LDP – Ch 15

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TLDP: Ch15. Strange Hotel

Drawing Daoist charms was really difficult, especially when learning a new Daoist charm or spell. One had to experience many failures, you must find the secret behind the drawing method to successfully draw the Daoist charms.

Moreover, to successfully draw the Daoist symbols, one couldn’t just casually copy the drawing already painted in the book.

I had to try to draw a new charm for about half an hour, I attempted it for 17 times, and completely failed at every attempt.

However since I must go to work I stopped. I opened the makeup case before I left and let Da Niu out.

Da Niu immediately complained: “Master I was suffocated to death inside!”

“Hey, you had died already!” I corrected him: “Who told you to mess with my things, now you wait here patiently, I need to go out to work now, and to avoid you messing with my things, I must seal you in this case. Besides, I’ll go to boss Qian and conclude the agreement; and when I have received the payment, you take me to see your mother then I’ll let you both meet with each other.”


Boss Qian was very happy after hearing the news, and paid the money on the third day, Cheng Dong immediately gave 80,000 RMB.

However to my headache, Xu Xiaoling had visited the fast-food restaurant to eat meals recently, and now she even brought 2 of her female colleagues along with her. When Cheng Dong gave me the money, she was also present, and Xu Xiaoling jokingly spoke to me: “Ah, Xiaolong, you’ve made a fortune, how about treating us to a meal?”

“Yes, cousin, you should treat us!” The two females replied in unison. They were the ones that brought Xu Xiaoling to the hospital, and they were also present when Cheng Dong bestowed me the new status as Xu Xiaoling’s cousin. Therefore these two women called me cousin every time we met.

Xu Xiaoling eyes widened and glanced to the two females: “Hey… I was just joking, why do you two just bite it randomly?”

Listening to their chatter, I felt slightly helpless and said: “Okay, okay… I’ll take you to…”

Cheng Dong interrupted quickly and said: “How about I treat all of you on Xiaoling’s elder brother behalf; do you two beautiful women accept?”

The two females agreed quickly and Xu Xiaoling asked me: “And you Xiaolong, will you go?”

“I have a job to do, I probably have no free time.”

“Xiaoling’s elder brother, we will wait after you get off work and go together.” said Cheng Dong.
“Okay, just let me know when the time comes. I must work now since it is my working hours, you enjoy your chat here.” Then I continued carrying the tray and left.


When I got back in the evening, I told Da Niu the good news, which made him cry and smile at the same time. Happy because I kept my promise and cried because he realized that he had died and was worried how his mother should live later. Da Niu asked: “Brother, can I not go to the Netherworld? I want to accompany mother.”

I replied patiently: “Da Niu elder brother, this can’t be done. Ghosts and humans cannot live together in the same place, otherwise it will cause a Yin qi invasion on mother and make her prone to sickness. If you insist to do this it’s the same as harming your own mother.”

The next day, I asked for a day of leave from work, and the boss’ wife impatiently replied that this leave was my last, if I asked for leave again, she would fire me.

The next day was Saturday, and it was Xu Xiaoling’s holiday. She knew that I would give the money to Da Niu’s mother. She said yesterday that she had no plans to go anywhere and asked to go together with me.

And I swore I don’t even know which demon or god at work made me comply to her plea…


I brought my black backpack and put the vial of cattle tears’, the Shadowbane sword, the makeup case and other things inside.

Why was I always using this black backpack? Because it was made from a special material! It has several layers of thin fabric, covering the thin steel wire mesh. It was also waterproofed and a spell prevented theft. The most unique function was this backpack could isolate Yin and Yang energy! For an analogy, if I put the Shadowbane sword into the backpack, nobody could sense a trace of Yang energy that was exuded by the sword! So although the backpack didn’t look beautiful, it was in fact a rare treasure!

After Xu Xiaoling came and joined us, we headed straight for Da Niu’s mother residence…

A messy and dirty lane, a shabby-dilapidated small hotel…

Da Niu told me that his mother hadn’t returned to the village because she was waiting for the village head to help file a lawsuit. So she lived temporarily in this dilapidated small hotel.

When I stepped inside this shabby hotel with Xu Xiaoling, the first feeling we felt was: damp, dark, and gloomy.

The old man who guarded the door asked with a hoarse voice: “Do you want to rent a room? A double bed room costs 20 RMB for a day.”

Xu Xiaoling’s face instantly blushed, crimson red.

“Sir, you have misunderstood, we are here to find someone.” I told the old man politely, and walked toward the staircase.

The staircase was very narrow and very dark, I even had to hold Xu Xiaoling’s hand to avoid her falling down.

When we arrived at the 2nd story, there was a red lamp shining in the corridor, coupled with the very quiet atmosphere, under the shining red light, it made everything felt strange. Xu Xiaoling was somewhat very anxious and walked closer beside me.

I also knitted my brows, but continued to walk to room #207 and knocked on its door. After quite a long time of waiting, there was finally a reply from inside the room: “Who is it?” The sound was very old and hoarse, although I could ensure that the sound came from an old woman.

“Are you Da Niu’s mother? We have something important for you, it’s about compensation.” I talked gently.

In about 20 seconds, the door opened. The person who opened the door was an old woman, with wax yellow skin, a thin and pale complexion, as she wore a simple dress. However what really startled me was the sight that her glabella cave was covered with Yin qi. I could sense a strand of chilling wind blowing straight out after she opened the door! This was not a good sign!

She carefully looked at me and Xu Xiaoling, then moved her body to the side and said: “The two of you, please come inside.”

I led Xu Xiaoling to enter the room quietly. Da Niu’s mother immediately asked after we entered the room: “Did you say compensation a moment ago?”

I was deeply immersed in scrutinizing the room and was half absent-minded when giving a reply: “Yes”. This room was very small, windowless, about 15 square meters, 3 meters in width and about 5 meters in length. There was a single bed inside the room with a small table beside it. There was also a luggage bag on the ground which should’ve been carried by this old woman.

From the beginning since I entered this hotel, I felt something was really out of place, and now I could sense something more ominous after seeing Da Niu’s mother.

Her glabella was blackened and shrouded by Yin qi, and the energy seemed to have been condensed, very dense at that. If a living person had this amount of Yin qi inside the body, that person would certainly fell ill! They would have even died! However Aunt Niu only seemed weak, but her actual body movement was very powerful. I couldn’t help but anxiously think that there was only one other possibility…spiritual possession by a ghost!!!

I secretly blocked Xu Xiaoling from facing Aunt Niu directly, took my black backpack upfront and spoke: “Auntie, the boss had decided to compensate 80,000 RMB more, and so I’ll give this to you.”

What I took out from the backpack was not money, but the Shadowbane sword! I also quickly pulled out 3 Sun Charms from my pocket and spoke solemnly: “Bold evil spirit! Why don’t you come out quickly!?”

At the same time I used one Sun Charm to protect, one was pasted on Xu Xiaoling, and the last to my backpack. By pasting these Sun Charm, it was at least would have some effect on the evil spirit.

Aunt Niu’s complexion twisted and exuded a small laughter, an evil aura immediately filled the room and the atmosphere became heavier which even made me somewhat shiver and cold. I took out a Moon Charm and swiftly extinguished my shoulder’s Yang fire. After entering the ‘Opening Eyes’ state, I could see that Aunt Niu’s face had been shrouded by a thick black gas that covered her entire face. She was absolutely possessed!!! Although I never experienced this kind of thing, I had read about this in ‘Niu School’s Past Record on Demon Subjugation’.

Xu Xiaoling already retreated to the far corner and looked at Aunt Niu in fear.

I shouted in a heavy tone: “If you won’t come out then this patriarch will force you at once!”

But this ‘Aunt Niu’ strangely only smirked, and greeted me with the slap on my face! The palm was not only fast but also full of power. However this patriarch was of course not weak either, and dodged the slapping palm on my head to the side while deftly taking out a Heart Mind Purifying Charm from my pocket and quickly pasted it accurately on ‘Aunt Niu’ glabella!

Yes! The Heart and Mind Purifying Charm was specially used to cope with evil spirit possession!

A possessed person even after being possessed by evil spirit wasn’t completely being controlled both in the body and thought. After the Heart Mind Purifying Charm was pasted on that person, the mind and heart would be in a state of confusion.The charm’s peculiar effect was to make the possessed person regain one’s consciousness. Once the victim’s heart and mind became sober and regained full control of the mind and the heart, then the evil spirit would be forced to leave the body.

But this time, the possessed Aunt Niu unexpectedly grabbed the luggage bag and threw it at the lamp! This caught me off guard, even if I wanted to stop it, it was too late! Clap! The lamp was broken and the room was totally dark! It was so dark that I couldn’t even see my own hands!

Silence engulfed the room; I could only hear several weak breathings, but I could hear heavy breathings behind me. I turned around and whispered in a low comforting voice: “Miss Xu, don’t be afraid.”

I retreated slowly, but I suddenly felt that my waist was kicked by someone, and since my footing was not steady I fell back several steps! At the same time I anxiously thought, it was really bad!!! The only person behind was Xu Xiaoling!…

Then someone jumped on my back with both hands was pinching my neck! A light fragrance exuded from the body and made me certain that it was Xu Xiaoling!!! Damn! It’s my fault! I had too little experience! That evil spirit intentionally broke the lamp and left Aunt Niu’s body to posses Xu Xiaoling’s body!!!

I wanted to bend my shoulder throw her body down, but there were many glass pieces from the broken lamp and I was afraid to hurt her. Pull out the Shadowbane sword? But if I used it to strike the ghost then it would also hurt Xu Xiaoling. Xu Xiaoling’s legs were winded on my waist and her hands were trying to pinch my neck, making me unable to take out any charms from my pocket…

Instantly a thought crossed my mind, there was only one method left! That was to bite the tip of my own tongue and use the True Yang Saliva! With the intense Yang essence and blood, even if it cannot compel out the evil spirit, it would make that evil spirit injured!

Without hesitating anymore, I bit my tip of tongue! And since Xu Xiaoling’s head was on top of my shoulder, I pasted my True Yang Saliva on her face. Sure enough, Xu Xiaoling mouth let out a shrill shriek and let me loose.

This was perhaps a disgusting move, but it was efficient and practical, besides it also injured the evil spirit. My mouth was wide open as I panted to take in several deep breaths. I then quickly removed a Moon Charm from my pocket and directed my Yang qi to my fingers and lit the Moon Charm. A green flame instantly illuminated the room dimly.

Just when I was about to look at the current situation in the room, Xu Xiaoling was rushing toward me and sent out several punches! What the hell… mother… this was endless…

~~~~~~~~~~end of ch.15~~~~~~~~~~

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