LDP – Ch 21

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TLDP: Ch21. The Woman Ghost is Martial Arts Expert, Whose Fault that I’m Unable to Stop Her

Chen Haozhe pointed at two other bodyguards and commanded: “You two! Crawl and scout ahead!”

I really wondered why these bodyguards were so obedient as they immediately complied after receiving their instructions. The two of them carefully crawled beside the corpse and reported after a while: “It’s safe!”

Chen Haozhe waved his hand and said: “ Okay, everyone go in!”

Shasha’s complexion turned pale as she said: “Second, second young master, I cannot help. I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go in, I’ll just go above and wait for you.”

Chen Haozhe only smiled and gently said: “How can that be good? There are many wild animals above, if you stay behind, I will be very worried.”

I also wanted to propose and suggest to let Zhou Huiqing stay behind. However after listening to Chen Haozhe’s words, he was not willing to leave any bodyguards behind to protect anyone. In fact, he just didn’t want anybody to stay above because there were legendary treasures here and he feared that it could be obtained by others.

I could only sigh secretly as I crawled near the corpse. After all, I was invited with an extravagant payment for the mission, so I could not always hide in the back.

The next tomb’s chamber was almost as large as the previous one, there was a small stone table in the middle of the chamber with a porcelain tea set on it. There were three portraits hung on the wall. It was the same man who was portrayed in his middle aged life apparently. He wore a set of armor and had a strong sense of vicissitude in his eyes. Whereas in the lower corner of the paintings, there was a line of small characters: “The first year of Tian Xi Yuan, General Long Chen in the Northwest Border Pass.”

Long Chen? The name of this man was Long Chen? What was this first year of Tian Xi Yuan?

The others were also crawling in one after another. Miss Jiang and the others complexion were deathly pale as everyone had been stained by blood as if they were in the middle of the battlefield. The highly skilled doctor Zhang Zixuan looked at the portrait and said: “The first year of Tian Xi Yuan? What year could that be?”

Miss Jiang with a pale face looked at the portrait and replied: “Tian Xi Yuan was the reign title used by Emperor Zhen Zong of the Song Dynasty when he was still on the throne. His reign lasted for five years, the line says the first year, that should be the first year of that reign.

Zhang Zixuan smiled: “Miss Jiang’s knowledge is very deep, my younger sister also loves history just like you, if there is a chance I will introduce her to you.”

Miss Jiang was indeed capable and was highly educated, according to her explanation, these paintings seemed to have originated from the Song Dynasty.

Her age didn’t reflect her profoundness.

I pulled out a Moon Charm from my pocket and condensed Yang fire on my fingertip as I lit the Moon Charm. My action made everyone lock onto me. I quickly extinguished my shoulder’s Yang Fire and entered the ‘Opening Eyes’ state.

Seeing my action, Xia Chaoran cynically spoke: “Extinguishing your own Yang fire? Xiaolong schoolmate, you must be careful, you will fall ill if your Yang fire is reduced.”

I only took a slight glance at Chaoran: “You just be careful of yourself.” And then, before I arrived at one of the door’s mechanism, I shouted to everyone: “Everyone quickly hide, I will open this stone door.”

Chen Haozhe was slightly interested in what I did before as he asked Xia Chaoran: “What was he doing a moment ago?”

Xia Chaoran didn’t dare to delay as he hurriedly replied: “It’s like this, second young master, everyone has three Yang Fires which are respectively located on the two shoulders and on the top of the head. It’s certain that you cannot see it, but since I have Yin Eyes, I could see it. Zhang Xiaolong had extinguished his shoulders’ Yang Fire a moment ago, and that gave him the Yin Eyes ability, temporarily.”

I twisted the golden wheeled disk and the stone door opened upward. A cloudy gas gushed out! Although there were no poisonous arrows, the cloudy gas was actually an ominous sign!

I took a flashlight and directed it toward the dark chamber, and discovered that there was a graceful woman’s figure that was stroking the portrait on the wall gently! Ghost!!! This was definitely a high-leveled ghost!!! This woman’s ghost hair was hanging loose and she was in an ancient Chinese gown. And it seemed that the flashlight made her aware as she suddenly rushed toward me! I retreated hurriedly as I swiftly took a Sun Charm and instantly ignited it to prepare for an unwanted situation!

However the woman ghost unexpectedly stopped before she arrived at the stone door, as if she was blocked by something and was unable to step out from the chamber! This really surprised me! I was very relieved and looked at the woman’s ghost as I asked: “What relation do you have with Long Chen?”

The ghost didn’t answer and floated back to the portrait on the wall instead as she continued to stroke the portrait gently.

Chen Haozhe quickly asked; “What happened?”

“There’s a woman ghost inside and she’s a high-leveled ghost!” I burned the Sun Charm and used it to light the Yang fire on my shoulder and said: “There are many traps mechanism in this ancient tomb, if a tomb raider, grave robber, or an archeological team came, if they are not killed by these traps, they would surely be killed by this ghost.”

Xia Chaoran argued: “How do you know that the woman ghost is a high-leveled ghost?”

Chen Haozhe was also looking at me, waiting for my explanation, so I quickly replied: “It’s simple, the cloudy gas from this tomb’s chamber is very dense, but that woman ghost doesn’t even gave off any aura, it was clear that she could hide her own aura, thus it could be said that her magical skill are very high.”

“Where is this woman ghost now?” asked Zhang Zixuan.

“I am also clueless as that woman ghost seems to be stranded in that tomb chamber and cannot leave.”

Zhang Zixuan quickly said: “I have longed to be able to see ghosts, Xiaolong brother, do you have the means to let me experience it?”

“I do have ways for it, as long as I coat cattle tears on the eyes. However my cattle tears is about to run out.” I pulled out a less than half a vial of cattle tears’ and continued talking: “This was left by my master before he passed away, and I only use it when need be.”

“As such, what if I use this jade pendant to exchange with you, how about it? Let us experience what a ghost looks like and this jade pendant is yours.” Zhang Zixuan took off the jade pendant from his neck.

I quickly shook my head as I replied: “No thanks, since everybody wants to look at it, then I’ll show you. However after this mission ends, I hope you can use your power to let me enter the slaughter house to collect cattle tears.”

Chen Haozhe casually responded: “It’s a trivial matter; you can directly find Chen Jianmin and tell him that you have my permission and he will lead you to collect it.”

I talked no more as I coated everyone’s eyes with the cattle tears; besides the bodyguards. After all I had a limited amount of cattle tears.

Out of curiosity, Miss Jiang and Zhou Huiqing also wanted their eyes to be coated with cattle tears, and as they saw the woman ghost in the front tomb chamber, they loudly shouted in surprise.

Although the woman ghost was unable to leave the tomb chamber, if we wanted to pass, we must subdue this ghost first! I tried to talk with her, but she actually didn’t reply and instead attacked mechanically as if she was a robot guard. After she discovered that she was unable to leave the tomb chamber, she returned to the nearby wall to stroke the portrait.

Those portraits were still Long Chen’s. And aside from the portrait paintings, there was also a stone rack in that chamber, which were filled with books and scrolls.

Coping with this woman ghost should be my responsibility as I could feel that this ghost was immeasurably deep, besides the inside was very dark and the space was very small. I couldn’t lower my vigilance and guard in there, so I decided to take off all the lead bars on my body.

Miss Jiang curiously took a look at the lead bar as she surprisedly asked, “All these days, did you always carry these kinds of things?”

“Yes, these lead bars in total weigh 50 kg and I carry it every day.” I pulled out my Shadowbane sword at the same time as I replied to her question.

“No wonder, I now understand why you wore big and loose sportswear in the summer, it’s actually to cover these lead bars.”

As I took off the lead bars, I felt that my body was much lighter! I suspected that I could even reach the clouds if I jumped.

I gathered the lead bars as I tied them up together and threw it into the woman ghost’s tomb chamber. It was just in case traps were set up like the first chamber’s stone door which made the bodyguards die a tragic death. The 50 kg of lead bars were equal to the weight of a grown woman, and it should be sufficient enough to trigger the mechanism.

The result was that this chamber didn’t have any trap mechanisms! At least the floor in this doorway didn’t have any since the stone door didn’t fall down. However, since that woman ghost was guarding in there, it was deemed as unnecessary as she would kill any intruder.

My left hand clipped a Sun Charm as my right hand held the Shadowbane sword. I quickly directed my Yang qi into the sword hilt and a flame was emitted from the sword’s hilt! I then stepped and jumped into the chamber and rushed straight toward the woman ghost!

When the sword’s edge almost chopped at her, she suddenly bent her waist and evaded the sword’s edge as she simultaneously kick me in the stomach, then swiftly moved to kick my chin.

I was kicked for 7-8 times as my head became dizzy, that instantly reminded me of the seven characters: Chinese Kungfu!!!

I quickly covered my chin as I retreated two steps backward and suppressed the pain forcefully. I then ignited my Sun Charm and threw it at the woman ghost.

The woman ghost calmly dodged and gently moved to the side as she vanished from my vision instantly. Damn!!! Shit!!! This damned woman ghost was a master in martial arts, who can stop her now? However, with these many eyes staring at me, this patriarch could absolutely not retreat! Especially because there was that Xia Chaoran who was waiting to laugh at my demise!

The woman ghost was clearly particular compared to common ghosts. Ordinary ghosts commonly used confusing and hypnotizing methods, seizing the throats and frightening people, but this woman ghost used her kung fu to play with you. Moreover, she attacked relentlessly and very ruthless! My attack was truly not effective as I could only roughly dodge and parry since I really haven’t learned any systematic movements!

While I was in a difficult situation, Chen Haotian suddenly conveyed his instructions: “Bend your waist afterwards and throw the charm.”

Because his direction was too sudden, I had not responded in time and was quickly kicked by the woman ghost on my chin. This really made me cry inside as my head turned dizzy and was confused. Which damn-shitty-fucking God did I annoy before as he made this patriarch to always bump into these violent ghosts all the time anyways?

Then, I started to move according to Chen Haotian’s directions.

“Wave the sword to the left side, turn around and kick, draw back your left leg and use the sword to strike the chest…”

Because Chen Haotian’s instruction was simple, I didn’t quite understand for a while, but throughout the fight, I gradually comprehended what he meant with his instructions. I could finally fight back like I was long accustomed to it [1], from being passively beaten into slowly and gradually fighting back with a slight equal footing with this woman… err… no… this ghost… [2]

If Chen Haotian had learned Daoist arts, I suspected that he would surpass this woman ghost! I actually realized the importance of martial arts, and it would be nice if Chen Haotian could teach me a few kung fu tricks.

“Step to the left, slash with the sword…”

Finally, under the tutelage of a martial arts choreographer and my agileness, the woman ghost was beaten as I then quickly took out my makeup case and sealed the woman ghost inside by pasting the Sun Charm on the case.

Rushing and trespassing into an ancient tomb was originally not the right thing to do, just exterminating this woman ghost was absolutely too much. I decided that after I found the things for this assignment, I would go back to this ancient tomb again and release this woman ghost.

I was really beaten black and blue, though it was fortunate that Murong Daiyu tempered me so inhumanly as it made my bones stronger and therefore I had no fractures from the fight. But still, the physical pain could not be exempted. I just couldn’t help but mutter: “Damn… this woman ghost was a martial arts’ expert, whose fault was it that I was unable to stop her…”

Miss Jiang heard these words as she couldn’t help but loudly laughed: “Hahaha, Daoist priest, it seems that you didn’t practice your martial arts properly, but you are really great at receiving beatings…”

Xiaohui was kind of deeply concerned as she asked whether I was severely hurt or not and I just replied briefly that it was only small wounds, and since Xia Chaoran’s eyes blatantly showed his discontent feelings, I directly ignored Xiaohui’s questions. But when I walked near Chen Haotian I sincerely said: “Thank you.” to him

Chen Haotian only replied briefly and succinctly: “Your reaction speed and physical prowess are good, but you don’t have any systematic movements, you should think about learning kung fu.” Then, he then entered the woman ghost’s chamber.

~~~~~~~~~~end of ch.21~~~~~~~~~~

[1] The author wrote this 如鱼得水; rúyúdéshuǐ, which literally means like a fish back in water (idiom); glad to be back in one’s proper surroundings, I deliberately changed the meaning into the storyline context.
[2] Its intentionally written by the author, just in case you’re suspecting me that I made it up, 人,不,是虐鬼… Rén, bù, shì nüè guǐ , that’s the phrase….

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