LDP – Ch 29

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TLDP: Ch.29. Pen Fairy Game-A Dreadful Grandmother

Chen Haotian said: “Relax, I already warned Xia Chaoran, he absolutely wouldn’t dare to do anything. Right, you may choose several treasures you like and the rest will be taken by my family. After all, many people died in the mission, not to mention a lot of financial and material resources have been spent for this. Thankfully it can be compensated with the treasure, otherwise, there would be trouble.”

I difficulty moved my body, glanced around as I suddenly found Miss Daiyu standing close by, so I whispered: “Miss…”

Miss Daiyu floated over, I said: “Miss, I can’t move too much now, please helps me choose three treasures. One is for Mom, one for Dad, and one for the girlfriend.” Since she didn’t know about Xu Xiaoling, I could only tell her it was a girlfriend. Not to mention, I deceived Zhou Huiqing yesterday.

Of course letting the lady ghost choose the treasures, was of my own intention.

The lady ghost had always been ladylike, and she certainly knew what treasure was worthy enough. There was no worthless treasure, each one could make someone rich, these injuries were perhaps really worth it!

Afterward, I also sent away Xiaohui, so that the lady ghost could also help her pick a few treasures.

I asked Chen Haotian: “Big brother Chen, you and Miss Jiang were married hastily in the tomb, haven’t you regretted it?”

“I didn’t regret it. I’m very happy to have such a woman like Xuerou. Perhaps this is called fate. We’ll wait for a while and then officially hold the wedding. We will also invite you.”

I also smiled: “Then, this little brother must prepare a gift first, and congratulate Big Brother Chen for the wedding.”


A few hours later, I had already lied down in a strange VIP ward of Qiling City’s hospital. My breastbone had been properly connected.

The lady selected three treasures, two of which were round jade pendants, a dragon carving and a phoenix carving. The lady said that together, these two jade pendants were originally was a pair and was named the Longfeng jade. In Song Dynasty era, this small jade pendant was very famous. It was carved from the finest white jade of which had a sedative effect, it soothes the nerves and was suitable to give to one’s parents.

The last one was a jade bracelet. The lady said this was called the Ice Jade bracelet. There was an uneven green color scattered on the bracelet, it had a compact composition and was sparkling crystal clear, with a strong luster, and the hardness and fineness was excellent. It was hard to find, and in ancient times it was the symbol of status and a token position. This treasure could be given to a girlfriend.

On the other hand, these three pieces of jade ornaments could also be made into an amulet. After my Daoist skills improve, I could try to make it later.

The treasure I was really paying attention to, was the one that Long Chen gave me! It turned out to be a folding fan with his portrait on it!

I didn’t know from what material this fan’s bones were made from, although it was made of wood, it felt like it was even harder than iron! In addition, the fan was covered by some kind of heavenly natural silk. It couldn’t be scratched by a razor. On the fan’s cover was a fully drawn beautiful landscape painting, and on the lower corner of the fan, the word “Long” (dragon) was written in Chinese traditional form. But these were unimportant. The essential property of this fan was that it contained Yang energy. It would simply shock everyone!

The hospital’s ward instantly became warm when I took out the fan.

Even the lady retreated, the intense Yang energy made her uncomfortable.

Originally, the fan was covered by a pillow, so it blocked the Yang energy effect. The lady suggested: “Take the pillow’s fabrics apart and wrap the fan with it. The Yang energy is too violent. If it is not blocked, many people will try to find it and covet it.”

I nodded as I put the folding fan into the pillow and put in under the bed. I would study it later when I got discharged from the hospital.

The Yang energy in the room gradually dissipated as the lady came closer and said: “This time you got a huge reward, except for repaying the debt, you can only keep 100,000 RMB. The rest of the money must be donated, understand?”

I barely forced myself from jumping as I protested: “Miss if you want me to donate it, I have no objection. But, if I only take 100,000 RMB ah~! It almost cost me my life!”

The lady only gave a light humph: “I haven’t looked into your sense of responsibility for your sin of raiding the tomb, so you must do good deeds, it would be good for you.”

I faded down and was speechless, to donate it, this father must donate it, donate all of it…

But at this time, the hospital ward’s door opened, someone entered. It was Xu Xiaoling.

How did she come so fast? I just called her more than 10 minutes ago. If she was heading here from the museum, it should take at least 20 minutes by taxi.

Before Xu Xiaoling came to my bed, she looked at me and intentionally pretending to be discontent, said: “What’s wrong? You don’t know me?”

“Miss, are you at the wrong ward?”

“Is that so? Then I’ll go.” Xu Xiaoling turned around and walked.

I quickly stopped her and called out to her: “Don’t leave. Please sit elder sister Xiaoling. How did you come so fast? From the museum to here, even if it was by taxi, it should take at least 20 minutes.”

“I told the taxi driver to drive a bit faster, how were you injured again? This time, what kind of injuries did you get?”

My depressed mood was instantly swept away as I saw Xu Xiaoling. I smiled and said: “Two broken ribs, it’s alright.”

Xu Xiaoling quickly retorted: “Your ribs are broken and you are laughing? Does it hurt?”

“It does not hurt.

At this time, the ward’s door was pushed open, and Mom came in. She directly walked to see Xu Xiaoling and blatantly ignored me. She took Xu Xiaoling and talked about the daily house chores. Damn… I was really depressed ah…


In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Zhou Huiqing also came to visit me during this period and she told me that Xia Chaoran didn’t disturb her again. She also said that she would study hard as she wanted to get admitted into Beijing University.

Chen Haotian and Zhang Zixuan also called me and asked about my condition. Zhang Zixuan invited me to visit his Zhang family, to be a guest. I immediately shirked, and said that I would go if I had some free time.

Chen Jianmin gave me a phone call to look for him after I left the hospital. He had prepared the reward, as well as having arranged for me to go to the slaughterhouse to collect cow tears.

The lady stayed at home for the past three days because Long Chen had said that he would come for her. The lady was worried that Long Chen could not find the address, therefore she waited at home.

As for Xu Xiaoling, she always came to visit me after she got off from work. Every time she visited, I told her to go home earlier as I was worried about her safety if she went home late.

This morning, I told Mom to go home to rest. She had been nursing me all these days, I didn’t want her to be overly tired.

I was the only one in this ward, so I played with my hidden innate force to kill the boredom. The finger burning flame.

Suddenly, there were noisy sounds from the corridor outside my ward. Then, a little girl suddenly pushed my door open and quickly locked the door with her hand as she leaned her back on the door. She then sat down on the ground, exhausted.

I was shocked, and quickly extinguished the flame on my fingers! What the f**k is with this situation?

At the same time, there was a woman’s voice from outside the door: “Qianqian, open the door quickly, there is no terrifying grandma. Everything is just an illusion, mother is here, you don’t have to be afraid.”

The girl said: “Mom, I really didn’t lie to you, I really saw her.”

“Oh Qianqian, the doctor said that you have schizophrenia and are fantasizing. It seems like Mom must take you to a mental hospital to treat you.”

The girl was crying and replied: “[crying], Mom, I really didn’t lie to you, I’m not crazy, [crying]…”

I carefully looked at the girl. She was about 13-14 years old and wore patient clothes. She was very thin, had a ponytail, and very heavy dark circles around her eyes. It was as if she hadn’t had sleep for, who knows how many days. But her glabella showed a dark sign of hidden Yin qi. This was a bad sign, maybe she really saw some of those damned things. But since I was this generation’s patriarch of my school, I had a duty to eliminate all evil ghosts on behalf of the moon!

I quickly spoke to the girl: “Little sister, don’t cry, come help me get up. I’ll talk to your mother about it. I’ll advise her not to send you to the mental hospital.”

The little girl cried as she helped me up.

I opened the door, and found a lot of people in front of my ward. There was a doctor, a nurse, and a crowd of patients. I looked at the teary eyes of the woman, said: “Are you Qianqian’s mother? Right now she is in a shocked traumatic state, we should not stimulate her more than this. It’s better to let her stay here, and I’ll accompany her and chat with her.”

“This… would be much trouble for you.”

“No problem, I am also bored. Chatting with this little sister is also good, maybe she had something repressed and buried within her heart. Thus, resulting in this condition. Besides, our age is not that far off, I’ll talk with her.” I continued swaying my words.

The woman hesitated for a while, as the she nodded and said: “Well, I’m sorry for the trouble.”


Everyone dispersed. The little girl was still frightened as she looked at the door’s direction. It seemed that she was afraid that something horrible would rush in.

I sat on the chair, handed her a banana, and gently said: “Little sister, you can call me Bruce Lee or Zhang Xiaolong. What’s your name?”

She was attracted by my words: “How can a person have two surnames? My name is Wang Shan, my nickname is Qianqian.”

“This… is a long story. My given name was Li Xiaolong (Bruce Lee), but the family register recorded it wrong and making it into Zhang Xiaolong.” I felt slightly helpless as I replied.

“Then, I can help you to change it, because my father is working at the family registration section.”

I smiled and quickly changed the topic: “Qianqian, I believe that you don’t have schizophrenia.”


“Because I can see things other people can’t see. Now, tell me, the grandma you saw, what did she look like? And when did you see this fearful grandma?”

Wang Shan seemed to recollect her memories: “It was two weeks ago… I and several schoolmates were playing the Pen Fairy game, and we were finally successful! Then we started to ask various questions, but the Pen Fairy game has many taboo questions. One of them is that you cannot ask how the Pen fairy dies. However, I was very curious that day, and asked that question. Who would have thought that the pencil would immediately break on the spot!”

Pen Fairy game? I heard about this stuff when I was still in school, but I never played it.

Wang Shan continued to recall: “From that day on, I could always see this dreadful grandma, her face is very ferocious. Each time she appears, she says: “Do you really want to know how I died? Then why don’t you taste it yourself? [crying], it’s really scary, but Mom doesn’t believe the words I say to her. Even the doctor said that I have a mental illness, [crying]…”

Now I really believed that Wang Shan really bumped into a ghost, it was not an illusion. I comforted her and said: “Qianqian, don’t be afraid. I can help you talk to that grandma, and I will tell her to stop pestering you. Okay?”

~~~~~~~~~~End of Ch.29~~~~~~~~~~

Notes: About Pen Fairy game, just google chinese pen fairy game…

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