LDP – Ch 57

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TLDP C057. The Phantasm Rain Pavilion and Rain Pedicure Clinic

“But Miss, I haven’t had any problems using it before, except when I was suppressing my True Qi. I felt like my lungs were about to burst out. But after releasing the Sword Qi, as long as I rest for a while, it will restore again” I explained to her after all, this was my most powerful technique and I didn’t want to give it up.

Murong Daiyu spoke, “The reason that you have yet to have problems is because you only use it for a few times and your body is much stronger that ordinary people. But if you continue to practice it, the negative effects will gradually manifest. For example, someone is practicing and hit sandbags for years. When he is still young, his hand cannot feel any pain, but the more he practices the more severe his hidden injuries would root in. Then, when he becomes older, every time he moves his hand’s joints, he would feel extreme pain. That’s particularly why you shouldn’t practice it, think about it.”

I didn’t speak. Miss Daiyu was right, maybe I didn’t feel anything now, but such a True Qi suppression method would certainly cause a big burden on my internal organs and would slowly manifest in the future. I nodded and said, “I know, should it not be for a critical and urgent moment, I will not use this technique again. Oh, by the way, Miss, have you heard of the Phantasm Rain Pavilion?”

“The Phantasm Rain Pavilion?” Murong Daiyu repeated my words. Her eyebrows twitched and asked, “Do you want to have a pedicure treatment?”

Puff… I almost fell to the ground, what relation would the Phantasm Rain Pavilion have with pedicure? Could it be that the Phantasm Rain Pavilion which could fright the Xu Family’s head actually a pedicure clinic? I asked in disbelieve, “Miss, do you know this organization?”

“What organization? It’s only a pedicure clinic in the Qiling City’s urban district. I used to stroll around there.” Murong Daiyu casually replied.

Is this pedicure clinic really the Phantasm Rain Pavilion which greatly frightened the Xu Family’s head? I asked for the pedicure clinic’s detailed address, and after we returned back, I must pay a visit there! Miss Daiyu and I chatted for a while before we returned to the villa.

Jiannan was leaning against the gate and was chatting with a ghost. Upon seeing us return, Jiannan spoke, “Big Brother, I just chatted with a ghost a moment ago, it said it had just ran away from the cemetery because several powerful Daoist priests killed a lot of ghosts there.”

What?! The bleeding big sister was still there to absorb Yin qi. Could she run into danger? Murong Daiyu seeing my anxious looks, whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll go there to see.” After saying that, her figure then vanished.

Miss Daiyu would soon enter the reincarnation cycle and I was afraid that she would encounter danger, so I hurriedly ran and banged on Feng Nian’s door. I really felt sorry for her since she was just slept and was abruptly awakened by me. She rubbed her face before she spoke with a face full of being wronged, “Toad, what the hell are you doing?”

“Miss Feng, please help drive me to the Shi Family’s cemetery, I have an urgent matter, please.” I anxiously begged.

“Okay, then you wait here. I want to change clothes first, wash my face, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. Master says that girls must be neatly dressed up before going out.

Shit, waiting for what, was there still some time to wait? I didn’t care about anything anymore and quickly grabbed Feng Nian’s hand and dragged her downstairs. Feng Nian shouted in alarmed, “Hey, let me go… ah, pest, I’m still wearing pajamas…”


Feng Nian with pouted lips drove me and Jiannan as we finally arrived at the cemetery. I saw five people who were besieging Murong Daiyu! I quickly jumped out of the car and roared, “STOP!!!”

A middle-aged man that was about to join the fray glanced at me and asked, “Are you also a Taoist priest? Why are you stopping us?”

“That ghost is my good friend.”

“Is it because of you? In order to raise a ghost, let the Yin qi cover the whole city?” The middle-aged man thought aloud.

My eyebrows twitched and said, “Don’t make false accusations, I’m a legitimate Taoist successor, this ghost is a good one and will not injure people, please stop immediately!” If they didn’t stop, I will kill them all with my Thumb Sword Qi! They dared to attack Miss Daiyu, didn’t this touch the bottom line and invite the wrath of the emperor?

The middle-aged man thought for a while and shouted, “Everybody stop!” They stopped the attack, as Murong Daiyu then returned to my side. I asked her, “Miss, are you injured?”

“I’m fine, but Sun Shumei got sealed by them.”

The bleeding big Sister was sealed up? I looked at those five people and said, “Honorable seniors, you also sealed another friend of mine, please let her out, I don’t want to clash with you.”

A bearded old man replied, “Junior you really have great tone, you don’t know that fostering ghosts violates the Taoist taboo? Having raised so many high leveled ghosts, why don’t you admit your crimes?”

I looked at the old man and retorted back, “What kind of people are you then? Wantonly killing others, without considering the rights and wrongs, are you not a bad person yourself? There are good and bad people, ghosts are also the same. Yet you wantonly and carelessly kill ghosts which are equal to carelessly murder people. What qualifications do a group of executioners get to judge me that I am guilty?”

The bearded old man’s temper sparked and was about to burst his curse out as his cursed at me, but he was quickly stopped by the middle-aged man. That middle-aged man seemed to be these people’s leader. He said, “Child, we also understand the truth you’ve said, but you also see, the ghosts have been gathering in Qingtian City. After they absorb the Yin qi, their strength will inevitably increase. And for the world, this would become a calamity. The balance of Yin and Yang has been turned upside and down. We have no time to investigate which ghosts are good or bad. Since time is very urgent we would rather mistakenly kill and not let them off. But if some ghosts look like they are a good, we seal them up. As for those that are vicious, we directly exterminate them!”

Since the other’s tone and attitude was amiable, I also could not challenge them again. So I also changed my attitude and bowed, “Several Seniors, you are good people. My name is Li Xiaoling, and I’m studying under a Taoist descent, the Niu School. “

“Well, we are the Taoist Association and we come here especially to deal with this Yin qi.” The middle-aged man then said, “Since we are all Taoist descents, then we should join hands. Lao Qi, release his ghost.”

They had unsealed several ghosts and displayed them one by one. The bleeding big sister was then released after the ninth time. After seeing that the bleeding big sister was alright, I briefly told everything that had happened in the last few days again, including the matter that I was employed by Boss Shi. Then about the zombies and so on. But I didn’t tell them about the powerful Demon Zombie or about Feng Nian.

We exchanged contacts method with each other. They said that they must use a formation array method to seal the Yin qi around the tomb. But whatever means they want to solve it, I disinclined to pay any attention, so our group then directly returned back to the villa.

Feng Nian talked to me with a face full of displeased expression, “Pest, I’m going to sleep. If you disturb me again, I’ll beat you!

I quickly gave an OK consent twice and told her that it wouldn’t happen again. I realized that I was a bit too excessive before. She was also still wearing pajamas and was grabbed and taken away by me, the coolies…

While sitting on the sofa, I asked the bleeding big sister, “Big sister, how is your practice these days?”

The big sister gloomily replied, “Good, my strength has been promoted by more than ten times ~ ~”

In just a few days? Her strength improved this much? It seemed that Miss Daiyu was really a good teacher. I nodded with satisfaction and said, “That’s good, big sister, you continue to practice and use this opportunity to promote your strength further.”

Miss Daiyu said, “Then, practice nearby this place. Now, not only are a large number ghosts gathered in Qingtian City, but also to a lot of experts. For safety reasons, she and I also shouldn’t leave too far.”

Right, Miss Daiyu’s word reminded of those people a moment ago, so I asked, “Miss, those people a moment ago, how powerful are they? They look very powerful.”

“Compared to your master, they are far worse. Even if those five people were to fight together, they would barely be able to fight to a tie with your master.”

“My master is that powerful?”

“Well, your master’s perception is exceptionally excellent. His practice in mastering Taoist techniques is very fast. Even when he was very young, he was able to handle the most important tasks alone. When he reached the mid of his youth, he reached the peak of Taoism. He even had killed a Corpse Devil. Can you say that he’s not powerful?”

Corpse Devil? It’s one of the most difficult evil spirits to subdue, and was ranked fourth on the list! The old swindler was really powerful; it seemed that he indeed had an excellent perception. Otherwise, the Netherworld’s supreme expert wouldn’t have taken a liking to him.

But from this calculation, it meant that those five men’s joint-force was equally powerful with the old swindler. So it was to be said that they must not be underestimated! Miss Daiyu might look down on them because she was with the old swindler for too long and had a relatively high standard. Even the weakest of those five people was a Taoist expert, and far from my match.

Now that I knew more about the old swindler’s stuff and made my confidence in him grew higher. I wondered about the other pleasant surprises that the current old swindler could give me.


It was raining now. Jiannan was standing in the doorway and was wearing a western scholar attire and big green pants with hands crossed behind his back as he looked at the moon in the sky. Looking at his back, there was some kind of particular transcendental mood. I couldn’t help but muse, could this idiot be suffering from a relapse? Sure enough, his low and deep voice then passed on, “Fall down, fall down, I want to blossom…”

I really couldn’t bear it anymore and a pair of slippers flew to his back…

Last night, hundreds of people suddenly died at home, and now the entire Qingtian City was in a great disturbance. Rumors reverberated as a plague was in outbreak. Even a lot of frightened people had fled abroad to seek asylum. And then, a big blockhead I didn’t know from where, gave a bullshit lecture on TV, “I suspect that the plague which sweeps Qingtian City is SARS ** virus variant SBSS…”

I quickly received a call from Xu Xiaoling and Mom, exhorting that I must come back quickly as to avoid getting infected with the SBSS virus. So I told them to feel relieved that there was no SBSS virus.

Upon listening to these rumors, Boss Shi was terrified and asked for several Sun Charms to be worn on his body, so I comforted him and said, “Boss Shi, don’t worry, this villa doesn’t have any Yin qi.” How could there be no Yin qi here? For this, it’s thanks to Miss Daiyu’s intervention.

In the afternoon, I went on a trip to find Xiaohui and found that some Yin qi had seeped into her body. I left her a piece of ginseng and told her to cook soup after she went back home and to cut a little piece and add it to the soup every day. I also gave her several packages of cinnabar that were wrapped with Sun Charms.

When I returned to the villa, Feng Nian had woken up and was sitting on the sofa while watching TV. Seeing me come back, she asked, “You didn’t sleep?

“Yes, I went out for a stroll, what are they doing?” I found that Miss Daiyu, the bleeding big sister, and Jiannan were not here.

“I asked them to go to these places.” Feng Nian pointed to several painted circles on the map and continued, “I’m waiting for you. We have to go to the place we visited last night to observe the terrain.”

~~~~~~~~~~ End of Chapter 57~~~~~~~~~~

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