LDP – Ch 19

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TLDP: Ch19. A Simple Show Off

I followed him inside, and found out that the tent was very big, there were 2 beds inside, a desk, a large wooden box and an exquisite white pistol with several rounds of bullets on the table

He pointed to the bed on the right side and hinted at me to rest there. I didn’t say a word and quickly put my luggage to the side and laid on the bed.

I pondered about these people’s origin and their purposes in my heart. These group of people were definitely under the Chen brothers. The girl with the long hair was Chen’s Er Shao’s girlfriend so she could be ignored, as for the short haired girl, it seemed that she came from an influential family. Her body language shows that she is on equal footing with these Chen brothers.

Chen Haotian casually mentioned Chen Jianmin as if he was talking about somebody unworthy, and by doing that he made me unable to guess his true identity.

Furthermore, the things on the table seemed like they had been seized from somewhere…

I fell asleep, then suddenly felt someone standing by my bedside. My eyes instantly snapped open and found Chen Haotian, who then praised: “Your vigilance is good, come get up, we’ll be having dinner soon.”

At dinner, there were only two vegetable soup dishes, and only I, Chen Haotian, and Miss Jiang were present. While Chen Er Shao and Shasha did not appear at all.

The next morning, a couple of young men and women arrived at nearly the same time, however it seemed that they didn’t know each other. My vision instantly locked onto one girl among them. Zhou Huiqing, it was Xiaohui! Xia Chaoran was also there, how did they also come here?

Zhou Huiqing seemed very surprised to see me and quickly coming over: “Xiaolong, how are you here?”

“It should be me asking you, why did you come here?”

“I was invited by Chaoran to enjoy the scenery here, so I came to follow him!”


“Oh, Chaoran is now my boyfriend, oh right Xiaolong, I haven’t been in contact with you for a long time, where have you moved to anyway?”

I did not reply to her question as there was pain in my heart. Xiaohui was the girl I liked. I never thought that when we met again, she would have actually become Xia Chaoran’s girlfriend. Besides I was going to pursue her when I succeed in my Daoist studies…

Xia Chaoran suddenly spoke in a contempt and cynical tone: “Huh? Isn’t this Xiaolong, our schoolmate? It was said that you are working as an attendant in a restaurant, it was a good job though, but I’m curious, we don’t need a waiter here, so why are you here?”

The handsome-delicate youth who came at the same time with Xia Chaoran seemed interested as he quickly asked him, “What’s with this waiter matter? Perhaps your family ancestors wanted to have a meal too.”

Xia Chaoran seemed very dissatisfied since someone had interrupted, he frowned and said: “Do you know who I am? You dare to speak to me like that?”

The delicate youth laughed loudly as if he heard the world’s funniest joke as he said: “You are just Chen Er Shao’s lap dog, yet you also want to play power and prestige with me?”, the youth pulled out his gun as if he would immediately shoot him!

Chen Haozhe and Shasha suddenly came out from the tent at the moment, and Chen Haozhe casually spoke: “You two, I asked you to come help, not to fight with each other. However Chaoran, you are at fault here, do you know who he is? He has equal status like me, he’s the direct descendant from the Zhang family, Zhang Zhixuan. The Zhang family is famous as a highly skilled doctor’s family. As long as a person still has one breath left in them, they could bring that person back to life. And this mission must absolutely have brother Zhang. With him, it would be almost impossible for us to die here.”

“Chen Er Shao praises me too highly.” Zhang Zixuan modestly replied.

Chen Er Shao continued speaking: “Zixuan, he is called Xia Chaoran, and he has an inborn with Yin Eyes, it is said the eyes can see all demons and evil spirits. His inborn Yin Eyes will help us a lot in this mission.”

Xia Chaoran was an inborn Yin Eyes?!

The highly skilled doctor youth, Zhang Zixuan quickly greeted Chen Haotian “Brother Chen, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Chen Haotian seemed like he didn’t talk much as he just smiled and nodded to Zhang Zixuan.

Chen Er Shao said: “OK, everyone has been gathered here now. This mission is quite dangerous and I never thought that you would bring your girlfriends to come together, but… it’s unimportant though, since we also brought our strong bodyguards.” He referred to the bodyguards as he continued speaking: “The mission has six main members of which I will introduce to each one of you. First is my eldest brother Chen Haotian who has reached a mastery in our Chen’s family martial arts and also highly skilled in various firearms. It could be said that he is the best person among us. Second, is the highly skilled doctor Zhang Zixuan, Third is Xia Chaoran with his Yin Eyes of whom I had introduced him before. Fourth is Miss Jiang who comes from Jiang Family of the Eight Prominent Clans, it’s needless to speak about the ability of the Jiang Family. Miss Jiang excels in sealing techniques and Daoist magic. The fifth would be me, as the planner of this mission, I know some martial arts so I won’t have a problem in protecting myself. As for this one, he is Zhang Xiaolong, a Daoist priest, and as for his ability, I am also unclear.”

“He is a Daoist priest?” Xia Chaoran said in contempt: “Second young master, have you been deceived by him? I have know all about him, and this boy is only an ordinary person, there is no Daoist priest here!”

“Do you really know him?” Chen Er Shao seemed very interested and asked.

I didn’t wait for Xia Chaoran to speak as I opened my mouth and spoke first: “He really knows me, hahaha…, alright, since Chen Er Shao is also suspecting my ability, I will just showing off my simple ability and let you to look at it.” I stretched my point finger and directed my fire innate force with my ultra kill technique, finger lighter!

My point finger instantly covered by the flame, and my face didn’t show any other expressions. Moreover, I had said that I would just showing off a simple skill, yet they immediately saw me in a whole different light! I could only say that my acting skills are really too amazing!

The person who looked shocked the most was Xiaohui, she just found out that I was a Daoist priest, and it was also her first time to see someone with this kind of extraordinary ability.

The fire on my finger continued to burn about five seconds before it was extinguished since I took back my innate force. Chen Er Shao quickly said: “Great! It seems like our Daoist priest is really good, so the chances of us succeeding this mission is higher! Okay, I will explain our mission now. We must search for a tomb! And if I’m not mistaken the tomb should be the Ming Dynasty’s renowned master Liu Bowen, this tomb is likely to have a cultivation method, and the most important goal is to find this cultivation method left behind by him inside the tomb. However, I invited all of you to come because in Liu Bowen’s tomb, there are certainly all sorts of strange and unusual things… everybody can be at ease, because regardless the things we find in there, whether we succeed or not, I will still give you the reward as I promised. Alright, let’s tidy up and prepare to head out!”

We went back to our respective tents, I saw that Chen Haotian had opened the wooden chest. There were various firearms and bullets inside! He threw an exquisitely designed dagger to me and said: “Take this.” He carried two guns with him, and brought some bullets rounds, inserted two daggers into his leg holster and slung a long sword and sniper rifle on his back.

I imitated Chen Haotian and tied up the dagger onto my leg, and carried my black backpack on my back and followed him out of the tent.

My heart couldn’t help but wonder, was the tomb really so dreadful? I had also once thought that things like this was all bullshit, there were many notes about tomb robberies and such, but those records were mostly fabricated, much less this Chen Er Shao had spoken about some cultivation methods…

After coming out, I saw Xiaohui nearby. I then walked towards her and said: “Xiaohui, you should just go back, there is no scenery here that is worth enjoying.”

Xiaohui didn’t reply and asked me back instead: “Xiaolong, how come you have that kind of mysterious ability? Are you really a Daoist Priest?”

When I was about to answer her question, I suddenly felt that someone was staring at my back and quickly took a glance to find that the person was Xia Chaoran! His eyes had changed and his pupils had turned green! I stepped aside and crossed my arms as I thought more deeply…

There were 32 people in this team, with 23 of them being well-trained bodyguards. Two of them were stationed to guard the goods and materials in the camping area, while the rest of us set out to the remote mountain on foot! Chen Haotian, Chen Haozhe, Zhang Zixuan, Miss Jiang, Xia Chaoran, all of them had their own specialties and could not be underestimated. As for the additional team members, that girl Shasha should be an ordinary person. However the girl with Zhang Zixuan was not only beautiful but she seemed to be an expert martial artist, her step was firm, calm and steady. While Zhou Huiqing… she was just an ordinary little girl…

Each bodyguard carried a very large backpack, it seemed that they held tents, rations and water inside.

Three bodyguards led the way to scout in front. As for Miss Jiang, she was responsible for observing the Feng Shui of the surrounding terrain and estimated the position of the tomb. Xia Chaoran, Chen Er Shao and the highly skilled doctor Zhang Zixuan together took the lead. However, since I didn’t want to see Xia Chaoran and Xiaohui walk together, I just followed the team in the most back row with a heart filled with bitterness, and was astringent. However, who would have thought that Chen Haotian was unexpectedly behind the team as well and walked together with me.

We both didn’t exchange words and just advanced in silence… it took exactly three days on foot.

As we were camping at night, I could hear heavy breathing from Chen Er Shao’s tent as there was a woman’s crying sound from within. It was very loud and could be heard by everyone.

Several bodyguards stood guard in turn. I and Chen Haotian were lying down to take a nap in a small sized-tent when I suddenly heard some wild beasts howling from outside, then the bodyguards who were on alert suddenly shouted. We hurriedly opened the tent and quickly head out.

The beast’s roar was a little similar to a howl but not as sharp as a wolf’s howl. It was more low and deep. Chen Haotian spoke briefly “It’s a black bear, and there are two of them, 100 meters to the left and it should be attracted by the light.”

How did he make such a judgment within such a short time? Was it true or was this just a guess of his? The bodyguards tightly guarded the camping area and carried a gun with them. Because the night in the jungle was jet black, nobody could clearly see anything within the distant, I was also somewhat anxious. I pulled out my dagger, and tightly grasped it in my hand.

However, only Chen Haotian looked calm and unhurriedly pulled out his high-caliber pistol and walked to the direction where the animal roared, he didn’t even take a flashlight with him.

Was this man courting his own death? In such a dark jungle, if he were to bump into the wild beast, he would be absolutely dead, much less it was a black bear! Although I’ve never seen a black bear, I have seen its information in a book. This beast had very thick skin, strong muscles, and was very aggressive. It was said the black bear’s strength was so powerful that a grown up black bear could kill a person by only patting that person with the palm of its hand.

Two bodyguards were running quickly and brought a flashlight to follow him. I thought that it would be bad to just stand still and do nothing since they paid me an extravagant amount of money, so I turned my dagger in a circle. Grasped it tightly and quickly followed.

A black shadow suddenly scurryed out of the big tree and ‘whizzzz…’ directly jumped in front of Chen Haotian! The black bear was standing! The two bodyguards hurriedly shot the black bear with their guns, however none of the bullets seemed to hit the black bear. Just when I thought that Chen Haotian would be caught and grasped by the black bear, an inconceivable scene happened…! Chen Haotian caught and helds the black bear’s arm and beautifully threw it by using his shoulder! He swiftly took out his gun and aimed at the black bear’s eye…!


~~~~~~~~~~end of ch.19~~~~~~~~~~

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