LDP – Ch 52

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TLDP: C.52. The Ghost Town

Boss Shi quickly casted me aside, flattering, “Miss, you’re simply a goddess! Everything you have said is correct! That year the Feng Shui master had also said the same thing. My mother was born in the Yin year, Yin month, Yin day, and Yin hour, so we buried her here to bring out the full effect of this precious land’s auspiciousness. However, my mother was buried on the right before, but after we dug the grave a few days ago, we found her lying in the left coffin. Not to mention that her corpse unexpectedly didn’t even rot!”

The girl nodded, saying, “This place is indeed a valuable land with a good auspiciousness. However, the funeral time had actually turned upside down the balance of Yin and Yang and formed the pattern of a calamity formation, which led to these kind of circumstances. If you didn’t dig the grave it would probably be alright, since the body was not exposed to the Yang energy of which wouldn’t activate the calamity formation. However now, you’re obviously had opened the coffin more than once. The more contact this dead body has with Yang energy, the heavier Yin qi will be emitted out from it.

An expert, Miss is really an expert!” Boss Shi raised his thumb and praised before he replied, “Miss, please tell me, what should we do in this kind of situation?”

I quickly interrupted from the side, saying, “What we can do now is only burn down this corpse. With such a heavy Yin qi, had your mother’s corpse turned into a zombie, it will be very troublesome. It would be even more powerful than the purple-haired zombie I’ve met before.”

That girl carefully observed me up and down, saying, “Burning down the corpse right now will be useless because the calamity formation had already been formed. Even if we burn down the corpse, the Yin qi will continue to spread.”

What was this girl’s background? She even said that burning the corpse would be useless? Much less saying that the more this corpse was exposed to Yang energy, a more powerful Yin qi would be emitted. This was obviously to tear apart my standing, and saying that my entire method was completely wrong. This made my face a little bit ashamed, so I coldly spoke, “Boss Shi, you’re the one who hired me, and I have given you my word that I will make sure to find the solution to help you solve this grave problem. But if you listen to another’s opinion, whatever problems you might face in the future, do not ever contact me again.”

Boss Qian suddenly could not make a decision because he had seen my ability, but what this girl had said just now was really reasonable and impressive, and he didn’t want to put her aside. The girl laughed before she said to me, “What a stingy and narrow-minded man, you don’t want to listen to another’s opinion, such being the case, you can try finding your own solution slowly, bye.” Then, that girl walked toward her car.

Boss Shi was hesitating, but he finally didn’t try to retain that girl as she then drove the car and left.

She was right. I was indeed a narrow-minded man, I could not put aside my pride. To be honest, I really didn’t know how to deal with this situation. That girl perhaps had the means, but unfortunately, she had left.

That girl just said that the calamity formation had taken shape, which even burning the corpse would have no effect to disperse this Yin qi. Had what she said were true, that the Yin qi could not be dispersed even after I burned the corpse. It would be very strange if Boss Shi didn’t strangle me to death. It seemed that I could not burn this corpse for the time being.

Moreover, that girl also said a moment ago, that if this corpse was exposed to Yang energy, the Yin qi would spread faster. When I thought about it, it was also correct. The first time Boss Shi dug out the coffin a week ago, there was no Yin qi. The day before yesterday when we dug out the coffin the corpse had been completely enveloped by Yin qi, of which at the same time, exposed the coffin to the Yang energy from sunlight. But the corpse had been fully exposed to sunlight for two hours yesterday, and the Yin qi had now been spread to ten kilometers today…

Therefore, before I could figure out the best way to handle this matter, this corpse should not be moved. If it were to be in contact with any Yang energy again, perhaps the Yin qi would spread out further and cover a larger area.

The problem this time was really huge. Should I summon Miss Daiyu to come here and ask for help? But this was not good, Miss Daiyu would leave soon, so I cannot always rely on her. If I were to encounter a situation like this again after she left, wouldn’t it be that I could only wait for death to come?

This time, I had to solve this problem on my own!

I returned to the villa and received a phone call from Xu Xiaoling. She asked me whether I succeeded in solving the case, so I lightly laughed and said, “It’s only a little bit troublesome, but it can be resolved soon. Does Big sis Xiaoling miss me?”

I chatted with her for a long while, and after hanging up the phone, I began to study the Daoist charm from 11 AM to 1 PM since this was a good time period to draw charms. Suddenly, I had the urge to try drawing a Communication Charm and I didn’t expect to succeed twice out of seven attempts! My chicken blood and cinnabar were also completely used up. It seemed that I must go out to buy some, and I could conveniently visit Xiaohui as well.

Xiaohui’s life was quite good recently. Xia Chaoran was no longer pestering her. She sold her three treasures. Since Miss Daiyu had helped choose it, the treasures she got were amongst the finest. Therefore, they were sold at sky high prices, nearly twenty million RMB. Thus, her family also bought a big house in Qingtian city while their living standard also improved a lot.

I invited Xiaohui to have lunch and bought some materials along the way before I went back to the villa and continued to draw Daoist charms.

I really didn’t expect the heavenly luck I got today, I successfully draw my first Zombie Suppressor Charm this evening.

Now, I can try the might of this charm tomorrow!


I was just about to fall asleep when I suddenly felt a faint amount of Yin qi, who was it?

The bleeding sister had learned to conceal her Yin aura, was there any other ghost floating in?

Jiannan also woke up, he picked up the Kangshui mineral water on the table and drank it, and with hazy sleepy eyes, he asked, “Huh? How would there be Yin qi in this room? Big sister, are you in the middle of practicing the “Nine Yin Sutra”?

It’s not my Yin qi ~~!” the bleeding sister spookily replied.

I frowned, there was a faint premonition as I then whispered to her, “Big sister, sorry for troubling you, could you go out first to find out from where this Yin qi is spread from?” Then, I quickly put on my clothes.

The bleeding sister fluttered out as Jiannan then quickly asked, “Big brother, could it be that the old woman’s corpse has finally turned into a zombie and jumped over nearby?”

I hope so.” I quickly reply as I tied up the lead bars on my arm with the other hand.

What? Do you really want the old lady’s corpse to become a zombie?”

I don’t, but if it was really the old woman’s zombie, then it’s quite easy to handle. But if it was another situation, that would be bad.”

What kind of situation? Big brother, recently you always speak without head or tail, is it because you read that porn book?”

I helplessly explained, “If this Yin qi is spreading out from the cemetery, then it would be very bad. The distance from here to the tomb is about seventy kilometers. With such a Yin qi shrouding this far, it would be almost impossible to disperse. Moreover, if ordinary people were to be shrouded with Yin qi for a long time, they will be sick, do you understand?”

But big brother, that old woman couldn’t be that powerful right? It’s just a corpse, how could it emit so much Yin qi? I can simply publish this to be Xuanhuan novel, the book’s title that I thought of is called ‘The Lame Daoist Priest’, you take the role of the loser, and I will become the Daoist priest. It will absolutely become a hot novel Big brother!” [1]

I barely fought back the impulse to kick this idiot to death, I quickly opened the door and went outside.When I was outside, and entered the ‘Opening Eyes’ state, I found that the everywhere I looked, all had been shrouded with Yin qi! There were many wandering souls on the street and I deeply frowned in an instant. I secretly thought that although this Yin qi was not very strong, if a physically weak person were to be shrouded with this Yin qi for a long time, they would be in grave danger.

Did I really mess up this time? I had never thought that a small corpse could initiate such a serious consequence. Had I listened to that mysterious girl’s opinion this noon, this wouldn’t have happened. But, where would I find that mysterious girl?”

After about an hour, around 3 AM, the bleeding sister came back as she then reported in a spooky voice, “The Yin qi is really emitting from the grave over there. The shrouded area is also gradually increasing. The Yin qi has now covered most of the Qingtian City, even many ghosts from the nearby cities have come and gathered here ~~~!”

Right, ghosts and spirits can sense Yin qi, regardless of how far, they were still able to induce it. Yin qi was also very helpful in helping a ghost practice. With such a heavy Yin qi here, I estimated that soon, China, or even the entire Asia’s ghosts population would come and gather here. When that time came, Qingtian City will absolutely become a ghost town!

Was this… almost an impossible problem to solve for me? I had only been cultivating for a year or so. Dealing with ghosts was not difficult a task, however right now, this was related to Feng Shui formations. Not to mention that Yin qi had now been shrouded the entire city and I didn’t have any countermeasures to handle it. If Qingtian City were to turn into a ghost city, the number of people dying would definitely be astronomical…

I walked back and forth anxiously in the courtyard, even my head almost exploded. But still, I couldn’t think of any means.

Our Niu School was only skilled in exorcising techniques, and neither Feng Shui nor Yin Yang of Eight Diagrams was our forte. Otherwise, I would never be this helpless like this.

Boss Shi and his family were still sleeping. Since there was no taxi that could be called at night, I could not go the grave’s location to see the situation. But according to my estimation, the problem should be in that corpse. As long as I can handle this corpse, this Yin qi would gradually dissipate. So I planned to quickly go to the cemetery by dawn and paste a Daoist Charm on that old woman’s corpse first. I had to see whether it would have some effects or not. If it failed, the only way left was to burn it down.

In the middle of anxiousness and restlessness, I didn’t even have the thought to go back to sleep. When the time was 5 AM, I began to draw Daoist charms until 6:30 AM and successfully draw 67 Sun Charms. At this time, Boss Shi then walked downstairs and only wore a pink-colored boxer. He unceasingly rubbed his hands, saying, “Did the temperature drop today? How could it be so cold this morning? Hey Xiaolong, you woke up so early today.”

I was still drawing Daoist charms on the tea table in the living room. I then nodded at him, saying, “Boss Shi, it’s not because of the dropping temperature, but it’s caused by your mother’s grave. The tomb has been emitting Yin qi of which has been shrouding most of Qingtian City. I had offered a solution a couple days ago to burn the corpse. However, you actually chose not to listen. Now, since it has come to this situation, even I have no means to handle this problem.

I called this as a preemptive strike and changed my position from the guest to host. Otherwise, he would absolutely complain that I was useless, so I had to strike first and push the responsibility onto him.

Boss Shi instantly panicked, asking, “Tha…that Yin qi has covered most of Qingtian City? This… this cold could be felt by everyone?”

It’s not just the chilling cold. Even the physically weak people would die! Boss Shi, you must take huge responsibility because of this.”

Jiannan quickly interrupted from the side, “Yes, those who die may come to you, and chat with you!”

Tha…that, then we go burn the body now!!” Boss Shi was almost suffocated because of fear, as he then quickly gave a reply.

I nodded and said, “This is the only mean we have now. Moreover, I also have drawn a Zombie Suppressor Charm. So we can try its effect first. If the charm doesn’t work we must burn the corpse quickly. Otherwise, the matter will only get bigger and bigger.”

Okay, okay, okay, then, let’s go now

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 52~~~~~~~~~~


[1] 屌丝道士 : Diǎosī dàoshi, the loser Daoist priest. I took the liberty to translate it into lame Daoist priest

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