LDP – Ch 40

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TLDP: C40. Got Framed

I subconsciously looked back and a fist flashed before my eyes! Yang Jiannan rushed behind Yu Cheng’s back and gripped his neck, threatened, “Put down your knife, or I’ll strangle you!!!”

I pinched Yu Cheng’s arm and quickly grabbed the knife, “Threats don’t work with him! Go find the rope quickly!”

Because I was afraid that the woman would be hysterical if I took direct action, I could only anxiously stretch out the time. I hadn’t told her that her husband was in fact, already dead. It would be very devastating for her.

Yang Jiannan took the knife from me and ran out toward the woman, asked, “Auntie, do you have any rope here? Give it to me quickly!”

Yu Cheng had basically become a zombie. He would feel no pain. So, no matter how I powerfully I hit him, he would feel nothing physically and to make it worst, he was also very agile. I took the opportunity to duck from his fist and swiftly kicked his stomach, quickly pasting a Heart Mind Purifying Charm onto his forehead as he staggered backward!

I didn’t know whether the Heart Mind Purifying Charm would have any effect or not because this charm basically had one principle, that was to expel the ghost from the possessed body because ghosts couldn’t fully controlled a victim’s thoughts. So, the victims could recover their consciousness and once the victims regained their consciousness, the ghost would then be forced to leave.

However, this body had long been dead.

But Yu Chen was sitting motionlessly on the floor. I was greatly surprised, was this Heart Mind Purifying Charm really working?

I slowly walked toward him as it seemed that he didn’t respond. When I was about to feel relaxed, he suddenly jumped. I didn’t know where he got his strength from as his arm’s strength was very powerful as if it could divide Mountain Huashan! The knife’s edge straightly slashed toward my head! I could only subconsciously raise my arm to block this knife!


I just felt my shoulder go numb. If I didn’t put three lead bars on my arms, it would have been torn and scraped!

I felt so helpless, this guy was simply a dead person. Even if all his skeletal bones were broken, he would feel no pain and the purifying charm would not work on him. This evil spirit simply cannot be forced to leave. My Shadowbane sword would also be ineffective, and it was also the same with the Sun Charm. The only way left was to tie him up and wait until tomorrow noon when the sun was at its peak and then drag him out to directly expose him to the sun. Then the ghost could be forced out with the Shadowbane sword.

Jiannan had gotten rope as we then tried to tie Yu Cheng up. But, since he was very powerful, every time we almost succeeded, he emitted his evil energy and remotely control the knife from the floor to strike at us. This telekinetic ability was also one of the evil spirit abilities. However, only high leveled evil spirits could do such a thing, and if he were to be compared to the bleeding sister… she didn’t have this ability.

Yang Jiannan had not undergone any Daoist training after all. If not because my reflexes were good, his arm would have been slashed at this time. But, blood had unceasingly dripped from his wound so I quickly shielded him and shouted at him to leave this room to have his wounds bandaged. If he lost too much blood, he would be in danger.

Jiannan had left the room to wrap his wound and left me alone to deal with Yu Cheng alone. I secretly cursed in my heart. If this ‘Yu Cheng’ was a normal living person he should long been incapacitated and would have lost the ability to move after I hit him. But he was still powerfully moving and wielded the knife and attacked my weak points. If I had not put on my lead bars and directly blocked the knife’s slash, this new ‘zombie’ would have killed me already.

Dozens of minutes later, there was sudden rapid knocking bursting out from the door!

Meanwhile, footsteps came approaching behind me. I didn’t look back as I then said, “Jiannan, you go out, it’s dangerous here!”

However, a strange laugh sounded behind me. I was greatly shocked as I then hastily kicked ‘Yu Cheng’ and quickly turned around only to find the boy was standing behind me instead of Jiannan! His face was fully covered with Yin energy, the ghost had possessed him!!! Oh, no! How could there be so many ghosts here?

The boy stretched out his palm as a strand of Yin energy shot out from his palm and quickly controlled the knife on the floor and made it float. He suddenly waved his hand and the cold glittering knife shot toward ‘Yu Cheng’s’ heart lightning fast!

I was taken aback. Was this boy trying to help? His goal was not me but this ‘Yu Cheng’!

“Puff!” the knife shot through ‘Yu Cheng’s’ heart and deeply stabbed at it!

All of this happened in seconds, the boy turned around and ran away, crying, “Woo… Mom! He killed Dad! I saw him kill Dad!”

I suddenly recalled the previous rapid knockings! That knocking should have been the police. So, that boy then came to murder ‘Yu Cheng’ and ran crying afterward to frame me! How could this have happened?

But I was uncertain that the knife had stabbed ‘Yu Cheng’s’ heart and killed him. He was a corpse to begin with! Even if someone dug his heart out! He could still move,but since he heard the police come he let out a strange mocking smile at me and quickly lied on the floor.

Four policemen then rushed to the bedroom door, they raised their gun at me and shouted, “Hands up!!! Freeze!!!”

I clenched my fist as it exuded cracking sounds as I then let out a deep heavy breath and raised my hands. But that boy, whilst still sobbing gave me a strange smile when I looked at him.

The woman was also crying.

Jiannan was taken by police in the living room motionlessly, it seemed that he had been handcuffed.

A policeman walked toward me slowly and also handcuffed me. He looked at the corpse stabbed by the knife on the ground drowned in a pool of blood. A young policeman pointed his gun at my temple and shouted with a very harsh voice, “Crouch down!” He cursed at me, “I never thought you two brats dared to trespass in a person’s house at night and even dared to kill someone?” As he then kicked my body.

I barely held myself from jumping and punching him. But I was really in a dire situation, they were law enforcement officers. If I were to assault a police officer now, they would be compelled and had the rights to shot me to death at the scene. So I could only force myself to calm down as I then said, “Mr. Policeman, just looked at this corpse’s clothes, this body has all been covered with purple color which shows that he already died for a long time. Moreover, I didn’t kill him.”

“Don’t talk nonsense you f**ker, tell me the truth,” said the young cop as he turned to the boy, “That boy saw you kill his father, do you want to deny it now?”

At this time, the crying boy confirmed, “Mr. Policeman, it was him, he killed Dad, I saw him use the knife to stab father, woo… he’s an evil guy… you killed my father…”

The young cop took out a baton from his waistband to open ‘Yu Cheng’s’ clothes. He found that the body was really covered with red and purple traces. I calmly spoke to him: “Mr. Policeman. I didn’t lie to you, he really had livor mortis on his body, moreover…”

Before I finished the young cop interrupted, “What livor mortis? This is simply caused by your fight with him. Take him to the station and let me teach you the hard way. I’ll see whether you also dare to deny your crime!”

Jiannan and I were brought separately into the police cars. The cops had called the forensic, so the autopsy can be carried out quickly. I believed that if I used Heart Mind Purifying Charm on the boy, I should be able to force the ghost out. However, one thing puzzled me, which ghosts possessed this boy’s body? It seemed that ‘Yu Cheng’ also didn’t know him. And why did that ghost want to frame me?

When we arrived at the police station, Yang Jiannan and I got interrogated separately. The cops searched my body in the interrogation room and withdrew several charms, the Shadowbane sword, and my cell phone as they then put it on the table. The young cop asked in disdain, “Daoist charms? It seemed that he was not a swindler. What had really happened here?”

That cop surely is an atheist. Even if I told him the truth, it was guaranteed that they would never believe me. However, my innocence was at stake here, therefore I didn’t tell them the whole story, I finally added, “As long as the forensic had identified the body and the time of death is not today, then I’m innocent.”

“Absurd, how could I believe that you were fighting a ghost. You really don’t want to honestly confess your crime, do you? Old Li, take him to the small black room and let him starved for a day. I will see the other suspect first.” The young cop seemed to have a higher rank as he commanded a middle-aged officer beside him.

When I was about to exit the room I looked back and said, “That hilt is an antique from Western Zhou era. I hope you can take a good care of it.”

The middle-aged cop detained me in a very small room as he then locked the door. I bitterly sighed. My parents should be worried right now. This Red Arrow mark of mine really had a strong impact on my life. I even still dazed as to what really happened, I became a murderer in the blink of an eye. It seemed that I really must start to do good deeds and donate my fortune. Miss Daiyu once said that doing good things can really alleviate bad luck driven by my fate mark.

Since it was safe here, I sat cross-legged on the floor, closed my eyes and started to meditate. I didn’t know for how long had I been sitting as I had the urge to pee. I stood up and knocked on the door. The door opened in a short while and I politely said, “Mr. Policeman, I want to go to the bathroom.”

“Just contain it!”

I frowned, “Hey, although I’m being arrested but at the present, I am only a suspect. I still have the rights and still have my freedom. You, aren’t you being too much?”

The police grunted, “Do you even have the rights now? The forensic has sent the autopsy result, the death time is today and it was caused by the knife that stabbed the victim’s heart!” Then, he powerfully slammed the door and locked it again.

I stood frozenly at once! My heart was really in a mess! How could it be? Yu Cheng obviously had already died for a long time and his body was covered by livor mortis. It was impossible that I wrongly observed that symptom. Moreover, he didn’t have Yang fire anymore, it was the most certain fact that he had died. But, how come the forensic autopsy found such a result?

Ghost? Ghost! Is this another framing from that ghost again? Why did they try to frame me to such an extent?

It looks like that Miss Daiyu was the only one who can save me now. I believe that when my parents had received the news. Miss Daiyu would also know. And when she came, all my problems would easily be solved! All I can do now is only calmly wait for her.

I didn’t know what happened to Yang Jiannan at the moment. But thinking it through, he should be fine. After all, he had a psychiatric record. Even if he really killed people, the legal laws couldn’t touch him.”

As for my need for the bathroom, even if these cops forbade me, the police station could only detain me for 24 hours. After that, they either they must release me or send me to the detention place. Even if the possibility was low, they would send me to the detention place first…

(The next upcoming chapter is the starting for Volume 2: Ghost Town)

~~~~~~~~~~End of Ch40~~~~~~~~~~

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