LDP – Ch 47

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TLDP: C47. Causing Big Ruckus in the Banquet

I had never thought that Big Sis Xiaoling had paid so much for me silently. If she only thought of me as her younger brother, she would never have carelessly agreed to these conditions in exchange for my release from jail. It seemed that she did love me!

I stared at the Xu Family’s head with neither an arrogant or servile way, saying, “I had never thought that you would be such a cruel father, you would even use your own daughter.”

Xu Xiaoling’s eyes were gloomy. Judging from her intelligence, she must have correctly guessed the consequences of this. Of which, she didn’t tell me her family address that day. This should be her reason for shutting her cell phone down, as she hoped that I could never find her.

While at this time, a long-haired youth shouted coldly, “Dissolute! Do you think that my Xu Family is nobody? Uncle, please allow me to fix this crazy man!”

The Xu Family’s head casually said, “I’ll leave it to you Xiaolei.”

Xu Xiaoling hurriedly continued to beg, “Dad, I really beg you, please let him go.” She then spoke to me, “Xiaolong, please leave quickly, you can never win against him!” Xu Xiaoling was about to run over to me when she finished speaking but was stopped by her father.

I stared at that long-haired youth, and waved my hand to Xu Xiaoling, hinted that I would be alright.

This guy had a long hair and broad shoulders, handsome looks, 175cm in height, slim, wore a blue T-Shirt, and a pale-yellowish-brown pants. Even though I could not see his muscle, but I could feel a dangerous aura coming from him.

I said to Jiannan behind me, saying, “Get to a safe distant from me, I cannot act freely if you’re here!”

The second Yang Jiannan retreated, that long-haired youth moved! He used a strange footstep to rush over to me, and even though the move was seemingly slow, it was very fast. Just a second after I prepared myself, he had already arrived in front of me with a dagger that had unknowingly been wielded in his hand and quickly slashed at my neck! He unexpectedly tried to kill me in the first move!

My eyes shined and my head dodged in a flash due to my body’s reaction. My instinct and body reflexes were very strong after a year of devilish training, of which, had imprinted strong battle instincts and skills into my mind. I swiftly took a step backward to the side, evading his strike. However, that youth was really an expert as he quickly rushed over me again and sent out another strike with his dagger!

Since I could not continue stepping back, I could only lift my arm to block it! The dagger cut my gym suit’s sleeves, exposing the four lead bars tied up on my arm.

At the same time, a bodyguard quietly walked behind Jiannan and was going to subdue him. Jiannan suddenly turned his head and spat out his foul breath at the bodyguard. A powerful and intense durian smell quickly smoked down the bodyguard’s face as he then quickly fell to the ground with his legs twitching. It was as if he was a small insect being sprayed by a lethal pesticide. Jiannan kicked the fainted-foaming bodyguard’s body on the floor, and spoke in contempt, “After you got hit by my Great Durian Foul Breath technique, you should be ready for your own funeral…”

Xialei was very fast and he wielded a sharp dagger. Coupled with the heavy lead bars on my body, I could only block and evade his attack. My gym suit had also been cut raggedly by his strikes. I make a feint move and jumped out to a safe distance. Xiaolei didn’t chase me. His complexion was still normal, even his breathing didn’t change, saying, “You are quite good. But the warming up session is over. If you only have this much ability, then the next move will be your death. Since you dared to do unpardonable crimes here, you must be prepared to pay for the consequences!”

I took off my tattered gym suit, dismantled all the lead bars on my body and threw it on the floor. I also put my black backpack down and calmly spoke to the Xu Family’s head, “Although, big sister Xiaoling has no such a deep relationship with me, but I will never let anyone wrong her. I also don’t want to fight with no purpose. How about we make a bet here? If I win, she must be freed. She would never be happy with such a forced arranged marriage.”

Xiaolei quickly spoke coldly, “You don’t seem to understand the situation here. As long as uncle gives the order, do you think you can leave this place? I was just playing when I fought with you just now. When I get enough of it, it would be your death time!”

“If I died, your Xu family will never be in peace. Do not underestimate me, or you will regret it.” Since the present situation was very dangerous, I decided to speak some powerful and ruthless words, hoping that my bluffs would at least have some effects.

Then, I took the initiative and rushed over Xiaolei. After putting off the 120 pounds lead bars, my body was very light as if like a swallow and my speed became several folds faster. I quickly tried to snatch Xiaolei’s dagger, but his grip was very tight and it seemed that he really was starting to use his true ability now since his speed was a lot faster than a moment ago.

Xialei’s dagger’s strikes were ruthless and deadly. Since I had no lead bar to directly block his dagger, and I quickly got overwhelmed. But my anger also gradually rose. Each of his strike was very lethal, and really intended to kill me! Such being the case, I should also not hesitate to fully use my power and give him a taste of this patriarch new unique ability, the ‘Thumb Sword Qi’.

While still fighting him I quickly I directed the Qi to my lungs and suppressed my Qi like last time.

Suffocating myself was truly very strenuous and was very difficult. After suppressing my breath and Qi for 43 seconds, I felt that I had hit the limit, and suppressing it further would be very dangerous. I quickly directed the qi to the acupoint gate in my thumb and swiftly pointed my right hand’s thumb at Xiaolei. A strand of flame shot out, and a hot energy from my thumb shot through Xiaolei’s chest and hit the rockery behind him!


The rockery instantly exploded as stones flew and thrown out randomly! All onlookers who were like an audience watching the play at theater suddenly fell into a panic. Even some of them were hit and injured by the randomly flying debris.

My mouth was opened wide, panting. I hurriedly walked towards Xiaolei because I wanted to make him a hostage! Judging from Xu Family’s head reaction before, it seemed that his status was not low. If I took him as a hostage, maybe we can get out from here safely. Perhaps, I could also use him in exchange for Big Sis Xiaoling.

Besides, I could only launch this Six Meridians Divine Sword once. If I wanted to use this technique again, it would take about two hours exercising my breathing method to restore my qi again.

Xiaolei was fainted on the floor, as blood was constantly flowing from the hole on his right chest. I quickly arrived at his side when a cold and glittering thing suddenly shot at me lightning fast! And it directly aimed at my temple! I swiftly evaded it by stepping to the side as a dagger flew near and swept my hair.

Then, a shadow flashed toward me with a speed faster than Xiaolei while the hand holding the dagger stabbed to my eyes!

It’s really fast!!!

I subconsciously gathered my innate fire force to my right hand and made my hand turned into a flame in an instant as I then quickly grabbed the dagger barehanded!

Yes, my whole right hand had been completely transformed into a flame hand! This was the result of my research and practice in the last several days. It was, of course, thanks to the note left by the old swindler.

The shadow that suddenly attacked me turned out to be a middle-aged man. His face was somewhat similar to Xiaolei. Were they the father and son? He looked at my blazing right hand with greatly shocked complexion. I took the opportunity to rush over him and kicked his chest!

He released the dagger from his hand and quickly receded backward while asking me with a hint of dread, “Are you someone from Phantasm Rain Pavilion?”

What is this Phantasm Rain Pavilion? Seeing his dreadful complexion, I knew that this Phantasm Rain Pavilion had a very big background. Could it be that there was anyone else in this Phantasm Rain Pavilion who can practice this fire innate force? One must know that my unique ability had gone beyond ordinary people’s cognition. But, was there really other people like me who had this kind of ability? However, since this could be my only chance to escape, therefore I sneered, and even though I didn’t confirm his suspicion, I replied ambiguously, “Humph… I already said that if I died, your Xu family would never be at peace.”

This was the only chance for me to leave this place alive today, by using the reputation of this ‘Phantasm Rain Pavilion’. I was really too hasty and impulsive and didn’t think about using the Chen Family’s influence. If they really wanted to kill me, it would be as easy as pinching an ant to death. Moreover, my parents would also be implicated, so I really hope that I could muddle through this problem under this false claim.

Sure enough, he no longer attacking me, even the Xu Family’s head was also frowning as his eyes staring tightly at my flame right hand, asking, “From which artery successor are you in the Phantasm Rain Pavilion?”

Which artery? How the hell did I know which one? However, it seemed that some people in this Phantasm Rain Pavilion were also using Fire Innate Force like me. So I asked back at him, “Weren’t you have guessed it correctly?”

Xu Family’s head replied, “There are eight leaders in the Phantasm Rain Pavilion, code-named as the emperor, king, duke, marquis, noble, minister, magistrate, and citizen. You should be the artery successor of ‘Duke’… but, it doesn’t make sense. I have investigated your life and background.”

I was so shocked my back instantly drenched with my own cold sweat. However, I quickly thought, and calmly replied, “If my true status was so easily found by you, the Phantasm Rain Pavilion would have long been dismissed long time ago!”

The Xu Family’s head was silent for a while, saying, “Today, I don’t want to make any further trouble with you, you go.”

I pointed at Xu Xiaoling, saying, “The reason I came here today is to take her. Do you think I come here unprepared? Moreover, looking at this friend named Nangong Jinhao who was silent all the time, is he also being forced by his family? Since everybody is unhappy, it would be better to conclude it this way, right?”

As when I finished speaking, I took the small white box gift on the floor, opened it, and took out the emitting halo bracelet of which looked like the legendary treasure in the fable. Everyone’s eyes were tightly stared at the jade bracelet in my hand as I then pretended to be calm, saying, “A while ago some small little ghosts made some trouble for me. I was really worried that Big sis Xiaoling would be affected, so I refined this protective talisman carefully and prepared this jade bracelet as a birthday gift from Big sis Xiaoling.”

Xu Family’s head, replied, “How about we talked inside?” Then, even though I hadn’t given him my consent, he turned around and walked toward the villa behind him.

I shrugged my shoulders and spoke to Yang Jiannan, saying, “Wait here for me!” Then, I walked into the villa.

The people behind me suddenly talked about the recent scene.

“Wow! That seemingly ordinary youth turned out to be someone from influential and powerful background””

“He’s really handsome, especially when he’s in that battle posture!” A woman struck by amazement spoke in such an infatuated expression, suddenly spoke from behind.

Jiannan who stood near that infatuated woman, suddenly looked like he was not happy and rebutted, “Although my Big brother is handsome, but I’m also pretty handsome!”

The infatuated woman quickly pinched her nose and quickly ran away…

In the villa, Xu Family’s head, Xu Xiaoling, and Nangong Jinhao were sitting on the sofa. After I entered the room, the Xu Family’s head gave invitation with his hand.

I calmly sat down, as Xu Family’s head then asked, “Do you mind if I take a look at the bracelet?”

I handed the bracelet over, and the Xu Family’s head carefully scrutinized the bracelet over and over about a minute before he gave it to Nangon Jinhao, saying, “Nangong nephew, I heard that you have deep knowledge about jade carving and antiques, you take a look at this jade bracelet.”

Nangong Jinhao scrutinized the bracelet under the light for a long time before saying, “This bracelet style is originated from the Song Dynasty, and this antique is very well preserved. It’s also made from the finest jade and this bracelet also contains a profound and powerful spiritual qi. This jade’s effect is prolonging longevity and can repel all various illnesses. Yes, this jade is truly what uncle has thought in mind.” After he finished explaining, Nangong Jinhao secretly blinked his eye at me.

Why would he wink at me? Wouldn’t his face be lost if I took Xu Xiaoling? Not only was not bear any grudges at me, but he also gave my bracelet a sky high appraisal. Don’t tell me that he was a gay and took a liking for my ass?

I subconsciously clamped my legs, but I could still feel a cool chilly wind blowing over my crotch.

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 47~~~~~~~~~~

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