LDP – Ch 55

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TLDP: C.55. Summoning Miss Daiyu

Zhen Yuan >>> Primordial/True Element, I use Primordial Qi here; as for Zhen Qi >>> True Qi


Primordial Qi, she mentioned Primordial Qi.

This question had always puzzled me, what was this Primordial Qi after all? It seemingly was not True Qi either. So I asked her, “Miss Feng, what is this Primordial Qi? Is it True Qi?”

No, True Qi is just a basic and low-grade energy while Primordial Qi is a higher grade energy.

Her reply was very vague, obviously she was reluctant to say much about this. I then stood up and looked at the male Demon Zombie on the ground, asking, “What will we do with this zombie?”

Feng Nian replied, “I just made him lose the ability to act temporarily. We can burn him down. But if we kill this Demon Zombie, the person who raised it will definitely never let us go. And I’m sure that he will retaliate toward you.”

Retaliate at me?”

Yes. He definitely knows where your employer’s home is, and he could find you through your employer. But it has no relation to me whatsoever. Besides, even if he wants to look for me, he cannot find me either.

Feng Nian’s words really could make people burn in anger in minutes. And she pushed all the problems to me. I had Boss Shi’s mother’s corpse explode into pieces and that made the flesh and bones scatter everywhere. Even if I could guess that the culprit must settle this account with me. This Feng Nian spoke such exasperating words. And I didn’t have the means to even scold or hit her and could only stand in silent with an ashen feeling.

Feng Nian clearly could see my sulking and chuckled, “You’re really are a stingy man. I was just joking with you and you became instantly angry. But your angry face is quite funny, oh ~~~ well, relax, I will help you. My master let me come out to get experience and informed me to do some good deeds. And I think helping you to deal with that villain is doing good deeds too.”

You really will help me?” I asked in surprise.

Yes.” She nodded and spoke, “Go get some gasoline first, and then burn the corpse.”


Looking for gasoline must need Boss Shi’s help to find it.

It’s because my body was completely covered with blood and Feng Nian surely would refuse for me to ride her car. I didn’t have any other choice and could only carry my black backpack to walk toward Boss Shi’s car while my mind secretly pondered for a moment as how to explain the whole thing to Boss Shi.

When arrived near the Boss Shi’s car with a body fully covered with blood, Boss Shi and Jiannan quickly greeted me and asked whether I had any injuries. Boss Shi asked me with a shocked expression, saying, “What happened?”

I was preparing “the shifting target” method, so I pretended to be weak and said, “Boss Shi, your mother had turned into a powerful zombie and got me injured. However, these are not the main problems. The main problem is that I found another secret which is the true cause of your family’s tomb’s problems. Somebody has been secretly manipulating it! I found another male corpse inside the tomb! The two corpses had turned into zombies at the same time with thousands of pounds of strength stronger than ordinary people. I’m not joking about it, and if one were to hit by it, he would die without any remnants! In order to protect myself I used my magical technique and destroyed your mother’s corpse. I’m terribly sorry for this!”

Really, Boss Shi didn’t get angry with me and instead thought deeply for a while before asking, “A man’s corpse? Had some people acted behind it?”

I nodded and said, “Yes. You think about it again. Why would your mother’s corpse which was obviously buried on the right coffin five years ago then move to the left one five years later when you opened up the coffin? The grave has caused such a big problem, it was impossible for you to not see it with your own eyes, right? Moreover, it was precisely after we left here yesterday, that somehow another male corpse was in the grave, causing the calamity formation to reach its peak and let the Yin qi cover most of Qintian City!”

Upon hearing this, Boss Shi became so angry, saying, “Xiaolong, you must help me find that bastard! If you can find him, I’ll pay you 200,000 RMB! Curse this bastard, he dares to mess with my Shi family’s grave. If this old man doesn’t make him suffer to death, he would think this old man is easy to bully!”

Boss Shi, you don’t need to increase the payment. I will still help and find that person for you. But that person is very powerful and I can’t cope with him if it was only me dealing with him. We must ask Miss Feng’s help to be good.”

Oh?!” After listening to my words, Boss Shi hurriedly rushed toward Feng Nian who was walking to her car, begging, “Miss Feng, would you please help me find the mastermind? After this problem has been solved, I’m willing to pay you 200,000 RMB in reward.”

Alright.” Feng Nian casually replied. She seemingly didn’t even care about the 200,000 RMB reward.

Boss Shi quickly came back as if he wanted to ask me about his mother’s corpse. I quickly took the cattle tears out and spoke first, “Boss Shi, the bastard mastermind is really hateful. Not only is he using your family’s cemetery and made your mother turn into a Demon Zombie, but he also has brought many ghosts around your family tomb. If you don’t believe me, you take a look at it yourself.”

Boss Shi wiped the cattle tears on his eyes. The sight of the ghosts covering the earth and the sky completely scared him almost made him wet his pants! He quickly shouted, “Xiao… Xiaolong, I believe you. Turn me back to my previous condition quickly! I don’t want to see those things!”

I’m really sorry Boss Shi, but this thing’s effect would last for an hour and cannot be lifted in advance. An hour later, you can naturally be unable to see any ghosts. And now all ghosts in China should have gathered at Qingtian City, it’s all because of your family’s cemetery, ah…”


Boss Shi got a barrel of gasoline and then returned to the cemetery as I then burned all the corpses and coffins. Feng Nian said that after this problem has been solved, and that she would help Boss Shi find another good place for a cemetery.

The corpses had been burnt. However, the Yin qi had yet to disappear, although it actually stopped spreading.

It was really like Feng Nian said. That calamity formation was still intact, and even though we had burnt the corpses, the formation was not even affected. Feng Nian said that the Yin qi would stop spreading out, however, if we wanted to solve this calamity formation, she had to think about other possible means.

I let the big sister stayed in the cemetery to absorb the Yin qi, taking the opportunity since it would help her practice and later she would become a good assistance.

Boss Shi experienced the journey to cross over the “Mountain of Ghost and the Sea of Spirit” on the way back home. He hurriedly sent his son and daughter to return to their school in the other city. As long as they left Qingtian City, they would not be exposed to the shrouding Yin qi.

After his son and daughter had left, the villa had an empty room and Feng Nian also prepared to live here momentarily, because the mastermind behind the scene would possibly come to this villa at anytime. The more people here, the stronger our force would be, especially with an expert like this Feng Nian.

In the afternoon, Jiannan asked me to have a few Sun Charms and he folded them into a triangles to wrap the cinnabar inside it. He said he wanted to give it to his younger cousin, Chen Nuo, because he lived in Qingtian City’s area which was covered by Yin qi. By sticking a few Sun Charms on his body, it may effectively prevent the Yin qi from entering his body.

I said, “If you want to go out, do pay attention to two points. First, you can never speak of our true identity, tell them that you got these charms from the temple. Second, come back quickly!” After Jiannan left, I began to draw Daoist charms while my mind was puzzled as to why the Zombie Suppressor Charm did not work this morning.

Since the Zombie Suppressor Charm did not work, I changed my intention, and painted Sun Charms instead. This charm was the most commonly used and drawing more of them wouldn’t bring any harm anyway. When I was drawing the charms on the tea table, Feng Nian came over and sat on another sofa while one of her hands supported her chin, attentively watching me for more than an hour. This young master couldn’t help but blush and cough twice before asking, “Miss Feng, do I have any flowers on my face?”


If you look at it again for a while, it would soon grow out.”

What I meant was to remind her not to watch me like this. It was too embarrassing. Who would have thought that she only shortly replied, “Oh.” Then, continued staring at me intently.

This was really torturous and I could only endure it with great difficulty for two hours before I ran back and escaped to my room…

When dinner time came, I braved myself to go downstairs and fortunately, Feng Nian was no longer keeping watch on me but turned on the TV instead. The news broadcasted now was about Qingtian City, which said that the influenza virus was sweeping Qingtian City and exhorted the public to pay attention to their diet’s hygiene and did some preventive measures in advance. From last night to present, the number of patient who caught a fever in Qingtian City had reached 20,000 people.

What a bull, influenza virus. It was simply the Yin qi invading the body. The longer they were exposed to the Yin qi, the easier they would contract serious illnesses. I asked Feng Nian solemnly, “Miss Feng, how should we disperse this Yin qi? You also see that if this situation drags on for a few days more, a lot of people will die because of this.”

I know, but it’s very difficult if you want to destroy that calamity formation, just give me several days to think it over.” Feng Nian replied.

Giving you a few more days would be too late. Physically weak people can’t withstand being exposed to Yin qi for a long time. In just three days, they will contract serious illnesses and will become a patient in the hospital.” I shook my head and said that this situation must not be prolonged any longer.

Jiannan then suggested, “Big brother, then we can go to the hospital to help people by dispelling the Yin qi. Ah… we could definitely get some money out of it, and later when I marry, my future house will entirely depend on it.”

Jiannan’s words actually reminded me. I can go to the hospital and help those weak people to get rid of their Yin qi. But I will not take any advantages toward others and ask for money. But, there were only a few of us while there were so many people that were exposed to the Yin qi. It seemed that we were unable to manage everything at once.

But there was no other choice. This problem was so grave and would greatly affect human life. I could only summon Miss Daiyu to come over this! She probably had some means, so I had to draw the Summoning Charm tonight!”

The Summoning Charm as well as the Zombie Suppressing Charm was ranked as an intermediate-grade Daoist charm and was quite difficult to draw, therefore, I had yet to be successful tonight.

The next day, I still failed in the afternoon, while Qingtian City gathered more and more ghosts, which made the Yin qi’s intensity worsen! And I didn’t know why Miss Daiyu hadn’t come yet…

At night, we had dinner while watching the news on TV. And according to the news, several people suddenly died at their home last night, there was also a news flash that high schoolers had an unfortunate death at home after masturbating… hope that youth took a lesson from it.

The person who was reporting was a grandmother who found her grandson dead in a masturbating position. So the expert suggested that all youths should control how many times they were masturbating, otherwise, they would be like this dead youth which the corpse was being sent to the crematorium. Hoping that the young people wouldn’t follow such a bad example…

It was needless to say that this was certainly not a natural death. That youth did not absorb too much Yin qi, but he was killed by evil ghost. After all, there were too many ghosts gathered in Qingtian city now and that ghost was not just some ordinary ghost but a high-leveled old ghost. Some little and weak ghosts didn’t have the ability to injure someone, and only a powerful old ghost could do that.

I could only helplessly sighed and continued to draw until midnight before finally succeeding in drawing the Summoning Charm after failing sixty-seven times!

I was quite happy and surprised for a while, and without delaying, I quickly activated the charm and summoned Miss Daiyu!

This time, in just tens of seconds Miss Daiyu came! As when I looked at the familiar figure, I was greatly excited for a long while as my heart secretly mused, “Miss Daiyu, I really miss you…”

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 55~~~~~~~~~~

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