LDP – Ch 49

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TLDP: C.49. Yin and Yang Reversal

The next day, at around 7 AM, I was just finished my series of training when Cheng Dong suddenly called, “Big brother Xiaolong, where are you? We have a big client, and the commission is 200,000 RMB!”

At that same time, somebody knocked my door, so I spoke to Cheng Dong, “Brother Dong, I’m at Xu Xiaoling’s family, but I’ll go back today. So, just wait for me and we’ll discuss this again!”

I hung up the phone and opened the door. The one who was standing in front of the door was Xu Xiaoling. She was wearing ordinary casual clothes today and even though it wasn’t a famous brand, it matches and fit her well. With loose hair and no cosmetics, giving off some kind of unique-classical beauty. Her lips were slightly tilted up, so I smiled at her, “Big sis Xiaoling, you seem so happy, what happy matters have happened to you? Care to share it with me?”

“I just got my own freedom, so of course, I would be very happy, and that is thanks to you, Xiaolong.”

“You don’t need to be so courteous.” I looked at the bracelet on her wrist, asking, “Do you like this birthday gift?”

“I love it. How would I not like this gift? Oh right, Xiaolong. A friend asked me last night. She said that this bracelet is a precious antique originating from the Song Dynasty and the jade’s quality is of the finest. If this antique were to be placed in the auction. It’s estimated that it would absolutely shoot to a sky-high price, over thirty million RMB. Where did you get this bracelet from?”

I was too embarrassed if I told her the truth that this antique was from the tomb. General Long Chen also said that this was for predestined people, so I said, “A senior sent this bracelet and then I made it into a protective talisman. Big sis Xiaoling, you don’t need to care about its value. I just want to give you the best gift I could give.” I replied to her in the form of a white lie.

Xu Xiaoling’s eyes became gentle and soft. It seemed that she was touched with my words for a moment before she returned back to her previous manner, saying, “Call Yang Jiannan, I’ll take you to have breakfast.”

Who knew that due to eating too much durian last night, Jiannan was unable to eat anything this morning. So Xu Xiaoling and I slowly walked together to go outside.

While we were walking, I said, “Big sis Xiaoling, there are some little matters at home, so I’m planning to go back today, what about you? Do you want to go back together with me?”

She pondered for a moment before replying, “After having breakfast, I’ll ask my father.”

“How about that youth wounded by me yesterday?”

“He’s alright. He was sent to the Zhang Family last night. The Zhang is a highly-skilled doctor family and is one of the Great Prominent Families and Xiaolei’s injury had already stabilized.”

It was a self-service breakfast with a variety of dishes I’ve never seen before. Nangong Jinhao, Miss Chen Jia, and Su Jing were also here, so I separately greeted them.

There were dozens of people having breakfast here and many people’s vision was focused on me, so I teasingly asked, “Big sis Xiaoling, have I become very attractive today?”

Xu Xiaoling was very intelligent and she certainly knew what I meant as she only smiled, saying, “You are not just good looking, but your body’s odor is also wonderful like the unworldly beauty who can topple an empire with her looks. Otherwise, why would many people come to see you?”

At noon, I had lunch with the Xu Family’s head, but I only spoke a few words each time I was asked. I intentionally did this for fear that my words would expose any flaws. Xu Family’s head often unintentionally mentioned about the Phantasm Rain Pavilion. But I didn’t give any loopholes to reveal any flaws. After having a lunch, we prepared to return to the Qiling City with Xu Xiaoling to go back with us, traveling together.

At the airport, I told Xu Xiaoling our experience when we just arrived at this airport. How we were so smelly and looked like beggars. Xu Xiaoling loudly laughed so much that it even made her choke, but she didn’t ask any question about my true identity. I was also afraid that she would be tapped, so I didn’t tell her the truth about this matter.

It seemed that Miss Daiyu was right that doing good deeds could really alleviate bad luck, was this not the proof? I succeeded in snatching back big sis Xiaoling even though heavy pressures were waiting for me in the upcoming future.

However, it didn’t matter though. I believed that I would be able to pass through these problems with my own efforts to alleviate these pressures.

Jiannan’s cell phone’s battery was out of power, and he took my cell phone to send some messages. But after we got back, I planned…

When we got home, it was already past five in the evening. I also brought Jiannan along to my house to have dinner together. And after past 7, I escorted Xu Xiaoling to her apartment and then went to the photocopying shop. I found Jiannan was sitting before the computer and was self-studying Adobe Photoshop. I sat beside him and took out the three thousand RMB I had long been prepared for him, saying, “Jiannan, for these several days, you also have found out that if you were to stay with me, you could be exposed to many dangers. You are still young and you should not risk your life following me. This is a month’s salary, and you can go.”

Jiannan’s complexion turned unhappy, asking, “Big brother what do you mean? Just speak frankly what have I done wrong and do not beat around the bush like this.”

“No, you haven’t done anything wrong. I just thought that it’s not worth it if you are in a grave danger.”

“Alright, but if you do want to dismiss me, I still have to do a full month of work before I leave. I always finish everything that I started. You take this money back.” He firmly stated.

I secretly shook my head and headed out from the photocopying shop.

I was not worried about him stealing my computer at midnight because I knew that he was not that kind of person although the time I knew him was not long.

The next day, when I came to the photocopying shop, Jiannan had returned back to his previous attitude, talking and laughing together with me. And the shop plaque that I had long been ordered, was finally completed today. Jiannan directed the worker to install it outside, we hung fireworks and ignited it. The business had officially been opened with a lively and bustling scene.

At noon, Cheng Dong and Xu Xiaoling came. I ordered a few vegetable dishes from the nearby restaurant and took the dishes package back. When we had lunch, I was also listening to Cheng Dong’s introduction about this ‘Big Business’ client. And the one that made me feel strange was that this client came from Qingtian City! I was really puzzled, how would someone from Qingtian City find me here?

Originally, the client was a distant relative of Boss Qian. He was also one of the richest in the family and had heard about Boss Qian’s case with the ghost. Thus, he found out about me and entrusted Boss Qian to invite me. Boss Qian was that black-hearted guy who indirectly killed Da Niu. And speaking about Da Niu, I remembered that I hadn’t visited Aunt Niu for quite a while. I should visit her after solving this case and give her the money.

The client said that there were some problems with his family’s cemetery. However, the client didn’t explain the precise and specific information about it, which meant that I had to personally go and see it.

I decided to receive this request and I would leave to Qingtian City tomorrow.

I was just about to leave and leave the shop to Jiannan to manage it. Who would have known that this exotic good told me that he had some influence in the Qingtian City! I asked him, what influence did he have there? He said that his younger cousin, Chen Nuo, went to the school in Qingtian City and was the ‘caretaker’ of his school. I asked him, “Seriously? What school does your younger cousin go to?”

The next answer from this idiot almost made me crazy. It turned out it was when he was at the primary school!!!… And the last time he saw him was ** years ago, and now he should be in high school.

He said that he wanted to go to the Qingtian city and talk about the old days with his younger cousin. I was really helpless, and even though I had used both the hard and soft means to refuse his plea, it was of no use, so I couldn’t help but comply with his request!

At night, I escorted Xu Xiaoling to her apartment and sat for a while in her guest room. She said that I had better be careful and pay more attention to my own safety. I smiled at her, saying, “Haven’t you seen my current ability two nights ago? Relax, there will be no danger…”

Xu Xiaoling put the bracelet on her wrist. However, since the bracelet emitted a faint halo it was too conspicuous, so she also wore a loose gym suit like me under her work blouse, just to cover the bracelet on her wrist.


Miss Daiyu hadn’t come back yet and I asked Qin Mingjia to wait for her at home to pass on my message in case she came back when I was gone, To tell her that I had an important matter to discuss with her.

For the trip to Qingtian City, I also planned to bring along the bleeding sister since it would be very helpful and easier if there was some assistance from a ghost.

And after a fierce haggling with the bleeding sister, we had a deal that for each payment I received, she would receive a three percent share. For example, this times payment was 200,000 RMB, so I had to pay her 6,000 RMB after solving the case. However, since she seemed to not agree with this deal, then I told her, “Big sister, most of my money would be spent for charity and good deeds. If your family member’s livelihood is difficult or has financial problems, I would also support them additionally.” After hearing my words, the bleeding sister finally agreed.

At noon, Yang Jiannan and I took the train leaving for Qingtian City. The distance was quite far and would take at least a day and night so we bought a double cabin ticket. Because it was very boring on the train, I texted Xu Xiaoling just to kill time. Our relationship had gone deeper and became closer after the event at the Xu Family’s residence.

The bleeding sister also rarely spoke besides haggling or bargaining her service’s price with me. Usually, if I didn’t take the initiative to speak to her, she would have stayed silent all day.

Finally, we had arrived at Qingtian City and the client picked us up at the train station and led us to a villa.

The client was a middle-aged man, around 40-years-old and was surnamed, Shi. So I called him Boss Shi. His family opened the Supermarket Chain in Qingtian City and was incredibly rich. He also had twin sons of whom had entered college. As for his wife, she would go out every day to play mahjong and came back late. Therefore, in this villa, there were only Boss Shi, Jiannan, and myself.

When he sat on the sofa, Boss Shi quickly spoke, “Xiaolong, I have heard about your wonderful abilities in dealing with supernatural things. I really have encountered a big problem, so I asked for your help.”

“Boss Shi doesn’t need to be this polite, you can tell me about what happened straightly.”

“Well, it’s like this. Five years ago when my mother died, we asked a Feng Shui master to help us look for a good location for the cemetery. Then, he found an auspicious spot and said that if my parents were to be buried together there, it would be very great for all future descendants. But, because my father was still in a good health, an empty coffin must be put in into the grave first to accompany my mother’s coffin. At that time, the two coffins were buried there, my mother’s coffin was placed on the right and the empty coffin was on the left. Of which, to be preserved for my father until he died, and then to be buried again. That Feng Shui master said that it was to symbolize the meaning of Yin and Yang. A week ago, my father died, and when we dug the tomb, I found that my mother’s corpse was in the left coffin! I really remembered clearly that I had buried her dead body in the right coffin, moreover, her body has not even rotted after these five years!”

Two coffins, the dead body was buried in the right coffin and now was in the left one. Had this corpse moved to the left one by itself? Moreover, the corpse had not even rot after five years? This was too inconceivable. Did that old woman’s body turn into a zombie? Therefore, I hurriedly asked him, “Did the corpse have any hairs growing on the body?”

“No.” Boss Shi quickly replied.

Hair had not grown on the body. This should be the Shade Zombie characteristic. This Shade Zombie was pretty much difficult to cope with, but what made me worry the most was that the old woman corpse was buried on the left, which meant that the flow of Yin and Yang was reversed. This would absolutely become a huge problem…

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 49~~~~~~~~~~

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