LDP – Ch 45

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TLDP: C45. ‘Taking Pictures’ Endlessly

Seeing the people around focusing their sight on me, I coughed twice before l lightly spoke, “Jiannan, don’t joke with big brother security, let’s go!”

After entering the airport lounge, we arrived at the ticket booth. And before I spoke, Jiannan tidied up his rapper clothes and pretended to look at his watch. With a successful public figure’s manner, he spoke, “Miss, give us the ticket to the capital’s train station. And please be quick, we are in a hurry!”

I almost kicked him to the death! What the hell with this capital’s train station?!! Can the plane enter the station? Idiot!

“Excuse me sir,” said the ticket girl, “Are you going to the Capital Airport?”

“Oh, right, I want the ticket to the crematorium in the capital. And I want a fast machine, not a slow one you know. I have to rush!”

What was this crematorium?!! What the hell was this fast machine?!! I helplessly covered my face in pain! My God! Why did I bring this idiot? It’s too embarrassing. I would die because of shame if I didn’t quickly take this exotic, rare, and elegant alien out!

I calmed my rage down and quickly dragged Jiannan backward. I smiled to the ticket girl and said, “He’s just joking with you. We need two passenger tickets to the Capital Airport.”

The ticket girl checked the flight schedule, replied, “There’s a flight at 7:40 tonight, it is expected to arrive at the Capital Airport then.”

“I want two tickets.”

“Sir, please show your ID cards.”

We handed her our ID cards. The ticket girl typed for a while as she then handed over the two ID cards along with 2 tickets, saying, “Sir, it’s 3252 RMB.”

Jiannan big mouth shouted, “Why is this so expensive? Do you want to rob us? The executive train cabin only cost 200 RMB, let me calculate how many times does this plane ticket cost more by.” Then, Jiannan took his Nocchi Friend 1100, used the calculator feature and ignored us.

My eyes became teary… I was pretty much almost devastated by Jiannan, so I solemnly spoke, “From now on, you are not allowed to speak. Otherwise, I’ll deduct the money for this ticket from your salary. If you can be quiet and peaceful until we arrive at the Capital Airport. The ticket will be on me, OK?”

“O…” Jiannan was just about to say an O word, but he quickly covered his mouth and nodded. This idiot would do anything as long as I didn’t deduct his salary.

I took my bank card and paid for the tickets. After that, I followed the instructions to undertake the security check, walked to the terminal, and looked for a vacant seat to sit down.

I carried my black backpack since I brought a few clothes and some charms. I didn’t bring the fan but I carefully put on my own made jade bracelet talisman under my jacket.

Jiannan was holding his Nocchi Friends 1100 as he sent text messages. This ‘exotic goods’ had a girlfriend now. And as I recalled, his girlfriend was the employee at that haunted office. I never thought that Jiannan was so quick to move. I didn’t expect that he had some talent in this aspect.

I sat and closed my eyes to rest. I didn’t for how long when suddenly a woman’s voice sounded from a near distance, “Mr Zhang Xiaolong…?”

I opened my eyes and saw Su Jing, the business woman I had met a few days ago. Jiannan’s girlfriend’s boss. I never thought that I came across her here at the airport.

She came up, saying, “Mr. Zhang, I forgot to thank you last time. Where are you going now?”

“To the capital, and you, Miss Su?”

“What a coincidence. I’m also leaving for the capital on the 7:40 flight.”

I smiled, “It also our flight!”

Then, under Su Jing’s lead we successfully boarded the plane, and avoided making a fool of ourselves again.

Jiannan, who was on the plane for the first time was very excited when the plane took off and was dancing. The flight attendant then came over, asking, “Sir, are you airsick?”

Jiannan pointed at his mouth and waved his hand. He made a pinched neck gesture as his mouth slanted and eyes crooked, hinting that he couldn’t speak, otherwise his salary would be deducted and his girlfriend would choke him to death.

The stewardess, of course, didn’t understand. But seeing how this idiot showed his neck being pinched, she anxiously asked, “Sir, I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say!”

I was sitting in the back while playing Plants Vs. Zombies. When I saw Jiannan conversing with the stewardess, I could only sigh secretly. I was too careless! Even if I had forbidden him not to speak, he really cannot be underestimated. His stupidity had rooted to the bone. Gave him a little opportunity, and he can garner everyone’s attention…

Jiannan repeated his actions. The stewardess became more anxious, asking, “Sir, did your epilepsy suddenly manifest?”

He finally couldn’t bear it anymore and retorted, “You’re the one who has epilepsy…”

This idiot almost made the stewardess furious. He obviously can speak but why use body language then?!!

I was worried that Jiannan would drag me down with his embarrassing manner. So I foresighted the result and quickly used the peeing escaping technique and quickly slipped to the toilet. But Jiannan, who couldn’t find me, stretched his ‘evil claws’ to reach Su Jing…

We had finally arrived at the Capital Airport. My footsteps were quite staggered, my hair was messy, and my complexion almost looked like that I would faint. Jiannan had been thoroughly devastating me. This stupid-idiot-overlord was too talented in torturing people. Even Su Jing was pretty much devastated and couldn’t keep her reserved manner. She asked me with a trace of fear and trauma on her face, “Mr. Zhang, where do you want to go? Some people will pick me up in a short while. Do you want to take a ride?”

“Thanks, but it’s alright. Miss Su you go first. I’ll call some people to pick me up”

After Su Jing left, I stared at Jiannan ferociously. I then took my cell phone to call Xu Xiaoling. Shortly after a familiar woman voice sounded, “Sorry, the number you are calling is being shut down…”

“Shutdown! How would she shut it down? She rarely shut her cell phone down. It possibly that her battery was out of power, I’ll wait for a while and call her again!”

Both of us sat on a cool backless bench, I was so sleepy that I slightly closed my eyes as JIannan brought out his own ‘Little Master’ Tupperware and ate the food while texting his girlfriend. It was like the both of us were some refugees who came from Africa.

The next day, at 12 PM, I called Xu Xiaoling’s cell phone again, but the phone was still down! Even if the battery had to be charged, shouldn’t it be on by now? This was not funny, in such a huge bustling capital, wanting to find Xu Xiaoling was no different than looking for a needle in the haystack. Was she really alright? She had been acting strange when we met three days ago.

No… I like Xu Xiaoling, nothing must have happened to her! After waiting for another hour, Xu Xiaoling’s phone was still off.

I thought for a while and dialed Chen Haotian’s number.

Chen Haotian picked the call and asked straightforwardly, “Xiaolong, what’s up?”

“Big brother Chen, I need some help.” So, I told him the matter with Xu Xiaoling again and asked him to check where her family lived.

Chen Haotian was silent for a long while before he replied, “Xu Xiaoling? According to your description, she should be the Xu family’s eldest daughter, Xu Ningrou. You say that it’s her 24th birthday. My younger sister had just gone to attend the party. It would take several hours for her to arrive at the Capital Airport. If so, I’ll call my younger sister to pick you up and take you to the party.”

Thus, the long wait began…

We had waited from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. At this time, I was sitting in pain as Jianan was chewing his crispy fried sausage. He also drank his water quickly, just like someone who had lost his parents. After that, we quickly fell asleep before my phone finally rang. The number was unknown. I answered the call and a clear female voice asked, “Are you Zhang Xiaolong?”


“Big brother wants me to take you the Xu Family, where are you at the airport? I’ll pick you up.”

I hurriedly told her my position and shortly after, a man clad in a black tuxedo came to take us out of the airport on a ‘Ferrari Xiali’. [1]. Jiannan’s crazy habit struck again as he begged me to take two pictures of him with his cell phone because he would show it off to his girlfriend when he got back. I really didn’t have the means anymore as I could only comply with his capricious request.

This was a convoy consisting of five cars, our car was at the most back, and in front of us were Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces. In short, all of them were famous cars. All the cars were escorting a unique modeled pink car in the middle. That car was like a beetle and was round. I couldn’t see the brand marks but there were two English letters on it, ‘TS’. With only a glance I understood that even that car was far more expensive than the Ferrari Xiali we were riding… Miss Chen should be sitting inside that car…

Having taken more than 500 photos, Jiannan finally felt satisfied. This idiot happily spoke, “Ah… taking pictures is so easy, I can be a professional photographer!”

I almost strangled him to death! If his memory card still had sufficient space, this idiot could have been making me take his pictures!

The convoy slowly stopped at the entrance to a large shopping mall. I was somewhat puzzled and asked the driver, “Brother, have we arrived?”

“There’s nothing here, our young lady must go shopping, so we’ll stop here for a short while”

It turned out that ‘stopping for a short while’ made me stranded for more than two hours! It’s already 7 PM now! Damn! It’s so late, can I still attend the birthday with so little time left? And I still couldn’t contact Xu Xiaoling. This really made me furious. When I was about to rage, Miss Chen returned, surrounded by a group of bodyguards.

The convoy continued advancing and after half an hour, we had arrived at a desolate area outside of the city. A lot of luxury cars were also passing on this road. After a while, I found that on the roadside there was a sign: Private Area, Do Not Enter!

We were moving forward for a short while and finally saw a huge courtyard ahead with a lot of exquisite buildings. Famous and luxurious cars were parked on the roadside as various famous cars were endlessly emerging one after another. It was simply dazzling and blinding. Jiannan’s eyes shone and noisily deleted pictures he had taken previously, he then shouted at me to take his picture standing next to those luxurious cars. I was so angry that I almost vomited my own blood. We came here to attend the birthday party not to take pictures like a photographer!!!

But was this really big sis Xu Xiaoling’s home? If not, I would greatly embarrass myself. Chen Haotian didn’t talk clearly as he just told his sister to lead me to come here.

I spoke to Jiannan that there were better things inside than these cars. And he can take the pictures there.

So, Jiannan and I followed Miss Chen Jia and entered the entrance of which asked for a written invitation! Fortunately, Miss Chen Jia had it and told them she brought us here as her people, finally… we could get inside…

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 45~~~~~~~~~~

[1] Xiali, car brand by Tianjin FAW Xiali Motor Company

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