LDP – Ch 37

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TLDP: C037. The Haunted Office

The next morning, after finishing up exercising, I started to draw a Communication Charm. Unfortunately, even after trying for 27 times, they all failed.

I came went to my office and found that Jiannan had opened the door. He was squatting in the room while eating fritters. I pushed the door open and entered the room as I then asked him, smiling: “What do you think? Jiannan, did you find out about the ghost upstairs yet?”

Yang Jiannan’s mouth was still full of fritters as he replied with a vague and unclear voice: “It’s a ghost. I know because it was floating, covered with blood, and the face was rotten. The two ghosts upstairs are all floating, therefore they are ghosts, right? Big brother?”

I was glad and quickly replied: “Jiannan, you finally grew up. Yes, you’re correct! The guy upstairs is a ghost, how did you know about it? Did you imitate the Daoist priest’s moves to subdue them like in the movies?”

“Nah, I didn’t do that. But last night we played mahjong for half a night, they were both weak players and then their body burst and scattered, trying to steal my cards but I quickly found them. I really condemned and reprimanded them for doing that!

Condemn your sister! What the f**k! I wanted to see him handle those ghosts, not play mahjong with them!! It seems like I must take him out to play with evil spirits, so he can learn it the hard way. Bah! Why did I feel like I was raising something funny, did he think that I was like Snoopy???

I furiously pressed my cell phone and called Cheng Dong, telling him to contact the customers he told me about the other day. Tonight, I would deal with those ghosts!

Why should I act in the night? It was because ghosts usually fear the sunlight and would not come out during the day. Even if they could come out, their abilities would be greatly weakened. Moreover, I wanted Jiannan to quickly learn something from this harsh experience, so I decided to take him out to ‘play’.

It was 7:30 PM, I had escorted Xu Xiaoling back home. As for Jiannan and I, we went to Qiling City’s new development zone and arrived at an office building. According to Cheng Dong, he said that this 13 story office building was a clothing design company. The company was very busy and had heavy workloads. But, several female workers who were working overtime were often found fainted in the toilet. And after they were woken up, they said that they were dragged into some hell. Those victims then quit the job afterward.

The company had tried to find a Feng Shui master, however, the news had spread out faster than a running rabbit. Overnight, the news proliferated and stormed the city. A lot of employees from this 13 story building then quit their jobs as the result. The boss wanted to find an expert to check the office out and have a look at it. Otherwise, the company would go out of business. The lady boss said that as long as someone could get rid of this problem, she said that she was willing to pay 100,000 RMB in rewards.

I was standing near downstairs and dialed the phone number Cheng Dong had given me. The phone was picked up and a young woman’s voice sounded: “Hello.”

I politely asked: “Hello. I’m the Daoist priest introduced by Cheng Dong. He said that you need me to deal with some supernatural phenomenon here. Are you in the office now?”

“I am, where are you now?”

“I am downstairs and am coming up now, please wait a minute there.” I hung up the phone and found that Jiannan was looking around. I snappily said to him: “Don’t just stand there looking, come in quickly! And, can you change your clothes next time? That rapper-styled clothes you are wearing right now doesn’t suit you, you know. People can mistake you for some idiotic and crazy person!”

Who would have thought that Jiannan gave a despised expression as he then turned around and replied back to me: “Big brother, how come you don’t understand this? This is called non-mainstream style because nobody wears clothes like me, it’s called individuality and unique!”

What the hell is this unique individuality?!!! I was really speechless. I could only shake my head and enter the office.

I took the elevator and pressed the button for the 13th floor. The elevator door opened and an anxious and pessimistic looking young woman stood inside. She was about 25/26-years-old, height at about 170 cm or so, and had quite the beautiful face. As we were in the elevator, we could only see her hair from her back. We finally came out of the elevator as she then turned around and looked at me: “Mr. Li Xiaolong?”

This voice was exactly the lady boss’ voice I heard a moment ago. I nodded and replied: “Hello Miss Su.” This lady boss’ name was Su Jing. It was said that she was the typical strong and capable woman and managed several companies. This clothing design company was only one of them.

She welcomed us to her office and quickly served 2 glasses of water to us. She then looked at me with disdain. I presumably thought that it was maybe because I was too young and should only be a swindler. I barely contained my thought, that being young doesn’t mean that one didn’t have any ability. As being older didn’t mean that it represented one was not a swindler.

I swallowed my saliva and asked: “Miss Su, I see 2 female employees here, are they working overtime right now?”

Before Su Jing even replied to my question, Jiannan unexpectedly interrupted: “Big brother, there are obviously three female employees outside.”

My face slightly changed, I then solemnly asked Su Jing: “Miss Su, excluding you, are there several employees outside?”

Su Jing exposed a ridiculing expression as if she used to see lots of deceitful tricks before, but she still replied to my question: “There are two employees working overtime right now. I’m an atheist, I don’t believe that ghosts exist. Today I just simply had free time and came here to look after and comfort my employees. That is also my intention of inviting a Daoist priest here.” It was very obvious that she didn’t believe me in light of this. I was too lazy to argue as I then took out a Moon Charm, clamping it with my two fingers and instantly igniting it. I quickly stood and made a circle movement with my hand and touched her shoulders to extinguish her Yang fire right in front of her.

As she saw me instantly ignite the Moon Charm out of nothing, she was very surprised but then quickly recovered. My actions of extinguishing her shoulders’ Yang fire seemed very rude to her. A displeased expression was clearly drawn on her face and she was about to throw a tantrum at me. I quickly made a hissing gesture at her and whispered: “Would you like to see how many employees are here outside? However, no matter what you see, you are to absolutely not to make a surprised expression, understand?”

When I finished talking, I quickly walked toward the door and opened it. I glanced around and found that there were really three female employees sitting in front of the powered on computers. But two women still had the Yang fire on their forehead and shoulders. While the last one didn’t have any, she even had no Yin energy enveloping her figure. She had loose long hair and lowered her head to face the computer monitor. But the computer was shut so she only sat motionlessly, it really was a strange sight. It was obvious that she was a ghost. This ghost’s ability was quite good as she was able to hide her Yin aura and it was clear that she was not an ordinary ghost.

At that time, Su Jing also came near the door and saw the scene outside. Her complexion instantly turned stiff as she quietly returned back to the office room. I also retreated back and whispered: “Do you believe it now?”

“Master, what to do now?” Su Jing’s trembled voice sounded. Why would her body tremble? There were two reasons for this, first, she was afraid. Second, because her two Yang fires were extinguished, it was normal to feel cold.

I spread my hands and waved, “You don’t need to be afraid, isn’t this what we were invited for?” Then, I looked at Yang Jiannan and said: “Jiannan, you go out and speak with the two women there, just talk to them about anything. But remember, you cannot provoke the woman whose head is looking down because she is a ghost. You need to pretend that you are unable to see her. If she wants to harm those two women, you are responsible for protecting their safety, understand? Okay, I believe you can do this. If you do a good job, I will consider promoting you!”

Yang Jiannan solemnly nodded: “Don’t worry big brother, I definitely won’t let you down!”

Yang Jiannan exited the office. Su Jing then asked: “How come you don’t go yourself?”

I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t speak. I took out my cell phone and played the Plants Vs Zombies game. Su Jing stomped her foot, snorted and held her anger, but she didn’t dare to go out.

Jiannan chatted happily with the two female employees, they often laughed because of his teasing. Such a scene in this spacious office was somewhat strange.

When the clock hit 09:01:01 PM, I still fiercely fought the zombies with my plants. Su Jing’s impatience for me was about to break out. I quickly put my cell phone away and took out yellow paper, cinnabar, Chinese ink, chicken blood, and a pen brush. I blended the Chinese ink, chicken blood, and cinnabar. Then I started to draw strokes with my pen brush.

What I was going to draw was a Sun Charm because I had none of it in my inventory right now. So I must prepare several of them beforehand and prepare for an emergency.

Su Jing seeing my actions was puzzled as she asked: “Why didn’t you draw them a moment ago?”

I quickly gave her a short explanation: “Daoist charms can only be drawn at certain times, as now. It is 9 PM, the time period between 9 PM to 11 PM is one of the best times where divine and heavenly energy is very abundant. So drawing the charms at this time has a very high success rate. It’s better if you don’t disturb me. I’m going to start drawing.”

I had long been able to draw the Sun Charm, and my success rate was very high, over 90% or more. I could draw five charms in half an hour on average, so, I already had five charms in a short while.

When I was drawing the sixth one, my cell phone suddenly rang as it then disturbed my concentration and thus I failed this time. I took my cell phone and looked at it. It was Xu Xiaoling. I picked up the phone as Xu Xiaoling’s voice then sounded: “Xiaolong, what are you doing right now?”

“I’m at home, reading…”

I didn’t tell her that I was not at home to catch a ghost tonight, as to avoid her worries so she could sleep well. So, I told her a white lie. I laughed several times and chatted with her for a while. I then hung up the phone and took a deep breath. I threw away the failed charm’s papers and took up my pen brush and started to draw again!”

Su Jing who had calmly observed my drawing beside me, suddenly spoke in admiration: “Your brush writing is very skillful.”

I was drawing the seventh charms when Yang Jiannan shouted outside: “Let them go!!!”

I hurriedly put down the pen, took out the Shadowbane sword and clamped several Sun Charms as I quickly headed out. The two female employees had fainted on the floor and Jiannan was talking to the woman ghost: “What you did is bad, they had done nothing to you, why do you disturb them? If you are still stubborn and you don’t want to hear my words, then do not blame us for taking action and punishing you. You can talk to my big brother’s fist! That, that one is my big brother!”

This idiot was really amazing! He unexpectedly pushed the ghost toward me in a few words! I was really at a loss, speechless, as I helplessly replied: “Sh*t. Jiannan, I ordered you to take on that ghost before! Otherwise, I’ll deduct half of your salary this month.”

This good-for-nothing chap hearing that his salary would be deducted finally broke out from his own world. He grabbed the woman ghost’s hair fiercely! The woman ghost was really not a weak ghost as she kicked Jiannan and made him fall to the floor and rushed to seize Jiannan’s neck ferociously! But, because Jiannan’s Yang energy was too strong, the Yang fires on his shoulders made the woman ghost afraid and quickly loosened his neck.

This woman ghost’s appearance was really terrible, edema covered her body like the blisters found on a corpse. She had no eyeballs and her two eyes’ sockets were hollowed, it was simply just holes there.

Luckily, Jiannan was very bold and fought hand to hand with this ghost. However, Su Jing’s beautiful face turned deathly pale, frightened. She hid behind me and was afraid to look at the ghost.

I observed the fight between Jiannan and the woman ghost. I secretly envied that idiot. Jiannan’s talent was really high. I could see that he was an inborn nemesis for ghosts and evil spirits. His Yang energy was without a doubt very strong and it would even make it impossible for ordinary ghosts to kill him. If Jiannan could utilize his Yang energy, I was absolutely sure that he could beat this woman ghost in an instant.

My other purposes had been served. Jiannan’s training objectives had been achieved! So I shouted: “Good Jiannan, you draw back and leave the rest to me, you did a great job and it’s worthy of praise!”

While I was speaking, the ghost suddenly flew through the wall, escaping. All lamps in this room suddenly turned off! Darkness instantly engulfed the room!

Damn! I was too careless!!!

Su Jing behind me had her two Yang fires blown off, she would likely become the loophole. I quickly took out a Heart Mind Purifying charm and solemnly said to her: “Do not take this charm off your forehead, otherwise you will be possessed by that ghost!”

I turned around and said to Jiannan: “Jiannan, you stay here and protect Miss Su if something happens you must shout loudly. Your Yang energy is very strong, that ghost cannot possess you.”

Then, I took out my cell phone and used its dim light to rush forward toward the position the two female employees had fainted.

Gone!!! Those two female employees had disappeared!

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 37~~~~~~~~~~

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