LDP – Ch 59

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TLDP C059. Two Purple Haired Zombies

I wielded the sledgehammer and whirled it at my back, pounding the Purple Haired Zombie with this 80 Yuan child.

Or so I thought. Who would have imagined that the Purple Haired Zombie was very nimble and actually knew how to avoid an attack!? It jumped backward and avoided a heavy blow!

Because I wrenched the sledgehammer too powerfully, it hit the floor, shocking and numbing my arms. The Purple Haired Zombie took advantage of this opportunity and rushed at me. Heavens, run!

I threw the sledgehammer and ran around the freezer warehouse. I wanted to call Jiannan while running, but my phone being a touch screen onein addition to my fast running and this freezer warehouse being too coldmade it very difficult before I finally found Jiannan’s number. I then dialed the number and after it rang five times, the phone call was picked up, “Hey, Big Brother, I’m still taking a bath, I cannot speak ah… toot ~ toot ~ toot ~ toot ~” He hung up and did not give me the opportunity to speak.

What the f**k with this shower?

Was it easy for me to make a phone call? Why the hell had you not had a shower earlier and decided to take a bath at this time!? But since the Purple Haired Zombie would catch up to me, I didn’t have time to redial, so I shouted a question, “Miss Feng, how are you over there? How long can you deal with it? I’m waiting for your help!”

“I also want you to help me, I had spent my True Primordial Qi a few days ago and it’s yet to be restored…”

Wasn’t this just forcing me to use the Thumb Sword Qi? I had just promised Miss Daiyu this morning that I would avoid using it…No, it’s not good. I could not be too dependent on that move. I still had the charms and my innate force!

Thinking about it, I quickly took out a Sun Charm from my pocket and when the Purple Haired Zombie was about to catch me, I suddenly ignited the Sun Charm and threw it at his face!

While he was in a daze, I turned around to kick the Purple Haired Zombie and downed him to the floor, then jumped over his body, taking out a screwdriver in my waist and trying to pierce his eyes.

When I was about to succeed, the Purple Haired Zombie’s arms lifted me up. This thing was really powerful! My weight with the lead bars was more than two hundred kilos, but he was actually able to lift me up and flung me this far…

I was thrown and could only see a halo and stars. I unceasingly wriggled and rolled to the right and left, looking for a chance to get up as I stimulated my innate force to make my right hand completely turn into a flame hand and then rushed up.

Did you really want me to give you some lessons? When was I, your patriarch, only a weak and small vegetarian?

I bent over to dodge the Purple Haired Zombie’s arms that swept at me and swiftly moved behind him. Then, I used my right hand to grab his hair. However, since his Yin qi was too heavy, it simply didn’t burn. Did you really want to force this patriarch to use the Thumb Sword Qi???

Just at this time, several flashlights’ lights came from the warehouse’s door.

Oops! We were found out! I wasn’t worried about being taken away by the police, but if ordinary people came in, they would probably be killed by these Purple Haired Zombies.

I extinguished the innate force in my hand because other people must not find out about this ability. I dodged to the side to avoided the attack while shouting at them, “Don’t come in! Leave immediately! There is a monster here! If you don’t want to die, quickly leave!”

Who would have thought that those flashlights would move even faster to my side!? I secretly grunted, you were really not afraid of death, eh? I couldn’t stop this Purple Haired Zombie. Even if more ordinary people came here, what was the use?

A few people soon came near, one of them then shouted, “It turned out to be that legendary Purple Haired Zombie!”

I quickly recalled the voice and it seemed that it was from a few people from the Taoist Association this morning, they actually had found this place. Obviously, there were some experts in their team.

There were five of them before, but there were only three people now. And they seemingly acted separately. These three people held peach wooden swords and other props and quickly joined the fray to help me attack the Purple Haired Zombie. Although these three were gray-haired old men, their martial arts were very powerful. Then, I glanced at them and spoke, “Thank you, several elders, for the help, but there is also another Purple Haired Zombie which is being engaged by my friend and I have to look at the situation over there.” I didn’t wait for them to answer and quickly came out from the fight as I hurriedly grabbed the sledgehammer and the flashlight nearby to rush towards Feng Nian’s location.

Feng Nian was in a very dangerous situation right now. Her back had been scratched and blood stained the gym suit. Her clothes were already tornexposing her delicate skinbut I didn’t have the time to even appreciate it as I brandished the sledgehammer to rush over her and shouted, “Miss Feng, draw back! Leave him to me!”

Learning from the fight before, I didn’t use much power to swing the sledgehammer. This time, I learned to be smarter and not ruthlessly swirl it. As soon as Feng Nian drew back, I’ll let this Purple Haired Zombie taste this sledgehammer’s might. I swayed the sledgehammer to the Purple Haired Zombie’s head and swept it away. Sure enoughas I had expectedthe Purple Haired Zombie moved behind me. But I also had some tricks up my sleeve as I took a Sun Charm with my other hand, quickly ignited it and threw it at the Purple Haired Zombie’s face.

Yes, I just repeated that trick from before.

The Purple Haired Zombie this time did not hide behind my back and as the Sun Charm hit his face, it became quite stunned. So, I took this opportunity and whirled around my sledgehammer to smash the aligned Purple Haired Zombie’s head behind me…


The Purple Haired Zombie got hit! A strong force made this Purple Haired Zombie fall to the floor as I then rushed forward and pounded the Purple Haired Zombie’s head fiercely! But this nasty thing jumped up as I then smashed it again. Feng Nian at the side spoke weakly, “Pest, since you can do this little trick, it’s a pity that you didn’t become a rural worker.”

I reluctantly flipped my eyes and ignored her, while continuing to pound the Purple Haired Zombie when he was still recovering to quickly exterminate this thing by smashing his skull powerfully. It seemed that he also could not withstand these continuous blows since he no longer tried to jump anymore. It’s likely that the Yin qi in his head was chaotic after getting hammered.

Feng Nian touched the wound on her back and smelled it. She then spoke with a weak voice, “It’s really poisonous, I’m afraid it will be troublesome later if I don’t quickly seize the time to suck this poison or take the antidote, but my True Primordial Qi has been spent. What to do now…?” She couldn’t help but take a glance at the man waving the sledgehammer there and continued murmuring and whispering, “Can I let that pest help me suck this poison? But it’s not good, he already has a woman… However, the ancient divination had showed that him and I…”

I was in a smashing frenzy and suddenly heard Feng Nian’s weak voice, “Hey nasty, I have been poisoned.”


Even being pounded with my godly kung fu, the Purple Haired Zombie unexpectedly could even jump up as his palms swept away and almost penetrated my chest. I hurriedly stepped backward and was greatly shocked. This damned thing really is anti-hit resistance. Had it been a normal human, his skull would have been crushed by my sledgehammer. But this haired monster was not even scratched. Heavens, this was really killing me!

Feng Nian said that she was poisoned and it couldn’t be delayed anymore. It seemed that I must solve this Purple Haired Zombie with my Thumb Sword Qi!

I quickly retracted backward while throwing the Sun Charm at him as I quickly stimulated my True Qi…

Forty seconds later, I directed the Purple Haired Zombie to a corner. Because the suffocation time was too long, I got a nosebleed. But I had no time to clean it and quickly pointed my thumb at the Purple Haired Zombie. The Thumb Sword Qi then shot out.

“Bang!” The Purple Haired Zombie exploded as his body instantly split into pieces.

Humph! Even if you were so powerful how could you ever withstand the power missile’s might, right? The previous Purple Haired Zombie, wasn’t it also solved by Chen Haotian using a sniper rifle? Since these firearms had yet to exist in ancient times, the zombies’ invulnerability wasof coursedifficult to deal with. But, in this present era, they were not that fearsome anymore. Even if their body was made from iron, you can also use firearms and blast them.

I used this Thumb Sword Qi twice in a short time and the blood flowed unceasingly from my nose. This really wasn’t a good sign. This time, I really suppressed it and held back to the limit. By these reasons, I shouldn’t have had nosebleeds and it seemed that the side effect had been slowly manifesting. Later on, I really had to lessen the use of this move or else I would have to throw my life away and die on the streets…

I went toward Feng Nian nearby, squatted and said, “Miss Feng, don’t worry. I’ll take you to the hospital immediately!”

Ah, this poison must be extracted quickly, it could kill me otherwise! The fight just now has spent my True Primordial Qi and I could only use a little bit of the remaining qi to seal the tendons and blood vessels near the wound to prevent the virus from spreading. Hurry, do it. I cannot withstand for too long in this state.”

“But, Miss Feng, this is not good, men and women cannot touch each other like this…” I swept her back twice and spoke awkwardly.

“Nasty, I haven’t said anything and yet a big man like you is being so coy. The wound is on my back, not on my face, so you don’t need to…please, hurry up. If you don’t suck it, I will die.”

Although Feng Nian might agree to let me suck it, but I was afraid that she would be attached to me… Then, I thought that even though I wanted to be more than that, I knew that I was not an outstanding man. With such outstanding makings and superior abilities, how could Feng Nian ever have a liking for me? It seemed that since I must suck it, then I should suck it. Else, delaying it would kill her.

Although Feng Nian’s appearance was really outstanding, I didn’t have any thoughts of her because my personal feelings were quite single-minded and once I liked someone, I wouldn’t think about a second one. And, for me, that someone was undoubtedly Xu Xiaoling…

The zombie had given Feng Nian three deep bloodstains and I had sucked the poison on her back more than ten times before Feng Nian weakly spoke, “Yes, it’s enough. You don’t need to suck it any longer.”

I quickly stopped and looked at Feng Nian’s deathly pale complexion. Her eyes were closed and she had already fainted!

I hurriedly hugged and held her up, walking to the warehouse’s entrance. She was bleeding so much and added to so much blood that I had sucked out, it would be strange if she didn’t faint. But now I must go to the hospital to get her wound bandaged. Otherwise, even if she didn’t die due to poison, she could die from excessive bleeding.

When we were passing the three old men, they were still fighting with the Purple Haired Zombie, so I shouted, “Three elders, I have exterminated the Purple Haired Zombie back there, can you deal with this Purple Haired Zombie?”

The hot-tempered old man replied, “No problem if our three people together cannot kill him, it means that we were just living dogs these past years. We will kill him within ten minutes!”

“Three elders, my friend has been injured and is bleeding too much; I must immediately send her to the hospital to dress her wounds. This morning, we have exchanged our numbers. I will contact several elders later.”

The hot-tempered old man quickly replied, “No problem, go quickly.”

I nodded and no longer delayed as I carried Feng Nian out. When we were on the road, we stopped a taxi. And, under the driver’s strange gaze, we finally came nearby the Fourth Hospital of Qingtian City. However, as we entered the hospital, I couldn’t help but feel that there seemed to be a somewhat strange atmosphere here…

~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 59~~~~~~~~~~

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