LDP – Ch 41

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TLDP: C41. Murong Daiyu Disappears

As I had previously thought, several cops came in four hours later and took me outside. While walking I asked, “Sir, can I ask you three questions?”

“Ask.” The old cop replied.

“Thank you.” I expressed my gratitude, and continued, “Firstly, am I going to the detention center?”


“Secondly, how about my friend who was arrested with me?”

“That young man named Yang? Although he has a mental illness record, the hospital gave clarification that his mental state is very stable, so he is being observed for the time being.”

When we got outside, Xu Xiaoling shouted near the entrance, “Xiaolong! Xiaolong!” Several cops quickly stopped her so she couldn’t approach me.

“Sister Xiaoling, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

The cop who escorted me snapped, “Shut your mouth. You are not permitted to communicate with others right now.”

Xu Xiaoling shouted, “Xiaolong, I will definitely get you out of there!!!”

I smiled at her before I entered the police car. Two cops sat beside me, and I continued asking the old cop who sat on my right, “Third question, where is Yu Cheng’s body?”

“In the forensic center’s morgue.”

The cop driver suddenly interrupted, “Brother Chen, why do you talk so much with him?”

The old cop replied, “Xiao Zhang…he’s still a boy. My son is almost the same age as him. You don’t need to worry, besides, I only answered a few of his questions.”

Xiao Zhang sighed, “Oh Old brother Chen, you are too soft. Had you been a little fierce, by your qualification, you could have become our captain a long time ago.

“In our line of work, working anywhere is still the same.” The old cop Chen said, “Last night, when I was sending that corpse out, according to my experience, that victim should have been dead for at least a week. But, the forensic actually said that he died last night. Hahaha… this case is very interesting.”

Xiao Zhang also smiled, saying, “Old brother Chen, you certainly have been mistaken. If you said that the victim had died for a week, then this time we are handling a ghost case?”

Listening to their conversation, I felt that this old cop seemed to believe in the existence of ghosts, so I quickly asked him, “Uncle Chen, do you believe that ghosts and spirits exist?”

“I can’t really conclude if I believe it. However, I have seen a few bizarre cases before.”

Half an hour later, the car had arrived at the Qiling City’s prison. These cops handed me over to the prison guard and quickly left.

Two wardens escorted me to enter the prison. One was fat and the other was thin. The thin warden sighed to the fat one, “What a little bastard, he hasn’t fully grown his hair, but yet he already killed someone. It seems that he must be taught a lesson, doesn’t he? Anyways, can’t that Scar Face Li Neijian’s cell still hold another inmate? Let’s put him in that cell!”

“Scar Face Li? Wouldn’t it created some noise problems if he kills him?” The fat warden replied with a worried expression.

The thin warden casually replied, “It won’t happen. But at least he will cripple him if he was lucky enough!”

We walked past the iron gate and headed straight into a cell, they opened my handcuff and then locked the cell’s door.

There were six beds in this cell. Five beds covered with its mattress as for the last one, it had neither a mattress nor a pillow.

Five inmates quickly stared at me. The man with the scar face asked, “You boy, what did you do to make you enter this prison?”

Because I was the newly-arrived inmate, I politely replied, “The cops said that I had murdered someone, so they got me in. But I will only be here for only several days. So big brothers, please take care of me.”

“You? Ah! You don’t look like you are a murderer? But I really want to see how you kill people with that small body.” An ugly and ferocious-looking man with a no-arm t-shirt approaching me and gripped his fist until his fingers emitted crackling like sounds.

The scar face man quickly stopped him, saying, “Lao Wang stop! You don’t need to bully a boy; do you want to be laughed at by others when you get out from jail?”

Lao Wang snorted, and threatened me, “Young animal, seeing brother Li’s face, I won’t do anything to you, but starting today, you must do the laundry for us. Washing our socks, cleaning the toilets, and also cleaning our room; you are also forbidden to snore when you’re sleeping. Otherwise, do not blame me for fixing you up!”

I frowned slightly, and didn’t talk back, but asked him instead, “Where is this bed’s mattress?”

A monkey-like guy with sharp eyes, as if he heard the world’s funniest joke, loudly laughed for a moment before saying, “This new chap wants a bed? Boy, be at ease. We won’t let you sleep on the floor even if you don’t have one.”

Lao Wang patted his bed, said, “Your mattress is on my bed now. If you want it, just come and take it yourself!”

I walked toward him.

Lao Wang’s smile instantly disappeared, frozen. He never thought that I would be so bold as to approach him.

I had heard many stories about the prison’s dark side. I didn’t want to stir up any trouble. They wanted me to clean up, that was fine. But they wanted me to sleep on the bedstead?!! The anger I had because somebody framed me instantly lit up. If I didn’t show off my sharp teeth, will they stop bullying me?

There were two quilts on the Lao Wang’s bed. So I picked one and threw it on the empty bedstead. Those five guys were stunned. Lao Wang quickly recovered as he then stood up and cursed, “You, did you eat the tiger’s heart and gallbladder? Do you think that this is your house? Today I’ll fix you up and teach you the custom here!” His left hook quickly punched my chin! His ruthless attack was very powerful and skilled. I knew that this guy was an experienced fighter with only one glance.

I took a step back to evade his fist and swiftly palm-knifed his neck in casual movements. I talked to him lightly, “If this was a real knife, you would absolutely be dead! I understand your boredom of being jailed for too long. Much or less you felt uneasy and twisted. But I’m not a soft persimmon, don’t be too excessive!”

Then, I took the pillow from another guy’s bed and threw it onto the empty bed. I spread the quilt and ignored all of them as I then quickly lied down. I hadn’t had sleep last night, and even though I was physically strong, I still felt very tired.


Next day, in the morning.

Because my biological clock; to have a morning exercise had become a habit, I woke up at 3 AM even if there was no alarm. I quickly sat cross-legged on the bed and meditated for a while. After that, I began to clean the room.

When I was sweeping the floor, a chilly wind suddenly came behind my back. I quickly took a big step forward and swiftly turned around. A figure was then standing with loose long hair; the head looked down, with blood dripping from the stomach.

“Big Sister?!” I shouted in happiness.

The other inmates were still sleeping, so I took the bleeding sister to the bathroom, and whispered, “Sister, where is Miss Daiyu. Has she also come with you?”

“I don’t know ~~” the bleeding sister spookily replied, “I came to your house yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t see Lady Murong. But there was another woman ghost in your room at night and said that Xu Xiaoling also visited your room. So I know about you being locked here from her just now ~~”

Did Miss Daiyu go out? Where would she go?

I talked with the bleeding sister about other small things and finally said, “Big sister, it seems that you are the only one who can help me now. I hope you can try to find Miss Daiyu as quickly as possible. If there is no news about her until tomorrow afternoon, please bring me some stuff. I want yellow paper, cinnabar, ink, chicken blood, and the pen brush in my room. This time only Miss Daiyu can help me now since your ability is too low. If I happened to run into the ghost who framed me, it would be too dreadful!”

“Okay, but I want some payment ~~” The bleeding sister darkly replied.

After some fierce and difficult haggling over her payment, we finally agreed to have 537 RMB worth for our transaction deal…

When I was looking at the bleeding sister’s back after she won the haggling, I secretly cried in my heart, Miss Daiyu, why didn’t you come to save me? This poor ghost blackmailed me and it cost me more than 500 RMB.

I came back to the cell and found that Scar face Li had also woken up, as he was asking me, “Little brother, to whom were you speaking just now?”

Since this Scarface Li was polite, I also replied politely, “I was only singing. Ah right, Big brother Li, why do you wake up so early?”

“Well, Little brother you are very diligent, you already cleaned up the room. Anyways, are you a student?”

“Nah. I had dropped out and now only a vagrant.”

Scarface Li nodded and asked, “Yesterday, it seems that you are skillful, have you practiced martial arts?”

I modestly answered, “I only practice a little, I can barely protect myself.”

He smiled, “Little brother, I don’t know why you got into jail. But I want to ask you, do you want to go out?”

“Big brother Li means?”

He said, “Although we only just met, I can see that you have talent. And to be honest I like your style. Even though your Big brother Li here was like this, I also have some influence in the underworld outside. If you are out of jail later, join me!”

“Thank you for Big brother Li’s invitation. Let me think about it.”


At midnight, when I was about to sleep, a chilly wind suddenly swept into the room, so I quickly mused; did the bleeding sister came? I hurriedly sat only to find that the bleeding sister wasn’t here. Was it not her?!!

Since I didn’t enter the ‘Opening Eye’ state, I couldn’t see any ghost or other spirits.

However, the three inmates near Scarface Li and Lao Wang suddenly let out a strange laughter!

I was instantly frozen. I really couldn’t remember which ghost I had disturbed before. It seemed that framing me wasn’t enough as that ghost pursued me here to the jail.

Lao Wang also woke up at this time and cursed at him, “You motherfucker, son of a bitch. This big brother wants to sleep now. So, why do you laugh in the middle of the night?” Lao Wang stood up and quickly grabbed the nearest inmate’s collar and slapped him!

That guy was knocked down to the floor, but he still laughed in that strange laughter.

The other two possessed guys climbed over to my bunk. But since Scarface Li was sleeping under my bunk the two guys stepped on his body. He quickly snapped and shouted, “What the fuck are you two doing? Get lost!!! I want to sleep now!”

I jumped out of my bed and quickly shouted, “It’s useless to frighten them. They are being possessed!”

“Possessed? What the hell? Do you think I’m a 3-year-old kid, hah?” Lao Wan was cursing at me.

“Even if you don’t believe me, I can assure you that their goal is me. Step aside and don’t intervene, so they won’t attack you!” I stepped back several steps.

This time, I didn’t have my equipment. I cannot even enter the ‘Opening Eye’ state. It was an extremely bad situation.

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 41~~~~~~~~~~

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