LDP – Ch 54

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TLDP: C.54. Killing Zombies

While digging the grave I asked, “Miss Feng, how about we dig one to deal with it first and then dig another one?”

Your way won’t work! According to this calamity formation, as long as one corpse wakes up, the other would definitely wake up. Their strength is extremely powerful and the nailed wooden coffin will not obstruct them.” Feng Nian explained.

After digging for ten minutes, the coffin was finally exposed so I put down the shovel and spoke, “Jiannan, in the next moment it will be very dangerous here, you go back to protect Boss Shi and wait there!”

Big brother, I’ll stay and help you!”

No! You must leave, otherwise, I can’t go all out!” I firmly exhorted him. One must know that the Demon Zombie inside was not a joke. Miss Feng had said that this Demon Zombie was almost as powerful as a Purple Haired Zombie. If Jiannan was still around, he might be killed.

As for Feng Nian, I was not too worried because I believed that she certainly had the means to protect herself. As long as I killed the Demon Zombie quickly, then I could help her afterward.

After Jiannan had left, I continued to dig the grave as Feng Nian then asked, “Xiaolong, is the ghost beside you your assistant? It seems that she’s very peculiar.”

I knew that she referred to the bleeding sister so I answered her while still digging the grave, “Yes, I call her Big sister, if you are in a dangerous situation, big sister will help you.”

Then, I used the shovel to turn the coffin’s lid upward and found that the old woman’s corpse was lying motionless inside.

This old woman’s corpse didn’t seem to rise. Could it be that Feng Nian’s conjectures were wrong? While I was thinking for a while, suddenly the old woman’s corpse opened its eyes and suddenly jumped up! Her face was extremely dreadful as she then opened her mouth to bite my thigh, while strange voices exuded from her throat which could make all the hairs on a person’s body stand.

Her speed was even faster than the speed people could sip their tongues. But fortunately, this patriarch was not a good for nothing person. I quickly stood up and jumped to the ground above.

The old woman zombie also jumped above, and crazily rushed over toward me. Her speed was really amazing, with each and every wave of her hand, she tore the air open and produced a strong wind. From this, it could be seen that she was really powerful. I didn’t dare to frontally meet her toughness head-on with toughness and could only fight from a safe distance, looking for opportunities to slash her into two pieces with my Shadowbane sword.

Meanwhile, a muffling “boom” sound suddenly resounded from the bottom of the grave and another shadow emerged out from the grave.

It was an over twenty-years-old man corpse! His complexion was very pale with dull eyes. But after seeing me and the old woman zombie fighting, he also rushed forward toward me!

Holy shit! If these two attacked me together, this patriarch’s body would definitely be dismembered! What the hell was that Feng Nian doing? How could she not have acted yet?

I glanced over to Feng Nian and saw that she calmly threw three small stones which then fell around the man Demon Zombie. Its footsteps were abruptly stopped and it stood motionlessly there!

I was greatly shocked that I almost forgot that I was still fighting the old woman zombie! What the hell was this ability? Only with three small stones, that fierce Demon Zombie unexpectedly became so tamed and stood motionlessly!

I also didn’t waste any more time as I then directed my qi toward my lungs and suppressed it. The old woman then ferociously stroke and aimed at my body. Had it hit my body, even if I didn’t die, my bone and tendons would inevitably break and be cut off. Even though I had my lead bars, I didn’t want to frontally clash with her, so I could only dodge at the critical moment and was then stressfully chased by her.

I can see that Feng Nian was smiling and looking at me being chased down by the old woman as if she was watching a funny movie. I couldn’t help but wonder, she and I were cultivators, but how can our magical skill disparity be this big?

After more than thirty seconds, due to the suppressing of my qi, my head was dizzy and my sight became blurry. So I could only shamelessly roll on the ground to avoid the old woman’s deadly attack

Although the Thumb Sword Qi’s might was incomparable, but who can really feel my pain? The qi that was being suppressed in my lungs felt like it would soon blast out, I even felt that I almost died. But at this time, when I was in a dizzy state, the old woman’s arm swept away at my head, while I suddenly forgot to dodge it!

Feng Nian quickly shouted, “Be careful!!!”

I quickly recovered but it was already too late to respond. Luckily, the bleeding sister beside me pulled me backward as the old woman’s fingertip swept over and scratched my nose!

My suppressing qi had almost been completed as I then swept the old woman’s leg and made her stumble on the ground. I quickly grabbed her feet and threw her into the pit and the forty seconds of time in suppressing my qi had finally passed and I arrived at my limit. I could feel that my lungs were almost exploding as my vision turned dark and I got a nosebleed.

The old woman zombie quickly jumped up from the pit…

It’s time!

I stretched out my right hand’s thumb and aimed at the old woman. A strand of flame flashed and the fusion of my Yang fire, Fire Innate force and Zhen Qi turned into the Thumb Sword Qi!

In a flash, the old woman body exploded with a loud explosion!

Why, when the last time when I fought with Xiaolei, the flame shot through his body. While it exploded when it hit the old woman? The reason was very simple because the old woman was full of Yin qi, however, the Thumb Sword Qi was pure Yang energy. When the Yin energy collided with Yang energy, it would create an explosion.

The old woman’s body exploded and was broken into pieces while flesh and blood flew in every direction. The explosion instantly created a chaotic airwave and blew away the three stones that restrained the male Demon Zombie, and freed him from the restraint. The male Demon Zombie then swiftly rushed toward me as the nearest target.

Fuck!!! Again?!! This patriarch was still dizzy and couldn’t deal with it now. Moreover, this Thumb Sword Q could only be used one time and this male Demon Zombie was ferociously rushing at me… I will die without a doubt ah!

Fortunately, Feng Nian quickly ran over and easily blocked the male Demon Zombie’s strike. She unknowingly had worn white gloves and attacked the Demon Zombie’s body with each hit striking at a different point. The strike might seem like it was light, but each hit actually made the Demon Zombie miserable and howl.

This thing had already died, but how could it still feel pain? But, listening to his voice, he was indeed greatly pained. What background did this Feng Nian come from?

I panted and took a deep breath and asked at the same time, “Miss Feng, since your ability is that good, why didn’t you start a moment ago?”

The answered she gave almost made me faint to the point of being crazy, “My master says that a girl must act with constraint.”

I quickly pulled out my Shadowbane sword and rushed to help Feng Nian and attacked the male Demon Zombie together. However, the Shadowbane sword’s effect on this Demon Zombie was quite negligible and was unable to cause a great damage to him.

Certainly, it didn’t mean that the Shadowbane sword was useless since the Yang energy contained in its blade can cause a huge damage to any spiritual body, but its effect against zombies was greatly reduced.

I quickly grabbed the opportunity to pick up the shovel on the ground and used it to hit the Demon Zombie’s head! Had the brain been broken, he wouldn’t be able to move!

Feng Nian drew back for a few steps as her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled, saying, “Huh! Why is your fighting style so barbaric? You used a shovel to hit him?

I slammed the Demon Zombie’s head, saying, “Miss Feng, this zombie’s brain is enveloped by Yin qi and it lets him move, as long as we can destroy its brain, he won’t be able to move.”

Even if you are using the shovel to hit him, it would only be useless. A human’s skull is very hard, not to mention that his body is protected by Yin qi. Look, your shovel has already been bent.”

I took a glance and it was really true. The shovel had bent and that male Demon Zombie was not even scratched, and now it was swiftly pouncing at me instead. Heavens! I hurriedly threw the shovel as I then rolled back and forth! Holy shit, I was too weak now and I could feel that my lungs were very painful when I breathed. When did I directly clash with him? I didn’t even think of preserving my elegant posture anymore because the only thing I must do now was to survive. Besides, what was wrong with rolling like this for a little while? Seeing that Feng Nian was only looking from the side and seemingly wouldn’t help me, was enough to make me choked with anger. But when I thought about it more, I felt more relaxed, because why should she help me anyways? The person who received the payment from Boss Shi was me instead of her.

It was so fortunate that the bleeding sister helped me from time to time and I could get out unscathed. This Demon Zombie had an invulnerable and an outrageously hard body. The Shadowbane sword could only inflict an almost negligible damage to him, while Feng Nian who obviously could give a hand only stood at the side, just like watching a good play with a smile on her face. It seemed like the only thing I could do now was to use the Zombie Suppressor Charm. Should this charm not working, I really might cry.

The male Demon Zombie had always been attacking me and didn’t even spare a glance at Feng Nian. Could it be that this zombie was falling in love with this patriarch? Brrr… I suddenly felt my ass go cold…

I quickly took out a Zombie Suppressor Charm and formed a sword finger gesture, touched my tongue’s tip and wiped my blood’s essence onto the charm and recited several Daoist incantations. Then I rushed forward and pasted the charm onto the Demon Zombie’s forehead while shouting loudly, “Ji Ji Ru Ling!”[1]

I didn’t know why I should shout these “Ji Ji Ru Ling” words, but since it was written in the book, I just complied with it and that was the end. Besides, saying more words was unlikely to kill me anyway.

The Demon Zombie was motionless!

Exhausted, I slumped down on the ground and took a deep breath. This damned thing could really exhaust me to death. But the problem had yet to be solved since I hadn’t found the culprit who raised these two damned things. That grandma corpse was valiantly powerful and if it were not for this patriarch using the Thumb Sword Qi to kill her, these two damned things would play me to the death. And fortunately, this patriarch had a Zombie Suppressor Charm…

At this time, suddenly that male Demon Zombie unexpectedly moved! And because I was sitting under his feet, he reached out and grabbed me to then throw me into the tomb’s pit. My head hit the coffin and it instantly made my head momentarily black out. It took a long while for me to recover as blood then flowed down from my forehead. Because the old woman zombie w exploded near the pit before, my clothes were also stained by a lot of blood…

I really didn’t understand though, why was the Zombie Suppression Charm useless? He had obviously been in a contained state, but how could he still move?

I was completely confused and disoriented and slowly stood up with the help of the bleeding sister’s arm. Since the Demon Zombie Yin qi was too powerful and could inflict a huge damage to the bleeding big sister. Therefore, she also didn’t dare to have a dogfight against these Demon Zombies and could only occasionally involve herself in the fight to quickly pull me or pushed me as to help me dodge attacks.

One must know that the big sister’s magical ability was originally not too high. Had she been as powerful as Miss Daiyu, she could have been able to deal with several Demon Zombies. But since the Yin qi in this place was very thick, if she was to practice here, her cultivation would certainly be promoted in a short time.

The reason why the Demon Zombie halted in chasing me was because Feng Nian might have acted. I was was really confused, what was this girl thinking anyway? A short while ago, I was alone fighting that Demon Zombie and was still in good condition, don’t tell me that she had to wait for me to get injured first to then act.

I crawled from the pit to the ground and saw her use a strange martial art to fight that Demon Zombie. It was seemingly light and weak, but each and every time she hit the Demon Zombie’s body, the Yin qi in its body was reduced by several points. I was just sitting on the ground, observing and studying her movements just like seeing a play. Feng Nian was really formidable. It took only two minutes or so to knock the Demon Zombie down. Moreover, the Yin qi no longer emitted from that Demon Zombie. My eyes almost sprout out as I was flabbergasted and asked in astonishment, “How, how could this be?”

Feng Nian replied with a casual and natural tone, saying, “I used my Primordial Qi to seal his veins, so it has become like this ~ “

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 54~~~~~~~~~~


[1] Its 急急如律令 traditional and simplified Pinyin jí jí rú lǜ ling, a Daoist incantation used to ward off evil spirits, Promptly, Promptly, in the name of Laws and Decrees. Somehow I’m tempted to write it in shorter sentence like “In The Name Of Laws and Decree”

I wanna spout some rants here, but it’s a little bit spoiler-ish though:

As you all may know already, this novel has a harem tag on Novel Updates. I don’t know who put this tag on this novel. But it made me curious, so as to drive me to skim-read the novel’s raws far ahead until the last chapter.

And I was quite unhappy (or should I say dissatisfied?). The MC turns out….has several wives… man… I don’t extremely detest harem novels, but I usually avoid reading them because I don’t like harem…

I never thought that the MC would betray my expectation… heaven does have justice; it turns out that the novel I wanted to translate having something that I don’t like… LOL

Anyways, since I have invested a lot of time in translating this one… I think I have to swallow this bitter medicine.

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