LDP – Ch 26

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TLDP: C26. The Truth Revealed

The corpse insects quickly drowned the two bodyguards nearby. The four zombies also jumped. Chen Haotian’s reaction was fortunately lightning fast as he quickly overturned one of the zombies like a monkey. However, it was a pity that his sniper rifle needed to be reloaded, as the bodyguard’s small gun would not have any effect against the iron armored zombies as the bullets only ricocheted off after hitting it.

Two bodyguards died in a second after being pierced by the armored zombies! One was pierced by an arm from the back as the other was swept by the neck. The instant the neck bone was broken, the armored zombie unexpectedly jumped toward Chen Haozhe! However his next move made everyone absolutely shocked! He jumped backward and grabbed Shasa to his side as he pushed her toward the armored zombie, turned around toward the corridor and ran!

The armored zombie didn’t even care about whether the human before it was a man or woman as both its hands were moving fast and pierced through Shasha’s body. Blood flowed from her mouth as her body was trembling. Her expression was too pitiful as the looks of disbelief and bitterness was clearly drawn on her face.

While at this time, I could see a figure rise up from the exquisite jade coffin. The figure sat up. His upper body was crimson red as purple hair covered all his body and face!

A Purple Haired Zombie!!!

This purple haired zombie was placed 50th in the ‘Niu School’s Past Record on Demon Subjugation’ ranking list! And damn… I forgot its specific traits! This damned thing was absolutely not fun to play with! We hurriedly turned back into the corridor and crazily ran! Only to see that the chap Chen Haozhe who had ran away earlier, had ran back in our direction. It seemed that our way back had been shut!

As expected, Chen Haozhe was actually being chased by a large amount of corpse insects! He then rushed toward the treasure chambers and opened the chamber on the right as he hid along with Zhang Zixuan and his girl companion who also rushed and followed him to the right chamber as he then closed the stone door.

Xia Chaoran also ran to hide in the chamber on the left and quickly tried to close the stone door as Miss Jiang followed closely behind him.

Miss Jiang shouted in dismay: “Xia Chaoran, what do you want to do? There are still others outside!” She then shouted to us: “Hurry, come in here quickly!”

I really didn’t know where the hell these corpse insects were coming from! There was not single one of them when we were rushing out from the sarcophagus’ coffin chamber! There were a large amount of corpse insects behind and three armored zombies who were pursuing and attacking us! Except for Xiaohui, Chen Haotian, and myself, there was only one bodyguard left! The others had been drowned and eaten by the corpse insects or pierced to death by one of the armored zombies! This… this was really the taste of being flanked and surrounded… damn, it was too much…!!!

Fortunately we had already fled and entered the left treasure chamber! When we quickly closed the stone door, dozens of corpse insects drilled in and were quickly trampled to death by us! Zhang Zixuan said that these damned toys had deadly poison, and that was not a joke.

We had no time to feel relaxed although we had already hid in the treasure chamber, as we carefully inspected every inch of the chamber. It looked like this chamber was tightly closed, because if those corpse insects could crawl into this chamber, then we would all be dead for sure! After careful inspection, we finally found that this treasure chamber was really leak-proof. We slightly felt relaxed. However, everyone was clear that this time, we were really in dire straits. The instant we opened this stone door, the corpse insects and those four armored zombies would rush in. And if we couldn’t go out, we would just starve to death or get suffocated and die here!

The people inside this treasure chamber were Chen Haotian, Miss Jiang, Xia Chaoran, Zhou Huiqing, a bodyguard, and myself.

In the opposite chamber were Chen Haozhe, Zhang Zixuan, and his girl.

Chen Haotian pushed some buttons on his watch and said: “It’s bad, the distress signal was blocked!”

“What’s up?” I was sitting in the other corner as I asked.

“My watch has a GPS feature and is connected to a private satellite. But the signal was blocked as I cannot send the distress signal”

“Did you just say that we are really trapped here?” Miss Jiang looked very depressed as she asked.

Chen Haotian breathed deeply before he replied: “Yes, I’m afraid so…”

I just sat silently in the corner, thinking to myself that I really could not escape this time. I had an inborn Red Arrow mark in the first place. The old swindler did truly not lie about this. In this case I didn’t need to wait for any God to take me to the Netherworld. After all I can finally argue with him that his theory about the Red Arrow was wrong.

A day passed as everyone was in silence.

Food and water had all been gathered in one spot. Because Chen Haotian carried a sniper rifle and a long sword, he didn’t have a backpack. Zhou Huiqing and Miss Jiang both, because they were a girls, also didn’t carry a backpack. As for the self-proclaimed young master Xia Chaoran… he certainly refused to carry a backpack. The only thing everyone had was a canteen.

The only ones who carried a backpack was only the bodyguard and myself. However, mine was filled mostly with clothes and my Daoist equipments. I carried a small amount of dried meat, several biscuit packages, and a water flask. Luckily that bodyguard carried a lot of food as he brought 2.5kg of dried beef, several biscuit packages, and a big bottle of water.

After half a day, the bodyguard seemed to have a fever. And only then did everyone start to remember that he had originally been bitten by bats! The symptom should start to manifest at this time and it made no one dare to drink water from his bottle. I took care of him occasionally and asked about how he felt as he continuously replied: “Don’t die!”.

Another day passed. This bodyguard suddenly jumped as his breathing was very loud and heavy. He seemed to have no control over his body as he unceasingly jigged up and down on the spot.
Chen Haotian took out his gun when he was saw his condition and directly shot his head as he solemnly said: “It’s best to send him earlier this way than to see him being tortured with agony.”

Zhou Huiqing grabbed Xia Chaoran’s arm as she started weeping in fear: “[crying], Chaoran, what should we do?”

Xia Chaoran swung his arm: “Go away! Don’t you dare touching me! Do not infect me with your rabies!”

I was unable to continue watching as I rushed toward him and powerfully swung my hand to slap him. He was instantly knocked down to the ground as I then grabbed his shirt and ruthlessly punched him. I also fiercely kicked Xia Chaoran’s foot as Zhou Huiqing abruptly blocked me and cried: “Xiaolong, don’t fight.”

“You’re still protecting him?!” I loudly shouted in anger.

Zhou Huiqing suddenly could not speak, and asked Xia Chaoran after a while: “What did you say just now… Rabies? What do you mean?”

Xia Chaoran didn’t reply but slowly wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth as he sneered at me: “Since you like Zhou Huiqing that much, why didn’t you give her your Detoxification Pill?”

“I had given her one!” I coldly replied and said: “Otherwise the symptom would have been manifested on her by now.”

“What are you saying? What’s this Detoxification Pill?”

Miss Jiang interrupted as she answered: “Let me answer that. After we were attacked by bats, Zhang Zixuan examined the wound as a rabies virus, and if someone who contracted with this virus did not receive an antidote. Then he would then died within one week. However Zhang Zixuan brought some Detoxification Pills which could alleviate this poison, but because it was too little in amount, we had to give up on certain people. Therefore it was decided that you, Shasha, and all bodyguards would be abandoned. Your boyfriend also joyfully agreed to abandon you. However Zhang Xiaolong had given you his pill, otherwise you would’ve been dead just like that bodyguard.”

Zhou Huiqing’s complexion blackened and turned complicated as she walked to another corner, crying.

I fiercely kicked Xia Chaoran again and again: “Since you bastard cannot get out from this place, then I will just kill you! A year before you paid some people to hit me with a car, if I didn’t push Xiaohui to the side she would have been injured as well! And now you still have the face to woo her too?”

“Hu, nonsense! I never paid anyone to hit you! Xia Chaoran covered his head with his hand as he shouted back at the same time.

Zhou Huiqing quickly lifted her head as she asked: “What did you just say Xiaolong?”

I quickly shouted as I snorted at Xia Chaoran: “Anyways, we can’t get out from here! We only have enough water for only one more day, and then everyone will die. However before we’re at death’s bed, I will tell you the truth! Xiaohui, the traffic accident a year ago was his doing. He paid people to maim and hit me and made me almost disabled!”

“You speak nonsense! You don’t even have any evidence that it was my doing!” Xia Chaoran rebutted.

“Evidence? Sooner or later we will die here anyways. I thought you might have the courage as man. To be able to do something and have the courage to accept the consequences!”

Xia Chaoran’s complexion turned white and black as he finally blurt out: “Yes! I sent someone to hit you! I really was regretting the fact that I did not directly hit you to death! And you moved afterwards! I kindly let your family leave! We would die sooner or later anyways. What, do you want to kill me now?”

One of the shames I got in the past was now paid in full. I sneered at him: “Don’t be such an idiot, how can I can kill you? Otherwise when I arrive to the Netherworld, my master would have me killed for it.” I slowly walked toward Xiaohui as I patted her shoulder and comforted her.

I sighed as I explained to her: “If I told you before, he would not let you and I off. Our families would have been inflicted by his ‘accidental death’. Anyways, before I was leaving, I also had a woman ghost tell you before, that Xia Chaoran was not as good as he looked from the outside. Didn’t she come to tell you?”

Xiaohui looked like she was remembering something: “Yes, there was a very beautiful woman who told me when I was going home from school: ‘Someone left a message for you, Xia Chaoran is not a good person and is not to be trusted, do not be near him.’ After she finished talking that woman left very quickly, and even when I called her, she didn’t stop. I thought that someone was joking with me at that time.”

Alas, it seemed that I really was destined to go to the underworld earlier… ghost woman… Murong Daiyu… Right! Miss Daiyu! If Miss Daiyu could come and help! I can go out!

I suddenly remembered about my Summoning Charm in my ‘Daoist Incantations Compilation Book’! This charm’s effect was to summon a ghost and attached it to one’s own body.

And according to my ‘Niu’s School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation’; in ancient times, somebody was even summoned by the Niu School’s ancestor with this charm.

However the so-called summoning of the Niu School’s ancestor could in fact be done since the ancestor didn’t go to the Netherworld as he chose to stay behind and continued cultivate as a ghost. In this kind of situation, the next descendants could summon the ancestor and attach him their body under critical situations to borrow the ancestor’s power to help face their ordeals.

The right hand must form a sword shape and clip the Summoning Charm as one must simultaneously shake one’s head as the feet must trample the ground. While, the mouth must call out the ancestor’s name. I, of course would call Murong Daiyu. If this method would works out, then Miss Daiyu will be summoned by me, those armored zombies outside absolutely wouldn’t be able to see her! Damn! I really was too damn smart and talented!!!

If my mouth was not placed on my face, I would have kissed myself just then…

Fortunately I had brought yellow paper, cinnabar, chicken blood, prepared Chinese ink, and a pen brush before coming here. I never thought it could be used to save our lives! I carefully cut the yellow paper and turned it into 100 pieces. I had never drawn this Summoning Charm before, and hopefully I could successfully draw this charm before we ran out of time. Otherwise, I would die from being drowned in my own piss!

~~~~~~~~~~end of Ch.26~~~~~~~~~~

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