LDP – Ch 53

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TLDP: C53. Resurrecting the Dead?

We didn’t have time for breakfast since Boss Shi drove Jiannan and I straight to the cemetery. I also brought along my black backpack filled with cattle tears, Daoist charms, the Shadowbane sword, chicken blood, cinnabar, and other props.

The Yin qi was really spreading out from the grave, moreover, the Yin qi surrounding the grave was particularly strong to the extreme! We could not simply move the car near the grave since Boss Shi cannot withstand such a powerful Yin qi. Therefore, I pasted two Sun Charms on his shoulders before Jiannan and I carried a shovel and walked toward the grave. It seemed that we were the only ones that could dig this grave.

What really made me puzzled was that this was only a small copse, how could it emit such a powerful Yin qi? It was even far more powerful than the Purple Haired Zombie I had encountered in General Long’s tomb.

Jiannan and I had been digging for half an hour. But the deeper we dug, the colder it was. We didn’t even sweat and were instead constantly trembling. The bleeding sister on the other hand had unceasingly absorbed the Yin qi beside us while controlling the Yin qi to protect us. Had she not done so, Jiannan and I wouldn’t have lasted long. Numerous ghosts and spirits were also gathering here and greedily absorbed the Yin qi.

Those ghosts and spirits were clearly unhappy seeing us dig the grave. But these ghosts were just ordinary ghosts and could do nothing to me and Jiannan. In addition, the bleeding sister was also quite powerful and so those ghost didn’t dare to approach. Miss Daiyu seemed to have taught her many things because her Yin qi absorption speed was ten folds faster than other ordinary ghosts’. It seemed like her cultivation would soon be improved.

Meanwhile, a familiar sedan car was approaching and I couldn’t help but show a happy expression because it was the mysterious girl’s car that came yesterday! She was definitely not simple since she parked her car near the grave. Thus, it could be seen that she really had the means to avoid the Yin qi invasion in her body.

The car’s door opened as she then walked down, wearing the same clothes like yesterday. It seemed that she wore some kind of ‘protective amulet’ treasure which made the Yin qi and ghosts unable to approach her. She quickly came over and stopped us, “Hey, don’t dig it.”

Why?” I quickly asked.

First, tell me your date and time of birth, and then I’ll tell you why.”

What did she want to do? I slightly hesitated and told her my birthday, and then asked, “Am I the legendary Yang body person just like in the fable?”

The girl’s lips pursed up as she thought for a while before muttering, “It really is the Red Arrow life mark, is he really… Hey, you didn’t lie to me, did you?”

I didn’t lie to you. I really have the Red Arrow life mark.”

Jiannan who was holding the shovel let out a loud laughter while his body swayed back and forth, “Hahaha…. Somebody cursed you for eating your own shit life, laugh… I’d die laughing… hahaha…” [1]

I maliciously stared Jiannan, and coldly spoke, “Don’t laugh and sprout shit behind my back”

Jiannan looked at my malicious eyes and hurriedly coughed twice, but still couldn’t hold back his laugh and let out “pffft” sounds and laughed it out. To be honest, I really wanted to pick this shovel up and hit this idiot…

The girl also chuckled for a while before asking, “Don’t you think it’s strange here? Why would the Yin qi suddenly grow this powerful?”

I indeed wanted to know about it. Yesterday, the Yin qi had been spread out ten kilometers, and it was still perfectly understandable because it happened after I exposed this corpse to the sunlight for two hours two days ago. And according to this girl, the more the corpse was exposed to Yang energy, the more its Yin qi would become more powerful. But, we didn’t dig the corpse up yesterday, and the corpse did not even have contact with any Yang energy. Then, why did the Yin qi suddenly spread out over a few hundred kilometers and cover most Qingtian City? So I looked at her and asked, “How can it be like this?”

Because somebody wants to use this place to resurrect the dead and raise powerful ghosts. Moreover, the other must be an expert. Now we cannot open the grave, and if you insist on opening it, you will be dead!”

Resurrect the dead? Raising ghosts? I knew about this matter. Daoism was originally born to benefit the common people and maintain the Yin and Yang balance. However, there were also some evil-hearted Daoist successors who would do evil things with Daoist magic and techniques. For example, resurrecting the dead. This was fostering a powerful zombie by some peculiar methods and then using those zombies to do bad things. Moreover, from the words this girl had said yesterday, it seemed to be the case. Somebody had intentionally reversed the flow of Yin and Yang to lead to this grave situation. But why would she know about it so clearly? Could it be that she was in cahoots with the person who wanted to raise zombies? After deeply thinking for a while, I cautiously asked, “Who are you?”

Hey, obviously I come here to help you. Not only are you not thanking me, but also fiercely accusing me!” The girl’s lips pouted and said, “Then, I don’t want to help you, humph!” After speaking, she walked toward the sedan car and immediately prepared to leave.

Miss, don’t go!” I hurriedly called out to stop her. I just guessed that she might have a relationship with the person who wanted to raise zombies, but if she was really a legitimate Daoist successor, then I would lose a helper.

Why?” That girl stopped walking and asked with an unhappy tone.

This… I’m sorry if this one’s manner was impolite and rude just now. May I know Miss’s good reputation?”

This girl’s personality was cheerful and easy going as she then chuckled, “You can speak a good line eh? What is with this one, the female’s good reputation, you are just like ancient people. I’m called Feng Nian, and you?”

Jiannan rushed to firstly introduce himself, “My name is Yang Jiannan, the proud Yang character, and the cute and lovely Jian (Sword) character, and the left is male and the right is for female in Nan (South) character.

I slapped Jiannan’s shoulder and seriously spoke, “Ah, Jiannan, you wrongly used that idiom… it’s broken… later if you want to introduce yourself, just say your name directly and don’t use idioms. Then, I looked at Feng Nian and spoke, “My name is Li Xiaolong, you can call me Xiaolong.”

That girl nodded and asked, “Xiaolong, are you a Daoist priest? From which school?”

Niu School!” I proudly answered.

A cattle?” Feng Nian thought for a long time before she spoke, “Never heard of it.”

I was momentarily speechless before asking, “And you, from which school are you from?”

It’s a secret.” Feng Nian said with an apology and continued, “I’m sorry, my Master forbids me to speak about it. Let’s go back to our current issue. According to my conjectures, this tomb has two corpses buried in there. Moreover now, as long as the corpse is in contact with Yang energy, it can immediately become zombies!”


Yes, I didn’t say about it yesterday, did I? This is the tomb designed for a couple. If you want to turn the flow of Yin and Yang upside down, there must be a male and female corpse buried inside the tomb. Moreover, the pattern is the male buried on the right and the female is on the left, but because there were many male corpses inside the tomb the calamity formation was formed to the extreme. Resulting in the powerful Yin qi that is shrouding most of Qingtian City.” Feng Nian explained in great detail and very specifically.

Jiannan was in dazed as he then looked at me and said, “Big brother, this beautiful miss’s words are really specific. Then… should we continue digging or not?”

What Feng Nian had said was really specific and seemingly reasonable. Besides, such a thick and powerful Yin qi that could be emitted from this place was really beyond my knowledge. It seemed that I ought to hear her idea, so I quickly asked, “And then, according to your knowledge, what should we do now?”

Feng Nian stretched out her three fingers, saying, “Now there are only three ways. First, ask for my Master’s help to come over. If my Master comes, he would be able to handle this situation in minutes. But he absolutely would not come here. The second means to handle this, find a man who was born with 3 trigrams and 8 diagrams (Bagua) mark, plus make a Great Feng Shui formation array to destroy this calamity formation. However, finding a man with a “Bagua” mark would be too difficult of a task. Moreover, I don’t have the ability to control a Great Feng Shui array. The third means is finding the culprit behind the scene and forcing him to break this calamity formation. But yeah, he probably won’t tell us, much less… I don’t know where that person lives.”

Putting it shortly, the fact remained that not even one of these three means could be used now. It’s simply a dead end. Moreover, the Yin qi was still spreading out from this place continuously, so what should we do to deal with this? I then spoke, “Miss Feng, from what you said, the corpses buried in there, as long as it is in touch with Yang energy then it would turn into zombies. But if we don’t move fast, they will absorb more Yin qi and become even more powerful and difficult to deal with. You also know about it too, right?”

Of course I know it. But if we release those corpses now, it will be very troublesome. They have absorbed a massive amount of Yin qi, and they definitely will turn into Demon Zombies. No longer being an ordinary zombie. You two will be in a grave danger, while I barely being able to protect myself.

I slightly frowned, asked, “Is it more powerful than a Purple Haired Zombie?”

You have met with a Purple Haired Zombie?”

Yes. That Purple Haired Zombie was invulnerable. And we used most of our means and strength to kill it. And now those things inside the grave are not likely to be worst than a Purple Haired Zombie, are they?”

It shouldn’t be, but its strength wouldn’t be much different. However, I’m really curious, how did you kill that Purple Haired Zombie? Is your ability really that powerful?” Feng Nian curiously asked.

I shook my head, saying, “I didn’t kill that Purple Haired Zombie. I only made it severely damaged with a few heavy blows to keep it down.”

Feng Nian’s eyes flipped, saying, “To think that you can deal with a Purple Haired Zombie really makes me happy. If you really have that kind of strength then we can try to kill these two Demon Zombies now.”

This…Miss Feng, didn’t you say that you barely can protect yourself a moment ago?”

Uh, Yes. If in case I must deal with these two Demon Zombies…. then I can barely protect myself. If you can deal with one then I’ll solve the other one.” Feng Nian explained.

I sized up Feng Nian and said, “Miss Feng, even if I really can block one, I’m really concerned that with your small build, you will not be able to block the other one.” Had it only been one, I indeed might be able to deal with it, because this patriarch had a unique skill that was the Thumb Sword Qi acupoint’s gate which absolutely could blow that Demon Zombie into pieces!

One must know that the Thumb Sword Qi’s explosive power was comparable to a rocket launcher! Even if this Demon Zombie was made of iron, it could blow it up and make a big hole in its body.

Feng Nian’s nose curled up and said, “Humph, your build is not better than me. I don’t believe that you can deal with that Demon Zombie.”

Miss Feng, I will not joke about my life. I’m confident that I can do it. Besides, I have a unique ability that will solve that Demon Zombie in a minute.”

Really? Then, I’m not joking about my life either. I indeed can deal with the Demon Zombie and won’t even have any danger facing it. So you quickly solve your Demon Zombie and then help me afterward.” Feng Nian refused to lose wind.

Are you sure? If you have the confidence, we’ll open the coffin now and release those two Zombies. So as to prevent them be more powerful later.”

I’m sure of it. If you also have the confidence to kill one Demon Zombie then I can constrain the other one.” Said Feng Nian.

Continue digging!” I picked the shovel up and spoke to Jiannan

[1] The words spoken here could be misinterpreted as eating your shit. 矢命 and 屎命, both are spelled as shi ming but has different meaning, the first means fate/life arrow, the second means, command/order to eat shit

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