LDP – Ch 44

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TLDP: C.44. The Damn Thief

I firmly replied, “I must attend your birthday party. Big Sis Xiaoling, tell me your home address quickly.”

“My family lives in the capital. When you arrive at the capital’s Train Station, just call me and I’ll send someone to pick you up. Well, Xiaolong, I must go, some people have been waiting for me outside.” Xu Xiaoling stood and walked out.

An Audi A6 was parked in front of the entrance. The driver got off and opened the back door. He respectfully spoke to Xu Xiaoling, “Young lady, please.”

Seeing how low Xu Xiaoling’s mood was, I felt that things were not quite right. She was going to have her birthday at home, why would she be so sad and gloomy? I held Xu Xiaoling’s hand and pulled it. She turned her head as I then smiled, said, “Big sis Xiaoling, why do you look so dejected and are quickly leaving? You didn’t even smile when you saw me.”

“Well… Xiaolong… stop it. I must leave.”

I let Xu Xiaoling go and thoughtfully replied, “Well, Big sis Xiaoling, I’ll see you again three days later then!”

The car had left. I walked back to the shop slowly, sat on the couch and was drowned in my own thought. Xu Xiaoling seemed to have concealed something. She also wasn’t like her usual self… Well, I can’t think much about it now. Besides, three days later I could see her and ask about it. There were things I had to do right now. Those damn ghosts definitely would not give up. So, I must prepare a plan to deal with this problem.

I took my black backpack to the photocopy shop and quickly closed the front door. I went to the second floor and found that the curtains were still lowered. Two new man and woman ghosts were quarreling in the other corner.

Ah right, these two ghosts had been so noisy at the early hours every day. They could spend hours quarreling even over the most trifling of matters. I was once tempted to drive them away, but Yang Jiannan begged me to let them stay here.

But since it was so noisy, I couldn’t concentrate even a bit. I lit up a Sun Charm and threw it at them, threatened, “You two shut up!!! Otherwise, get lost and find another place to quarrel!”

The woman ghost was so afraid and hurriedly spoke to the man ghost, “Husband, let’s go quickly. The boss is angry!” The two ghosts then disappeared.

Peace and tranquility finally came.

I took out three pieces of jade ornaments and laid them on the table, as I took out the ‘Daoist Incantations Compilation Book’. There was a method to forge a protective talisman written in this book.

I copied the record from the book as I then slowly prepared to imitate it. Firstly, I gently carved the Moon Charm’s characters on the jade with a carving knife.

Due to carefully engraving the characters, it took hours until past 4 PM that I finally completed engraving the three jade ornaments.

I directly carved a charm character on the back of the two jade pendants.

As for the jade bracelet, in order to preserve its artistic appearance, I carved the character on the bracelet’s back surface. However, it was very difficult. The reason why the carving took so long, was mainly due to carving the jade bracelet.

After I engraved the seal characters, I proceeded to the next step which was imbuing the character with Yang energy! The engraved characters absorbed the Yang energy and contained it within.

Due to the jade’s gentle and calm nature, it can be used as a medium to contain Yang Qi. The finest jade was even able to bear a great amount of Yang energy. So, it was necessary to have objects with a strong affinity toward Yang energy to make the talisman able to absorb it.

This idea came to me after I got the fan.

Yes, it was because General Long Chen gave me that fan! The fan contained an intense and powerful Yang Qi!

I took out the fan, and the room instantly became warm! Even my shoulder’s Yang fires automatically lit up after I extinguished it. I put the fan on the table and bit my tongue’s tip. With my blood’s essence, I wiped the character engraved on the three jade ornaments to activate the seal.

According to the record in the book, after the seal had been activated, it will absorb the surroundings Yang energy within a 10 meters radius. So all the people must leave this area, otherwise, their Yang energy would be absorbed by the seal. This process itself took at least 10 minutes.

After I wiped the essence of my Yang Qi and blood, I hurriedly ran outside.

When I got downstairs, Yang Jiannan called. I asked him why he didn’t come back quickly. That idiot told me that he was at the bus stop! And it would take him an hour to return here.


Half an hour later, when I got back to the second floor, I was greatly shocked!

All Yang energy contained within the fan was sucked dry!

The three jade ornaments had turned full of luster. The jade bracelet especially even emitted a faint halo unexpectedly!

Holy shit! My treasured fan! So much Yang energy was unexpectedly sucked dry, absorbed by these three jade ornaments. The fan had no Yang energy left. The fan was like a man who had become impotent. Should Miss Daiyu know about this, she would have beaten me to death…

This matter absolutely must be kept hidden from others!

However, although the fan had basically been discarded, the three new talismans were really glossy. It should have some marvelous effect!

I quickly put the three talismans into my backpack, went home and had a small chat with Mom. Then I went to my room and asked Qin Mingjia to help test the talisman’s power.

I put on the necklace with a jade pendant on my neck and covered it with my clothes. A warm and comfortable sensation spread out from my chest the instance I put it on.

Qin Mingjia then tried to pinch my neck. But when she just touched me, she was instantly thrown back! It seemed that she was severely injured, because when she was floating back, her aura was so bleak and gloomier.

Right, she was indeed injured! I was extremely sorry but at the same time, was greatly shocked! The two jade pendants had such an effect. And that jade bracelet? It had absorbed a far greater amount of Yang energy compared to the two pendants! If I were to experiment with the jade bracelet a moment ago, Qin Mingjia might have been exterminated instantly!

Great! It’s really amazing! Even though the fan could be said to be useless now, but in exchange for three powerful talismans, it’s really worth it! Should the ghosts come to have their revenge later, I wouldn’t be so worried that they could harm Mom and Dad!

I spent a Moon Charm to help her condense her Yin Qi and spoke with her the same time. Qin Mingjia said that bastard Cui Zhihai was soon to be sentenced. Her corpse had also been lifted up from the river. She felt that she had died a worthless death. If she could go back to life again, she hoped to find a good man like me, who was gentle and could provide security for a lifetime.

I said to her, “Big sister, could it be that you have a crush on me? Do you want to say that you want me to relive the character in the ‘Ghost’ movie?” [1]

After chatting and laughing for awhile, I said, “Cui Zhihai’s crime was planned and an intentional homicide. So he should be sentenced to death by law. I’ll directly send you to the Netherworld soon after his punishment has been carried out. I also have some influence in the Netherworld because my master is quite powerful there. By the time you get there, I will contact him to look for you and let you be reincarnated into a good and wealthy family.”

After dinner, I gave the two jade pendants to Mom and Dad and told them that they must always have on their jade pendants.


For the next two days, I was busy directing Yang Jiannan in devilish training. Although his physical condition is good, he was dead tired. These two days was strangely tranquil, those ghosts didn’t look for me again.

Miss Daiyu… she still hadn’t come back yet. I really don’t know where she had gone.

I took my time to go to a slaughterhouse and collected half a bottle of cattle tears. According to the old swindler, he had 1.5 million RMB in debts. The amounts of debts he left me including the students’ scholarship and the subsidized schools, came to a total of 2.53 million RMB. I had paid all of it. I only had 17,000 RMB left now… Damn… money did come fast, but it’s gone even faster.


Tomorrow was Xu Xiaoling’s birthday. Jiannan said that he had never been to the capital, so he wanted to go with me. I complied with his wish. I browsed the internet to find some information. The train schedule was 3:17 PM this afternoon as it was estimated that the train would arrive at the capital past 10 AM tomorrow morning. It was just sufficient time to catch up to Xu Xiaoling’s birthday. So I neatly dressed up and wore clean casual clothes. By 2 PM, Jiannan and I had arrived at the train station.

Jiannan still wore that ‘marvelous’ rapper attire from top to bottom… I felt helpless about his taste.

When we just arrived at the station, I gave Jiannan 500 RMB, so he went to line up to buy our tickets. In the last two days, I had been busily teaching Jiannan and barely had rest. So I quickly fell asleep when I leaned on the chair. I didn’t know for long I had been sleeping when suddenly I felt someone shook my body to wake me up. An auntie hurriedly said to me, “Young man, that person had stolen your wallet!”

What?!! I hastily touched my pants pocket and the wallet was really gone! The auntie pointed a direction and a roguish looks person instantly dashed outside!

What the fuck??? He dared to steal my things!!! My bank card was also in the wallet, including 2,000 RMB in cash. Those were all of my wealth right now! By the time I arrived at the capital, I would have no money to pay for the bus fare, because that vile thief stole my wallet. What a damn hateful thief!!! I didn’t think much further as I then quickly stood and chased him!

I ran and shouted, “Catch that thief!!!”

What really irritated me was that the people around, seeing the thief’s menacing looks, not only did they not try to help stop that thief, but instead gave him way! Letting that thief run away outside the station! That bastard sure ran quite fast. With 120 pounds lead bars on my body, maintaining this speed was considered as remarkable enough! I quickly untied my gym suit while running, pulled off all the lead bars on my arms and threw it on the floor. My running speed was then increased several folds!

Suddenly, three youths stopped me. These chaps should be that thief’s partners in crime. One of them put out a fruit knife, threatening, “Do you want money or your death?”

My eyebrows twitched as rage quickly was swelling up. Not only did these bastards steal my money, but they also wanted to rob me? I quickly knocked the three bastards down easily as I then used a fruit knife on that guy’s neck, threatened, “Call your partner and give me back my wallet! You better hurry! Otherwise, your blood will be spilled here. I can explain to the cops that it’s pure self-defense!”

“Please don’t do that big brother… don’t be so angry, I’ll call him now…”

When I got my wallet back, the train had left the station. I almost strangle that thief to death because of anger!

I asked the guy in the ticket booth. There was a train scheduled to leave for the capital at 11 PM tonight. But it was a slow train, and it was estimated that the train would arrive at 10 PM at the capital.

That was… bad! It would be too late. What else can I do now?

Finally, Yang Jiannan suggested, “Big brother did you forget something? There is also a public transport called the ‘grey flying machine’. We can take that grey machine and soar to the sky in a flash, it’s very fast!!

I quickly replied, “Use your straightened tongue to speak”

However, Yang Jiannan really reminded me. Right, the plane… Damn, I cannot manage too many things right now. It seemed I could only take the plane!

Jiannan and I took the taxi and went to the airport.When I saw those grand buildings and a constant stream of people flocking there, I was a little muddled, “Jiannan, I have never traveled by plane, how can we enter this thing? Where should we buy the ticket?”

Jiannan looked at me with a contemptuous look, replying, “If you don’t know about it, just look at me…”

Afterward, Jiannan walked toward the entrance. He then asked the security guard at the entrance’s side, “Brother, we don’t need any ticket to enter the building right?”

The people near them suddenly burst into a loud laughter. I knew that Jiannan was pretty much an idiot and embarrassed himself. So I quickly pretended that I didn’t know him.

That security guard barely held his urge to loudly laugh. He smiled, replying, “This entrance doesn’t accept ticket or money.”

Jiannan was so surprised and happy. He quickly turned toward me and shouted loudly, “Big brother, great! We don’t need to pay for any ticket!!!”

Oh my… What a day…

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 44~~~~~~~~~~

[1] 人鬼情未了: it’s the Ghost movie, for Chinese reference, read this, as for the English one, read this

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