Therefore, they didn’t have even the slightest flaw in my view.

As a result, I can probably guess the Illusion Demon’s method to confuse humans.

Last night, when I ‘called Jiannan’, it interfered and gave false signals to my brain that ‘Jiannan had come’. And since Jiannan’s voice and looks were completely extracted from my memory, not a single flaw could be seen.

This was like playing a game: press a skill key, give the game a signal and the skill’s effect would appear because the skills’ effects had already been pre-set in the game file.

What I must do right now is to sit in meditation to prevent distractions from filling my heart. This way, the Illusion Demon couldn’t use my memory and this illusion space would naturally break.


I don’t know for how long I had been meditating. I opened my eyes as I could see the elusiveness. I looked at the surroundings and found that it was already dusk. It turned out that I was in an abandoned factory while Feng Nian was lying next to me still fainted. The wounds on her back were not bandaged, but fortunately, they had scabbed.

“Miss Feng, Miss Feng?” I patted Feng Nian.

“Mmm…” Feng Nian woke up, looked at the surroundings and said, “You really succeeded…”

“Yes. How do you feel? Can you stand up?

“I can’t,” Feng shortly replied.

I silently touched her forehead, “Then, I still must hold you?”

“Don’t you want it? So many people want to hold me, but I never let them. Hurry! You’re a grown up, but such a coy.” Feng Nian seemed to like dirtying me so much. But, looking at her injured state, I didn’t want to argue with her.

While carrying her out of the abandoned factory, Feng Nian asked how I got rid of the illusion space, so I told her my genius plan. The result was her disagreement. She said that I simply couldn’t break the illusion space on my own and that it must have been that the Illusion Demon had left, so we could get out from the illusion space.

I barely held the urge to throw Feng Nian on the ground…

We took a taxi to go back to the villa and when I saw Miss Daiyu and the others, I finally relaxed. Boss Shi then called a doctor to give Feng Nian some treatment.

Miss Daiyu asked me what happened as my phone suddenly could not get connected. I told them the whole story again. Then, Miss Daiyu solemnly asked, “Illusion Demon?”

“Yes, Miss. Do you know this kind of thing?”

“I know and I’ve already seen it.”

Just when I wanted to ask how the Illusion Demon looked like, my phone suddenly rang. I looked at it, it was the hot-tempered old man’s call. After I answered, the hot-tempered old man spoke, “Boy, where did you go last night? Didn’t you say that you would call me? I’ve been trying to find you all day and couldn’t even get through your phone.”

“I’m sorry, Senior. I was trapped by an Illusion Demon last night and just got out from the illusion space. What is it? Did something happen?”

It’s an important matter. Our Association’s chairman and the vice chairman acted. Last night, when we moved separately, the three of us went to the freezer warehouse and the chairman and the vice chairman went to the place where the Yin qi gathered to seek some clues. But since last night, they could not be contacted until this morning. Then, we found their bodies in Qingtian City’s children’s playground near its artificial lake. There were no scars on them, but their souls had disappeared.”

“Children’s playground?” Feng Nian had marked three locations, one of which was this Qingtian City’s children’s playground.

I solemnly said, “Senior, where are you now? I will immediately go there!” Since they were calling, they certainly wanted my help. Rather than let others say it, it might as well be better to say it on my own.

The old man then asked, “Is your master still alive? Or is there any other Daoist expert you know of? If it only depends on our strength, I am afraid it would be very difficult to deal with the opposite party…”

“Yes, but master could come the day after tomorrow at best.” Yes, I was ready to contact the old swindler tomorrow night and, according to the previous situation, he should come the next morning.

The old man then said, “It’s also good. Then, contact him as soon as possible and go to the XX International Hotel, room 1407, to find us. We’ll go to the children’s playground tonight to see the situation.

“No problem, I’ll immediately do it.”

After hanging up the phone, I thought for a moment and then spoke to Miss Daiyu, “Miss, a few people from the Taoist Association are having some problems, so I’ll go there. The three of you stay here since I’m worried about the mastermind’s retaliation. Stay here to watch and take care of Feng Nian. Jiannan, if anything happens, you are obliged to immediately call me. If you dare to take a bath tonight, I will beat you to death when I come back tomorrow!” I threatened him fiercely.

Jiannan protested, “Brother, you can’t be like this! Me taking a bath won’t hinder your matters. Ah, why don’t you let me have a bath? Besides, using Boss Shi’s home water won’t spend any money. I could freely have a bath now, so next month I don’t need to have a bath again!”

I was speechless for three seconds and spoke, “After we get back, your big brother will give you bath money.”

Jiannan was quite touched and replied, “Big Brother, you are really good to me. Then, it’s a deal. I’ll listen to you and won’t have a bath tonight, so you can feel at ease when you go.”

I was so mad the white even filled my eyes, how the hell you can say ‘you can be at ease when you go’? But I had no time to even care with his nonsensical talks. When I get back later, I’ll settle this with him!

Miss Daiyu said, “I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t,” I stood up and said, “You stay here to take care of Feng Nian. I am afraid that that evil cultivator’s minion will knock at the door.” Then, I went out, called a taxi and headed straight to XX International Hotel.

The taxi’s radio was on and the news was saying that according to the officials’ statistics, the dead have already surpassed 700 people. Experts were still investigating it, but they affirmed that this was not a plague outbreak and that the public must wear a filtering mask when they go out, never eating unhygienic food…


It was night, 9:30 PM We stood outside the fence of the children’s playground and secretly jumped inside. There was nobody in this playground and the gates had been locked. So, we could only enter it through the fence. There seemed to have security patrols inside, so we were just lurking around like a few thieves.

This time, only the three old men and I came here as the two dead people have been sent to the forensic center to get an autopsy. In addition, their Taoist Association’s reinforcements will come tomorrow. It was said that there was a person who was the Taoist Association’s trump card. That person was the previous chairman and his strength was unfathomable. But he has been abdicated to become an elder and would also catch up with them tomorrow.

We arrived nearby the artificial lake and found that it was tranquil. There seemingly was nothing strange here, so I spoke, “Several Seniors, although the chairmen’s bodies were found in this lake, they were not necessarily killed in this vicinity. They could have been killed and their body could have been thrown into the artificial lake then.

“Of course, we know about this. Then, let’s divide into two groups and look around this lake. Lao Song, you and the young man go over there as both of us will go this way. If there is something, call us at any time,” an old man said.

As for Lao Song, he was the hot-tempered old man. After we were separated, I spoke, “Old man Song, moving separately like this is not very good.”

“It does not matter,” Lao Song said from my side, “Young man, your strength is really deep. At least, you are more powerful than several old men like us. Yesterday, you killed a Purple Haired Zombie by yourself, but the three of us fought for so long to kill the other one. Since we have you tonight, we have a great chance of winning!”

Good heavens! Originally these three old goods simply had not grasped the situation and pinned all their hopes on me! This really wasn’t fun and, although my Thumb Sword Qi was extremely powerful, I could only use it once a day. Not to mention that it also caused great damage to me. If there were several enemies, even my Thumb Sword Qi could not solve the problem.

Because of this, I was really nervous about patrolling around the lake. But fortunately, there were no ghosts here. After wasting time for an hour, I then suggested, “Everybody, let’s go back and wait for the reinforcements to come tomorrow. Then, we’ll come here again to find out! Those ghosts don’t seem to be in the lake. Even if we are looking for them, it would only be wasting time. What do you think?”

The several old goods replied in a somewhat guilty tone, “Yes, yes, it’s precisely correct. Then, let’s go back first.”

After we jumped off the fence, the three old goods went back to the hotel, but I did not return to the villa. Instead, I prepared to call the old swindler ahead of time.

Summoning the old swindler would need well water, but where is a place where there was well water? It’s very simple, this park has a Wishing Well, so I just prepared a rope and bucket as I called a taxi to find a hardware store. It was about to close, so I quickly bought a bucket, a rope, and a rice bowl.

I carried the rope and the bucket while standing on the roadside waiting for the taxi for half an hour. But no one was willing to pull me up because the rope I took made me scary. Moreover, the children’s playground I was about to visit was relatively remote. So, the taxi drivers were afraid that I was a bad guy and directly refused to take me as a passenger, which made me very helpless.

Finally, I put the rope into the black backpack. Only then did I call the taxi. It was almost 11 PM when I returned back to the park, so the time was really convenient.

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 61~~~~~~~~~~

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