LDP – Ch 51

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TLDP: C.51. A Mysterious Girl

I shook the ‘Daoist Incantations Compilation Book’ at Jiannan, saying, “I’m studying this Daoist charm, either you quietly eat durian in this room or you go back upstairs to eat it, don’t disturb me.”

Jiannan while cutting durian spoke, “Big brother, after handling the case tomorrow, I want to visit my younger cousin.”


Jiannan came over after he tidied up himself and saw the spell book in my hand, asking, “Big brother, is this the ‘Zombie Suppressor Charm’ you spoke of before? It seems different from the Sun Charm.” Jiannan took a Sun charm out from his pocket and compared them both.

I explained, “The Sun Charm’s Chinese characters’ stroke is simple and it’s easy to activate. It also one of the most basic Daoist Charms. This ‘Zombie Suppressor Charm’; not only is the writing stroke order complicated, even the activation method is very complicated and is graded as intermediate Daoist charm or spell. With my ability now, drawing this charm is not easy.”

Big brother, I believe in your ability! Don’t be that stressful, eat some durian and have some relaxation!” Jiannan held a lump of durian and handed it over.

My head instantly swayed and shook like a rattle-drum, “Hey, I don’t want it, you eat it yourself. But I want to tell you something, you know that I don’t like the durian smell. Go eat it over there, will you?”

After studying for half the night, I tried to draw the charm 35 times and failed all of them.

About 10 AM next day, Boss Shi took us in his car to go to the cemetery. Today’s situation had become worse. The Yin qi had penetrated the soil and shrouding the grave. The three meters radius from the grave was filled with a mass of Yin qi. That dead body definitely had a big problem! The Yin qi intensity was not this strong yesterday. It had been only a night and it had already undergone an enormous change!

Seeing my solemn expression when staring at the tombstone, Boss Shi quickly asked, “What is it Xiaolong?”

I solemnly replied, “Boss Shi, there is something wrong with the tomb. According to your description, when you opened the coffin that that, nobody had fainted nor feel unwell. Which proves that although there was Yin qi inside the coffin, it’s intensity was insignificant and was insufficient to have an impact on people. But the Yin qi intensity was very strong yesterday. And you also saw how Miss Shi instantly fainted when she just jumped down. Today’s Yin qi is even stronger than yesterday. If you don’t believe me, you can try to come closer to the tombstone, you will certainly feel that your whole body will become cold.”

Boss Shi didn’t seem to believe me. He looked at the sun in the sky, wiped the beads of sweats on his forehead and slowly walked toward the tombstone.

But when he just entered the radius that was shrouded by the Yin qi, his body immediately shivered and he hurriedly stepped back. Feeling the goosebumps, he said, “Damn, it’s no fucking way, it’s more than 20 degree Celsius today. How could it be this cold? Xiaolong, you must quickly seize the time to solve this problem. My father’s corpse is still in the morgue, and we must quickly hold the funeral.”

I was dumbfounded. This guy’s speech was really bringing out my resentment. One, burning was a no; Two, no nailing. And three, he still wanted me to get a little faster in solving this problem. Did he think that I’m some kind of a God? But, I really didn’t have the means, whose fault was this to receive him as a client? The client is a king and the king must be obeyed. It seemed that the only way now was to go back to the original plan. Dig the grave and move the old woman’s corpse and expose it to the sunlight. Speaking of which, maybe to increase this old woman’s corpse calcium absorption, you know, it’s because the elderly usually had a calcium deficiency… that will result in osteoporosis…

Under my request, Boss Shi called for an excavator and a crane. After busy working for more than an hour, the coffin was finally hanging out. The Yin qi that was emanated from the coffin was very strong. Fortunately, it was noon where the Yang energy was very powerful, so the Yin qi from the coffin could not come out.

The leader of the construction team asked, “Boss Shi, what’s up with this coffin? We have dug this coffin several times in the recent days.”

Boss Shi was disinclined to talk much. He gave them the money and quickly sent these people away while Jiannan and I opened the coffin.

The old woman’s body was completely enveloped by Yin qi. Looking at this condition, its brain should have been penetrated by Yin qi and has initiated the process to become a living dead. But she still lying down in the coffin soundly, of which, made me somewhat feel confused.

The Yang energy at noon was really powerful. It took only a short while to disperse about 70-80% of the Yin qi in this old woman corpse. This might effectively prevent this old woman’s transformation into a living dead. Had I been given several days to draw a Zombie Suppressor Charm, I could paste the charm on her forehead to prevent her from becoming a zombie!

The corpse continued to be exposed to the sun for two hours. Its Yin qi almost vanished, and Boss Shi also called that construction team to lift the coffin with the crane and put it back into the grave.

Although this old woman’s corpse’s Yin qi was very strong, she had no conscious. Therefore, she could not control her Yin qi. While the bleeding sister, although she couldn’t be compared to the old woman, she knew how to control her Yin qi. So even under the fierce sunlight, her Yin qi would not be dissipated nor would it have any effect on her Yin qi. However, her strength would still be suppressed.

After leveling the pit, I told Boss Shi that I would leave for a trip to the city’s residential district, and would come back later.

Since Jiannan said that he must see his younger cousin, I was afraid that he would get lost. I could only choose to go together with him. Not to mention that I also wanted to visit Xiaohui. We did occasionally contact each other by phone. And since we came to Qingtian City, it wouldn’t be bad if I visited her.

Today was Saturday. The bus was very crowded and we had been sitting here for more than an hour. After we got off, we saw a youth come over to pick Yang Jiannan up at the bus depot, his name was Chen Nuo. He took us to an upscale hotel accompanied by his friend Lin Mo. These two were in their second year this year. Because everybody was almost the same age, plus these two had an easygoing personality, we quickly became close and had a cheerful and fun conversation.

We entered a single room, as Chen Nuo then lightly laughed, “Cousin, we haven’t seen each other for so many years. Today we must have a drink! Waiter, give us a bottle of 1982 Qingdao…”

Year 1982? Playing rich? I heard that a bottle of this wine was priced at the tens of thousands. Could it be that this Jiannan’s cousin was filthy rich? Just when I thought about it to there, I heard Chen Nuo continue to say, “1982 Qingdao, Qingdao could promote our health you know? We only need a bottle of it, and each one of us can taste one or two sips.”

I almost fell off from my chair. This newly found-idiot was really worthy of being Jiannan’s younger cousin…

When we had a dinner, Chen Nuo spoke about the newly transferred despicable youth in their class in an angry tone. Even though this new boy’s looks was below average—he said, he unexpectedly even tried to compete over the ‘The Adult Movie Little Prince’ title with him. So, he prepared to give that despicable little guy some lessons in the upcoming days

Lin Mo as his childhood friend was also very cheap. However, the two of them were still on a subpar quality when compared to Jiannan.

I, on the other hand, had once told Jiannan that he could not tell anyone about our true identity.

We had our meal until it was past 6 PM. Since we must quickly go back by car, I could not see Xiaohui today. It seemed that it was a plan for another day.

We went back to Boss Shi’s villa. I continued studying the Zombie Suppressor Charm. However, although I spent half the night studying, I still failed. This charm was really killing me. Even though I almost used up the chicken blood and cinnabar I brought, I still failed.


The next day, when we once again came to the cemetery, I was completely flabbergasted. In a ten kilometers radius around the grave, it had been fully shrouded by Yin qi! We were now standing near the grave. Boss Shi had even putt on his windproof coat and kept rubbing his hands. Although Jiannan and I had a very strong Yang qi and the Yin qi here unable to penetrate our bodies, still, I felt the chilling cold cover my body.

Boss Shi’s expression was very unhappy, saying, “Xiaolong, can you really handle this problem? If you can’t handle it, why didn’t you say so earlier? So I can ask another expert to handle it.”

What the fuck!!! Do you even have the rights to be mad at me? I said that the corpse must be cremated, you didn’t agree. I said to nail its head, you didn’t even allow it. And now, your mother had quickly turned into a zombie, even I don’t know what to do now. This situation was simply unheard of. Yesterday, it was very obvious that this corpse’s Yin qi had been dissipated. But this morning, the Yin qi’s intensity was much more serious than yesterday. It had even spread out to ten kilometers! So I solemnly replied, “Boss Shi, even if you invited other experts, they might not be able to solve this problem. Now you also see, there are certain reasons for this corpse as the Yin qi has been spreading out this far. If we don’t burn the corpse down, I’m afraid there will be a huge trouble.”

Boss Shi didn’t argue or refute this time but remained silent

Meanwhile, a sedan car came toward here from a distance.

Huh? There were no roads but only grass here. How could that sedan come toward this place? There was only this single grave within a dozen kilometers, was it Boss Shi’s relatives?

The sedan stopped near us and its door was opened. A short haired girl came out. She wore a white half-sleeved shirt, white casual pants, was about 16/17 years old, and gave off the feeling that she was an unworldly living being. The Yin qi had filled the atmosphere in this place, even I felt the chilling cold here, but for her, it seemed like it was nothing.

Jiannan seeing this unworldly beauty almost drooled out, he rushed forward from my back, asking, “Beauty, are you lost? Tell me where you want to go? My nickname is the Map Young Prince. There is no place in the entire Qingtian City that I don’t know.”

Since he had seen his younger cousin Chen Nuo yesterday, Jiannan learned to call himself the “XX Young Prince” making me feel so helpless.

That girl ignored him as she then carefully looked at the surroundings and then talked to herself, “If one were to see these three auspicious spots amongst a five-Yang spot, the slanting position is suitable to handle a strong and powerful external variable or energy. It also has a crossover with a five-Yin spot. Anyways, it’s a good and precious land with auspicious and good Feng Shui omen to bury a dead husband and wife together. It’s like a hub connecting different generations. Death is a transit point, burying a dead couple here would bring a good fortune or happiness for their future descendants. But why is there such a violently strong Yin qi here?” She then looked at Jiannan, asking, “Are the ones buried here your family elders?”

Jiannan shook his head in a dazzled expression. That girl had just talked to herself and put him in such a state of shock.

I also heard her thinking aloud. Even I had been completely flabbergasted by her. This girl was absolutely more powerful than me. Was she here to seize my business?

Boss Shi hurriedly replied, “Girl, the one that is buried in the grave is my mother.”

Tell me your mother’s birth date and time!” The girl spoke to him in a condescending tone.

Boss Shi quickly reported his mother’s birth date and time to her.

That girl pinched her fingers and calculated for a moment before she talked to herself, “Yin Water Snake Cycle (癸巳) Yin Fire Rooster Cycle (丁酉) Yin Metal Rabbit Cycle (辛卯) Yin Wood Pig Cycle (乙亥) [1]. The Yin year, the Yin month, the Yin day, and the Yin hour. The funeral time is absolutely intentional and was intended to turn the Yin and Yang upside down. This condition only appears when the birthdate and funeral time meet with the same annual time cycle.”

Holy shit! How could she be this awesome? Big Sister, this was not like a play in the movie, ah! To only casually observe the terrain and know the person’s birth date and time. Calculating in such a short time, you truly are able to correctly analyze everything, with not even a slight mistake. How would this patriarch drift along later?

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 51~~~~~~~~~~

Udeze’s footnotes for this confusing line [1]

Okay… the reason why I include the Chinese characters in second last paragraph; it’s too long a line to write there. Besides, it would be better to write it in a separate section for Boss Shi’s mother’s birthdate, here goes a little confusing explanation: official reference, you can read this link for another reference

10 Heavenly Stems











Chinese Character

Chinese Pinyin








Earthly Branch













Chinese Zodiac













Heavenly Stem

Earthly Branch


Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng, Ren

Zi, Yin, Chen, Wu, Shen, Xu


Yi, Ding, Ji, Xin, Gui

Chou, Mao, Si, Wei, You, Hai

So Guisi, Dingyou, Xinmao, Yihai respectively the year, month, day, and hour are all in the Yin pole both in the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, here goes the breakdown.

1. 癸巳: Guǐsì : Yin Water Snake Cycle

Boss Shi’s mother’s birth year is in these range of years (1833, 1893, 1953, 2013,…)

Because this chapter was written in 2013 and the mother had died 5 years ago, that means that she died in 2008. I won’t pick 1833 or 1893 because Boss Shi’s mother would be too old, her age would be 2008 – 1833 = 146 years old or 2008 – 1893 = 115 years old…

Therefore, she should be born in 1953, thus she died at the age of 55 in 2008. Guisi means the snake year, the previous snake year is 1953 and the next one is 2013 (this chapter was written in this year)

2. 丁酉: Dīngyǒu : Yin Fire Rooster Cycle is the birth’s month, see this table

3. 辛卯: Xīnmǎo : Yin Metal Rabbit Cycle is the birth’s day, see the table

4. 乙亥: Yǐhài, : Yin Wood Pig Cycle is the birth’s hour, Hai (Pig) hour is 9-11 PM See this table

So, basically the hell’s gate would be opened if somebody who was born on these ‘peculiar’ and ‘auspicious’ times died and be buried at the same peculiar times. Lol… I really want to try this theory. XD

And thanks for Kiseki for the helping with this Yin year, month, day, and hour

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