LDP – Ch 34

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TLDP: Ch34. The Idiot Jiannan

After a while, Mom and Wang Shan came back. As for Dad, seeing that I was really all right, he hurried back to his work.

Xu Xiaoling spoke to Mom: “Auntie, you had stayed up all night, please go back home and have some rest, let me take care of Xiaolong this time.”

Mom didn’t refuse her advice. She winked at me and then went home.

I said to Xu Xiaoling: “Big Sis Xiaoling, there are three things that I would like to do now.”

Xu Xiaoling replied in an unhappy tone: “Do you want to take another risk and fight the ghosts again? I tell you now, NO! You lie down here obediently, and you are not going anywhere!”

I choked a bit and slowly whispered: “Well, in fact, the first thing I want to do is; I want you to help me get up. I must go to the bathroom.”

Xu Xiaoling’s face instantly blushed, turning red. She quickly helped me get out of the bed. Although this was not the first time we had physical contact; but still, her fragrance made me feel good and relaxed.
It was very comfortable and relaxing after I got out from the bathroom as I then looked at Wang Shan and spoke to her: “The second thing is, Qianqian, where is the man who was hit by the chair? Where is he being taken cared of now? I would like to see him.”

“Oh, he is on the third floor. I had visited him in the morning and that Big Brother’s head had been bandaged already. But it’s very fortunate that he has only suffered a slight concussion. Let me lead you to him Big Brother Xiaolong, I’ll show you the way.”

I nodded and spoke to Xiaoling: “Big Sis Xiaoling, please take out my sword hilt from the drawer.”

Xu Xiaoling carefully observed the Shadowbane’s sword hilt. She said that if she was not mistaken, this sword should have originated from the era of the Western Zhou Dynasty. It was only a pity that this sword was only a hilt now and had no blade attached to it. In the eyes of antique collectors, its value would be dropped greatly. And judging from the quality of this thing, it seemed that the sword was a priceless treasure. In addition, this sword’s main function was to exorcise or terminate demons. So, the sword must be protected and preserved well and it must never leave the body.


We had arrived at the ward on the third floor. There were four hospital beds in this ward, of which two beds had been occupied by patients. One patient was a grey-haired middle-aged man and the other was a young man whose head was wrapped in bandages. This youth somewhat looked a bit familiar, but I couldn’t remember where have I seen him before.

The youth was very excited when he saw me: “Oh, well? Big Brother! Are you making a movie in this hospital right now? Is the magician brother coming too?”

What the hell? That’s him! I remember now! Wasn’t this youth the crazy idiot I met before? I was somewhat speechless, but still asked him: “Were you the one who got hit by the chair last night?”

“Yes, but don’t mention it. Yesterday was only a light accident, no big deal. Big Brother, does your movie crew need another handyman? Take me in, please! Huh? Who’s that? Who’s the Big Sister in the bleeding costume behind you? Does she have a blood bag in her belly?”

Huh? This youth unexpectedly could see the bleeding sister! It was really weird! His eyes were absolutely not Yin Eyes. His was the same as a normal person since his pupils were black. But, how come he is able to see ghosts? And, how could he not distinguish between people and ghosts? This was not realistic, was he really stupid and idiotic?”

I couldn’t throw my doubts away as I then smiled and slowly sat by his bed: “The last time we met, I was leaving in a hurry, so I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Yang Jiannan. Big Brother, you can directly call me Jiannan.”

“Well, Jiannan, do you have a cell phone? Give me your number, maybe I’ll contact you in the future.”

Yang Jiannan quickly took out his most beloved Nocchi Friend 1100 and exchanged his number with me.
I also spoke with him for a while before returning to my own ward. As Wang Shan was then taken by his mother to have a dinner.


There were only Xu Xiaoling and myself in the ward now. Xu Xiaoling asked: “Xiaolong, what is the third matter?”

I was enjoying the scenery outside the window and replied to her: “According to the surveillance video recording last night, the two doctors are probably fired by the hospital management by now. But they were being possessed at that time, so, I must explain this to the hospital’s president. Otherwise, it is the same indirectly ruining the future of those two doctors.”

Xu Xiaoling softly spoke: “Xiaolong, you are becoming more mature and you are now can think more comprehensive. But, what would you do to convince the hospital’s president?”

“It’s simple. I just have to show him my Daoist ability. It’s a pity that I have no Daoist charms left. I don’t want to use the Shadowbane sword. So, it seems that I have to wait for Miss Daiyu to come back and have her bring me some Daoist charms from my house.”

“Daoist charms? I have one. This is the one you had given me last time.” After speaking, Xu Xiaoling took out her wallet and pulled out a Sun Charm out.

I was almost cried, but of course, the tears wouldn’t come out, said: “Big Sister, why didn’t you give it to me earlier. My ribs would not have been broken three times in a row if you gave it to me before!”

“Who told you to not tell me that you were handling a ghost back then, and how would I know if you needed this Daoist charm?”

“I didn’t tell you that because I didn’t want to make you afraid.”

“Well, I forgive you. This charm is originally yours. And thanks for this one. But you have to remember this in the future.” Xu Xiaoling teased me and smiled.

“No problem, I’ll pay you back 100 times later.”

“Don’t talk too much, you hurry and look for the hospital’s president. I’ll be waiting here for you and we’ll have dinner later.”

I took the Daoist charm and happily walked out of my ward. I arrived at the president’s office after asking around a few times. The bleeding sister was following me along the way. It seemed that Miss Daiyu had ordered her to do so. Wherever I went she would always follow behind me.

The president’s office was opened. There was a man wearing a white lab coat, writing something. I politely knocked on the door. He was still sitting and loudly spoke: “Enter.”

I walked into the room. He was still writing and said: “Sit.”

After about 3 minutes, he put down his pen, taking off his glasses he rubbed his eyes. He then looked at me and said: “I’m sorry to have made you wait for a long time. What matter do you have?”

“It’s about…” I collected my thoughts and finally spoke: “I’m a patient who was beaten by the two doctors last night. Today, I would like to clarify a fact. Actually, the two doctors were not at fault, they did something that was out of their control.”

“Oh, really? Did they send money to you and make you speak well for them?” The president asked in a serious voice.

I shook my head and replied: “I will tell the truth about this. Last night I was fighting with several evil ghosts. When the two doctors actually rushed in. Then the ghosts possessed them. So, the video camera recorded the fight in the corridor. I hope you won’t publicize this matter. About the medical expenses, I will take responsibility for that. As I don’t want good people becoming tarnished and blamed for this.”

“Possessed?” The old president’s brows twitched as he replied: “I’ve seen some supernatural things, but I have actually never seen a ghost possession case. Moreover, from the words you just said, you were also fighting with those evil ghosts last night?”

“Yes, I’m a Daoist priest. Mr. President, please look.” After speaking, I put out a Daoist charm and instantly ignited it. Seeing it, the president believed my words. He said that he will not fire those two doctors. But, the medical expenses would still be undertaken by the hospital. He also asked for my phone number and said that if he later ran across some supernatural things, he would call me and ask me to handle it. I of course gladly agreed.


Three days later.

I had taken the medicine Miss Daiyu had brought me. My injuries had recovered to about 70-80%. This made many people astonished and puzzled. How come my broken bones only needed a few days to get healed?

Wang Shan had left the hospital. Her father seemed to vaguely know something as he expressed his thanks to me directly. He also took the initiative to take my family register and said that he would change my surname in several days. Later, I wouldn’t need to feel embarrassed again because of this.

And that idiot Jiannan… it was like you were speaking about the devil… and that very devil had actually come.

Jiannan’s head was still bandaged. He was wearing a gray western style suit now and casual non-mainstream short pants. He walked toward me and quickly greeted: “Big Brother, how are you today?”

“I’m fine, you?”

“My condition is also very good. Mostly, my time is spent practicing Iron Body martial arts with my great uncle. He can jump from the sixth-floor head first and get back up afterward. Amazingly. he’s still alright after doing that. He said that I must try that. Practicing this martial art is very cool, but I didn’t dare to jump from the sixth floor, so I jumped from the second floor. Finally, my neck was almost broke on the spot!”

I was speechless. Listening to his description, that uncle was definitely a man who became a ghost after jumping from the sixth floor. This crazy idiot must have believed everything that ghost said and tried to plunge into death like that ghost. Damn… this idiot really got what he deserved.

I was really afraid, that if I prolonged this conversation with him… I would be infected by his insanity. So I quickly changed the subject and asked him: “Well Jiannan, have you gone to college?”

Yang Jiannan played with his clothes and replied shyly: “Brother, I never went to the college!”

His answer made me shocked, I immediately scolded him in a joking tone: “Curse it! Can you speak without playing with your shirt? Do you know wearing a bare arm shirt and putting on a rapper-like clothes make you look ridiculous?”

Yang Jiannan didn’t angry at my words. Instead, he immediately laughed and followed the play and joked: “Big Brother, well, I just wanted to make jokes and have some fun.”

Although we didn’t have much contact these days, I actually knew that his temperament was very good. His personality was also compatible with mine. So, although I used a mocking and harsh tone, I actually regarded him as a good friend.

Yang Jiannan sat on another bed and spoke: “I was in the third grade in my primary school when my family sent me to a mental hospital. They said that I was fantasizing too much and that I had schizophrenia. I lived in a mental hospital for more than 10 years. When we first met near Boss Qian’s residence, I had just left the hospital and had no job. My parents are unwilling to accept me anymore. Ah right, Big Brother, did you really mean it when you asked me to join the movie crew? Please let me in the team!”

I really never thought that this Jiannan grew up in a mental hospital since childhood. He was uneducated so it was not strange that he would not be able to distinguish clearly between ghosts and humans. Moreover, it seemed that his ability to see ghosts was an inborn talent. His Yang energy was unusually very powerful and I could feel that his Yang energy was also much more powerful than mine who had been practicing Daoist arts for a year. He had no job right now. Could I recruit him to help me out? Miss Daiyu was going to leave soon, so I had to think about forming my own team.

Thinking about to there, I seriously said to him: “Jiannan, since you want to work, you can work for me. I will give you a fixed salary every month,… how about 3,000 RMB per month?”

Yang Jiannan was very excited as he looked like he was about to cry: “Big Brother, you are really are my blood brother! If you really want to take me in, I’ll quit being a waiter now. My current pay is only a 1,000 RMB per month. With you, I’ll have great progress! However, Big Brother, what kind of work do I need to do with you? A professional small actor?”

I sincerely spoke to him: “Jiannan, in this world, there are humans and also ghosts…” and then I explained to him the differences between humans and ghosts.

However, maybe it was because this Jiannan’s education was too low or maybe his brain was just really dull. I eagerly explained many things to him in three hours, only to see a confused and despised expression on his face.

He glanced at me with a contemptuous look: “Big Brother, it is not that I want to criticize or mock you, but your language competency is really bad. You directly and continually said that things are floating, that a ghost’s entire body was covered with blood, and a ghost has a rotten face. I really didn’t understand what you had said, even one bit.”

I was absolutely devastated, this crazy-idiot-good-for-nothing bastard was obviously sent by God to punish me…

~~~~~~~~~~end of ch.34~~~~~~~~~~

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