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TLDP: C035. Horror Movie? It’s a Comedy Film…

Because I wanted to make Jiannan understand the difference between ghosts and humans, I took my family’s Video Disc Player and then rented a lot of ghost movies for him to watch. But this idiot laughed loudly as he watched those horror movies. This made me speechless. In what way should I educate this piece of goods? Isn’t this the same as me making a joke of myself?

Jiannan then became a frequent guest in my ward. He came reporting at 7 AM sharp every morning. In addition to eating his breakfast here, he kept watching horror movies and laughed happily as if he didn’t have enough laughs in the past.

My broken ribs had finally healed and I didn’t have the slightest sequelae. When I tried to ask to Miss Daiyu where she got this medicine, she only replied: “Later, try not to be injured so you don’t need to take that medicine again. As for the rest, don’t ask about it!”

Jiannan’s parents had only visited him once. They really didn’t care much about his life at all. His parents worked in a state-owned company. Because Jiannan was labeled as having had mental illnesses, it made them feel greatly ashamed. So they gave him a cold shoulder because of it.

On the other hand, Jiannan had no common sense too. Whenever Xu Xiaoling visited me every day, this piece of good still acted in a completely informal and uninhibited manner as he laughed loudly when watching those horror movies. I didn’t have a choice but to desperately bring Xu Xiaoling downstairs, seeking asylum from this idiot.

We sat downstairs on the bench as Xu Xiaoling then asked: “When are you ready to leave the hospital? I also checked your things and had found something.”

“Oh, really?”

“Anyways, you wanted me to find a vacant apartment that was not too conspicuous, a little closer to your current home, as well as having cheap rent. The one I found is on the street behind the museum. The rent is only 35,000 RMB annually. But I suggest that you buy this apartment directly. I don’t know why the owner wants to sell this apartment so cheap. As long as you have 650,000 RMB you can have it. Besides, according to normal prices, a double story apartment costs more than 1 million RMB.” Xu Xiaoling carefully analyzed.

Xu Xiaoling knew that I had received several million in reward. But, I didn’t take the whole payment. From the 3 million RMB reward, 1 million was the official payment as for another 2 million, it was a sealing fee. But, since Cheng Dong took this job to me, according to our agreement to split the payment 8 to 2. From the 1 million RMB reward, he had a share of 200,000 RMB. As for the sealing fee, I tightly shut my mouth, so I didn’t have to share it with him. Besides, 200,000 RMB was still a large amount of money. I planned to do good deeds with the rest of that money.

I chuckled as I then replied to Xu Xiaoling’s analysis: “In my opinion, that apartment being cheaply sold has all kinds of possibilities. Firstly, the seller is a swindler like a wolf in a sheep’s skin. Secondly, the house is haunted. Before the news had spread out, he needs to quickly sell it. Otherwise, he could only sell it for 100,000 RMB once the news spread out. Nobody would dare to buy a haunted house. And I think that the second possibility is quite big, right?”

“Well, I also think so. So during the day I went out to inquire about it a bit. I really heard some supernatural rumors about this apartment. It was obviously locked, but one night there was a sound of a man and woman quarreling. It’s very strange.” As Xu Xiaoling usually had frequent contact with me, she was not that afraid of spirits and ghosts anymore.

I took out my cell phone and saw that it was 6:30 PM, so I said to her: “Big Sis Xiaoling, you wait for me for a while. I’ll go back and change clothes first, then I’ll send you home.”

Xu Xiaoling nodded. I ran and returned back to my ward, changed my dirty clothes and told Jiannan that I would go out for a while. After. I went out and hurriedly ran downstairs.

Xu Xiaoling and I sat on the bus for an hour and arrived at her rental apartment. When I stood downstairs, Xu Xiaoling said to me: “Get up and go inside to sit for a while.”

I nodded and strode directly into her apartment. I sat on the sofa and looked at her making tea in the kitchen. I turned my head and suddenly covered my chest, groaning: “Oh, it’s painful, my broken ribs, I can’t move. I seem to not be able to walk tonight.”

Xu Xiaoling carried a cup of tea over and stared at me: “What? Finish playing swindler? Do I have to call auntie to let her take you back now?”

We chatted for a while and drank up our tea. I quickly stood: “Big Sis Xiaoling, it’s very late. I should go back now. Tomorrow I’ll visit the museum to find you, then we can go see that house. I’ll consider to buy or rent it afterward.”

“Okay, be careful on the way back.”

“Relax, even if I had to face 5 people it would be very easy right now.” I smiled, pushed the door and walked away.

This time, I caught the last bus.

I remembered the urban legend about the last bus. There were 3 people in the bus including me, but I can determine that the other 2 people were also human. Besides, the so-called last bus urban legend was just a ghost story.

I returned back to my ward and found that Yang Jiannan was still watching a ghost movie. He covered his mouth while laughing happily. I directly ignored him and made a phone call to Xu Xiaoling, saying that I had safely returned to the hospital and told her to rest early.


The next day, I got up early. My injuries had convalesced and I put on my lead bars for the usual daily exercise. Since it was inconvenient to practice drawing Daoist charms in the hospital, my training program only consisted of running and meditation.

I had asked Miss Daiyu about the innate hidden force but she didn’t know how to practice it. It seemed that I had to ask the old swindler directly. So, I decided that I had to prepare to draw a Communication charm during the next several days to contact the old swindler.

I could clearly feel that my body’s internal force was better than before. I could now control my fire innate force to fully ignite my palm into a flame. It was very fun to play with it. However, since the damaging power was still limited, it seems that I couldn’t use it in fights yet.

Jiannan came to my ward again and I let him continue his ‘education’ by watching ghost movies. I had already dressed up and headed for Huaxia Corporation building while the bleeding sister silently followed me. Last night, I had called Chen Jianmin and he said that if I was to arrive at the building, I should directly head straight to the 12th-floor conference room.

After the meeting, he didn’t waste any time as he then handed me a bank card and said: “This card has 3 million RMB on it and the password is six zeros. This is your reward and sealing fees because you had done a great job back then. My family has also said that later when you need help, you just need to call me. About that slaughterhouse matter, I had contacted it and it’s up to you when you have time to visit it. You just need to contact them and mention my name.” Then he handed me a piece of paper which had a cell phone number on it.

“Thank you.” I received the bank card and the note.

“Nevermind. I have a meeting after this and I can’t accompany you. We’ll have a chat some other day again. If you have something that needs my help, just make a call.” Chen Jian shook his phone and waved his hand to me.

When I left the Huaxia Corporation building, I spoke to the bleeding sister behind me: “Big sister, wait for me to draw out some money and I will pay the money I owe you.”

The bleeding sister replied:”I want you to help me transfer the money~~!”

I withdrew 13,000 RMB as per the bleeding sister orders. I quickly arrived at the ATM as she then told me the account number and name. I was curious as I then whispered: “Big sister, to whom do you want to transfer the money to exactly?”

“My mother ~ ~!” The bleeding sister eerily replied.

I had collected the money and the bleeding sister said that she must leave for several days and will be back afterward. I said that she was free to do so and that after she got back, to just directly headed to my house to find me.

I looked at the time. It was 9:30 AM. I took 20,000 RMB, went home and gave the money to Mom. I told her it was my payment from the Huaxia Corporation. That it was a one-month payment subsidized with a 10,000 RMB as medical expenses.

I headed straight to my room and I found Miss Daiyu standing near the window. I greeted her and told her about my plan to buy the apartment, seeking her advice. But, she only lightly replied: “You have grown up now, decide for yourself. But, you must remember that later you must do many good deeds.”

I nodded and replied seriously: “Rest assured Miss, I will not let you down. I will go to the hospital first and finish the administration formalities to leave the hospital. Tomorrow morning I will start drawing up a Communication charm and ask the old swindler to take you to the Netherworld earlier. After you are reincarnated, I will go and find you.”

Then, I took the remaining cattle tears, 5 Moon Charms, 5 Heart Mind Purifying Charms and of course, the Shadowbane sword and put them into my waistband. In fact, I really want to bring the folding fan, but since General Long hadn’t come yet, I don’t know how to use this fan. Moreover, under normal situations, the Shadowbane sword could cope with most ghosts so I wasn’t that anxious to quickly use the fan.

I arrived at the museum’s entrance. I took my cell phone and looked at the time. There were only a few minutes left before work hour was up. So I made a separate phone call to Xu Xiaoling and Cheng Dong, telling them that I was waiting at the museum entrance.

Xu Xiaoling came out quickly and after a while, Cheng Dong was also followed out by a woman. I had seen the woman before and she also worked at the museum. Cheng Dong had long dismissed his idea to pursue Xu Xiaoling long time ago. He also visited me twice when I was still in the hospital.

I smiled and greeted him: “Brother Dong, you’re very happy now, eh?”

“Big brother Xiaolong don’t tease me, well, have you fully recovered?”

“Yes, I come here today to give your share. Of course, we can also have lunch together. Oh, right, brother Dong, do you have a bank account? I’ll directly transfer the money to your account.”

Cheng Dong barely contained his excitement but still pretended to not care about it and replied: “It’s all right, I’m not in a hurry and it’s not urgent. When we finish our lunch, we’ll talk about it again.”

Cheng Dong’s new girlfriend, in contrast, was very curious as she then asked me: “Cousin, when did you borrow the money from Cheng Dong?

I was also quite famous at the museum; it was because Xu Xiaoling had a mysterious status. She was also beautiful and had a gentle caring personality, popular and easy going. In short, she was the type of person who would attract everyone’s attention. So, her ‘younger cousin’—which was me—also became the topic of their discussion.

After lunch, we walked to the nearest bank. Cheng Dong quickly whispered to me when his girlfriend didn’t pay attention to him. “Big brother Xiaolong, several potential clients were looking for me recently, but since you were injured, I pushed them away and declined the offers.”

“My injury is almost fully recovered, you may start our business again. You can record the customer’s information first and tell them that I will be available in two days and will solve their problems.” I whispered back to him.

I had transferred 200,000 RMB to Dong Cheng’s account. He was really happy because of it and said: “Big brother Xiaolong, knowing you is really advantageous and promising. I really want to quit working from the museum.”

I told him that he cannot do that, how could there be so many supernatural events in this world? When finding clients became hard, he would cry and regret it. Besides, having a stable job was better after all.

After checking his account, Cheng Dong led his girlfriend away and left. Xu Xiaoling teased me: “Xiaolong, you have become a millionaire in a blink of an eye, what gift will you give to your good big sister here? You ought to have a share for me, right?

~~~~~~~~~End of Ch.35~~~~~~~~~~

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