LDP – Ch 32

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TLDP: Ch32. Title at end [1]

The sky had already darkened by now. The lights in the ward hadn’t been turned on. The bleeding sister still stood in the corner with her bleeding stomach. Made people who saw this scene hurriedly ran away in fright.

Since my Yang fire had automatically been lit and recovered, it should make me unable to see the ghosts. But, I could still see this bleeding sister. Miss Daiyu must have taught her one or two techniques which gave her the ability to make herself visible to humans.

I said hello to her: “Big Sister, what is your name?”

“Sun Shumei~~”, the bleeding sister gloomily replied.

“Oh, so that’s your name, my name is Li Xiaolong, following the same name of a famous martial arts actor. Later you can call me Xiaolong. Big sister, please help me get up from the bed. We should go to Qianqian’s ward, tonight I’ll let you handle that old lady ghost.”

The bleeding sister helped me up. I brought the Shadowbane sword along and headed straight for Wang Shan’s ward.

Wang Shan’s father, who originally intended to attend her in her ward was still sleeping soundly because of the bleeding sister’s trick.

Wang Shan was playing with my cell phone while talking to me: “Big Brother Xiaolong, does your girlfriend really work at the museum?”

“No, actually, she is not my girlfriend.” I replied and smiled.

“Ah, why didn’t you tell me before?”

I made a hiss gesture and didn’t answer her question.

In fact, the girl I liked was Zhou Huiqing. But, the thought of her and Xia Chaoran sleeping in the same tent had always been bugging my mind. Although Xiaohui was not some kind of cheap girl and although nothing happened while they slept in the same tent; still, the lingering shadow shrouded my mind. Therefore, I decided to only become friends with her. She would never know my thoughts whatsoever…

Of all matters and things in this world, many things happened and problems would come. For ordinary people, some would be troublesome.

I felt something was about to come and quickly used a Moon Charm to enter the ‘Opening Eyes’ state. I carried my sword hilt back and forth in the ward, when suddenly, seven ghosts floated into the ward. One of which was the granny ghost!

Holy shit?!! She even brought reinforcements! Luckily I brought the Shadowbane sword, otherwise, it would have been very bad! Although the bleeding sister’s spiritual power was higher than the granny ghost’s. She wouldn’t be able to handle 7 ghosts at the same time.

However, I calmed myself and said: “I advise you all to leave and forbid yourselves from doing evil things again. You all must be aware of the heavenly laws. The good and evil will be reported. I don’t want to wantonly exorcise and eliminate you, how about it? Do you want to leave, or not?”

An old man ghost snorted, replied: “Smelly Daoist priest, you dared to bully our family’s Xiao Yu yesterday. Today I will make you pay for this!”

Their family…? Small Jade…?!! Pffft… How could this old granny ghost ridiculously have a beautiful name?! [1]

The ‘Xiao Yu’ ghost was acting spoiled as she coquettishly and sweetly replied to the old man ghost: “Big Brother Ming just quickly handle this smelly Daoist priest and I will be yours!”

What the f**k!!! I really couldn’t bear this lovey-dovey act anymore. I quickly activated the Shadowbane sword and rushed to sweep the two evil ghosts in front of me! At the same time, I shouted to the bleeding sister who was still standing in the corner: “Big Sister, begin!!!”

Yesterday I was not prepared, as that granny ghost could easily hit me. However today, I was well prepared. Although I was still injured and moving was very inconvenient. I will not be severely beaten without any strength to fight back this time.

One of the two ghosts of which I had cut on the spot, was instantly extinguished. The other ghost knew that the flame blade I was holding was dangerous so it quickly flew to the far side, greatly frightened.

I secretly mused, if not because of my injuries, these two ghosts would have been instantly terminated under my sword! If I were at my peak condition, I could’ve handled these seven ghosts alone and extinguish them! After all, I was not the same old rookie I was before several months ago.

However, my Yang energy was insufficient right now, I could only activate the Shadowbane sword at critical moments.

The bleeding sister had contained three ghosts, including that ‘Xiao Yu’ granny ghost. The other three ghosts were avoiding me due to the power of the Shadowbane sword. These three ghosts started to grab physical objects in the ward and threw them at me! In an instant, the chair and slippers were flying about randomly, the wash basin and socks were dancing, as objects and fell, created a loud deafening crash.

One of the ghosts even attempted to possess Wang Shan’s body. Fortunately, I had long been prepared as I had pasted a Heart Mind Purifying Charm on her forehead.

I knew that the Yang fire within Wang Shan’s body was too weak. This would make her very easy to possess and these ghosts would take advantage of that weakness. Therefore, I gave her the charm to prevent it beforehand. I never thought that it would be this useful.

Although my Yang fire was very weak, because I was holding the Shadowbane sword, no ghosts could possess me. However, this was not absolute though, if a ghost’s power was as powerful as Miss Daiyu’s, it might be a different story.

Just when I thought about it, a chair suddenly hit my head! My feet quickly move to the side, avoiding it. The chair flew fast and smashed the glass behind me, and was thrown out of the window. A person’s voice was then heard from downstairs: “Ouch!”. Suddenly there were no more sounds. It seemed that somebody was hit by the chair and instantly fainted.

Holy shit! Which unlucky person was hit back then? I was absolutely sure that if I were to have been hit by that chair, I would have blacked out in an instant!

All objects that could be thrown in the ward were almost thrown by these ghosts. I rushed to the nearest ghost, but as soon as I just approached it, it escaped, running away! F**k! This ghost dared to play me! I then quickly shouted to the other ghosts: “Quickly get the hell out immediately! Or this patriarch will drive you out forcefully!!!”

Suddenly, the ward’s door opened. Two young male doctors walked in with a furious expression. They could only see a young man—that was me—who was wearing a patient’s robe and was holding a sword hilt, standing in the middle of a room that was completely chaotic. The doctor with glasses immediately shouted and was greatly displeased: “Why didn’t you go to sleep immediately? It is already late! How could this ward be like it has been hit by a crashing airplane??!!”

But the previously ghost that ran away quickly drifted toward the two doctors as it shouted and shrieked: “Doctor ~~ Two doctors ~~ “

I was greatly surprised! The ghost absolutely wanted to make these two doctors turn around and look at it. And it was clear that this ghost will try to blow out their shoulder’s Yang fire! Then, they could possess these two doctor’s bodies! One must know that under normal circumstances, a ghost could never possess a human. However, if their Yang fire was extinguished or very weak, that was a different story. Moreover, I was still seriously injured now and my equipment was lacking. If these two doctors were really possessed, that would absolutely be terrible!

I quickly shouted: “Doctors, do not look back!”

“You! This neurosis crazy guy, who do you want to mess with?” The two doctors clearly didn’t believe me. They looked back only to find that there was nothing in front of them! The moment they turned around, the Yang fire on their shoulders were blown out! Damn, night was clearly different from daytime. Moreover, it was 11 PM, close to midnight. Of which, made Yin energy very abundant. In this time period, it was very easy to extinguish someone’s Yang fire. If it was daytime, this situation would not have occurred.

The two doctors quickly let out curses: “Shit, if I were not at the night shift duty, I would quickly stop you. Daring to cause such a ruckus and making fun of me like this! You quickly come out, you have destroyed public utilities in this hospital and you have to pay compensation for this!”

Just when I tried to urge the two doctors to leave, a ghost rushed over at me! I didn’t want to show my Daoist art in front of outsiders, so I didn’t activate the Shadowbane sword but hid it and retreated backward. The ghost quickly rushed again and wanted to pinch my neck, but I could only helplessly dodge.

In the eyes of these two doctors, my moves were mistakenly regarded as dancing joyfully and not because I was avoiding something. Moreover, my mouth also let out a deep voice, shouted: “Do not force me to use this sword to cut you!”

The doctor with the eyeglasses said to the other doctor: “This person has a mental illness right? How come his broken hilt can injure people? Hey, can the two of us subdue him? Or, should we call other people for help?”

The other young doctor seemed to have not seen such a situation as he then swallowed his saliva, replied: “First, let him move for a while, we’ll wait until he is exhausted to then subdue him.”

These damn stupid doctors, these two idiots wanted to watch me playing on the side? What the f**k is with this waiting for me to get exhausted? Why did I feel that I was being played with by everybody???

The bleeding sister was still fighting with the other three ghosts. However, their fight was very fair and civilized. There were no objects chaotically thrown out and flying everywhere.

The previous escaping ghost had passed through the two doctor’s body a few times already. The doctor with the eyeglasses—who was appreciating the dance of a crazy patient—held his own shoulder, and said: “Damn, how come it is so cold tonight?”

“Possibly it is because this ward’s AC temperature is fixed too low,” replied another doctor.

“Doctors ~~ please save me ~~” a spooky and gloomy voice sounded behind them.

The doctor with the eyeglasses was clearly disturbed as he said: “It was just that crazy patient’s voice just now. It seems that he wants to scare us since we are in front of him and wanted us to turn back.”

Another young doctor smiled and whispered: “We will count to three and make a scary face, then hurriedly turn back to scare this hateful patient to death!”

“OK!” The eyeglasses doctor grinned: “One, two, three.”

The two doctors suddenly turned around and made a scary face, they didn’t know that their shoulder’s Yang fire was instantly extinguished! The ghosts which were waiting behind them didn’t waste a second, and quickly possessed the two doctors!!!

Damn! I anxiously looked for another opportunity to hacked to death the middle-aged ghost in front of me! Of the seven ghosts, the bleeding sister was still containing three ghosts. I had eliminated two ghosts and the last two were now possessing the two doctor’s body! The possessed doctors turned their head as Yin qi was seen spreading all over their faces. They let out a shrieking and strange laugh! As they walked step by step toward me!

The matter that I was worried about before, was really happening! If I directly used the Shadowbane sword to slash these two doctors, those two ghosts would absolutely be injured by the flaming sword. However, the two doctor’s soul would not escape from being injured. Thus, I was unwilling to do so! Moreover, I was afraid, the more I prolonged this fight, the more it would affect Wang Shan and her father. The only way I could think of was that I must change the fighting location to somewhere outside!

The two possessed doctors sinisterly smiled and surrounded me while forcing me to back up toward the window. This ward was on the fifth floor. If I were to jump from here, I would die immediately!

In my ward’s drawer, I had exactly two Heart Mind Purifying charms left! If I could break through this encirclement, I could have a way out of this situation! Otherwise, these two ghosts would definitely play me to death!

I suddenly kicked the eyeglasses doctor’s stomach! My physical prowess was very strong due to years of exercises, this kick of mine should have had over a hundred pound of strength as the doctor’s body was then kicked flying two meters above. But this kick also affected my ribs, making me greatly pained; barely able to breathe! And to my bad luck, the other possessed doctor quickly hit my right chest as he saw that I was in pain because of my broken ribs!

“Crack! Crack!” My ribs broke again for the third time. I sighed and shouted in pain. I could no longer handle this much as I quickly activated the Shadowbane sword and stabbed his stomach! Because the Shadowbane sword was formed with Yang fire, it would not cause physical damage and was absolutely effective against the ghost.

Sure enough, the possessed doctor was hurt as he then stepped backward. I hurriedly tried to run to the door, staggering and stumbling. I gritted my teeth and barely shouted: “Big Sister, take care of Wang Shan and her father!”

It was so painful! Very damn painful! This was a drilling pain! Every step I took while running affected all my broken ribs. My head was dizzy, as my sight occasionally became dark. Bean-sized cold sweat poured down from my forehead and flowed toward my eyes. I could only ignore it as I didn’t have the time to wipe them because the possessed doctors were pursuing me.

CH 032: The Granny Ghost’s Reinforcements! [1]

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