LDP – Ch 42

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TLDP: C42. Creating Own Version of Six Meridians Divine Sword

The three inmates still laughed strangely while approaching me and with a sudden movement, they all rushed over me together! In this small crowded cell, I couldn’t really use my strength fully as I was afraid of injuring them.

This time I was a Daoist priest without my sword and charms, what should I do? As I recalled, there was a record in ‘Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation’ that one of my predecessors had once in a similar bad situation, and his circumstances being very dire. He encountered a man being possessed by an evil spirit and he didn’t have any of his Daoist priest’s equipment with him. In this urgent situation, he quickly bit his tongue’s tip and use his Yang and blood’s essence on his finger, directed his inner force to his finger and condensed his Yang fire’s energy onto his fingers. The combination of these three Yang energies made his fingers turn into a flame and caused great damage to that evil spirit! That predecessor then called this technique the Demon Flame Technique.

However, I didn’t know how to manipulate my Qi, and I had become accustomed to having the Shadowbane sword, so I didn’t carefully research that technique in the record. But since I’m in this kind of situation, I had no choice but to try it!

I forced my Qi to flow to my right hand’s thumb while biting my tongue’s tip and quickly wiping the blood’s essence with my thumb’s. I then condensed my Innate Fire force to my thumb since I thought that I could use it to as my secret weapon to cope with these ghosts.

Why did I use my thumb? Because this finger was the hardest finger, so it should be hard to break.

My Innate Fire force could also be considered as Yang energy, so I could imitate my predecessor’s Demon Flame technique, this should be enough to fight against these three evil spirits…

Unfortunately, it seemed that I was too naïve. Because after I tried to direct my Qi, it was flowing uncontrollably in my body. I felt suffocated and it was hard to breathe as my chest and lungs e felt like it was being pressed by heavy objects.

I couldn’t bear the pressure anymore after a dozen of seconds. My eyes turned blurry and white. I severely lacked oxygen! I clutched my throat as my body then fell to the floor and curled up like a caterpillar. Those three possessed guys seeing me half dead unexpectedly left!

The three unlucky chaps then fainted afterward.

Dozens of seconds later, my lungs felt like they were going to explode! Damn! I never thought that carelessly moving my Qi would result in such serious consequences! The wild and stranded Qi in my lungs had caused my lungs to malfunction.

In these dozens of seconds, I desperately looked for a correct ‘path’ to direct my Qi. When I was thinking that my life would end, in the last minute, I finally found the correct meridians! The suppressed Qi which was chaotically stranded in my lungs surged crazily through these meridians like a raging tide.

In the next moment, my thumb became hot as I then lifted it subconsciously and aimed at the roof. A strand of flame was then shot up to the roof from my thumb!
The flame was inconceivably fast. As it flashed, I could only hear a loud explosion as the ceiling then exploded! Large debris from the roof then fell down to the floor!

I hastily dodged to escape the danger. A half meter hole then appeared in the ceiling and I could see the upper floor! Incredible… such a power… was this my doing?

The wardens quickly came to the cell after the commotion. They interrogated me and I said that the three guys fainted after getting pounded by the debris. Scarface Li and Lao Wang pretended to know nothing about my causing that explosion. They didn’t say a word to the wardens. Besides, tonight’s matter was extremely strange.

We moved to another prison cell the same night.

Excitement filled my heart and I could not calm down for a long time while I was lying on the bed! Although I was almost suffocated, it was a blessing in disguise as I accidentally created a new unique skill! The technique’s power was comparable to an explosive rocket launcher. I simply could not believe it and felt like I was dreaming. How could flesh and mortal blood produce such a strong attack?

However, that technique consumed almost all of my Qi and I didn’t know how long I should practice to restore my inner force again.

This move was a bit like the Six Meridian Divine Sword wasn’t it? I loved the ‘Demigods and Semi-Devils’ novel by Jin Yong and I had read that novel five or six times. I clearly remembered that Duan Yu could send out different Sword Qi with his six fingers and the Sword Qi that shot out from his right hand’s thumb was called ‘Shaoshang Sword’, the ‘Thumb Sword Qi’. Wow! This young master accidentally created my own version for one of the legendary Six Meridians Divine Swords, the Thumb Sword Qi? It was just… so incredible… and amazing…

I was just lying on the bed for a short while when the cell’s door was opened again. A warden pointed at me and said, “You, come out with me!”

They wanted me to go out? Was there a dirty scheme again?

Although I was thinking like this in my mind, I followed him. He took me to a reception room and then left.

A man in a police uniform was sitting here. He was the old cop who answered my 3 questions, Lao Chen, so I politely greeted him, “Hello Uncle Chen. You’re looking for me, what’s the matter?”

“Sit!” Lao Chen pointed at the chair.

After I sat down, Lao Chen spoke, “Now you have the opportunity to redeem yourself through a good deed. Do you want to do it?”

I smiled and corrected his remarks, “I’m not guilty, I didn’t commit any crimes!”

Lao Chen also smiled and didn’t speak.

I continued speaking, “Uncle Chen, if my guesses are correct, there should be a problem with Yu Cheng’s body, right? What’s wrong? Have you checked out the specific time of death? Or, did his body disappear?”

Lao Chen was somewhat surprised, replied, “You guessed it right. The body was gone. Moreover, the specific death time was also correct. It proved that you were not the murderer. The police department had put this case as a highly confidential case. If you help the police solve this case, then you are innocent, but if not, you are still the suspect of this case. Besides, someone would have to bear the blame even if it was unjust.”

“Now, now… here comes the dark and twisted side…” I muttered as I then nodded, saying, “Okay, I promised that I’ll deal with any supernatural things, besides it’s also my line of work.”

Lao Chen handed me a waterproofed case, speaking, “These are your things, including your cell phone, the sword hilt, and all the Daoist charms. You can take these back. Now follow me to the forensic center and see it for yourself.”

When we were in the police car, Lao Chen spoke to me while driving, “It was past 8 PM when we received the notice. It was said that the forensic center suddenly blacked out and a person was running in a hurry through the gate from the morgue. The security guard happened to see his face with a flashlight and found that the man’s face was covered with ice! And his movements were very stiff!!! The security guards were very afraid and didn’t pursue him. After the power was restored, they found that Yu Cheng’s body had disappeared. The security guards had confirmed that it was Yu Cheng after seeing his photo.”

I carefully listened to Lao Chen’s explanation and turned on my cell phone. It was 12:20 AM. I checked my Shadowbane sword and the charms as I then asked him, “Uncle Chen, what about the guy who was arrested with me?”

“He had been freed because he’s innocent. Hahaha, young man, to be honest, I only scared you before. Even if you don’t want to help with investigating this case, you will still be released tomorrow. Your backer is very powerful and influential. But I think that you can help solve this case, so I took you out in advance tonight. Young man, because you had promised, as a man you cannot take back their words. What say you, young man?”

My background was very powerful? Had Murong Daiyu dealt with those ghosts? Or, was it Chen Haotian who helped me solved this problem? With doubts and speculations occupying my mind, I talked to him, “Uncle Chen, you can have my word. I will still help you solve this case. Even if you didn’t come to ask me, I will come to you on my own will. Anyways, you can directly call me Xiaolong.”

“Hahaha, Good! You are really a good boy!” Lao Chen praised.

“Hahaha, you are also a good cop!” I sincerely replied back at him.

When we had arrived at the forensic center, several police cars had been parked in the parking lot. Lao Chen then led me from the west gate and circled around the building toward the east before finally arriving at the morgue.

There were 10 people in the morgue. A young woman then greeted Lao Chen, “Uncle Chen, is this case really worth to be taken seriously? Just think about it, are you sure that a dead body could run on its own? Could it be that it was actually taken away and carried by somebody?”

The old cop replied, “Dr. Liu, although I am old, I’m not blind. The fact is that corpse really could move on its own.”

“Impossible!!! I had examined that corpse for more than 10 days, all the cells in that body had absolutely died. There is no way that it could run!!” Dr. Liu retorted and still didn’t believe him

“There is nothing impossible in this world.” I said in low voice behind his back.

“What did you say? Who are you?” Dr. Liu turned her head and looked at me.

There were police officers, doctors, and the security guard witnesses here, and I didn’t know about their status, so I then replied to her casually, “I’m only a passerby.”

Lao Chen hurriedly introduced me, “He is with me, and he’s a specialist in these kinds of supernatural things.”

Dr. Liu wiped her forehead, saying, “Mr. Policeman, please be logical, it’s unscientific! There are absolutely no supernatural things in this world.”

I didn’t want to hear any of these words anymore, so I walked forward into the morgue and said, “I had just said that there is no absolute matter in this world. Even a dead body doesn’t necessarily lie still in the morgue!”

“Well, there are a lot of dead bodies here, if you can make a corpse move, then I’ll believe you!” She replied seriously.

I thought for a second and replied, “Nah… forget it. Your line of work made you frequently engage with operating and dissecting dead bodies. I’m afraid that you could have a mental and psychological trauma because of this.”

“Humph!!! I only believe in science. I know that there is no way a corpse could move. Maybe you’re afraid that you cannot prove your words since you don’t have the means to make the corpse move.”

I was in a bit of an awkward situation and was speechless, said, “Do you really want to see it?”

“Yes! If you can make the corpse move, you can order me to do anything. If not, just get the hell out from here!”

To be honest, I really didn’t want to cast a shadow in her heart. But her remarks and her mannerism made me uncomfortable. So I quickly took out a Moon Charm, ignited it and blew off my shoulders’ Yang fires. I then looked around inside the morgue quickly and found a woman ghost was standing in the corner, so I then walked forward toward that ghost, saying, “Auntie, could you help me out?”

“You can see me ~~~?” That auntie ghost asked grimly.

“Yes, auntie. Anyways, you must also have a family member, right? If you help me now, I’ll give 2,000 RMB to your family as a reward. What do you think? Deal?”

“Okay ~~~” When that auntie ghost heard my promise, she nodded and complied.

Since I had known the bleeding sister, I realized that even ghosts were willing to work for humans, provided that the person agreed to pay that ghost some rewards. The saying that even money could make the devils work was really true…

I looked at Dr. Liu and said, “You said a moment ago, that if I could make the corpse move, you promised to do anything. Then, if that corpse can move, you must pay this auntie 2,000 RMB… Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that you cannot see ghosts.”

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 42~~~~~~~~~~

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