LDP – Ch 60

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TLDP C060. The Illusion Demon

How should I say it? This hospital really has been giving off some kind of weird feeling, but I couldn’t tell exactly where the faults were. I entered the emergency room to ask something, and directly carried Feng Nian to the third floor and let the head nurse give her some bandages.

More than 10 minutes had passed. There were neither strange sounds nor movements here, so I secretly mused, “There shouldn’t be any problems, right?”

At this point, Miss Daiyu suddenly appeared in front of me. Yes, I had just called Jiannan to ask him to have Miss Daiyu and the Big Sister to come and help. It seemed that Miss Daiyu was the first to come as Big Sister was still behind. I was a little anxious and said, “Miss, Feng Nian had been bandaged inside for a long time. Would there be any problems? You go in and have a look.”

Miss Daiyu flew through the door, fluttered and soon came back, “Don’t worry, she will come out immediately.”

Really, in less than a minute, the nurse opened the door and said, “The patient’s wounds are very deep. I suggest that she stay in the hospital for observation, so we can deal with it in time if there is any problem.”

I also thought that it was good. Feng Nian had been poisoned. Although I helped her suck the blood out, I didn’t know whether there were residual toxins in her body or not. So, it would be safer to stay in the hospital.

Soon after, Jiannan and Big Sister also arrived. We then filled in some hospital procedures before carrying Feng Nian into a ward.

Then, I called the hot-tempered old man and the phone was quickly picked up. The old man was very noisy over there. I asked, “Senior, have you killed the Purple Haired Zombie?”

“Yes, we just called the police to deal with the aftermath and to check and look for the owner of this freezer warehouse.”

“They won’t arrest us, will they?”

“Relax, we have a relationship with the government, so they will not arrest our people. How about your friend?”

“We are still in the hospital. Her wounds have been bandaged, but she is still fainted. I don’t know if her body has been freed from the toxin though. Senior, you have rich experience, do you know how to deal with such a thing?”

“She will not die as long as the poisoned blood is sucked in time, but there will certainly be some residual toxins. It will affect her health, but won’t kill her. Good boy, I’m still busy here. Contact me later.”

“OK senior, please go back to your things.”

I had to say that although the old man was hot-tempered, he actually had a good nature. Besides, we really could be considered strangers to one another.

Then, I gave the brief story to Miss Daiyu about what had just happened. She then thought for a while, saying, “If I’m not mistaken, the opposite party is using a strange formation layout so that zombies could be quickly raised. Had you found it late, perhaps that zombie could’ve been a Red Haired one.”

“Red Haired?” I was greatly surprised as I repeated the sentence, “No, that kind of thing is too rare to see. ‘Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation’ also recorded only one case of a Red Haired Zombie. The ranked ninth Red Haired Zombie, how could it be cultivated manually? This damned thing was not some kind of cabbage…”

Therefore, I can say that the evil cultivator is very powerful. I am now worried that, if he retaliated, we wouldn’t be able to block his attack. In addition, Feng Nian has marked a total of three suspicious places; you’ve only broken into one place, so there are other two still intact. It could be said that, if the other two places also have zombies, the longer we drag this on, the stronger the zombies would become.” Miss Daiyu softly explained.

“Then, I’ll go right now!” I said and stood.

That’s not good. Even if the zombies in the other two places are at its lowest level, they would be at least at the same level as the Purple Haired Zombie. Even if you go, what’s the use? You were able to kill the Purple Haired Zombie because you had someone’s help coupled with your technique. But now you can’t use that move again and no one is available to help you. Not to mention that if you encounter that evil cultivator; when it happens, would you even be able to resist?”

“However, there will be more people dying if we drag this on…”

“Even if you go, you are only courting your own death. Think about some good countermeasures and then move to act again. Or wait until the day after tomorrow night after you contact your master and listen to what he says.”

I secretly sighed. Miss Daiyu was right. What did I really have to fight with the enemy? If not because of the Thumb Sword Qi, even one Purple Haired Zombie could take my life! In fact, I was really, extremely weak…


I still thought that this hospital had something very strange, but since Miss Daiyu did not say anything, I did not mention this as it might be only my illusion.

There were only a few patients in this hospital wing. It was because most of the weaker patients had died suddenly. So, there were many vacant beds. I hadn’t rest for too long and felt very sleepy right now, so I asked Jiannan to take the watch of Feng Nian while I found an empty bed in the next ward and rested.

Having slept until 6 AM of the next morning, I went back to Feng Nian’s ward. She still hadn’t woken up and was still fainted. Right now, the doctors basically didn’t have many patients to attend because after the ‘plague’ outbreak, there were only a few patients that could last more than three days.

Feng Nian was still had on her protective amulet, thus the Yin qi had no effect on her and her Yang fires were fairly exuberant. For now, it seemed that she was not in danger.

Still, I couldn’t help but always feel that this hospital has something strange although I really couldn’t find out where the strangeness was, which even Miss Daiyu did not see. Was I really worrying about nothing? At this time, I saw Feng Nian slowly opened her eyes and then look around before she asked in a weak tone, “Where is this?”

“We’re in the hospital. How do you feel? Any better?”

“Here is the hospital?”

“Well, are you hungry? Want me to buy some porridge or drink?”

“No, take me immediately, this is not a hospital!”

I touched Feng Nian’s head and said, “You have a fever? What nonsense are you speaking? If this is not the hospital, where can it be?”

Feng Nian smacked my hand and weakly spoke, “This is not a hospital, a hospital should have the smell of disinfectant, but this place has none of it. It seems that there is some kind of strange smell!”

After such a reminder from her, I finally woke up. That’s right! I finally found the strangeness here, there was no smell of disinfectant! From childhood to present, disasters had always been my buddies, due to my Red Arrow fate mark and made me the hospital’s loyal patron. So, I really had a better understanding of the hospital’s characteristic. Right, there was indeed something wrong! Then, with an alert mood, I spoke, “Yes, there are no disinfectant smells, but here is indeed the hospital. Ah! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Jiannan.” I pointed to Jiannan, Miss Daiyu, and the others.

Feng Nian closed her eyes and weakly said, “Everybody has come… pest, can you help me walking out? I want to talk to you about last night’s matter.”

“Last night? What happened last night?”

“You tell me! What did you do to me last night?”

“But, that is because you ordered me… Ah!” I replied vaguely and quickly frowned. I was really confused, I couldn’t guess what this woman would want to do.

“Help me out to the exit and we’ll talk there.”

I thought for a moment and then spoke to Miss Daiyu, “Miss, you wait here first. I’m going out to talk about some private matter with her.” Having spoken, I propped up Feng Nian. But her body was in a really weak condition, she couldn’t even simply stand up. But, I could only pick her up and walk outward.

Feng Nian’s hands clung around my neck and, as her mouth affixed to my ear, she whispered, “Hold me and take me outside to the sunlight.”

I took her out of the ward. And when we arrived at the elevator door, Feng Nian spoke, “Stop.”

“What happened?” I asked coldly.

“You idiot, I intentionally let you take me out.” Feng Nian spoke, “I ask you, how did they come here? Did you call them?”


“When did you call the taxi?” Feng Nian’s head leaned against my shoulder and asked in a weak voice.

“We took the taxi when we just came out from the freezer warehouse,” I honestly replied.

“They are illusions. The taxi you were riding is an illusion and here is not a hospital. From when you called a taxi, you’ve been seeing illusions…”

I frowned slightly, “But a nurse had your wounds bandaged last night.”

“My wounds haven’t been bandaged yet. If you don’t believe me, you can touch it… In short, this place is not a hospital. What you saw since last night is either an illusion or a ghost. Fortunately, I have a protective talisman, so all ghosts wouldn’t dare to approach me. Otherwise, I would have been dead last night. Have you ever heard of a monster called ‘Illusion Demon’? It can drown people into a deep illusion and is very powerful. There is a 98% chance or above that people will die in its illusion world.”

Illusion Demon? I had never heard about it, but it seemed very powerful judging from Feng Nian’s description, so I asked, “What do you mean? Are we in a dreamland?”

Feng Nian corrected my conjecture, “Illusion is not a dream, but a fairyland. The Illusion Demon can confuse the human brain and let us see illusions. This place is not a hospital, but some other place and we must quickly leave this illusion space to be safe.”

“But how can we escape from here?”

“I don’t know. It depends entirely on you. Because I’m quite weak now, I cannot help you.”

“It depends on me? But neither have I ever heard about this Illusion Demons nor do I know how to leave this illusion space.” I whispered.

But, there was no reply from Feng Nian.

“Miss Feng, Miss Feng?”

It turned out that she had fainted.

What a pity that I had just misunderstood her. Were Miss Daiyu and Jiannan really only illusions? If this was the case, I mustn’t go back to find them since each and every conjectures Feng Nian had made were correct. It seemed this time was also no exception. Besides, from last night, I did really feel that there was something wrong with this hospital.

Could it be that this Illusion Demon and the evil mastermind were in cahoots? But, why did it just confuse us and did not directly kill us? Could it be that this Illusion Demon had no helper? We must escape as soon as possible to be safe. Otherwise, it would be the time of our death when the Illusion Demons had any helper.

But how could we leave this illusion space? Feng Nian might have given me a difficult problem. ‘Just leave the hospital’… Was it even possible? Would it be possible to use the Yin Eyes and enter the Opening Eye state to be able to see some special things here? Then, I put Feng Nian down to the ground, pulled out a Sun Charm from my pocket and extinguished my shoulders’ Yang fire. However, I found that the surroundings were just like before and there were no changes here. So, I picked Feng Nian up and walked along the stairs downward.

While walking, I was pondering. This Illusion Demon was able to even summon Miss Daiyu’s and Jiannan’s appearances into this illusion space. It should have absolutely used my memory to do that. Then, if I wanted to break it, I could…

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 60~~~~~~~~~~

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