LDP – Ch 33

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TLDP: Ch33. Clear Conscience

I hurriedly ran, staggering. But they quickly caught up to me. I gritted my teeth, bashing, kicking, and doing everything I could to repel them back as I endured the pain. I continued to head toward my own ward with a creepy like motion. I turned my head to look back, and damn… those two possessed doctors were like junkies, creeping and wriggling toward me!

If they were in their normal condition, the two doctors should have lost the ability to act after being hit by me. But since they were being possessed, they absolutely felt no pain. This… made me feel helpless.

There was no sound from the person with bad luck downstairs after he was hit by the chair. I didn’t know what happened to him by now.

Fortunately, my ward was near Wang Shan’s. I quickly entered my ward and locked the door with my backhand. I took a deep long sigh as every breath I took in affected my ribs, breathing was very painful: “Ya, Ya, elegant butterfly, to reach one, to reach one, to … oh ~” [1]

What the hell? What did I just say? Japanese? F**k! Why would I speak Japanese crap right now? Ah… it really hurts… really does, I spoke incoherently because of this pain!

I slowly moved to the table, opened the drawer, and took out two Heart Mind Purifying Charms.

The two doctors outside were kicking the door. I suddenly opened my door and the doctor with the eyeglasses, who was prepared to kick the door, never thought that the door was going to be opened. His foot kicked the empty air and that made him unsteady and stagger forward

My hands and eyes reacted quickly as I pasted the Heart Mind Purifying Charm on his face lightning fast!

That ghost’s ability to possess was too low. The charm instantly forced it out! I didn’t give it the opportunity to escape as I then activated the Shadowbane sword and directly slashed it!

This all happened in about two seconds. The other possessed doctor, after seeing his companion being attacked, quickly came over to only find that the doctor with the eyeglasses had already lied fainted on the floor.

The other guy showed a timid reaction as he slowly backed away. I quickly fished out another charm, lifted it and shook my hand as if I would stick the charm on his forehead. The possessed doctor hurriedly covered his face! I took the opportunity to bully him further as I then walked forward, grabbed his collar and dragged him into the ward! Why didn’t I directly handle him? Because there was a surveillance video camera in the hospital’s corridor, and I was afraid that it would record my actions.

After I dragged him into the ward, I used the charm and forced the old man ghost out. The knife in the possessed doctor’s hand fell, and the ghost panicked and vanished.

The two doctors had fainted. I held onto the doorframe and secretly clenched my teeth. The scene of these two doctors kicking the door must have been seen and recorded by the control room, and soon some people would come here. I really must act faster. The old granny ghost must be solved first before those people arrive!
So, I hurriedly headed back to Wang Shan’s ward. There was only the old granny ghost and the bleeding sister left now. The other two ghosts had gone away. The two ghosts were now still engaged in a fight, and it seemed that the bleeding sister had the upper hand.

The bleeding sister’s stomach suddenly spewed put a blood arrow (it was turned into a Yin Qi arrow) as it then hit the old granny ghost and made her unsteady. Causing her to retreat backward for many steps near me. How could I miss such a golden opportunity? I quickly activated the Shadowbane sword and stabbed the old granny ghost!

The flaming blade penetrated the old granny ghost’s belly. The ghost wailed, shrieking, she fell to the floor, it seemed that she would vanish in a moment!

I walked to her side, lifted up my Shadowbane sword and activated the sword again. The old granny ghost’s eyes revealed a deep hatred as she looked at me and shouted: “Why are you exterminating us?”

I gritted my teeth, snorted and coldly replied: “You stubbornly refuse to repent! Because you’re disturbing the harmony and balance of the Yin and Yang!”

“Disruption of the balance? If you were tragically killed and turned into an evil spirit, won’t you also go about taking revenge?”

Her question made me stunned instantly. Yes, if I was killed by the car a year ago. I definitely would have turned into an evil spirit and would have looked for Xia Chaoran for revenge. But luckily I didn’t die. But I did have my revenge in the tomb and enjoyed the pleasure of having my revenge. Moreover, I prevented Da Niu’s revenge on Boss Qian and arrogantly said that I must safeguard the world peace. If i were in Da Niu’s shoes and was somehow indirectly killed by Boss Qian and Boss Qian refused to pay my compensation; I would perhaps be more excessively ferocious than him. Really… all I could do was bully an honest and good-natured person, I may perhaps have given Aunt Niu 80,000 RMB, but the most sickening thing was that I really had thought that it was me who had done a good deed!!!

Was my Daoist ability just to make the good people wronged and let the bad guys continue to go unpunished?

Just when I was very confused and was questioning my own conscience, the old granny ghost turned into a Yin stream and suddenly rushed into my body maliciously. I only felt a chilling coldness, as I then thoroughly passed out…


“Xiaolong, Xiaolong, are you awake?” A familiar voice entered my ears. I slowly opened my eyes and saw several people around me; Mom, Dad, Xu Xiaoling, and Wang Shan.

“Tiger, Tiger, are you awake? “A familiar voice came to my ears, “Slowly open your eyes. Gathered in front of you are several people, your mom, Dad, Xu Xiaoling, and Wang Shan.”

Xu Xiaoling happily spoke: “Xiaolong, you finally woke up.”

“My sword hilt?”

Wang Shan hurriedly spoke: “Big brother Xiaolong, I helped retrieved your things and put them in your drawer. According to hospital surveillance video record, the two doctors were the ones responsible for injuring you last night. However, in order to avoid this matter getting blown up, the hospital will take care of your medical expenses, including the medical care for the person who was injured by the chair yesterday.

I immediately recalled the granny ghost’s questions from last night and saw that Murong Daiyu was standing near me. I said to everyone: “You all don’t need to worry about me, I’m all right. Dad, Mom, you take Big Sister Xiaoling and Wang Shan to eat, I want to be alone for a bit…”

Mom and Dad inquired more about my condition. It made my heart warm. Mom insisted on staying to take care of me. Finally, Xu Xiaoling took Mom away and said that she will stay on her behalf. Xu Xiaoling spoke to me: “Do you want to speak with the ghost? I’ll wait outside then.”

“No, Big Sis Xiaoling, you can stay here.” After that, I looked at Murong Daiyu and told her the granny ghost’s question, about Da Niu case, and finally about my disturbed mood. I emotionally said: “With the Daoist principle, I’m obligated to enforce the law and justice on behalf of Heaven, but why do I feel like I’m some kind of tyrant who forces others and helps bad people? The comb’s demoness had a sad and pitiful past. I didn’t have time to ask about it and finally exterminated her. And then, I sent Da Niu to the Netherworld. From then on, I never contacted Aunt Niu again. I don’t know whether she is alive or not. Because of several million dollars in reward, I participated in robbing a tomb. Although General Long forgave me, I still feel very uncomfortable and feel so much guilt! Now, I’m really sorry Miss Daiyu. I don’t want to continue my Daoist priesthood anymore. I don’t want to continue raising the good guy banner while wronging others! Even if society were to lose a Daoist priest like me, it wouldn’t change anything. I’m really sorry to disappoint you.”

Miss Daiyu gazed at my eyes for a short while. I didn’t flinch as I straightly looked into her eyes. But, I never thought that her complexion would show a happy-satisfied expression. She smiled and said: “Well, it’s OK.”

The look of doubt and confusion was shown in my eyes. Miss Daiyu said: “Xiaolong, each good-natured Daoist priest will experience this kind of setback and they will question themselves, whether what they are doing is right or wrong. In fact, you did the right thing, it was just the way things happened and your problem solving was not rounded enough. Everything has two sides, you are not a God. You cannot make everything you do perfect. Like in Da Niu’s case, he was already dead. The best solution was to let him go back to the reincarnation cycle. Regardless of which side—good or bad—will benefit from your actions, you must ask yourself, do you even have the ability to do that? You don’t have that! Thus, in Da Niu’s case, what you did was all right. The answer is actually very simple, it would not be a problem as long as you do it with a clear conscience.”

“With a clear conscience?”

“Right, the answers you wanted is… that’s OK as long as your conscience prevails. Well, someday I must leave, this time I will help you to find a medicine. Your ribs have been broken three times continually. Later, it will definitely leave a sequelae [2]. This is the last time I will help you get medicine. However, you should pay attention to this matter in the future.” Then, Miss Daiyu’s figure disappeared.

The bleeding sister still stood in the corner, looking at her stomach and said nothing.

The silence lasted pretty long. Xu Xiaoling broke the ice and said: “Xiaolong, I never thought you had such a deep sense of rightfulness and justice. You are both mature and childish at the same time. I also understood some part of your conversation from before. That ghost before was right. As long as you have a clear conscience it will be alright. Besides, you also just started walking on this Daoist path. You absolutely are lacking in some aspects. If you have other opportunities to do it again, I think you would’ve solved those problems in a better way.”

I somewhat felt confused. I looked at Xu Xiaoling and secretly savored the words they both had spoken to me.

Miss Daiyu was right. I’m not a God and I can’t make everything perfect. Xu Xiaoling was also right. I’m weak and inexperienced.

If the present me ran into the comb’s demoness again, the result would be different. As for Da Niu, when I got better, I should visit Aunt Niu and ensure her well being in any case. Aunt Niu had lost a son and has no income. I think I should also donate my money to her continually. And I certainly must make her feeling warm and not lonely.

The old swindler was really amazing. He could influence the previous evil spirit Miss Daiyu. Moreover, once she was influenced, the lady had become very just and rightful.

My heart’s knots gradually settled and my expression turned better. Xu Xiaoling asked: “Figured everything out?”

“Well, somehow, I figured it out. Partly. I’m really sorry Big Sis Xiaoling, I made you worry. Anyways, how long was I out?”

“More than 10 hours, uncle and aunty received the news last night. But I actually knew about it this morning. The doctor said your ribs had been continually broken three times and it will certainly leave sequelae…” When she spoke up to here, Xu Xiaolong’s complexion somewhat struggled and greatly changed: “I went to see that man, let’s have him find the best doctor for you!”

That man? Who was it? Suddenly, a burst of jealousy rose. I quickly held Xu Xiaoling’s arms who was about to leave and sternly spoke to her: “I’m not going to have any sequelae…”

“Don’t try to show off your power. Do you know better than the doctors?”

I could really feel that Xu Xiaoling was really worried about me. I was very happy as I smiled and replied: “I haven’t told you something, that after the last time I got hit by the car. Both of my lungs had been pierced by my broken ribs, my stomach was severely bleeding, and my pin bone had a comminuted fracture. I also had a cerebral concussion. But it took only 3 days for me to get out of bed and freely move again.”

“Three days? How could that be possible?”

“I didn’t lie to you. Do you remember me mentioning Miss Daiyu to you? She gave me a compounded medicine and after three days, 90% of my injuries had healed and completely left no sequelae. She had just said that she would help me find that medicine again. So, it won’t be long before my injuries will heal.”

Seeing Xu Xiaoling’s loving care from her words before. I secretly thought that the man… he… should be her father, right?

~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 33~~~~~~~~~~


[1] 雅,雅蠛蝶 Yǎ, yǎ miè dié, see chapter 25 notes. Literally “small elegant butterfly,” this Internet meme became popular around 2009. It sounds like the Japanese word yamete (止めて) “stop,” which is a stereotypical female line in Japanese porn movies.

[2] Sequelae: condition after an injury, one can have colds or pains.

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