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TLDP: C43. Moon Charm’s True Usefulness

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I forgot you cannot see ghosts.” I repeated my words from the corner.

I then looked at to the auntie ghost and said, “Auntie, did you hear our conversation just now? I made a bet with this doctor; she doesn’t believe that a corpse can move. You just find a body, possess it, and then move it several times…”

“It’s not easy, young man ~~” The auntie ghost darkly replied, “Ordinary ghosts like me cannot possess a dead body. I don’t have that much spiritual force!”

“It’s okay auntie, I’ll help you. Just pick a body you like, and be at ease, this won’t hurt you.” I talked facing toward an empty corner as all the people in this room were looking at me with contempt and mocking expressions. They thought that I was acting.

The auntie ghost thought for a moment before she finally nodded.

I looked at the woman doctor, “Dr. Liu, is there any dead bodies that can be used for this?”

Dr. Liu pointed to the corpse freezer, said, “It’s in the third row, the second grid from the left.”

I opened the freezer cabinet and there was a man’s corpse inside. Its upper body was stripped naked and it only wore underwear. There were no scars on its body and it had purple lips. I didn’t care about its condition as I then quickly dragged the body out of the freezer’s cabinet. I turned around and looked at the nearby cop, “Sir… Could you help hold this body?”

The cop didn’t answer. It was clear that the cop didn’t want to do it. I looked at Lao Chen as he then walked toward me helplessly, put on the gloves and held the corpse.

The auntie ghost floated behind that corpse as I stood behind her. I took out a Moon Charm and spoke to her, “Auntie, after this Moon Charm is lit up, it will produce a heavy Yin energy, so you can use this energy to possess this dead body. After that, you walk around in this room in a circle and I’ll give 2,000 RMB as your payment.”

The auntie ghost nodded again and gave a sign that I could start now.

I held my sword and quickly ignited the Moon Charm, as I patted it on the auntie ghost’s back. Her Yin Qi sharply rose and her gloomy aura suddenly became very heavy! I shouted lowly as I then stepped forward and quickly made a Moon Charm’s character from the air and patted the man’s corpse as I had patted the auntie ghost! However, because I used too much force, Lao Chen grip over the corpse loosened and it fell down.

Lao Chen quickly tried to prop the corpse up, only to suddenly freeze the second after! The man’s dead body moved its arm and even slowly used its arm to support itself as it tried to stand.

All cops in the morgue hurriedly pulled their guns from their waist! They quickly aimed their gun toward the newly living dead. Their bodies were violently shivering, trembling. After all, the scene in front of their eyes was extremely strange and frightening. They had never thought that a dead body could really move!

Dr. Liu’s body was also trembling violently. She staggered backward again and again as her complexion turned deathly pale, with a disbelief and frightened expression covering her face as she looked at that moving corpse.

I spoke in a helpless tone, “You don’t need to be so afraid! Didn’t I tell you a moment ago that a dead body can move? Oh, by the way, auntie… can you try to run in a circle in this room so they have no doubts that a corpse really can run.”

“Alright ~~” A hoarse voice was exuded from the man corpse’s mouth as it then ran toward my direction in stiff movements.

Lao Chen who was behind my back hurriedly moved backward. It seemed he had also heavily succumbed to his fear.

The corpse ran several times and quickly walked toward my side. It then asked, “Is this OK~~?”

“It’s good.” I turned to Dr. Liu and spoke to her, “Dr. Liu, do you believe it now? As per your promise, quickly take out that 2,000 RMB as your goodwill, otherwise you cannot blame me if this auntie will haunt you every day!”

“Waaah…!!!” Dr. Liu wailed and screamed desperately, it seemed that she was very afraid that the auntie ghost would haunt her.

Seeing how scared she was from her looks and reaction, I somewhat could not bear it, “You don’t need to be that afraid. In fact, most people are unable to see ghosts for a lifetime. As long as you don’t disturb them, ghosts will not cause any harm to you. Besides, you have been a forensic scientist for a long time, haven’t you encountered any supernatural things all this time?”

“I… I don’t have any cash with me.” Dr. Liu spoke as her body incessantly trembled. Her eyes were unfocused. It seemed that tonight’s scene greatly had her frightened. But the blame was not mine in the first place. Had she not asked for it herself, this event wouldn’t have happened.

“Well, I’ll help you pay her first, but you must remember to pay me back.” Then I looked at that moving corpse, said, “Auntie, you can come out now!”

After a few seconds, the living corpse let out a gloomy voice, “Ah, it’s not good young man, I’m trapped in here. My soul cannot come out of this body.

“What??? How can that be? What do I have to do?” My voice was stuttering as I asked her.

“Try the method you did before when I was about to possess this body earlier, let’s see if I can get out of this body~~” The auntie ghost quickly replied.

I quickly tried her suggestion and took out the last Moon Charm I had. After igniting it, I patted the corpse’s chest! The auntie ghost was then forcefully ejected from that corpse.

Seeing this scene, an idea flashed in my mind. Two days ago I didn’t know how to force that evil spirit out of Yu Cheng’s body. But today I finally found the proper and correct method! Originally, the Moon Charm also had this marvelous function!

After the auntie ghost was out, that dead body fell to the ground, as all the onlookers’ eyes were fully filled with terrible fright, seeing the whole scene. I realized that it seemed I had to clean up this mess. I couldn’t help but sigh helplessly while I held the body up and put it back into the freezer cabinet. I then spoke to the auntie ghost, “Auntie, please wait for a while and follow me first. I will give you the money later. Ah, right, auntie, a few hours ago, did you see a male corpse running away from here?”

“Yes, I saw it. But the ghost possessing that body is very powerful. He can directly manipulate that male corpse and quickly left. I didn’t want to offend that ghost. Otherwise, a nightmare would befall upon me later. You’re not thinking of dragging me in, are you ~~?”

I yawned as I then looked at the old cop Lao Chen, “Uncle Chen, the first thing we should do is that you must find Yu Cheng’s corpse and quickly call me when you have found it. I’m so tired because of these several days’ events. I want to go home first and rest. Moreover, I have to prepare my equipment to deal with the ghost in this case. That evil spirit is very powerful. Please be sure to promptly call me when you find it. And don’t go by yourself to deal with it.”


It was around 2 AM when I arrived at home. Mom and Dad quickly interrogated me.

“Little bastard, how come you were involved in a murder case? What the hell did you do in someone’s house late at night?” Dad was asking furiously. But deep traces of worry and concern fully covered his eyes as he carefully looking at my body, trying to find out whether I had got beaten or not.

Mom was also asking me with deep concerns, as to whether I had suffered or not these days.

Ah, the hairs on Dad’s temple had turned white… I just realized it… as Mom was emaciated because she looked so thin and pale. Obviously, she didn’t sleep well these days. Troubles had always been following me since I was a child and their care and concerns… I knew about it deeply. Deep guilt quickly filled my heart. I quickly knelt on the floor, sobbing, “Dad, Mom, I’m so very sorry to make the both of you worry. But this case was only a misunderstanding. I’m not a murderer. As for why I had been in the dead man’s house, it was because…” I told them part of the story of how I met the old swindler a year ago.

We talked until 3 AM as I then quickly headed back to my room. The auntie ghost, the bleeding sister, and Qin Mingjia ghost were there. The only one that was not present was only Miss Daiyu. So I asked the bleeding sister, “You haven’t found Miss Daiyu?”

“I can’t find her.” The bleeding sister replied.

It’s very strange, where did she go? Considering the fact that she was waiting for Long Chen here, she should not have vanished like this.

Was she kidnapped? No… that was absolutely impossible, who could have the amount power to kidnap her anyway?

Was she handling her private matters? Ah… it should be this. Somehow, I couldn’t help but feel that this time, there was something odd… it seemed that I had fallen into a clever scene… I had accidents and she also happened to have something to be taken cared of…

I looked at the time. Although I really wanted to sleep, I couldn’t. I brought the lead bars, went downstairs and prepared to jog instead.

There were too many things that happened recently, and the most intriguing matter was a group of ghosts that tried to frame me. I only had a few Sun Charms left, and it could lead to a disaster if I were to encounter them later. So I needed to make more charms for safety measures.

After the jogging session, I returned home and threw myself into deep meditation while exercising my breathing practice. For a moment, I thought I could feel that a trace of my Qi seemed to condense in my Dantian! Did this mean that I could continue to use my acupoint gate for that thumb sword technique?

However, to be able to use this technique, it seemed that I had to simulate last night’s situation and suppress my Qi to a certain extent in my lungs and release it all at once. But using this move had proved that it could lead to a dangerous situation because I would then be paralyzed. It seemed like I had to temporarily put aside this technique. If I had free time later on, I need to find a quiet and uninhabited place to research this technique further.

It was already 6 AM when I stopped meditating. I then called Xu Xiaoling and Yang Jiannan, telling them that I was safe and had gotten out from jail.

I spent another hour to draw daoist charms and succeeded in drawing 40 Sun Charms. I stretched my body before I told the bleeding sister to secretly protect Dad; ordered Qin Mingjia to protect Mom as I then led the auntie ghost to leave my house. Had those ghosts tried to do anything to my parents; I must put their safety as my first priority.

The auntie ghost and I finally arrived at my photocopy store. Yang Jiannan opened the door and Xu Xiaoling was also there. After seeing Yang Jiannan, I handed him 2,000 RMB, said, “Jiannan, gave this money to this aunt’s grandson. He is an XX university student. After you send it, you must immediately come back. I have something important to tell you.”

After Yang Jiannan left, I apologized to Xu Xiaoling, said, “I’m really sorry big sis Xiaoling for making you worry.”

“Did you really kill someone? What really happened?” Xu Xiaoling asked.

I shook my head, “I’m really clueless about this case. I only know that some ghosts tried to frame me. Anyways, Sis Xiaoling, the police said that my background is powerful. Do you know what happened?”

Xu Xiaoling’s mood turned dark and depressed, replied, “I went to him… he then used his power and influence to press the provincial police department through his personal connections so you can quickly get out of jail.”

“Is he… your father?” I asked her with my guess.

“Well, he wanted me to go home to celebrate my birthday three days later. We had a big fight at my previous birthday. I really don’t want to go back. But I had promised him that I will go back if he could get you out. I can’t break my own promises. So because of this promise, I should go back home this afternoon. Moreover, I had also resigned from my company.”

I was silent for a short while before I replied, “I really thank you sis Xiaoling. But no matter what had happened between you and your father, he will always be your father forever. It’s better to forgive him. And by the way, give me your home address. I will absolutely come to your birthday party.”

“It’s only just a birthday. There is no need to celebrate it.” Xu Xiaoling’s mood was still so low and depressed. As if she was remembering a sad and regrettable past.

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 43~~~~~~~~~~

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