LDP – Ch 27

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TLDP: CH27. Murong Daiyu Arrives

I took my cell phone and looked at the time and found that now was not the best time to draw the charm. I then calmly sat on the ground and waited.

The cell phone wallpaper was Xu Xiaoling’s picture. Looking at her now somehow made me comfortable. This girl was mature, the unfortunate thing was that she was 6 years older than me. Otherwise, she would be the best candidate for a girlfriend. It seemed that she also had a big background, however, she was modest. Even when she visited my family, she didn’t act like some snotty rich young lady. Instead, she went to the kitchen and helped Mom with the chores. Moreover, she really cared about me…

Xiaohui came over and raised her head, looking. She saw the wallpaper on my phone’s screen as she asked: “Is this your girlfriend?”

“Yes, isn’t she beautiful?” I asked back, contrary to my inner thought.

“Congratulation Xiaolong. Thank you for taking care of me these days.”

“Don’t be so polite, we’re good friends anyways!”

We were back into silence again.

After a long while, Miss Jiang suddenly asked: “Big brother Chen, I like you. Earlier I heard that Big brother Chen was inferior to the second young master. Therefore, you didn’t get proper attention to rise. However, after having seen you, I found that you were just reluctant to show off. In that bat cave, you have rescued me, and it made me love you. I know that I don’t deserve you. Although I come from the Jiang Family, however, I’m not a direct descendant. However, since we are near our deathbed, if I don’t tell you these words, I will have no other opportunity to say them.”

Chen Haotian replied in a deep and low voice: “Miss Jiang’s words were too heavy, nothing is undeserved and unmatched, and actually I also like Miss Jiang’s personality.”

Hearing these two people’s dialog, I suddenly thought of improving my relationships with him. If I had a good relationship with him, then Xia Chaoran would absolutely not dare to do anything to me and Zhou Huiqing after we went out. The thought made me say: “Since you two have mutual affections for each other, wouldn’t it be better for both of you to hold a wedding ceremony right before our final day? It would be very regretful if you two died before you were married, wouldn’t it? How about it? Big brother Chen? Sister-in-law Chen?

Hearing her new form of address, Miss Jiang was shy and covered her face with her arms.

“Big brother Chen… Oh, you must take initiative.”


As a result, I became the host. They happily held a simple wedding, and I was responsible as the person who presided the wedding ceremony as well as the witness and master of ceremony. As for the ceremony, I asked them some questions I had seen on TV: “Chen Haotian, Do you to take Miss Jiang Ruoxue as your wife? To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish and to be faithful till death do you apart?”

Chen Haotian: “I do…”

“Well, then here I pronounce you husband and wife! Guests, please give our couple a nice round of applause!”

Clap clap… several pitiful applause sounded.

I raised both of my hands: “Today, our guest’s spirit are very high. Brother Chen, congratulations. Do you have any words you want to say to the bride?”

Chen Haotian passionately looked at Miss Jiang as he apologized: “I owe you an official wedding ceremony. If there’s an afterlife, I hope I can properly marry you and take you home.”

“Brother Chen, even if it’s only a day of being a husband and wife with you, I’m more than happy.” Miss Jiang walked arm in arm and spoke gently to Chen Haotian.

Chen Haotian looked at me: “Brother Xiaolong, if I heard right, your teacher seemed to have some influence in the Netherworld, after we are reincarnated, can we still be husband and wife again?”

I smiled mysteriously: “Wouldn’t it be better to be a husband and wife in this life? Brother Chen, perhaps I have a way to get out from here.”

“Do you really have the means to escape this place? What condition do you want? As long as it is in my capabilities, I will absolutely provide it!” Chen Haotian’s complexion turned bright, excited.

“Brother Chen’s words make me seem like I am a stranger. After being together with you and having fought side by side, I really admire and respect Brother Chen’s manner, conducts, and abilities. Moreover, Miss Jiang is also a highly cultured and capable woman. Both of you are exceptional. It’s an honor that I can witness the two of you getting married. I don’t have any intention to gain self-interest on this.”

Both Chen Haotian and Miss Jian were not fools, they definitely knew that I just wanted to have a good relationship with them. Chen Haotian nodded: “Well, in any case, Xiaolong, I have recognized you as my brother. If you have any trouble later, you can use my Chen Haotian’s name. This is my personal number and this number will never change. You can call me anytime.”

I was very excited as I said: “Later on, I’m your younger brother. Although big brother Chen has spoken like that, this younger brother never dares to mention it. However, I suddenly think that perhaps I still have the means to help us get out of here.”

Xia Chaoran seemed to pay attention and was secretly listening.

“Xiaolong, do you really have a way? Do you mind to tell me?” Chen Haotian asked.

“This is originally a Daoist secret, however since Brother Chen has accepted me as a brother, it could be said that you are a family. It’s that I’m preparing to summon a high-level ghost with my Daoist charm. This ghost perhaps can help us leave here.”

“Ghost? Is it powerful?” Chen Haotian asked.

“Relax, it’s absolutely reliable. This ghost could be considered as my half master. Moreover, she is kindhearted. Well, I need to start drawing this Daoist charm as the suitable time to draw the charm only appears three times in one day. I hope I can successfully draw the charm as soon as possible.” After I finished speaking, I picked up my backpack and took out my tools. Chicken blood, Chinese ink, and cinnabar as I mixed all three liquids in fixed proportion. I took a deep breath before putting the yellow paper on the ground as I took a pen brush and started to paint.

Failure, failure, failure…

Fortunately, I was really interested in drawing this charm as I had made a note of the particular Chinese character strokes and the steps to properly paint this charm a long time before.

When I was drawing the character for the ninth time, it was unexpectedly successful! I never thought that it would be so quick! This was unbelievable! I’m the inborn Red Arrow mark!

But, no matter what, the successfully drawn Daoist charm was right before me.

I didn’t delay for more as my left hand formed a fist on the chest and right hand horizontally formed a sword. I picked the newly drawn Daoist charm, placed it on my left arm, closed my eyes, and shook my head as I stomped my right foot. I shouted gently: “Murong Daiyu… Murong Daiyu… Murong Daiyu…”

20 minutes passed by…

Murong… … Daiyu… Mu… …” I weakly stomped my foot while lightly shouted. Suddenly, I lost control of my body. However, I was still conscious. Several seconds passed by. This state was just alleviated a bit as the Lady ghost appeared before me.

I almost cried in joy when I saw this Lady ghost again: “Miss, you finally come, if you didn’t come I would have been dead!”

“Where is this? How come you are here?” Murong Daiyu asked gently.

“It’s a long story Miss, my heart has really suffered since you left, my heart was like a scattered white Vernicia fluttered by the wind…”[1]

Just when I was about to sing another few words, Chen Haotian interrupted me as he probed: “Brother Xiaolong, have the reinforcements arrived? How come I can’t see it?”

“Oh, Brother Chen, you cannot see her, but Xia Chaoran should be able to see.”

Xia Chaoran was of course already looking straight at Miss Daiyu since this woman was indeed a true kind of classical beauty, and her appearance would mesmerize anyone who saw her. But Xia Chaoran, this son of bitch…! I said to the Murong Daiyu: “Miss, do you remember this evil swine? Scare him, OK?”

Miss Daiyu turned over and straightly faced Xia Chaoran as she instantly turned into that dreadful appearance and floated toward him. Xia Chaoran screamed in fear as his body retreated backward repeatedly. A burst of water sounded. That swine unexpectedly was so scared that he wet his pants!

The lady ghost gently spat as she floated back and asked: “What place is this?”

I told the whole story to Miss Daiyu and explain it from the beginning. But when I mentioned about raiding the tomb here, Miss Daiyu’s palm quickly hit me! She was really angry as she shouted: “You’re the legitimate successor of a grand orthodox Daoist School! How come you lower yourself and got involved in a grave robbery business?”

I evaded her attack and pitifully replied: “Lady, please don’t beat me first. It’s really not my intention.”

“Well, then continue your story, is this tomb really Liu Bowen’s?”

“It’s not. It probably belongs to a General called Long Chen. Oh, right, you also came from the Song Dynasty. He has a portrait from the first year of Tian Xi…!” I didn’t even finish speaking, yet Miss Daiyu’s palm clapped my chest as she looked dreadfully angry: “You dare to rob General Long’s tomb? Today I must beat you to death, by means of school customs!”

Holy shit! I’m dead! I just bumped into the gun’s muzzle! It seemed that Miss Daiyu really knew about this Long Chen!

Miss Daiyu clapped my chest and sent me flying backward and upside down. I hit the wall and felt that my internal organs were all tumbling! Miss Daiyu was truly angry as her beating was unexpectedly heavy! She quickly grabbed my collar and threw me to the other side of the wall.

Xia Chaoran secretly looked happy as he mused: “It’s your uncle’s retribution! This is the retribution!” He thought while the corner of his mouth smiled. Miss Daiyu unexpectedly saw Xia Chaoran’s mocking expression as her hand flew high and hit Xia Chaoran’s head. He quickly fainted with his head askew.

Chen Haotian and others were totally at a loss and were helpless as they could only think: didn’t Xiaolong summon reinforcement? How come he’s getting beaten up?

I begged for mercy hurriedly: “Miss, don’t hit me! I have been wrong! I’m still young, master had passed away and haven’t taught me anything. I am the only successor of Niu’s school! If you beat me to death then it will be a huge lost! I guarantee that later I will not do this again!”

Miss Daiyu seemed to have eased a bit as she said: “My strength has not recovered yet, I don’t know if I can get you out of here. OK, I’ll go out first and we’ll see later.”

She quickly floated through the stone door and went out.

I clutched my chest, and coughed several times before I said: “Brother Chen, we can be saved.”

Chen Haotian quickly supported me: “Brother Xiaolong, what happened to you just now?”

“Family matters, family matters.” I coughed and replied.

Although Murong Daiyu heavily hit me, I know that she expected so much from me, so I cannot bear any resentment toward her. After all, I am the successor of an orthodox Daoist School. I really should not have involved myself in this grave robbery matter.

However, her beatings were really heavy. My lungs hurt painfully as I could feel it when I breathed.

I took out my remaining cattle tears and wiped my eyes as a little while from now, I would possibly have to face a fierce battle.

10 minutes had passed when Murong Daiyu came floating in with a male ghost. The male ghost was really Long Chen! I almost shouted loudly and screamed.

I saw Long Chen thank Miss Daiyu: “Thank you very much for Miss’ rescue. Perhaps if the young miss didn’t come, I would be forever trapped in that mirror.”

Murong Daiyu’s complexion looked gentle as she asked softly: “Uncle Long, you don’t remember me?”

~~~~~~~~~~End of Ch.27~~~~~~~~~~

[1] 油桐 [Yóu tong]: Chinese Tung Oil tree, Vernicia Fordii

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