LDP – Ch 28

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TLDP: Ch.28. Murong Daiyu’s Life Story

“Are you a former acquaintance?” Long Chen was surprised, asking.

Murong Daiyu nodded: “I am Xing Capital’s Vice Minister, Murong Tiancheng’s eldest daughter, Murong Daiyu. Murong Daiyu has seen Uncle Long when I was small. You visited my house frequently back then.”

“You’re really my good younger brother Murong Tiancheng’s eldest daughter, Daiyu? Good! Good! Good! A young woman is indeed very different from the little girl she once was! I couldn’t even recognize you.” Long Chen laughed heartily. “How was your family after you died?”

Murong Daiyu sighed as she replied in a soft voice: “Uncle Long was punished because of a false charge and died. The emperor was then deceived by some sinister people who then issued a decree for the imperial historian to erase all records related to Uncle Long. My father was really unable to remain silent and watch, as he then politely advised the emperor about this matter. However, he was also framed by those people of which, brought calamity to my family. My household was all then executed, even the dogs and chickens were not spared… I became a ghost afterward, an evil spirit to be exactly. It was a very long story, but it is all in the past now. Uncle Long, how about you? Why was your soul trapped in the mirror?”

Long Chen bitterly smiled: “I never thought that your family was implicated… I had calculated and planned everything in the past. However, I never expected that my wife would be my weak point. She also had her own difficulties. I did not blame her for this. Moreover, she had committed suicide a step ahead, as I then sealed her soul in the upper tomb’s chamber. But I, I wanted to become immortal, as I then made an invulnerable body vessel and then planned to attach my soul to it and become immortal. However, I never thought that the zombie had formed its own intelligence as it prevented my soul from entering the body and sealed me in the bronze mirror instead. So it is not surprising if that zombie has a part of my memories. Oh right, Daiyu, how were you able to come in? I thought I had placed a restriction formation array above, so any spirits or ghosts would not be able to enter. Even if your magical power is high, you would not be able to break through the formation? And, who are they? What about my wife’s soul?”

The lady ghost turned her sight to me as she asked with a displeased tone: “Have you encountered a beautiful ghost above?”

I nodded.

“Did you fight with her?”

I nodded.

“With the Shadowbane sword?”

I nodded again.

“I really must beat you to death today!”

“No, don’t hit me! Miss, I, although had won. I haven’t exorcised the General’s wife. I knew that trespassing and robbing the tomb is wrong. So I only sealed her in this makeup case and was planning to release her once I got out from this tomb.” After I finished speaking, I removed the Sun Charm and opened the makeup case. The woman ghost floated and looked around as it hurriedly kneeled before Long Chen, crying. “Forgive me, my lord.”

“Madame, please get up, a millennium has passed by. I have let go of the past, don’t mention it anymore.”

Murong Daiyu sent a glance to my eyes and said: “I guess you still have a little conscience.”

Long Chen asked: “Daiyu, this young man is?”

“Uncle Long he is the legitimate successor of the orthodox Daoist School, and I owe his master. But he had passed away two hours after taking him as a disciple. Therefore, I replaced his master to teach him some basic Daoist arts.” Murong Daiyu introduced me.

“Oh? If it’s the case, then you are his half master? As far as I look, his facial shape physiognomy, this young fellow is unusual. His heart is honest and honorable. It’s good, good…. Since fate has brought you here, I’ll give this fellow a piece of treasure!” Long Chen was looking at me as he continued speaking: “Young man, I was also a Daoist Guru before my death, and today I’ll give you this treasure. From hereon be sure to act prudently and don’t go astray!”

“Thank you.” I shortly replied as I feared that the conversation’s clues could be heard by Chen Haotian and the others. After all, they could not see Long Chen. And since Xia Chaoran had fainted, only I and these ghosts knew about the subjects of our dialogue.

“Oh.” Long Chen nodded as he said: “It seems that your situation is inconvenient for you to take this treasure personally, so I’ll let Daiyu bring it to you.”

Long Chen sighed again, turned over and spoke to Murong Daiyu: “Daiyu, my body is devoid of any magical power, so I need your assistance to manage this tomb first. I initially wanted to prevent any tomb raiders from coming here. I never thought that… shortly, if the corpse insects crawl out, they would kill so many people. As for my corpse, it had turned into the Purple Haired Zombie. If it finally evolves into a Crimson Red Haired Zombie it would create a calamity, so you must help me eliminate it. These pieces of jewelry are only worldly things, and it was meant for any predestined person. The treasure for this young man is hidden within the jade’s coffin pillow. I’ll lead my wife to return to our former residence first, and I then will look for you. Just tell me your address.”

Murong Daiyu gave my family’s present address. Long Chen received it and then led his wife’s soul and flew through the wall and left.

Murong Daiyu turned her sight at me and spoke: “Uncle Long unexpectedly bestowed upon you his precious treasure, this is really too cheap for you!”

I gave her a big smile: “Miss, now, what do I have to do? There are many corpse insects outside. It is said that if we get bitten, our whole body would be festered and then we would die.”

“Corpse insect is not worth to mention about as I can frighten them easily. But the real problem is that Purple Haired Zombie. If I were in my peak condition, I could beat it. However, my injury has not yet recovered. Besides, this zombie also has a part of Uncle Long’s memory, and it’s was certain that I wouldn’t be able to cope with it. I may need your help for this matter.”

My tender body shook and trembled, my heart shivered, this was bad! This damn Miss wanted me to court my own death! I can do nothing to a Green Haired Zombie, much less this Purple one?

However, coping with this living corpse, I ought to drag this Chen Haotian together with me. He can shoot that Purple Zombie with his sniper rifle. I supposed he also wouldn’t want to stay still, else it would devastate us here. I nodded at Miss Daiyu: “All right, I and elder brother Chen will go to help you out. Brother Chen is an expert martial artist and is skilled in using a sniper rifle. We will definitely be able!”

Miss Daiyu floated out and back after a while as she said: “It’s OK, all the corpse insects have retreated. You may now open the stone door!”

I carefully opened the stone door, and the corpse insects truly did disappear! The three armored zombies were lying down in the passageway as the other one was down in the corridor. It seemed that this was the lady ghost’s work. I gave an eye signal to Chen Haotian as he quickly opened the treasure chamber where Chen Haozhe had been hiding. He arranged for Miss Jiang and the others to go to a chamber and gave a short explanation about the present situation. He also informed them that we must kill the Purple Haired Zombie right now.

Miss Jiang said: “Brother Chen, be careful.”

Chen Haotian gave a smile and then followed me.

I clamped my Daoist charms and held the Shadowbane sword. Miss Daiyu was floating in front of me and Chen Haotian lifted his sniper rifle as he walked behind my back. Under the light of the flashlight, we found the Purple Haired Zombie in the huge coffin chamber quickly. Chen Haotian aimed his rifle and shot at it lightning fast! The bullet’s force threw the Purple Zombie down on spot. Chen Haotian’s marksmanship was very accurate as this shot certainly hit the zombie’s brain! Could this be so easy? This was a Purple Haired Zombie from myth!

While I was dazed, the Purple Haired Zombie unexpectedly jumped and stood up! What the hell! This was too unreasonable! Its brain must have exploded already, how could it still stand?

This Purple Haired Zombie didn’t give us the time to think as it jumped and immediately arrived in front of us. Its arms quickly swept my head horizontally! It was very fast! If I were to be hit by its arms, I would be dead in an instant! I swiftly squatted as I parried, but still, its hand closely scratched my scalp.

My heart violently jumped, I shivered. Miss Daiyu kicked away this Purple Haired Zombie at that moment. Chen Haotian had also pulled out his long sword and attacked the zombie with his martial art skills. I asked Miss Daiyu: “How should we cope with this Purple Zombie?”

She replied: “Daoist Charms has no effect on this Purple Haired Zombie, it also doesn’t fear sunlight. The only way to kill it was to burn it down. However, the cloudy gas in its body is too dense, a small flame won’t deal it too much damage. If we were only able to get it under the hot sun or spray gasoline on it!”

I activated my Shadowbane Sword and joined the fray. But, this damned Purple Haired Zombie was really formidable, even if it was jointly attacked by the three of us it still didn’t drop to the wind. Moreover, since I didn’t know any martial arts, my Shadowbane sword almost slashed Miss Daiyu several times! This way, wasn’t my presence only a hindrance, than of any help? If I had some gasoline then it would be great… or was able to drag this Purple Haired Zombie out! But, can this little-damned thing be burnt down?

Suddenly a great idea flashed in my mind. I hurriedly shouted to Chen Haotian: “Brother Chen, destroy its joint with your gun! If the joint is destroyed, it would absolutely be unable to move! We can tie it up and tow it outside to be burned!”

“Great idea!” Chen Haotian nodded, as he swiftly pulled out his pistol and aimed to shot at the Purple Haired Zombie’s knee joint. But, the bullet was ricocheted off! Chen Haotian shouted: “It seems that I must use my sniper rifle, Xiaolong you cover for me, I’ll prepare the rifle!”

Chen Haotian quickly withdrew from the fray. I felt the pressure suddenly increase as I was then surrounded by peril! I slashed my Shadowbane sword at its body, only to see a white smoke burst out from it.

Suddenly, when Miss Daiyu attacked this Purple Haired Zombie, it quickly turned toward me and waved its arms! I was hit! My chest felt like it was powerfully hit by an iron hammer! I could only hear the cracking sounds of my chest bones breaking as my body flew upside down!

“Cough… cough…” My vision instantly blackened. An indescribable pain came from my chest like it was piercing my heart as I lied down, afraid to move my upper body.

Miss Daiyu’s kind voice kept summoning me: “Xiaolong, Xiaolong!”

I heard a loud gunshot, the Purple Haired Zombie’s knee was shot. The bullet’s mighty force instantly broke its calf and thigh. I then lost my consciousness and passed out thoroughly.


I woke up, awakened by the pain. The sun was very dazzling as I slightly closed my eyelids. My chest felt very painful and made me want to die. I laid motionlessly as I did not dare to move my upper body. I looked at the surroundings. I was lying on the ground, surrounded by trees and stones as Xiaohui was sitting beside me.

Seeing that I had woken up, Xiaohui’s complexion turned joyful: “Xiaolong, how do you feel now?”

“My chest hurts so much, how long have I fainted?”

“It’s not that long, about 6-7 hours. We successfully got out. That Purple Haired Zombie has been burnt down. Chen second young master didn’t find the thing he wanted and make a phone call just now, we are waiting for a rescue team. I heard from the others that there will be a helicopter to come pick us up.”

“Xiaolong, you have awakened?” Chen Haotian walked toward me: “Zhang Zixuan has looked at your injury. He said that the second and third ribs under your left shoulder are broken. It is very fortunate that your internal organs are not injured. When the rescue team arrives, we’ll send you straight to the hospital so you can recuperate well. Oh, that ghost you had summoned was truly powerful. We were working together to break that Purple Haired Zombie’s four limbs, as we then towed it out and already burned it a moment ago.”

“Oh, is everybody alright?” I asked with a weak voice.

“They are all OK, but your injury is quite severe. Oh, that’s right, Haozhe hasn’t found the thing he wants. That six treasure chests only contain ordinary jewelry. We are able to escape from there because we are lucky to have you Xiaolong. The feeling to see the sun again is really great.”

“That’s really kind of you Brother Chen. But, can I ask for your help?”

“Say it.”

“Zhou Huiqing and Xia Chaoran relations should have been broken up. And Xia Chaoran is very cruel and vicious. However, I’m very worried that he will get revenge after we get back. Brother Chen, Zhou Huiqing is my good friend. Could you help me in this matter?”

~~~~~~~~~~End of ch.28~~~~~~~~~~

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