LDP – Ch 56

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TLDP C056. The Cemetery is Only a Decoy?

Murong Daiyu softly spoke, “A few days ago I left to deal with some private matters and suddenly sensed powerful Yin qi coming from this direction. Thus I came here to find out about it. When I just arrived at Qingtian City, I received your summoning. What actually happened here?”

I gave her the brief story about everything that happened these past few days, “Miss, originally I wanted to solve this problem myself, but now it has become so grave as to affect human life. So I can only ask for your help. Do you have a way to disperse the Yin qi?”

Murong Daiyu thought for a long time before she answered, “According to your description, that evil Daoist priest should be very powerful, he could even unexpectedly foster such damned things like zombies… as to why the Zombie Suppressor Charm is not working, it’s because the Demon Zombie is not an ordinary zombie. The Zombie Suppressor Charm is used to deal with ordinary zombies. As for the Yin qi, I also don’t have a good way for the time being. Wait for me as I will go to the cemetery over there to see the situation. Then we’ll talk again later.” After she finished speaking, Miss Daiyu’s figure flashed and disappeared.

I was slightly relieved since Miss Daiyu was here, things would certainly turn out for the better.

Feng Nian walked downstairs and asked, “Ah, that ghost just now is very powerful. Do you know her?

“Yes, I summoned her.”

“I never thought that you still had a lot of cards.” Lightly laughed, Feng Nian squinted her eyes.

I felt slightly helpless, asking, “It’s very late, how come you haven’t slept yet?”

“And you?”

“I’m doing some serious things.”

“I’m also taking care of proper matters.” She said. Feng Nian spread out the Qingtian City map in her hand and placed it on the coffee table, saying, “I studied the map and found that these three places are strange.” She used a red-ink pen to draw a circle around the three places then spoke, “The calamity formation and these three places are echoing with each other, so I’ve made some conjectures.

“Could you make it simpler? It’s too abstruse, I can’t understand it.”

“To state it simply, that evil hidden manipulator’s true goal is behind these three places, and the Shi Family’s cemetery is only a decoy. He wanted us to focus on the cemetery, thus ignoring these three places.”

“Is the true purpose is in these three places?” My brain quickly thought deeply about something, saying, “From the news a few hours ago, some people suddenly died in these three areas! Do these three places really have something wrong?”

Feng Nian looked surprised and stared at me, “Huh? I never thought that you, a stingy man, would have a keen observation and memory.”

“Then, let’s hurry to see it!” My tone was somewhat tense and anxious. I really wanted to solve this problem as fast as possible and disperse the Yin qi, so as to prevent more innocent people from dying.

Who knew that Feng Nian would shake her head, saying, “No can do, Master said that girls cannot go out at night, and must obediently stay at home.”

Good Lord! Who the hell was her master? How could he be more verbose than Tang Xuanzang? What should we do now?

This place is the villa area, and taxis were not allowed to come here. Much less, the rich had private cars, who would take a taxi? Even if I wanted to find one, I couldn’t.

Drag Boss Shi along to drive me? What a joke, he was not my driver, not to mention he was already asleep. How would I have the nerve to wake others up?

But if these three places were really the cause, more people would die tonight. I thought for a moment, saying, “Miss Feng Nian, doesn’t your master exhort you to do good deeds? The rules are dead but people are alive, help me then I will try to protect you.”

Feng Nian’s complexion was quite awkward, saying, “Master said that at night, there are many sexual harassers outside. If you can guarantee that you are not a pervert, I will go with you to find out about it ~”

“Miss Feng Nian, can’t you see the situation? How could I have that intention? Let’s go quickly, the faster we get there, a few more people perhaps can be saved.” Feng Nian naivety really can be this lovable. Had I really been a pervert, I couldn’t have told her ‘Hey, I am a pervert!’, could I?

After thinking for a short while, Feng Nian finally nodded, “Okay, I’ll trust you once.”

I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Feng Nian drove the car whilst I sat on the copilot side and sighed, saying, “After I go back home, I really must take the test to get a driver’s license.”

“What’s wrong? Don’t you, this stingy man, like to sit and let the girl drive?”

“Hey, don’t call me that, okay?”

“Bah, you are really stingy, so stingy to even forbid others from speaking.” Feng Nian’s mouth flatted, saying, “If you don’t want to sit, I will stop the car.”

I was so speechless, and quickly spoke, “Big sister, I didn’t say I won’t sit, ah!”

“Who is your big sister? I’m not even older than you.”

I quickly acted like spoiling her, saying, “Okay, okay, okay, younger sister, this is my fault, okay?”

“Now, that’s good enough.”


When we arrived at the target location, the place was a residential area and it was just like what Feng Nian had said, the Yin qi in this place was denser than other places. But unfortunately, even after a few hours of searching, we did not find anything unusual. Feng Nian then spoke, “It’s too dark, I can’t see the terrain and the surrounding pattern. Well, it’s your fault as to make us come so late. Master says if a girl doesn’t go to bed early, the skin will fold out.”

I was really dumbfounded. Feng Nian’s master was really a talented person ah… If I had the opportunity I really want to know his ability once in awhile… We had been sweeping around for several hours and still couldn’t find anything, instead of seeing an ambulance several times. Alas, I didn’t know how many more people died tonight…

It was already 4 AM when we returned back to the villa. When the car arrived at the villa’s gate, we found Jiannan was jogging near the gate as he usually had morning exercise with me everyday. He ran toward the car’s door and helped me open it, saying, “Big Brother, did you open the room’s door last night to leave?”


“You’re lying. I can see heavy dark circles under your eyes. I know you didn’t sleep all night, and your complexion is quite haggard and pale. It is obvious that you have done some ‘PHYSICAL WORK’ last night.” Jiannan spoke and winked at me, and intentionally marked out this ‘PHYSICAL WORK’ in such a heavy tone.

I was pretty much dumbfounded. And to be honest, I really wanted to give him a taste of my Thumb Sword Qi, so this stupid-idiotic would instantly disappear before my eyes.

Jiannan gave me his shameless laugh, “Look, I guessed it right, right? You’re speechless, am I right? But Big Brother, I want to remind you. Big Sis Xiaoling is very pretty. How could you ‘DO’ it behind Big Sis Xiaoling’s back? Although Feng Nian is also very beautiful…”

Feng Nian then got off and spoke, “Hey, what are you talking about?”

“Nothing, nothing,” I quickly replied whilst clamped Jiannan’s arm and dragged him to the courtyard, whispering, “You brat, don’t speak such a bullshit! I was going with Feng Nian to investigate this Yin qi problem.”

“Oh, OK! Got it! Big Brother, please let me go first ah! I didn’t mean to anger you.”

Just at this time, Miss Daiyu floated out from the room, so I quickly let Jiannan go and asked, “Miss, what have you found?”

Big finding” Murong Daiyu continued, “If I didn’t misread, the grave is just a cover, the culprit’s real purpose is not raising the two zombies, but there are other intentions.”

Miss Daiyu was worthily a capable woman! Actually so quick to unravel it! It seemed that Feng Nian’s conjectures were right. I raised my thumb, “Miss, you are really powerful, you can correctly observe it! Then, in your opinion, what should we do now?”

“I don’t know,” Murong Daiyu replied.

“What the…” I was choked.

Miss Daiyu continued speaking, “I don’t know how to disperse the Yin qi, for this question, you have to ask your master. He would definitely know how to solve it.”

Ask master? Was my master Niu Jintao really an expert? But thinking it over, Miss Daiyu was one of the top twenty ghosts, and master could influence her. To think that in the past, Miss Daiyu and master must have fought bitterly. Thus, it can be seen that my senior Daoist’s courage and ability was far beyond my imagination! It’s indeed imperative to contact him whilst telling him to bring Murong Daiyu along to the Netherworld world to let her reincarnate. So I nodded and said, “I’ve drawn the Communication Charm, and I’ll burn it to call master.”

I possibly had to immediately burn this charm to contact the old swindler since the last time it took three days. This time was for safety’s sake, but if I also had to wait for three days… I didn’t know how many people would die in these three days…

Then, Feng Nian came in, yawned and spoke, “I must go back to sleep, I’ll go out in the afternoon to find clues again.”

Feng Nian went back to her room to sleep while Jiannan continued his morning exercises. I walked along the streets with Miss Daiyu in some kind of low mood and depressed feeling, said, “Miss Daiyu, after I contact master this time, you can directly go to the Netherworld and enter the reincarnation cycle. Congratulations…”

“Xiaolong, even if I leave it will be alright, I had taught Sun Shumei, and later she will be your main assistant.”

Sun Shumei was the name of the bleeding big sister.

I nodded and replied, “Master has some influence in the Netherworld, and will definitely help you find a good and wealthy family to reincarnate in to. When that time comes, I will go to see your reincarnation.”

“Well, right Xiaolong, you also see, a large number of ghosts have gathered in Qingtian City, almost all the ghosts in China have gathered in Qingtian City to absorb this Yin qi. The ghost’s magical ability will definitely grow considerably. From now on, you probably have to be more careful.” Miss Daiyu’s words were as if they were a funeral farewell speech.

“I know that. Ah right, Miss, I’ve developed a unique technique and its might is comparable to a rocket launcher. I use this technique to kill a Demon Zombie.” I was slightly showing off and proud. It’s just that I wanted to cover up the sadness within my heart. She would soon leave, and for me, Miss Daiyu was a teacher as well as a friend. Since she must leave, saying that I wouldn’t be sad was definitely a lie.

“Really? Do you have such a good perception? Tell me about the specific details, how this technique of yours works?”

I told her about the Thumb Sword Qi’s principle and her complexion turned solemn, saying, “You must never use this technique again in the future!”


“The damage it incurs to your lungs are too big. If you continue to use it again, sooner or later you’ll be inflicted with pulmonary function failure. According to your description, you should first suppress your True Qi in the lung’s veins, and then direct the qi to the acupoint’s gate in your thumb to shoot it out. This coupled with your other energy, called that Innate Fire Force, makes your True Qi augment with an explosive attribute. But this technique, although you can damage the enemy, it will also injure yourself. You mustn’t use this again later…”

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 56~~~~~~~~~~

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