LDP – Ch 36

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TLDP: C036. Photocopying Business

“Okay. No problem, anything you want from me I’ll give it to you.”

We talked and joked with each other before finally arriving at the shop which was on sale in the alley behind the museum. The alley was bustling although it was not a big street, pedestrians walked back forth in front of it. The shop itself was a photo studio and the owner didn’t seem to have enough time to take away that sign board.

We contacted the owner before dinner. When I just hung up the phone, I saw a 40-year-old middle-aged man came out from a nearby supermarket. He had an honest countryman face, with a cloudy expression as he then quickly asked me after he arrived in front of us: “Are you two the people who wanted to look at the apartment?”


“Then come in and have a look.” Then, the middle-aged man opened the door and led us inside. Xu Xiaoling asked: “Boss, why is this house is so cheap?”

“I’m really in great need of money.” Replied the middle-aged man. “My family moved to another city and there are a lot of properties to deal with here, so we’re selling it underpriced.”

I went into the bathroom and secretly wiped some cattle tears onto my eyes. After coming out, I looked around to see and found that there were no ghosts on the first floor. I then walked upstairs to the second floor and found that all the windows were closed and were covered by curtains. The Yin energy on this floor was very heavy, moreover, a man ghost fluttered toward me and tried to fiercely blow out my shoulders’ Yang fire.

What an idiot ghost, it seemed that this one was a new ghost. Now was noon, where Yang energy was at its peak and was very powerful. Unless it was night, it would be strange if ghosts could blow out a human’s Yang fire at this time.

I didn’t pay any attention to this man ghost as if I had never seen him. I swept my eyes around the second floor before walking toward the middle-aged man, saying: “Boss, we really want to buy this apartment, I know that the price you asked is very cheap but we only have 500,000 RMB. This is our limit. Besides, we want to make money and have some business here, so I can have some face when I go to her house and discuss our marriage, will you help us boss?” I held Xu Xiaoling’s hands while saying that, but she didn’t struggle.

The middle-aged man considered it for a long time before he replied: “If you can transfer 500,000 RMB now, we will settle the ownership title and the required documents immediately!”

“Deal! I have no other questions, thank you boss. You wait here and we’ll go home first to get the household registers and will come back immediately.” I pretended to look excited, then looked at Xu Xiaoling and emotionally sighed: “Xiaoling, we really met a good person, I will soon be able to go to your family to discuss our marriage now…”

Xu Xiaoling also followed the play as she spoke to the man with a grateful expression: “Thank you boss Zhang, we’ll go back to get our households register first and we’ll come back immediately.”

After coming out, Xu Xiaoling gently pinched my waist with her two fingers and was slightly discontented: “Later, you cannot take cheap advantages of me like this anymore you know? This time I will forgive you.”

I knew that Xu Xiaoling was not the kind of casual girl, although we usually walked and spent much time together, we were not a couple. Xu Xiaoling did have very ambiguous and uncertain relationships with many people as she never determined where the relationship would go. Allowing me to pull and hold her hands could be considered a very rare event.

I was tempted to confess that I like her, but I was really afraid that she would reject me. And we would never have a chance to maintain this relationship again in the future. So, keeping it in my mind would perhaps be better. Besides, I was unsure what position I had in her heart.

Xu Xiaoling seeing me lost in thought quickly changed the topic: “Xiaolong, the way you bargain for the price was really like a profiteer. This and your true character really doesn’t match, what happened?”

“Big Sis Xiaoling, when I went to the second floor, I found that the apartment was really haunted by a ghost! Boss Zhang definitely already knows about it, although the apartment is really underpriced, he also lied to us that he’s in urgent need of money. Thus, it can be seen that he wants to continue entrapping others. If other people bought this haunted apartment, I’m a 100% sure that the buyer wouldn’t dare to use this apartment, and would quickly rent this apartment once he found out that it’s being haunted. If news spread out, even if he wanted to sell it later, nobody would buy it. Regarding boss Zhang’s evil intentions, giving him 500,000 RMB is considered being benevolent enough.”

“Ah, and Xiaolong, do you really want to open up a photocopy shop in this newly bought apartment?”

“Yes, I think it would be good. I will buy two computers, a photocopy machine, and a printer. I could then start doing business. Moreover, it’s close to my parent’s house and also close to the museum. Later, I can see you often. It can also cover up my true identity. Let’s just say, this would serve multiple purposes.” I explained my plan in a blink.

Xu Xiaoling had to go back to the museum, so she didn’t go through the deed transfer agreement with boss Zhang. After I transferred the money to his account, boss Zhang hurriedly left, for fear that I would regret it. I could only laugh happily in my heart. I just bought a million RMB apartment for half price. After I dealt with the ghost, even if I had to resell the apartment, I could earn a net profit of 500,000 RMB. It seems that my choice to tread on the Daoist path was really fruitful.

I temporarily hid the matter about buying the apartment from my parents. I cannot let them know that I was a Daoist priest right now. I then went to the hospital and found that Yang Jiannan was still watching those ‘Comedy Films’. I was somewhat speechless looking at him, but I quickly told him: “Clean up and prepare your things, we are leaving this hospital. Starting today, you officially work for me. Aside from food and housing, your monthly salary is 3,000 RMB.”


The idiot Jiannan and I entered an electric appliance store in the city’s commercial district as we aimed to get a 32% discount rate there.

Jiannan had on rapper-like attire. A western-styled shirt and big pants with bandages still wrapping around his head. He was 20 years old, 175cm in height, had quite a handsome face, and a small-flat forehead. The most particular facial feature he had was his eyes. I was absolutely sure that no one would ever forget him once they looked at his eyes.

This patriarch was only 18 years-old this year, but compared to Jiannan, I’m a bit younger with better looks and had a higher taste in dressing. In short, I had no bright spots which could attract people’s eyes to me right now… Oh NO! Bright spots… this patriarch wore a gym suit on this hot summer day!


We picked and finally bought three computers, a printer, a photocopier machine, three computer desks, and a working desk. I spent 21,000 RMB in total for these things. Yang Jiannan was quite confused as he then asked me: “Big brother, does our movie crew need these things for our work?”

I earnestly replied: “Jiannan, our movie crew is part of a mysterious organization, specializing in some ultra-secret activities.”

Yang Jiannan’s complexion turned very bright: “Big brother, then what do we need to do?”

I intentionally made a serious and sacred-mysterious expression as I slowly spoke in a clear voice: “Photocopying business!”

Although Yang Jiannan was quite an idiot, he was not 100% dumb as he replied, stuttering: “Big…Big brother, what mysteriousness does this photocopying business have? This profession is probably not that different from those crappy jobs on the street…right?”

“Jiannan, a photocopying shop is only our camouflage to confuse others. You just joined the organization and you have no qualification to know too much. As long as the photocopying shop is running well and your performance is good enough, I will show and take you to the inner core of this organization. When that time comes, your salary will be doubled. Now, you take care of this business well, I really can’t wait for your performance!” I replied and patted Yang Jiannan’s shoulder.

Yang Jiannan was brimming with excitement. His face showed a determined expression because I would directly take him to this new ‘secret company’. As for those computers and other things, I requested that they be delivered tomorrow morning. After that, I asked Yang Jiannan: “Are you ready to go home to rest or do you want to rest in our company?”

“I’ll sleep in the office then, I have called my mother and since I had found a job, I won’t go back and avoid troubling them from seeing my face again.”

“Anyways, there’s only a single bed upstairs. I’ll give a 1,000 RMB now, buy yourself a luggage. This is the office’s key. If you are going to go out, lock the office. Otherwise, we get robbed and of some things go missing, I’ll deduct your salary. As for dinner, you are on your own.”

“Okay, but big brother, this 1,000 RMB will not be deducted from my salary, right?”

Seeing how this chap’s expression was calculating things and money, it made me smiled: “It won’t. Oh, right, these past few days you have watched many ghosts’ movies. Today you should also practice it. You must be able to distinguish whether the man upstairs is a ghost or not. Be careful, do not let him make a joke out of you. If you encounter a dangerous situation, call me quickly. If you do well, I will consider promoting you into the inner core of our organization.”

I then turned around and left for my new office. With Jiannan’s poor intelligence and his inability to distinguish between ghost and human, I was sure that the ghost would fool him first. But we’ll let him taste it first and hope it would teach him a lesson. I had a plan to teach him several Daoist arts later so he can be a good helper in subduing ghosts and evil spirits. That would greatly ease my burden. As for the man ghost upstairs, it’s only a weak ghost and it wouldn’t be bad to let it stroll around in this office as it would be good for Jiannan’s learning program.

Jiannan’s Yang energy was very strong which even surpassed mine. It would be almost impossible for that ghost to extinguish his Yang fire. Not to mention, it seems that this idiot should have a very good luck. He has seen many ghosts all these years but it didn’t affect him. So, I think this new ghost wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

I took my cell phone out. It was 4:30 PM and Xu Xiaoling would get off work half an hour later. I called Mom and told her that I would take Xu Xiaoling home for dinner to let her prepare for it. I hung up the phone and bought some vegetables from the groceries as I then headed toward the museum’s entrance, waiting for Xu Xiaoling.

Xu Xiaoling came out and saw me waiting for her at the entrance, she happily asked: “You have handled everything?”

I shook the raw vegetables in my hand and replied: “Let’s go to my house, I’ll tell you on the way.”

It took about 20 minutes to go from the museum to my house. While we were walking I spoke: “The deeds and ownership transfer has been done, I also had bought a few computers and photocopier, but those things would be delivered to the office tomorrow morning. Yang Jiannan is in the office now, I’m planning to teach him and hone him to make him able to face ghosts and evil spirits.

“What? Wasn’t it haunted? Wouldn’t that threaten his life?” Xu Xiaoling asked, worried.

“Relax, an idiotic person like him really has such silly heavenly luck. His Yang energy is also stronger than mine and new ghosts are unable to kill him. Besides, from my experience, a person could only grow after experiencing many adversities and dangers. Anyways, Big Sis Xiaoling, isn’t your birthday coming. Am I right? If I remember correctly, it should be on August 18th, six days from today.”

Xu Xiaoling’s eyes turned into a crescent shape because of her smile: “Why? You want to give me a big present?”

I pretended to think a little while, replied: “Ah, but I’m so tight on money right now, but if it’s 200 RMB, I can afford it.”

“Okay, no problem, the most important thing is your blessing and prayers.” Xu Xiaoling seemed to not care about it, but there was a hint of sadness from her tone. She seemed to have recalled some sad events from the past.

I didn’t say anything else to her as I just mused secretly, she can wait for her birthday to come. I was absolutely sure she would be surprised at her birthday gift later.

Recently, all things seemed to have interwoven at the same time. I bought a new store and I should order a shop signboard obviously. Opening a business and preparing to accept the new clients Cheng Dong had contacted before. This matter should also be handled as soon as possible. In addition, I should be teaching Yang Jiannan a bit about ghosts and some Daoist Arts as well. I also had to prepare Xu Xiaoling’s birthday gift.

The most important thing right now was that I had to draw a Communication Charm and contact the old swindler so Miss Daiyu could go to the Netherworld and get reincarnated. I also wanted to visit Zhang Zixuan as soon as possible to borrow several rare martial arts manuals. But of course, I was also aware that it wouldn’t be free and I could not get it easily. If he required my assistance for the payment, as long as it was not life-threatening, I will not decline.

Thinking and figuring out the activities I was about to do, it was estimated that I would be very busy in the upcoming days.

~~~~~~~~~~End of ch.36~~~~~~~~~~

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