LDP – Ch 58

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TLDP C058: Getting Frightened in the Freezer Warehouse

Feng Nian drove the car as we went to the places we visited last night which had very heavy Yin qi. Since there were many small lanes nearby, we had to walk on foot. Feng Nian took a small handbook which had the drawing of an Eight Trigrams chart. While observing the terrain, she marked something on the Eight Trigrams chart. Thus, we stopped from time to time for one hour to walk around in circles. Feng Nian then lifted her short hair from her shoulders, saying, “What a difficult and strange formation layout. The Dead, The Scared, and The Injured. These three ominous great gates rely on one another to mutually enhance the five elements and completely block The Opening, The Resting, and The Living, these three good fortune gates …”

I was somewhat embarrassed and asked her, “Miss Feng, could say it in simple words? I couldn’t understand it.”

These are the eight gates: The Resting, The Living, The Wounded, The Restricted, The Circumstances, The Dead, The Scared, and The Opening. Since you have not studied these things, you clearly won’t understand. To put it simply, my guess is entirely accurate. The grave is only a pretext, the opposite party’s true intention is the other three places and this is one of them.”

Actually, what does the opposite party want to do?”

I don’t know. It could be to foster ghosts and zombies. Don’t be noisy, let me calculate this place’s crux spot.” Having said that, Feng Nian drew on the book and frowned from time to time and stopped the pen’s tip before actually writing anything.

We were here for about two hours and it’s already past 5:00 PM now. Since I hadn’t eaten anything all day, I felt that I was a little hungry. Therefore, I suggested, “Miss Feng, let’s eat something first.”

Feng Nian didn’t even lift her head and said, “If it’s your treat, I will.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “OK, no problem!”

Then, Jiannan called. He said that they already went back and that although they found some strange places, they actually had not found any clues. So I told them to stay in the villa as we were still looking for a few features here and told them that we would go back after investigating for a while when we finished dinner and that we wouldn’t go back too late. I also told them to send the message to Miss Daiyu, as to not let her worry.

Ten minutes later.

We sat in a noodle shop as Feng Nian slightly opened her mouth and asked in a surprised tone, “You, you’re asking a girl to eat this kind of thing? You are too stingy! To think that I have been busy helping you.”

I lightly coughed twice and spoke, “But there is no big shop around here; except for this noodle shop, there is only the snack one. If you don’t like eating noodles, do you want to change then?”

Well, forget it. You’re obviously very rich, but actually so stingy,” Feng Nian continued complaining, “What’s the use of saving that much money?”

I imitated Jiannan’s expressions and tones, saying, “It’s certainly very useful. Later, after I marry a wife, I must buy the house. Wouldn’t it need money?”

Feng Nian made a grimace expression while continuing to lower her head to study that Eight Trigrams chart. Feng Nian seemingly didn’t plan to go when she finished eating the steaming hot noodles as she bit the pen in her mouth and seemed to think about something, so I teased her, “If you haven’t eaten to the full, I’ll buy you another bowl. Eating the pen would be bad for your health.”

Feng Nian stared at me first before she continued lowering her head to study the chart.

Fortunately, there were not many people having a meal in this shop. Therefore, even though we had been occupying this table, the shop owner had not said anything.

Because Feng Nian’s appearance was outstanding, in addition to her lovable appearance when biting the pen’s tip, the turning heads rate reached as high as 100%. After sitting for more than three hours, group after group of visitors had gone and the only people left here were only us at our table. Feng Nian hesitated for more than three hours before drawing a circle in a blueprint position on the chart and finally spoke, “It’s here!”

I yawned and asked, “You’ve found it?”

Yup, let’s go.”

Having paid for the meal, we left the noodle shop and after we walked for more than ten minutes, Feng Nian led me to warehouse’s gate as I then used my phone to illuminate the place and saw two big red-colored words at the side: Freezer Warehouse.

Feng Nian thought aloud, “It won’t be wrong, it’s here. Let’s try to find the solution and go in!”

I looked at the iron-chain-locked warehouse and said, “But Miss Feng, we don’t have the key.”

I have the means and since now is the evening, we can just sneak in secretly.”

I was somewhat silent for a while and replied, “Hasn’t your Master taught you that this behavior is wrong?”

If it is urgent, we must take emergency measures. Quick, blast the chain with your technique!”

Me?” I pointed at my nose and exclaimed, “Didn’t you say that you had the means?”

Feng Nian casually replied, “My means is letting you get rid of it.”

I was really speechless for a while, then spoke, “My move is too powerful; it would cause the entire warehouse gate to be destroyed. No, we can’t do it tonight or else we will be arrested by the police, understood?”

Pest, then tell me how to manage it.”

I say that we must buy two pliers and break off the chain’s lock. When we come out, we can restore its original condition.”

Such a thick chain, can you really break off the lock?”


Half an hour later, under Feng Nian’s surprised vision, I broke off the chain’s lock. Certainly, I was also tired and sweating profusely. A while ago, Feng Nian and I went to the hardware store to buy two pliers, two flashlights, a screwdriver, and a sledgehammer. Because there were zombies inside, the Taoist charms could not play a major role, but the sledgehammer would be very great. Once I wielded this sledgehammer, I could give the zombies an absolutely earthshaking move.

Fortunately, the freezer warehouse was located in a remote lane and there were no zombies nearby. Otherwise, our stealthy actions could have been already discovered by someone.

When we opened the warehouse’s front door, cold air was blowing as I then looked at Feng Nian’s thin clothes and spoke, “Miss Feng, the temperature inside is too low. I’ll go in to take a look first and you wait outside. If you fell ill because of cold, it wouldn’t be good.”

It’s alright. Let’s go in together and take a look. If there is anything powerful inside, you wouldn’t be able to deal with it.” Then, Feng Nian turned on the flashlight and walked inside.

As to avoid being found, I had closed the warehouse’s front door and held the flashlight while carrying along the sledgehammer to follow her inside.

This sledgehammer was more than a meter long and more than ten kilos in weight. If one were to be hit by this, his skull would absolutely be broken.

The freezer warehouse’s interior was very cold. I was better since I wore a long-sleeve gym suit all day, fortunately. But Feng Nian was not good, as she hugged her shoulders and her flashlight illuminated to the right and left randomly, she was seemingly feeling very cold. As I was a man who was obviously wearing long sleeved clothes, it would seem that I had no demeanor if I did not take them off and give it to her. But, I would be exposed to this cold if I were to take them off.

If it were Xu Xiaoling, I definitely would take them without hesitation. Chances were, I could have hugged her…

Well, forget it. Feng Nian had also helped me a lot recently, so I will give the clothes to her.

Therefore, I put down the sledgehammer and the flashlight, took off the gym suit and gave it to Feng Nian and said, “Hey, put this on. I know that you are freezing…I am being very generous here. Later, you cannot call me the mean-spirited man again.”

Feng Nian received the gym suit and spoke, “You not letting me call you this is mean-spirited.”

I turned speechless again. Had I known you would put on my clothes and still say I was still stingy, I wouldn’t have given it to you…

I was still wearing a vest as the lead bars were tied on my arms. Each arm had four lead bars, each one weighing 5 kilos. I had long been accustomed to these lead bars and at the critical moment, it could also be used to resist an attack. It was precisely because I brought the lead bars every day that my strength was quite powerful. Otherwise, it would also be almost impossible to break off the chain’s lock.

This freezer warehouse’s interior was very spacious. There were rows of shelves and boxes of goods, and since we hadn’t found any lamp switch here, we can only use the flashlight to seek slowly. It was very cold which made me unable to distinguish clearly whether it was Yin qi or the air conditioning. While we moved forward and searched at the same time, we suddenly heard some faint sounds at the left front. I immediately put the flashlight to that side. Feng Nian was also very keen as she made a similar movement.

She made a hand signal, hinting me to stay here as she went forward to find out.

I nodded. After all, I had yet to open the Yin eye and couldn’t see any ghosts. But Feng Nian and Jiannan weren’t the same as they could see ghosts. Moreover, her skill was much better than mine, so I did not raise an objection.

Feng Nian walks forward slowly, my attention also focused on her movements. At this time, I suddenly felt that something was at my back! When I instinctively bent down, a thing maliciously hit my body and knocked me down to the floor. I quickly stood up and flashed the flashlight backward. I found that a body covered with dark red fur stood at my previous position.

A Purple Haired Zombie!

According to the “Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation”, the long haired zombies were divided into five ranks: black, white, green, purple, and red. Although these zombies had died, their hairs would unceasingly grow. Everybody knew that human hair was black. Therefore, the lowest level zombies would have black hair and after the absorbed Yin qi increased, their hair’s color would change. A purple haired one was already a very fierce existence! This could be miserable. Previously, that Purple Haired Zombie was dealt by Miss Daiyu, Chen Haotian collaborated and me…although I basically didn’t have enough strength at that time.

It’s unimportant, it’s unimportant. I quickly calmed my mind. I still had my unique skill to preserve my life, the Thumb Sword Qi!

While I consoled myself, a light was also transmitted from Feng Nian’s direction and looking through her flashlight’s illumination, I found that unexpectedly, there was also a Purple Haired Zombie there! Holy shit, had the Purple Haired Zombies already been so many that they even filled the streets?

The Purple Haired Zombie over here rushed over to me and made me startled. I quickly rolled on the floor to avoid its attack and simultaneously shouted at Feng Nian, “Miss Feng, be careful!”

Feng Nian used that light martial arts to fight with the Purple Haired Zombie over there and replied at the same time, “Take care of yourself.”

Looking at the Purple Haired Zombie which attacked me, a tear almost fell off from my eyes.

This was the Purple Haired Zombie and it was not cabbage! How could we have gotten two of them? The Purple Haired Zombie was very ferocious as both of its hands splashed to my chest. I recalled that previously in General Long Chen’s tomb, the Green Haired Zombies even pierced through the bodyguard’s body! It was needless to say that the Purple Haired Zombie was definitely fiercer!

There were shelves around me and I had nowhere to dodge, so I could only lift both of my arms.

The Purple Haired Zombie’s hands then stamped on the lead bars on my arms as my body was drawn back several steps and I just fell back to the sledgehammer nearby. I quickly grabbed the sledgehammer and pounded the Purple Haired Zombie’s head with all my might.

~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 58~~~~~~~~~~

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