LDP – Ch 38

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TLDP: C038. Panicking in the Ladies Restroom

According to the previously acquired information, the woman ghost often appeared and disturbed people on the 13th floor in the ladies restroom. And today, in order to save lives and to guard the world’s peace, this patriarch couldn’t help but break into the ladies restroom.

Unfortunately, the bleeding sister was not here. Even if she could not beat that ghost, she could’ve helped divert it. Besides, ghosts can see everything in the dark.

I was somewhat nervous as I slowly strode into the dark corridor for fear that the ghost would suddenly jump out. Damn, Confucius was right. Ghosts weren’t actually fearful, but it would be terrible if a ghost was highly intelligent. That damned ghost even knew how to switch off the lamp. Damn! This patriarch could only stand in front of the ladies room’s door, afraid to push the door open~~!

I took a deep breath as I then suddenly kicked the ladies room’s door open! I lighted up the restroom with my cell phone and found that there was nothing for the time being. I gulped a bit and slowly walked inside.

There were three compartments in the restroom, as well as a sink and a large mirror. The three compartment doors were tightly shut. I really hated this kind of situation. I was 80% sure that the ghost should be waiting for me in the compartment.


A chilly wind blew and the door behind me suddenly closed! I was scared shitless, my heart almost jumped. This horrific atmosphere was too frightening! I would be dead by getting scared first before I even found the ghost!

I previously planned that I would teach Jiannan a hard lesson and make fun of him tonight. I never thought that I, myself would be thrown into this situation. This situation was really too irritating, it made my skin crawl!

My heart throbbed faster as I then arrived at the first compartment. I gently kicked the door and found nothing inside.

I quickly kicked the second compartment and there was a woman lying on the floor, unconscious but still breathing.

I ignored her temporarily and quickly walked to the third compartment and kicked it. There was a woman wearing a skirt, with her head stuffed into the toilet. Looking at her clothes, she should be the another female employee. Judging from the Yin aura coming from her body, the ghost should have possessed her!

But, since her head was drowned into the toilet, she could be quickly choked to death! I took a step forward and grabbed her collar to pull her up.

She turned her head and revealed a dreadful face!

It was that ghost’s face! Her whole face seemed to have been soaked in the water and her body was covered with edema. Both her eyes were hollowed, transformed by the ghost’s Yin energy.

Seeing this dreadful appearance, my ass twitched as tears were about to flow. However, I pretended to look calm and said, “Big sister, even if you were badly treated when you were alive; why do you stay here and repeatedly harm people? What’s wrong? You can talk to me and if I can help you, I will not refuse!”

“I died a tragic death back then ~~~” she replied in a desolate and gloomy voice. Her swollen looks were very scary.

Facing such a dreadful face within such a close range made my heart jump violently, “Big… big sister, you can say it to me!”

“You men have always been deceptive! Die ~~~!” She then rushed over to me and tried to pinch my neck. I hastily stepped back but my back hit the sink. I subconsciously turned my head and lost my focus for a moment as she then seized my neck!

At first, I wanted to hit her stomach with my knee but because I was too strong, I didn’t do it since I could injure this innocent female employee’s body. I had made the previous two doctors severely wounded and this ghost seemed to have died because of some unjust reason. But at this time, I had no choice but to directly hit her soul!

My left hand held the cell phone as the other one held the Shadowbane sword and a Sun Charm. However, I didn’t want to attack this pitiful ghost. It had a prejudice against men, even if it attacked me, it didn’t mean that I could not persuade her again.

I put my cell phone on the sink. Since my left hand was free I pulled her arm gently and talked to her emphatically, “Big sister, not all men are bad, you don’t need to do this anymore. Let me help you. Besides, it won’t do you any harm.”

“All men in this world are all black hearted~~~” The ghost replied as her hand pressed harder on my neck.

As I became more anxious, I accidentally hit my cell phone and a ‘crack’ sound was heard. The cell phone’s screen hit the floor and the restroom became dark! Due to my neck being pinched, I could not properly breathe, “Big sister, don’t rush to conclusions. If you have grievances you can tell me. I will try to help with everything I can. Don’t you want to stop the one who wronged you?”

Her hands gradually loosened. I took a deep heavy breath: “First, you must let that woman go. If you possess her any longer, it would greatly harm her!”

Shortly after, the woman employee fell into my arms as I then leaned her on the floor. I picked my cell phone and find out that the screen had cracked and a liquid flowed out from it. I felt really bad. This phone was a gift from Xu Xiaoling…

I wryly sighed. I carried the fainted woman employee out and put her sitting on the ground with her back leaning against the wall. I then looked at the woman ghost: “Anyways, if you can, please change your dreadful face, it’s scary.”

“This is the appearance of when I died ~~!” The ghost replied.

“Well. Okay, what are your grievances? If I could help you, then I will try to help you to the of my abilities.”

The ghost told the whole story to me.

Her name was Qin Mingjia. After she was graduated from university, she came to this city to work. She then met Cui Zhihai, this company’s assistant manager. This Cui Zhihai was a married man. He was 30-years-old, rich, and established. The two of them then had an affair. Cui Zhihai promised that he would divorce his wife as soon as possible.

Cui Zhihai rented an apartment for her and gave her a lot of money. She then quit the job and waited for Cui Zhihai to divorce his wife. She waited for two years and it didn’t happen.

Because she had waited for two years, Qin Mingjia couldn’t wait anymore and started to threaten Cui Zhihai. She said that if he didn’t divorce his wife, she would storm over to his company and family.

Several days later, Cui Zhihai phoned her one night and said that he was working overtime. He told Qin Mingjia to come over and accompany him. Qin Mingjia complied joyfully. The next scene was when the nightmare unfolded. Chu Zhihai drugged her water and then put her into the already prepared big suitcase and threw the case into the sea and drowned her alive.

The ghost continued her story, wailing: “I loved him so much, why did he do this to me? That man is really evil!” When she spoke up here, the ghost’s expression became more hideous: “I must have my revenge! I want to make his murder blown up to the public! I want him to be ruined and pay for his crime.”

Because this building was the last place Qin Mingjia visited before she died, her grievance to this place was very heavy! But due to the strong Yang energy during the day, that weakened her strength and Cui Zhihai was not on duty at night. Thus, she was unable to get revenge. She then disturbed the employees who worked overtime to help her report to Cui Zhihai. However, these women ran away in fear instead. Tonight she actually planned to possess a woman employee to report to him but she then ran into me.

What can I say about this? This woman sure had ruined another’s family and was not worth sympathizing. But, being drowned alive was much too much of a crime. I thought for a moment and said: “I’ll help you report him, Cui Zhihai will be punished by the law, but in exchange, you must go to your world, the Netherworld. Can you promise me? And you must follow me after this. You are also not allowed to harm others again.”

“I promise, but I want to see him taken to prison and sentenced to death.”

“No problem. Now, I want to ask you to switch on the electric power and then we can go to the district police station and file a report.”

The ghost drifted out and the lights then lit up in a short while. I looked at my cracked cell phone, took a deep sigh and went out.

Su Jing asked: “Have you handled it?”

“No problem.” I nodded.

“Then why the sour look?”

“My cell phone fell and broke.”

“This, okay, in order to express my gratitude, I’ll buy you a new phone.”

I lightly sight, replied: “Thank you for your good intention, but this cell phone means a lot to me. I can’t replace it.”

The moment I finished speaking, Su Jing screamed!

The woman ghost was drifting back, I quickly said to Su Jing: “Miss Su, don’t be afraid, she will not hurt people anymore. In fact, she is a poor woman. She was murdered by the evil man, Cui Zhihai, your company’s assistant manager who drowned her alive in the sea…“ I gave a short explanation and then gave an order to Yang Jiannan: “You go to the ladies restroom and bring the two fainted female staff here. The floor is too cold now, if they lie down there for too long there, they will be sick.”

Yang Jiannan brought the two fainted women back. I took a Sun Charm and lit back their shoulders’ Yang fires. I did the same for Su Jing and then led the woman ghost to the police station.

As for Jiannan, he helped Su Jing send the two women to the hospital.

Su Jing gave me Cui Zhihai’s address and the police quickly caught him that same night and interrogated him. He confessed that he did murder Qin Mingjia. But, he was very curious because he felt that his alibi and method was flawless. How can an anonymous report point it out so accurately?

When I arrived home, the woman ghost didn’t dare to do anything after she met Miss Daiyu. I secretly chuckled, the lady really lived up to her rank as the top 20 most powerful ghosts. Any ghosts would obediently follow her order like slaves after they saw her.

After morning exercise the next day, I accompany Miss Daiyu and talked with her for a long while. I wanted to cherish my time with her before she left to the Netherworld.

I went to my photocopying shop and Yang Jiannan had opened the door. He was reading a book and tinkering with the computer. I was curious as I then approached him and it seemed that Jiannan was reading a Photoshop tutorial. Was this idiot trying to self-teach himself?

He saw me coming and hurriedly closed the book and said: “Big brother, I have a date and I must go out! Can I—how do I say it??… Can I have a half-day break? You won’t deduct my salary, right?”

“You have a date?” I couldn’t help but laugh as I then waved, “Go then, but you must come back before 5 PM. We have things to do tonight… Oh, wait, here is 500 RMB, go buy yourself new clothes and replace your rapper-like clothes. By the way, this money is from the organization.”

Jiannan took the money happily, “Big brother, our secret organization really cares about our welfare too! To even give me money to buy clothes. It seems like if I were to marry a wife, they would buy me a house!”

I barely held in the urge to kick him to death! Since when did I become a philanthropist? How dare you compel me to buy a house as your marriage gift with some unknown girl? This patriarch was yet to marry one!!! I sent several curses at him after he left.

As he left, I sat in front of the computer, opened a website and turned off the firewall. I opened a certain website and glanced over some news as I skimmed through the site’s pages.

~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 38~~~~~~~~

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